Best Under Eye Creams In India 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Moms 2. Olay 3. Stbotanica
The Moms Co. Natural Vita Best Under Eye Cream Olay Eye Cream Olay Eyes For Dark Stbotanica Moroccan Argan Oil 

In today’s world, life moves at such a fast pace that people barely get the time to breathe properly. The physical and mental toll on oneself can be found clearly in one place – the under eye area.

There is always extreme strain on your eyes, which are actually the most prominent features of the body. Dark circles, early signs of aging, and many such problems can be noticed under your eyes when you do not give them adequate care.

What you require to counteract these problems under your eyes and maintain their beauty is the best under eye cream in India. This will take care of the early onset of wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots around your eyes, and keep the area free of these for as long as possible. The challenge, however, is to choose an under eye cream that is best suited to your skin.

Since there are so many brands selling under eye creams today, it can become confusing selecting any one of them. This article will help you navigate through the options.


Factors To Be Considered Before Buying The Best Under Eye Cream In India

There are a few important factors that need to be taken into consideration before buying the best under eye cream in India. These factors will guide you in making the right choice, so that the cream you buy is 100% safe and suited to your skin type.

1. Ingredients

Eyes are not only the most beautiful features of your body, but also the most sensitive ones. Hence, you must be wary of the ingredients that are used in your under eye cream to ensure complete safety of your eyes. Even one strong, but wrong ingredient can lead to hundreds of eye problems like an infection, and so on.

To avoid causing irritation in the eyes, it is best to purchase a cream that uses mostly natural ingredients and not artificial chemicals. Elements like alcohol, artificial fragrance, color, plant oils, and so on can cause much trouble to your eyes. You will know that an under eye cream is of superior quality, if it does not make the skin itchy or make your eyes burn.

Creams with anti-irritants are a good option, as they reduce any kind of irritation that you may experience. Some of the crucial ingredients that should be present in your eye cream are – hyaluronic acid, glycerin, retinol, caffeine, and niacinamide. These fight the early onset of wrinkles and fine lines.

2. Skin type

The skin type differs from person to person, and skin products are made keeping these differences in mind. Under eye creams are necessary and beneficial for everybody, but you must be aware of your own skin type and make sure that the product you choose suits that.

1. Dry Skin

You might have dry skin all over your body, but the skin near and around your eyes tend to be slightly different as it is a sensitive area. Dry skin around the eyes means that it is flaky and prone to break-outs. The under eye cream that you purchase must have hydrating qualities to take care of the dry region around your eyes.

2. Oily Skin

Having oily skin can be the cause of much irritation, as it tends to make the skin secrete excessive amounts of oil, especially during the summer, when the humidity is at the peak. You must choose a gel-based cream that contains elements like vitamin A, C, and E. These will help to keep the skin fresh and moisturized.

3. Packaging

Packaging plays a very important role while choosing the best under eye cream in India. It determines the quality of the cream, which might have been really great at the time of manufacturing, but any negligence in packaging can destroy all the beneficial components of the cream, and turn into a complete waste of your money.

Opaque tubes or pump bottles are the best kind of packaging. These are airtight, and do not allow any kind of exposure to the sun. The antioxidants contained in the cream can lose all its good qualities when exposed to an excessive amount of air and sunlight.

4. Fast Results

You cannot expect any skincare product to change your skin overnight. It usually takes time and adequate care to achieve that flawless skin. However, there are a few small changes that are noticeable instantly in the case of a few creams. Some creams can make your skin look shimmery and bright instantly. Few others can get rid of puffiness and under-eye bags as well.

5. Vital Vitamins

Retinol is a vital vitamin that you should make sure is contained in your under eye cream. A combination of retinol and vitamin A can lead to increased production of collagen and better regeneration of skin cells. With this deadly duo, you can bid goodbye to wrinkles and fine lines within weeks.

If you wish to protect the skin around your eyes from sun damage, then make sure that along with the elements mentioned earlier, the cream also contains SPF. Puffiness can be gotten rid of with a cream that has soothing effects. Caffeine and cucumber are two great ingredients for this purpose.

Few other enriching ingredients that will make your skin healthy are aloe vera, green tea, chamomile, coconut oil, and liquorice roots.

6. Dark Circle Reduction

The most common problem that can affect the skin under your eyes are dark circles. You must purchase an under eye cream that particularly deals with this issue, and contains properties like vitamin C, vitamin K, and caffeine. Two other elements that are quite useful in dealing with dark circles are cucumbers and kojic acid. Eye creams with light reflecting ingredients are also beneficial for healing dark circles.

7. Brand

In order to buy the best under eye cream in India, you must pay attention to the brand from which you make your purchase. Skin care products must be of the best quality and good for the skin. To ensure this, you must trust brands that have a fairly good reputation in the market, and are popular as well.

However, do not limit yourself to popular brands only, because there might be times when a local brand turns out to be better. What you must do is adequate research on the brand and its products before buying it.

There are a plethora of creams available in the market, and the competition is crazy, because each one provides something unique. This section of the articles lists down some of the best under eye creams in India for you to choose from.

Top 8 Best Under Eye Creams In India 2020

1. The Moms Co. Natural Vita 

The Moms Co. Natural Vita The Moms Co. is a brand that is known for manufacturing some of the best under eye creams using natural ingredients. These products are free of any toxins and hence, can be easily used for adults and babies alike. Moms Co. brings you, its Natural Vita Rich Under Eye Cream.

The cream is beneficial to reduce dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. It does this with the help of coffee oil, which has a large amount of antioxidants. Coffee oil also contains a lot of caffeine. These ingredients help to get rid of dark circles by increasing blood circulation once the cream is applied. Coffee oil will result in skin that is fresh and healthy.

The second most important ingredient in the cream is chia seed oil, which is one of the most crucial sources of Omega 3 fatty acids. It also comes with various antioxidants. Chia seed oil can be easily absorbed by the skin, and it hydrates and rejuvenates. You can get rid of wrinkles and fine lines with the help of these, as they moisturize the skin well enough.

If you have oily skin, then chia seeds are a helpful component, as it opens up clogged pores and helps your skin to breathe. Chamomile oil is another very crucial ingredient that comes with the Moms Co. under eye cream. This oil is produced at a large scale in many parts of the world, like Europe and Australia.

It is one of the best anti-inflammatory agents that can prove to be beneficial for your skin. Chamomile oil is very soothing in nature, and it will leave you feeling cool under your eyes. Lastly, the cream also contains vitamin B3, which has properties to regenerate skin cells rapidly, and it also helps to even out the skin tone.

This particular product has ingredients that have been approved by gynaecologists and paediatricians as well.


2. Olay Eye Cream Olay Eyes For Dark

Olay Eye Cream Olay Eyes For DarkOlay brings you its eye cream, specially meant to deal with dark circles, wrinkles, and puffiness. These are the 3 benefits that you will get all together in this one cream. The product is available in a well-packaged jar that is protected from air and sunlight, two elements that can deteriorate the effects of the ingredients in the cream.

This cream has been designed to deal with the early signs of aging that often turn up in the area around the eyes. You can use this under eye cream for any skin tone, as it blends in perfectly just by massaging it gently near the eyes. This is a color correcting formula that contains a variety of peptides and vitamins.

The cream can even out your skin tone if there are spots here and there. The delicate surface of the skin around the eyes gets renewed and rejuvenated over a period, and eventually results in skin that is free of wrinkles and other issues. The only drawback of the product, is that the price is exorbitant as compared to the quantity of the cream.

However, if you have the means to purchase the Olay under eye cream, go ahead, as the benefits of the cream are many.


3. Stbotanica Moroccan Argan Oil 

Stbotanica Moroccan Argan Oil The StBotanica Moroccan Argan Oil Under Eye Cream is unique, as it is made of a concoction of some of the most natural and beneficial skin care agents. What really stands out is its packaging, that looks nothing short of regal because of the design and colors used. The package is also helpful in terms of keeping the cream safe from exposure to air, light, and heat.

Ranked as one of the best under eye creams in India, the StBotanica cream contains substances that can deal with signs of aging. The appearance of the area under and around the eyes can be significantly

improved and rejuvenated with the help of the natural oils, vitamins, and bioactive elements present in this cream. These elements combine together to provide the area with hydration, and moisturize it to make it look fresh, and free of wrinkles.

There are many natural ingredients contained in the cream such as cucumber, gotu kola, calendula, licorice extracts, aloe vera, and even oats. All these ingredients get together to revive the youthful texture of your skin. Once you massage some of the cream under your eyes, you will notice that your eyes start looking less fatigued and more rested.

This under eye cream formula is enriched with vitamin C and E that act as antioxidants. These are essential for increased collagen production and get rid of wrinkles.

The products contain no harmful substances like paraben, sulfate, phthalates, or mineral oils. It is completely free of toxins, and this has been dermatologically approved.Get home the St.Botanica under eye cream and experience the magic of argan oil!


4. Bella Vita Organic 

Bella Vita Organic The Bella Vita Organic brand brings you one of the best under eye creams in India that fights signs of aging quite effectively to give you a youthful glow. This cream gel repairs the skin under your eyes and evens out the tone. The formula is available in a 20 g jar, which is well-packed and completely air tight to save the cream from any exposure or damage.

The speciality of this cream is that it is made up of natural ingredients only – which does wonders for the skin. It contains cucumber extracts as well as the goodness of tulsi. These contain caffeic acid, that diminish puffiness under the eyes. For improved elasticity of the skin, there is vitamin C contained in both the ingredients, along with silica that gives your skin a smooth and soft texture.

Retinol is yet another important ingredient that is found in the cream gel. It increases the production of collagen, and makes the skin more elastic, takes care of wrinkles and fine lines, and fastens the process of cell renewal. Ingredients like aloe vera, almond oil, and vitamin E bring their own beneficial properties.

They provide the skin with adequate moisture, and keep it hydrated. Dark circles are also dealt with effectively by all these elements. The cream has a very mild, but soothing fragrance, which is basically an accumulation of the smells of all the natural ingredients. There is no artificial fragrance in the cream.

No animals have been hurt while making the cream and it is completely vegan. You can easily carry the tub of cream with you, as it is small in size and weighs very little. It is most effective if you apply it just before going to bed.


5. Mama Earth Natural Under Eye Cream

Mama Earth Natural Under Eye CreamMamaearth is a fairly popular and trusted company when it comes to skincare products like moisturizers, night creams, and under eye creams. The Mamaearth under eye cream is best known for fighting wrinkles and dark circles. You can apply it in the morning and at night to witness the results in only a few weeks.

This product contains all-natural ingredients that rejuvenate your skin to make it feel and look better. It contains lily extracts that improves the elasticity of the skin. Caffeine contained in the cream helps to deal with the bags under your eyes and puffiness, all of which can be a result of sleeplessness, tension, anxiety, and an overall hectic schedule.

Cucumber extracts are also present in the formula, which fights the onset of early aging by removing toxins from the skin and making it feel fresh. Cucumber also has a cooling effect, which can be beneficial for the area around your eyes since they are strained so much all day.

The product comes in a 50 ml spray bottle, and all you have to do is spray some on your fingers or palms and massage the area around the eyes. It hardly creates any mess as it is completely non-greasy. Hence, you do not have to worry about sweating profusely or feeling uncomfortable, especially when it is really hot and humid.

You can apply this cream before make-up to help it stay for longer. It contains no harmful chemicals like paraben, SLS, mineral oil or phthalates. The vitamin C and hyaluronic acid present in the cream act as anti-inflammatory substances, and also protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

However, this product does have a few drawbacks or limitations that are important to point out. It is not completely vegan, like many other under eye creams claim to be. The spray pump might not work on occasions, and the cream might take a really long time to show any change in your skin.


6. Mcaffeine Naked 

Mcaffeine Naked mCaffeine Naked and Raw Coffee Under Eye Cream has made it to the list of best under eye creams in India, because it consists of many powerful and crucial ingredients that can heal your skin and help it fight different skin problems. This under eye cream is infused with the goodness of coffee that helps to get rid of bags under the eyes, dark circles, and puffiness.

The coffee also helps the skin to recover from sun damage, and makes sure that the skin under your eyes remains hydrated and moisturized. You can apply the cream before leaving for work or before going to bed, whenever you think your skin needs the hydration.

There is no artificial fragrance that has been added to the cream and the beautiful, mild smell that you do get is completely natural, a result of all-natural ingredients.

The pure Arabica coffee has many beneficial properties that makes it a healing agent. It acts as a cancer prevention agent that controls the early onset of fine lines and wrinkles. The espresso is what takes care of the dark circles. You get caffeine from coffee, and the cream uses this to even out your skin tone and make it glow.

The water lily extracts present in the under eye cream nourishes and gets rid of any toxic elements that might cause harm to your skin. The cream also has a solution to sun damage, and that is vitamin C, which effectively gets rid of tanning. Other than the coffee, hyaluronic acid in the cream helps provide more hydration.

This cream is best suited to anybody with dry skin, since it contains sweet almond oil that provides enough moisture to your skin to retain its glow and healthiness. This product has been approved by dermatologists and the FDA. It is free of parabens, sulfates, mineral oils, or any other harmful substances that can cause irritation and other problems for your skin.


7. Himalaya Herbals

Himalaya HerbalsHimalaya has been one of the best personal care brands in India since the 1930s. It has provided us with many excellent products ranging from shampoos, moisturizers to face wash and face scrubs. The Himalaya Herbals Under Eye Cream is one such exceptional cream that has gained much praise from those who have used it.

Ranked as one of the best under eye cream in India, this particular product is perfect if you want to get rid of all those wrinkles that make you feel old. If you want a youthful texture to your skin, that is exactly what this under eye cream will offer you with. The cream is herbal in nature and hence, there is no synthetic or artificial substance that has been used to make it. It is 100% natural.

Apply the cream before going to bed, and you will notice that your dark circles have reduced in 4 weeks. Within this same period, the cream is also able to reduce the wrinkles and fine lines on your skin by almost 28%, and as time passes, the progress increases..

The Indian strawberry flower that is found in the cream is a unique ingredient which helps to lighten the skin under your eyes to a great extent. Stress and sleeplessness in this hectic life can often lead to dark circles, something this cream will effectively help you get rid of, with all the natural herbs.

Nourishment is provided by the wheat germ contained in the formula. It also protects the area under the eyes from being harmed by sunlight. There are many ingredients in the cream that act as detox agents like winter begonia, a herb that makes the skin healthy. The manner in which the cream has been packaged, you can easily carry it around wherever you go without any hassle.


8. Biotique Bio Almond 

Biotique Bio Almond Biotique Bio is well-known for its range of sunscreen lotions and moisturizers that have proven to be effective in keeping your skin healthy and beautiful. The eye cream that the brand has manufactured also comes with the same promises to care for your skin at all times. This cream works like magic when applied in the under eye areas.

One of the most important ingredients contained in the cream is sunflower oil, which has the ability to protect the skin around your eyes from the rays of the sun and it also prevents the formation of wrinkles. Almond oil provides the skin with many antioxidants and evens out your skin tone.

If there are acne spots, sun spots or just dark spots on your skin, applying this cream can help, as it gets rid of all these with another ingredient, which is nutmeg.

Free radicals are removed from the skin with a natural substance called Bihidana, which has many antioxidants. The appearance of wrinkles and fine lines are also reduced with the help of this cream. The cream is completely lightweight, and does not weigh down the skin. It provides hydration as well.

It gets rid of any puffiness that might be present in the areas under your eyes, and gives that area a soothing feel. The product is completely vegan and contains no artificial fragrances. One drawback of the cream, however, is that it feels oily and greasy. People with oily skin might not like this cream. It also takes some time for the skin to absorb the cream.


FAQs in Under Eye Creams In India

1. Should I Use Eye Cream Before Or After Applying Moisturizer?

This depends completely on the consistency of the cream. If it is rich and heavy with many elements and substances, then you must apply the eye cream after the moisturizer. If it is light, then apply a layer before applying the moisturizer. Specific instructions regarding this is often mentioned on the instructions manual, and it is best to follow that.

2. When Should You Start Using Eye Cream?

People are usually carefree about their skin, hair etc., when they are young and only once they start growing older, do they start applying skincare products. This they do when various skin problems are already starting to show. However, it is best to start early in order to prevent these problems.

3. Why Does My Under Eye Cream Burn?

The skin under your eyes is extremely thin and sensitive. Using eye creams that contain substances like paraben, sulfate or even retinol in many cases can cause a burning sensation or irritation on the skin. If this happens, you must immediately switch to a different and better under eye cream.


This article aims at helping and guiding you in your search for the best under eye cream in India. It must have all the natural ingredients that have been mentioned in the products above, as the more natural the cream is, the safer it is for the skin near your eyes – which is extremely sensitive. It is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to matters of the skin.

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