Best Mascaras In India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Lakme Eyeconic 2. Maybelline Hypercurl 3. Lancome Hypnose
Lakme Eyeconic Best Mascara In India Maybelline Hypercurl Waterproof Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes

“Where words are restrained, the eyes often talk a great deal”- Samuel Richardson.

Indeed it does. Don’t we all agree with it? Your eyes can add a lot of drama and emotions to your conversations as they speak a different language. Besides, adding that oomph is never an easy task as eye makeup, if goes wrong, can turn out to be disastrous as well.

So, what’s that one product which effortlessly adds style and can be used for a nominal makeup look as well? Yes, you guessed it right, undoubtedly that is mascara. Mascara can save you from the horror of panda eyes.

Additionally, you don’t have to put much effort like the demanding winged eye or finding the right amount of glitter.


While choosing the best mascara in India is like finding the perfect match, it can either up your game or will land you sitting lonely at the corner of the room. Trust me when I say this, the retailers even make it tough to choose the best mascara in India. One size doesn’t fit all and the same goes with mascara.

Some might want mascara for longer and thicker eyelashes, some prefer it to be waterproof while others are tight budgeted and want something to match their needs while fitting in the budget.

Here, I present some factors to choose a mascara, which is carefully penned down while keeping all the factors in mind.

Things To Consider When Buying Best Mascara In India

1. Mascara Brush

Well, there are lots and lots of available shapes in mascara. Some have thick brushes, and some are long but thinly brushed. Then we have curly brushes as well as the straight one. Confusing isn’t it? Hell yeah, you should choose it as per your preferences.

Longer bristles are best-suited for longer lashes while the pointed tips are good to cover the inner linings and baby eyelashes. The ones with smaller brushes will be good for volume but will not be effective on the length of your eyelashes. Hourglass shape will be perfect to add that much-needed volume to your lashes.

In short, there are many options based on which the mascara brushes are created. Do a little homework on your eyelashes type and accordingly match up the right kind of mascara wand to do the magic.

2. The Magic Wand

We all have different choices which vary as per the size and length of the wand that comes with the mascara. For some, a long wand is an absolute necessity to avoid any complications, while for others, long wands are troublesome.

A short wand, on the other hand, makes sure to get a good grip and is close enough to give complete coverage. It depends on your ease of use, so choose accordingly.

3. Waterproof Vs Washable

Waterproof mascaras are concentrated formulas created with less or no water to remain unaffected by rain, sweat, and even tears. While these are waterproof, they stick on the lashes tightly for dramatic looking eyes. However, you will have a hard time while removing them from your eyelashes.

Obviously, one would not want to lose even a single or baby eyelash and waterproof mascaras can be painful to remove. It is advisable to apply them only when you have a short outing, as applying them for the whole day can be difficult.

Washable mascaras, on the other hand, are made with higher water content and are hassle-free to remove. They are healthy for your eyes causing less damage to the inner eyelids and the soft eyelashes as well.

You can opt for washable mascara for minimal makeup look especially to put on for the day without feeling dry and heavy weighted. These surely do not add the desired volume and drama to your eye and are, of course, not suited for party people.

4. Long-Lasting Formula

It is important to purchase mascara that easily lasts for the whole day and it is ensured by the use of high-quality ingredients. An important thing here to note is that waterproof and long-lasting mascara are two different things.

To enhance the longevity of the product, most of the companies include parabens which must be avoided as they are harmful. Mascara with prolonged wearability and smudge-free look are some of the preferred ones among the best mascaras in India.

5. Take A Look At The Ingredients

Yes, they are important in every makeup product that you use, especially when it comes to a sensitive organ, your eyes. Most of the formulas contain parabens which is clearly not good especially if you are purchasing daily wear.

Those who have sensitive eyes would probably opt for herbal products or something with natural ingredients. The harsh chemicals used in the mascara will also make it difficult to wash off easily.

Although the washable formulas won’t last long, it works really well for contact lens users.

6. Your Lash Length & Thickness

For those who are blessed with long lashes, it might not be the deal breaker but if you are not gifted with one, you can surely make this a priority.

There are plenty of options for the best mascara available which can add length and volume. Opt for the one if you have delicate thin eyelashes as it will save you the pain of carrying the artificial lashes.

Those who have long thick lashes can easily choose more diluted products that are light weighted.

7. Mascara Color

Those who like to add drama to their look might want to try out different colors. This can also be a deciding factor for those who don’t hesitate to experiment with their looks.

You can, of course, always be open to new and unusual looks after all. The color range offered by most of the brands other than black is- brown, deep blue, and most interestingly, purple.

8. Removing The Mascara

Yes, this is mostly neglected but should be considered when buying a mascara as safely removal of the same should be a priority. As already discussed, the ones with high water concentration are washable and can be removed easily.

For some formulas, you might need an additional product to wear off the mascara easily. If so, add the removal cream or serum in the list along with your choice of mascara.

Top 10 Best Mascaras In India 2020

1. Lakme Eyeconic – Black

Lakme Eyeconic Best Mascara In IndiaWhen it comes to makeup and beauty products, Lakme has dominated the Indian market. Lakme provides high-end premier products which include mascaras as well.

There’s something unusual about Lakme eye products as they are in intense black shades and so is the mascara. They add instant drama to your eyes and can undoubtedly be counted as the best mascara in India.

The brand has introduced the mascara in two different shades, one in intense black and the other in blue which quickly grabs attention. The brush is designed in a way to give instant curly lashes which is why it is most favored among its competitors.

The look is quite natural and the product is handy enough to settle down in the sleekest clutch as well. There’s one more fascinating thing about Lakme products i.e. these are not very highly priced.


  • Smart curl brush for curling your lashes instantly
  • Smudge-proof and waterproof
  • Easily removable
  • Contains moisturizer to keep eyes healthy
  • Lightweight and comfortable


  • Lightweight formula with high water concentrations hence takes time to dry up

2. Maybelline Hypercurl Waterproof

Maybelline Hypercurl WaterproofMaybelline is yet another trusted brand in the Indian market which produces premium make-up products. Get luscious lashes and lock the curls with just one application of Maybelline New York Hypercurl mascara.

This waterproof formula can last up to 18 hours and is offered in an affordable price. If you have always wished for curled and deepest black colored lashes then this mascara is an absolute match for you.

Adding the spectacular volume to your lashes, Maybelline Hypercurl Mascara will make you more confident by giving you a wide-eyed look. Add the much-needed glam to your lashes as the Hypercurl formula surely provides long, thick and voluminous lashes.

It allows the most convenient wand to do the task for you. The wax coating present in the formula coupled with specially designed bristles is guaranteed to give 75% of curling effect. The unique design of the applicator brush will avoid clumping of the eyelashes.


  • Smudge-proof and waterproof formula
  • Lasts up to 18 hours
  • Complete coverage of eyelashes with a single stroke
  • The product is Ophthalmologist tested


  • Dries up quickly
  • The formula is not an easy one to remove off

3. Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes

Lancome Hypnose Doll EyesThis mascara brags about its unique fibershine formula with a fun curved brush for hassle-free application. Get instant long and thick lashes with no clumps that make you feel uncomfortable for the day.

Lancome Hypnose comes with a cone-shaped brush and the formula is deep black for perfect coverage. It is a perfect fit for the first time users as it goes well with the thinned lashes in just one go, adding a wide-eyed look.

The formula can stay unaffected for the whole day without getting smudged and leaving dark, curly, and voluminous eyelashes. The price is higher ranged but worth the same if you want what the product claims to give- “doll eyes”.


  • Curved brush with a long wand and pointed tip for hassle-free application
  • Perfect for dramatic eyes and party people
  • Velvet feel and super smooth on eyes
  • Smudge free and waterproof


  • Might require you to apply more than one quote for dark black finish
  • Heavily priced

4. Maybelline Colossal Waterproof – Black

Maybelline Colossal Waterproof - BlackThere’s something very satisfying and magnetic about Maybelline product that the brand has grabbed the quick attention of a lot of Indian users.

Maybelline is one of the finest brands in the Indian market which is also well suited for the Indian skin tone. The product claims to quickly give colossal lashes with a single application.

The product is definitely for the girls who like to make a bold statement with intense black lashes adding a lot of drama for the day. The mascara is collagen enriched formula coupled with volume pumping effect leaving no clumps behind.

Maybelline New York Volume Express mascara comes with the mega brush which adds volume up to 9x to your regular eyelashes. The formula is waterproof, smudge proof and the product can be easily adjusted within your budget.


  • Collagen-enriched ophthalmologist tested formula
  • Instant bigger and bolder eyes
  • Mega brush to easily apply mascara from root to tip
  • Can be used along with contact lenses as well


  • Can generate clumps after 2 coats
  • Difficult to remove

5. L’Oreal Voluminous – Black Brown

L'Oreal Voluminous - Black BrownWhen it comes to cosmetics, this international brand slays the market and knows exactly what the customers have been looking for. If you are using L’Oreal products, you will surely not be disappointed with the mascara as well.

This is one of the best mascaras in India which is ophthalmologist-tested, it is free from additional fragrance, and is allergy-tested. L’Oreal makes sure to never compromise with safety while making remarkable cosmetics.

The unique formula is a blend to provide volume which is dramatic yet natural.

It builds lashes up to 5 times thick and super black in just a single application. The wand is made in a way to ease out the application while leaving the lashes smooth.

Carrying this mascara is never a hassle as the bottle is compact and can fit in even the smallest clutch. The price is higher but the customer knows the worth in spending the same.


  • Smudge-free, waterproof
  • Quickly thickening formula
  • Instant thicker lashes in a single stroke
  • The product has ensured the safety parameters
  • Safe for contact lens users and sensitive eyes


  • The big sized brush can be a trouble for some users
  • Hefty price

6. Too Faced Better Than Sex

Too Faced Better Than SexThough not very common, this is surely a product which can be counted on when it comes to the best mascara. This product is created with a unique formula which is suitable to wear all day long without any trouble.

While a single coat will ensure visible difference even to the thinnest lashes, a double coat can instantly add drama to your look of the day.

It contains Acacia Senegal tree extract to nourish your precious lashes and instantly adds and locks the volume while naturally curling your lashes.

Get the instant deep black look coupled with a smudge-free formula; the product really does justice to its quirky name of course.


  • Smudge-free formula
  • Naturally curls the lashes
  • Suitable for the all-day wearers


  • The formula has watery concentration which requires the application of more than one coat

7. Maybelline Lash Sensational – Very Black

Maybelline Lash Sensational - Very BlackA Maybelline product has again made its way to our top 10 list of the best mascara in India and the hype isn’t unreal of course.

Well, the name says it all; the product is undoubtedly sensational which adds to the glam quotient perfectly well. The attention grabber here is the magical mascara wand which the company has described as ‘lash catcher’.

It is sure to capture lashes from even the corners and inner lid including the shortest lash available, for the wide-eyed look. The best part about this product is that it comes at an irresistible price and offers a lot in the same.

It is offered in two different variants- waterproof and washable, to meet your desired look, be it for the all-day purpose or for a sensational party look.

The brush, of course, is quite fancy, the inner bristles of the curved brush are perfect for covering the short inner lashes. Apart from adding volume to the lashes, the outer bristles, on the other hand, provide a fan-out effect.


  • Safe for contact lens users
  • Available in two different variants- waterproof and washable
  • The sensational serum provides nourishment
  • The unique design of the bristles for 2 different purposes
  • The brush design catches every lash


  • The washable mascara will form clump after more than one coat

8. Lotus Maxlash

Lotus MaxlashWhen it comes to natural and organic options, Lotus is definitely the best mascara in India and without which this list is incomplete. Though an herbal product, it is a powerful product for making even the delicate lashes look long and sensational.

Lotus is best known for chemical-free products, hence, the mascara is fragrance-free and suitable for the most sensitive eyes. It promises the desired volumizing and lengthening look in a single coat.

The mascara wand is long and flexible enough to cover the lower lashes for increased effectiveness. You can wear mascara all day long without even worrying about irritation or heaviness.

In fact, it has an instant cooling effect because of the included extracts such as lavender and Symphytum Officinale leaf extracts. This is a waterproof mascara which guarantees to make the lashes appear fuller in the most natural way possible.


  • Natural ingredients of the product causes less damage to the lashes
  • Suitable for sensitive eyes
  • Can be removed easily
  • Long and flexible wand for hassle-free application
  • Has volumizing properties


  • Watery consistency is not effective
  • On the contrary to company claims, the product isn’t waterproof
  • Immediately clumps lashes after applying two coats

9. L’Oreal Volume Million – Washable

L'Oreal Volume Million - WashableAgain a L’Oreal product on the list as the brand never fails to impress the users and knows the secret formula to make their customers happy. With this product in your makeup list, you are set to rock the sensual look with fuller looking lashes. It instantly adds up volume and length for a well-defined look with the masterstroke in a single go.

The brush is brilliantly designed for a hassle-free application and removes the chances of clumps with inner bristles working as an in-built wiper.

It comes with a millionizer brush and does what is clear from the name itself, it coats the lashes evenly, giving a fanned out effect. This waterproof mascara is suitable for sensitive eyes as well, giving the ultimate plumped lashes.


  • Built-in wiper to avoid clumping
  • Visual fanned-out look
  • Easy to remove
  • Works well for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers


  • The product isn’t waterproof
  • Price is high compared to the quality offered

10. Colorbar Duo – Carbon Black

Colorbar Duo - Carbon BlackColorbar is actually gaining customer confidence slowly in the Indian market and with all the positive response, it has made its way to number 10.

As the name suggests, it gives a carbon black finish to your lashes, making it visibly attractive. The Colorbar Duo mascara is called so because it provides definition to your upper lashes and lower lashes as well.

This is made with a unique lash lengthening formula and the lash volumizing effect works equally well making the lashes look long and thick in no time.

It comes with an easily applicable wand which evenly distributes the carbon black look. The product is quite affordable and safe for those who use contact lenses.


  • Best-suited for sensitive eyes
  • Water-resistant
  • Naturally long and thick lashes
  • Prevents falling and breaking lashes
  • Does not clump


  • May require you to apply more than one coat


Do not wait too long to flaunt your volumized and longer lashes without even owning artificial lashes. I am sure this list will be handy enough for you to choose one among the many options available.

Choose the one which suits you best as per the requirements and grab it quickly. You truly don’t know what your look is missing without owning a perfect mascara.

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