Best Perfumes For Women In India 2020- Reviews & Buying Guide

1. Fogg Queen 2. Yardley 3. Secret Love
Fogg Best Perfume For Women In India Yardley London Autumn Bloom Daily Wear Perfume Body Cupid Secret Love Perfume For Women

Smelling good is not an option today, but a necessity. Each one of us wants to smell like a dream and feel fresh. The fragrance of your body can make or break your impression and all this can happen only with a good perfume.

Choosing the best perfumes for women is like selecting a companion. You need to understand it perfectly because the wrong choice will ruin you. It is extremely important to make sure that you have the right one sprayed on you.

It is one of the most important style accessories in every women’s wardrobe.

Let us all admit, perfumes are more than just a fragrance. Your perfume counts your signature statement. It tells everyone about who you are, what you like and what taste do you have as an individual. It is your fragrance that helps people to decode your and know if you are sporty, or you mean business or you’re a lady with elegant taste.


So, have you found the right fragrance for yourself yet? Yes, with so oodles of options out there in the market, all of us tend to get spoilt for choice when it comes to picking the best perfume for women in India.

But, if you haven’t yet found your fragrance, you’re at the right place. This article will help you to understand everything you must about perfumes and also help you to choose the best perfumes for women.

How To Choose The Best Perfume For Women In India?

Selecting a perfume online, without feeling and smelling it is quite a tough task. The best perfumes for women that we’ve chosen especially for you below are by testing them offline, only to ease your task.

However, before making any choice it is necessary to understand what goes in the making of your tempting perfumes and how can you choose the best one for you. Keep the following key points in mind and you’ll easily be able to choose the best perfumes for women.

1. Understand the Notes

Every perfume has three different layers of fragrances such as top notes, middle notes, and the base note. The specifications of these notes will be mentioned on the bottle packaging page. Since each note is different from the other, it is important to understand them. Below given are the main points of distinction.

  • Top Note – The Head

The top note of the perfume is the first impression of the scent. Simply put, it is the fragrance you smell as soon as you apply it. It lasts not more than 10 to 15 minutes after wearing it. The top notes are usually fresh and light. It represents the whole story of the fragrance. They aim to attract and allure others. However, it also smoothly transitions into the middle (heart) notes.

  • Middle Note – The Heart

Also known as the heart note, the foundation of any fragrance lies in these notes. You begin to smell it right after the smell of top note vanishes (evaporates). These notes last a little longer than the headnotes, for approximately 30 minutes or more. They have a strong influence on the base notes that follow.

  • Last Note – The Base

The base note or the last note is called the signature smell of the perfume. The smell of the base note starts to overpower as soon as the middle note dissipates. It is the longest-lasting fragrance of any perfume and lasts between 12 hours to 24 hours.

They are the strongest and most robust part of the fragrance. They add depth and complexity to the scents and mingle with the heart notes to offer a full-body fragrance.

2. Choose Perfumes According To Seasons

Just like our clothing choices, perfumes also change with the change in seasons. Seasons differ and bring in a lot of changes along, so using the same perfume throughout the year will not help much. So, it is required to choose a perfume that suits not only your body but also goes in well with the climate and weather outside.

  • Summer

Summers in India are hot and there’s no second thought about it. To escape the sweatiness and keep one’s self fresh, the sales of perfumes is the highest in summer. Sweating and boy odor are a part and parcel of hot summers. Whether you wear perfume or not, sweating will happen, so you have to choose a perfume that helps you smell good despite everything. Pick fresh fragrances like an ocean breeze, aqua, water, and mint.

  • Winter

Unlike summers, perfumes are no must-must in winters, because it is cool and breezy. But, smelling good is essential anyway. Also, many tend to avoid bathing due to cold, so perfumes play their role here. During winters, it is preferable to opt for woody scents.

  • Rainy Season

Rains in India are romantic for some and irritating for others. But, that depends on personal preferences. What is sure that there is a lot of moisture in the environment that certainly affects our body. It is apt to choose oriental scents of cinnamon, litter spice or sandalwood, which keeps you fresh in the moist weather.

3. Choose A Perfume As Per Skin Type

The perfume blends with body odor. This entirely depends on the PH level of the skin, skin type, and hormones. Thus it is important to choose the perfume wisely that suits your skin type.

Since each one of us has different body types and skin types, it becomes helpful to choose the kind of perfume that fits in your body. Ensure that sweat doesn’t produce a bad smell when mixed with your sweat. Here are some advises that will help you to choose the right one as per your skin type.

  • Oily Skin

Usually, when it comes to beauty products, a person having oily skin has limited options. But it is not the case when we talk about perfumes. Almost all types of perfumes and fragrances go well with oily skin. However, the best fit oily skin people are citrus, lemon, and zesty orange.

  • Dry Skin

If you’re having dry skin, it is best to opt for winter perfumes that have woody scents.

  • Sensitive Skin

If you’re a sensitive-skinned person, you have to be extra cautious as reactions may happen soon. So, it best to go for natural notes. Keep a safe distance from perfumes made of artificial fragrances.

4. Consider Your Likes And Dislikes

Fragrances come in various scents and tastes, thus it is important to pick a fragrance you want, like or are familiar with. Don’t experiment and go with something you don’t like, as it may have ill effects on your body and skin.

5. Ingredients

Just like choosing any other beauty product, it is extremely important to know ingredients have that gone in to create the mesmerizing fragrance.

Check them carefully as it will directly come in contact with your body and skin. It is better to avoid fragrances made with artificial ingredients or one that has high alcohol content. Choose scents that are made of natural items to avoid any discomfort to your body.

6. Composition And Aroma

To create appealing fragrances, multiple components and scents are used. These fragrances are extracted from trees, berries, plants, and sea. The composition and aroma you choose must be in lines with the type of personality and your lifestyle

7. Choose A Suitable Scent Family

Take account of the scents that you like and enjoy. Though many perfumes categorized into four different parts, many perfumes have a subtle mix of all these scents.

If you’re buying the perfume for someone else, consider their choices. But, if you’re not sure what the like, here’s a way to figure out the scent family you prefer.

  • Floral or Sweet – Such perfumes smell like freshly chopped dewy flowers. The common scents used in this category include are rose, lavender, carnation, and orange blossom. They are the most popular among women as they have a sweet, feminine scent that many women like.
  • Citrus or Fruity – Just as the name says, these perfumes smell like fruits, essentially citrus fruits. The common citrus tones include orange, grapefruit, and lime. However, other fruity scents such as apricot, apple or peach are also popular. These scents are light, bright and extremely refreshing for everyday use.
  • Oriental or Spicy – Such scents smell musky and complex. Many also have tones of spices in them such as star anise, cinnamon, and vanilla. It is best used for parties where you need a strong smell.
  • Woody or Chypre- As the name suggests, such perfumes have a woody and earthy smell. Many of these perfumes have smells such as bergamot, oakmoss, and patchouli.

8. Take Help From Others

Though the internet is filled with ample options and opinions about the best perfumes in the market, it is still important to be conscious of the scents people around you are wearing.

Whether you’re at work, in a restaurant, on a train or at college, always keep your nose wide open, and the moment a whiff that you like enters your nostrils, don’t shy away from asking the wearer what kind of perfume it is.

It may so happen that you find the right scent for you without even having to step in a store or search the internet.

Also, if there is a fragrance that your friend is using and you do not like it, then point it out to them, as it may irritate you in the future.

9. Storage

Every perfume is different and thus has different requirements when it comes to storage and protection.

However, one common tip is to avoid keeping your perfumes in an extreme temperature as it may disturb the quality. But, there are exceptions to this case, as some perfumes remain good even when stored in a refrigerator.

To keep the durability and fragrance intact, ensure that the bottle stands straight and the cap is tightly sealed without causing any leakage.

Keep perfumes away from washrooms and bathrooms as the temperature there keeps changing from hot to cold and the humidity is also unstable. Rather store the perfume bottles in the same way as wines are preserved, which means in dark and cool places, like a closet.

Furthermore, don not try to save them for many years. It is best to use it them as soon as you make a purchase, as the longer the fragrance is stored, it loses its effect and is not as delicate as the original anymore.

10. Choose Fragrances Based On Occasions

The simplest way to choose a perfume is to know where you’re going to wear it. Yes, choosing a fragrance for a particular occasion is easier. Know whether you’re going for a party, a date, a wedding, a meeting or you’re going to use it every day.

If you know where you’re wearing it half the task is done as each occasion calls for a unique smell. The rule of the thumb is, misty and citrusy smells are an apt choice for daily use as they help you to stay fresh all day long.

On the other hand, strong smells are meant for occasions when you want to create an impact and raise the oomph factor.

However, whether to go for floral, mist, or musky tones, is your call.

11. Read The Instructions And Descriptions Carefully

Each perfume bottle has its own set of descriptions and instructions for the user. The application and precaution differ from one perfume to another. Thus, it is extremely important to carefully read and understand the product description.

It will help you to know if it suits your style or not. Ensure that the undertones (whether citrus, floral, or musky) of the perfume you’re considering buying, complement your personality and is not overpowering, either for you or the people around.

In conclusion, before picking the best perfumes for women, it is essential to consider three essential things: categories, types of fragrances, and storage.

With an array of exquisite, alluring and tempting fragrances mentioned above, keep experimenting and compliment your style. Remember a good fragrance helps you to feel fresh, confident and elegant!

Best Perfumes For Women

Smelling good is extremely crucial. It is not only about hygiene but also to complete what one wears. Perfumes come in a huge variety. They can be woody, musky, smokey, fruity and more. But, Choosing a fragrance is a personal choice and it can never be generalized.

However, there are some smells that everybody loves. Be it a man or a woman, a good and attractive fragrance is the ultimate game-changer and thus your perfume plays an important role. But, choosing the right one is a tedious task, courtesy to the wide range of products.

But, to making your life easy, today we bring to you the most ravishing and best perfumes for women. Some perfumes can leave a lasting impression. These will not only suit your skin but also your budget.

These tempting, aromatic and pocket-friendly ranges of perfumes will enhance your attitude and spice up your feminine personality. Below given is the list of best perfumes for women in India.

Top 10 Best Perfumes For Women In India 2020

1. Fogg I Am Queen Scent

Fogg Best Perfume For Women In IndiaFogg is one of the best perfume brands in India and thus, it had to make it to the top of our list. Every time one talks of Fogg, the only thing that comes to mind is their amazing branding. “Aur kya chal raha hai?”, ‘Fogg Chal raha hai!”.

Fogg I am a Queen scent is for every woman who is bold, strong and knows how to rule because a real queen conquers and soars higher. It has a clear, strong, modern floriental fragrance that makes it one of the best perfumes for women.

A perfect blend of various fragrance notes including ginger, bitter orange, rose, jasmine, honey-amber accord, and sandalwood for a long-lasting aromatic effect.

A single bottle of the perfume ensures 800 sprays and it lasts long after application. It is gentle on the skin and offers 12-hour anti-bacterial protection against body odor. It gives you a soothing and refreshing experience throughout the day.

So, it is time to unveil the queen in you and show everyone that you’re here to charge and reign with Fogg Scent I am Queen.


2. Yardley London Autumn Bloom Daily Wear Perfume

Yardley London Autumn Bloom Daily Wear PerfumeOn the second spot, we have one of the most-loved authentic, rich and iconic English countryside fragrances, Yardley London. Autumn Bloom’s daily wear perfume is a perfect blend of the richness of oriental fragrance and the vibrancy of fresh autumn flower that is irresistible. With each spray, you’re going to experience an energizing and rejuvenating feeling.

It specializes in classic, single note smells following the trend of floral aromas.
So, if you’re searching for a subtle perfume that can be worn daily, then Yardley London Autumn Bloom is the right perfume for you! It is undoubtedly a beautiful and pleasing perfume that you can’t miss to add in your beauty kit.


3. Body Cupid Secret Love Perfume For Women

Body Cupid Secret Love Perfume For WomenIt is said, ‘Men like women who smell good.’ And if you want to impress him, then what better than tempting him with your aroma. The Body Cupid Secret Love Perfume is a premium fragrance for women who want to smell good.

With a small whiff of this love does, you’re going to feel the love in the air. Just spray it on your pulse points and find yourself swirling in a cloud of fragrance that is utterly seductive. It conveys a romantic and charming character of the woman that can make anyone go mad. It lasts long and gives the best result after use.

The fragrance is sweet and not too mild. It is the perfect mixture of fruity and floral aroma that offers the desired freshness. The perfume doesn’t linger on your clothes, can be used on an everyday basis and is a value for money.


4. Engage Femme Eau De Parfum & Yang Eau de Parfum

Engage Femme Eau De Parfum & Yang Eau de ParfumPackaged in a 90ml cute-looking bottle, Engage perfume ensures a long-lasting spray. Filled with the refreshing feminine blend of floral, fruity, gourmand and oriental notes, it will create the magic you desire, and even after hours of application, you’ll smell good and feel refreshed.

If you’re looking for a sweet, strong, and radiant odor, then this is one of the best perfumes for you. It isn’t too concentrated, thus you can use it daily. So go ahead, make it your favorite everyday wear. It is not only a perfect choice to wear but also at parties.

This luxuriant scent is every woman’s fashion desire. So, don’t forget to sprinkle some drops of this beauty the next time you step out, to keep you fresh and going!


5. The Perfumer Glam Perfume for Women Fresh and Romantic

The Perfumer Glam Perfume for Women Fresh and RomanticLooking for one of the best perfumes for women that make you feel fresh all day long? Then this perfumer perfume is the perfect choice for you. As the name suggests, it is going to add a glam of romance to your personality and make people fall in love with you.

It is a scent specially designed for the romantic intimate moments that live up the joy and creates a positive aura around you. Carefully made with natural ingredients, it contains no chemicals, no alcohol, no paraben and is also allergen-free. It is ideal for girls and women who desire a personal scent to compliment their style.

It is packaged glamorously and has a sweet fragrance that lasts long and is good for everyday use. It makes you feel refreshed and gives you a charming aura.
Altogether it is safe to use, doesn’t leave a mark on clothes and is a value for money.


6. The Perfumer Venom

The Perfumer VenomDo you want to spice up your life but also keep it subtly fruitful? Well, the perfumer venom perfume is just going to add the right amount of fruitiness and spiciness in your personality. The bewitching aroma of natural ingredients will leave everyone around you spellbound. It celebrates the individuality of womanhood.

Prepared skillfully with layers of rich notes and fragrances, it is a beautiful blend of strength and softness. The floral fragrance is seductive, soothing and calming at the same time. Wearing this perfume will make you walk down the memory lane of the old sun-drenched hills of England.

It contains no harmful chemicals that will either harm your skin or hair and is thus a convenient daily wear option.

It has a refreshing and non-lingering fragrance that is very feminine, and the lovely smell will make you rejuvenated all day long. It not only boosts your confidence and health but also looks after your pockets as it is quite budget-friendly.

All in all, the fruity and spicy smell of this perfumer venom perfume stays long which makes it one of the best perfumes for women.


7. Envy Perfume For Women

Envy Perfume For WomenA classic and refreshing blend of green and citrus notes, this envy perfume is for women who want to make people go green with envy with their captivating aura.

At its heart notes is the subtle yet alluring fragrance of spices that lend a perfect touch of strong womanhood.

The transparent musk and sandalwood base notes make it an apt choice for a pleasant summer evening.

If you’re looking for the best perfumes for women with a bold and raunchy scent, then this Envy perfume is just the right one for you.


8. Body Cupid Beautiful Rose Perfume

Body Cupid Beautiful Rose PerfumeWith the beautiful essence of rose petals, this perfume is surely going to play the cupid for you to attract your crush. Just spray a small amount on your pulse points and you will swirl in a cloud of fragrance that is enticing.

Prepared cautiously with fresh, dewy and soft roses, it gives out a tantalizing rich and velvety sweet smell. While the top notes are all about roses, the heart notes contain the pleasant smell of water lilies, and the base note is filled with vanilla and musk.

All these perfectly blend to give out a tempting fragrance that is hard to resist. It offers a feeling of the babe in the woods who is hiding a luscious siren within.

So, with Body Cupid Beautiful Rose Perfume enjoy the divine notes and indulge in an exotic experience of the rose land. It is one of the best perfumes for women as it creates a confidently feminine aura and offers a long-lasting fragrance.

Thus, if you are a woman who loves the sweet smell of roses with a dash of vanilla and lilies, then this perfume by Body Cupid is just meant for you.


9. Guess Perfume

Guess PerfumeGuess perfume offers a distinctly feminine touch with its sweet and sexy aroma. It gives the wearer a chance to flaunt her style. It has layers of fruity scents of juicy tangerine, and green apple to floral scents of dewy freesia, pink peony, and delicate Muguet.

Specially designed to attract women; it is packaged in a feminine pink and clear bottle of 2.5 Oz. It contains so many layers and tones that will offer a new fragrance almost every time you wear it. This women’s perfume is provided in a 2. 5 Oz bottle. You’ll also find accents of peach and red fruit that vibrate through the mixture.

While the dry-down of cedarwood and amber offer texture, the soft-skin musk gives you the depth and sensuality.

All in all, Guess is one of the best perfumes for women and is chic and radiant.


10. W.O.W. Perfumes Black Poison

W.O.W. Perfumes Black PoisonPoison is dangerous to life, but this black poison is going to do wonders for your life. Yes! The W.O.W. perfumes black poison perfume is going uplift your personality and make everyone envious of your beautiful life. It has a citrus powdery fragrance.

It is perfectly rounded to give you an esthetic black gothic feel. While it has a wonderful sweet lingering vanilla note at the core it is base note is full of cedarwood. This fragrance is surely for women of substance who want to be noticed in a huge crowd.

The Black Poison is much better than deodorants and is exceptional daily wear perfume which lasts longer. Not only does it have a sensational odor, but its beautiful packaging will also leave you startled. With an attractive price tag and an ability to last as long as 36 months, it is one of the best perfumes for women.

Perfumes can without any second thought be used regularly as they help to enhance your self-esteem, add quality your style, boost your health, and makes you even more attractive. Wearing perfume every day has great advantages, and which woman does not like to smell good?

When looking for the best perfumes for women, make sure you choose the one that suits your skin as well as your pockets. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead ladies, feel special, smell heavenly and attract others without hurting your pockets.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best place to store perfume?

Ideally, perfumed must be stored at room temperature.

2. Do perfumes have a long-lasting aromatic effect?

Well, this is a debatable question. Not all perfumes last long. But, many do last for several hours to keep you refreshed help you smell good.

3. Where should perfume be sprayed?

Ideally, perfumes must be sprayed our body, but more often than not people tend to use it on the clothes they’re wearing. Spraying perfume on the body helps it to aptly mix with your natural body odor and thus help you smell good all day long.

The correct places to spray perfume are wrist, behind the ears and neck. It is advisable to avoid any contact with the skin or body, as it may lead to unforeseen reactions.

4. Is wearing perfume during the sleep bad for health?

No, wearing perfume while sleeping isn’t bad. But, it is better to take precautions and avoid any unforeseen situations.

5. Are there any side effects of using perfume?

There are quite a few side effects of wearing perfume that has been known until date. They include irritation, loss of coordination, headaches, itchy skin, skin redness, and cold. So, before choosing a perfume for use, make sure you have carefully read the ingredient list. Also, it is better to do a patch test before you make it a part of your beauty kit.

6. Can perfume be used on an everyday basis?

Yes, you can use perfume daily without any hesitation.

7. How to use perfume perfectly?

Though there is no such perfect way to use perfume as each one has his or her style to do so, there is surely a smooth way. Take the perfume bottle, open the cap, hold the bottle 5 – 10cm away from the skin and then start spraying. Make sure you avoid eye contact and direct inhalation, as it may lead to medical issues. Also, don’t let it get too close to the skin.

8. What are the tips to make the perfume last long?

Generally, every perfume tends to evaporate after a few hours of its application. But there are some tips and tricks that help you to retain the fragrance for a longer time. Before wearing perfume it is advisable to apply a little petroleum jelly to areas where you’re going to use it.

The petroleum jelly will act as a base and will make the perfume cling to your skin for long, allowing you to smell good for a longer time.

Another trick is to whiff the perfume after taking a shower as at that time pores of the body are open and the body can absorb fragrance better. Thus, the scent will last longer. You can also rub the area of the application after a few hours, to reactivate the fragrance again.

The best of them all is to apply the perfume on the pulse points of your body such as wrists, naval, cleavage area, and collar bones.

Final Talk

Finding the signature fragrance to impress others and yourself too is surely not easy. But we’re all obsessed with smelling great all the time. A good perfume does have the power to boost our confidence and make us feel great about our being.

Often they say that a fragrance says more about a woman than her handwriting. So, don’t take more time, find your signature smell and stick on to it, because it is time to woo people around and show them who you are! Go ahead, smell good and let the world know the real you!

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