Best Mixer Grinders In India 2020 – Reviews & Buyers Guide

1. Lifelong Power Pro 2. Bajaj Rex 3. Orient Kraft MGKK50B3
Lifelong Power Pro Best Mixer Grinder In India Bajaj Rex Mixer Grinder Orient Kraft MGKK50B3 Mixer Grinder

Simultaneously, both time and technology have shown a fast growth pace over the recent decade. Wherein, right now, there are new and innovative technological advancements being created in each industry as we speak.

This is certainly true in our very own kitchens. To be specific, the best mixer grinder in India have turned out to be a kitchen’s favorite small appliance and has blended in our everyday life of which we are hopeless without when it comes to performing our daily kitchen chores.


Therefore, it’s pretty important to pick the best mixer grinder in the market since it will be beneficial for all the chefs in the kitchen and even meets all the kitchen needs.

If you live in India or if you ever tried Indian food, then you must have noticed that this is the only place/cuisine in the entire globe where you can obtain a legion of ‘chutneys’.

For example, you have groundnut chutney, coconut chutney, tomato chutney, onion chutney, so on and so forth. In order to cook this chutney, people will need to make use of an appliance called the mixer grinder.

Other than a chutney, chefs tend to make other creative nouvelle cuisines by using this machine.

What Is A Mixer Grinder?

As stated, it’s an all-in-one appliance that is designed to serve several purposes. Oftenly, it’s been acknowledged as a multi-tasker such as a juicer mixer grinder which happens to be a blessing in a modern-day kitchen.

If needed, you can go and search on different mixer grinder brands and check to see how versatile it is. A mixer grinder which has an implemented juicer will not only grind spices, lentils, or vegetables but can even assist users in whipping or whisking some of the most delectable and healthy juices or smoothies.

Typically, everyone in our country knows how and what a mixer grinder is. All of us have grown up hearing the high-pitched noises of sheer grinding, while our mothers or fathers whipped up a coriander chutney or pureed onions and tomatoes onions dish that’s tangy to the core and somehow goes phenomenally well with idlis and dosas.

Whatever the dish, the best mixer grinders in India are certainly one of the most simple appliances to own but cannot absolutely live without!

If you’re not a veteran in the field of kitchen equipment or are new to the world of mixer grinders and have no clue on the basics of choosing a good mixer grinder for your kitchen, then we can assure you that this review buying guide will teach you a couple of things when it comes to picking the best mixer grinder that’s ideal for you.

You can find out more by reading below!

Factors To Look Before Buying The Best Mixer Grinder In India

A mixer grinder needs to meet a whole list of criteria in order to be the perfect choice for your household. Before you make the final decision, it’s pivotal to consider the following factors mentioned below:

1. Motor And Wattage

The motor component is the heart and soul of a mixer. If you wish to obtain a mixer grinder with a juicer, then you may need a mixer which has a high-quality wattage and motor.

A 750W wattage power is an ideal or conventional specification for any mixer. There are models out there which provide a wattage higher than 750W as well. This element is necessary to remember since a mixer can come with a juicer.

Before you decide the design or quality of the product, one component you should look into a mixer grinder is how much wattage it carries.

Having a higher wattage is beneficial for grinding ingredients that are tough to chop at a quicker speed. Any model which supports a wattage rate between 500 W to 750 W is adequate enough for any Indian kitchen.

Moreover, wattage identifies the power of a motor. If a device has a higher wattage, then you can expect an even more powerful motor that can grind through loads that are really heavy.

Typically, a 550 to a 600-watt device is ideal for any domestic use and is surely great for Indian dishes that have grinding needs. However, it’s important to note that anything more than 500 watts might lead the device to generate extra noises.

If you wish to prepare dal batter or grind tough ingredients in huge batches, then we suggest you opt for a 600-watt appliance. In addition, if you like to prepare about 2 liters in a single go.

Then we recommend purchasing a commercial mixer that has a wattage range up to 750 to 1000 watts.

2. Speed

When it comes to speed, a mixer grinder can offer a range of it which can help consumers in grinding the ingredients into a thick paste. You should look into how many speeds are available in a mixer grinder product, once you start grinder shopping.

In regards, if you want a mixer grinder that supports a juicer, then you may need to consider a model which has an option that includes slow speed juicing.

Having a slow speed option is key for juicing since you may need to churn and whip out both healthy and delicious extracts. Ultimately, to ensure that there are at least three-speed settings in your brand new mixer grinder.

Furthermore, the pulse specification is nice to have when he/she wishes to seamlessly grind out a veg food item. This is a contemporary feature found in the best quality mixer grinders and even includes a modern feature such as an electronic speed sensor.

This sensor is designed to monitor the grinding process and its speed. Along with this, it’s programmed to increase the speed of the grinder starting from the lowest d to the highest speed.

Apart from speed, the RPM of a mixer grinder is an impactful factor which informs you on how quick a blade can rotate at a single minute. For a mixer grinder that’s used for domestic purposes, it can range between 18000 to 23000 RPM and this is sufficient enough.

Generally, a juicer mixer grinder will need a low to medium RPM in order to operate efficiently. If it operates at a higher RPM, the spices or liquids may not grind or even blend as it supposed to.

Therefore, you should seek out for a high-quality mixer grinder that includes a speed control switch/ knob in order to alter the settings depending on the requirement.

Overall, we can confirm the fact that a model has a powerful motor if the blades of the appliance operate with high amounts of revolutions or rotations per minute.

Having more rotations per minute can mean more quantity of food ingredients being grinded and processed within a short period of time.

On the other hand, there are a few drawbacks to operating a grinder with a higher RPM. For example, users may need to deal with more noise and heat. Thereby, higher the speed and RPM, higher the noise and heat. But, in a nutshell, this declines the durability or motor life expectancy.

3. Jars

When you go mixer grinder shopping, you should check out on how many jars are provided with the appliance. If a particular model delivers up to three or four jars, then it would be really great and advantageous.

With this being said, you can even utilize blades for dry and wet grinding operations, and jars that come in different capacities. If you purchase a mixer grinder, then it’s recommended to opt for one that has an individual jar for juicing purposes.

Safety is a huge concern when it comes to handling this device. You should heed into the safety features a mixer grinder provides with.

On a standard note, a model will have a non-slip foot for sturdy balance and grip, a lock mechanism for closing in jars tightly before the grinding or juicing process starts, a power indicator that switches either on or off and electricity on resume/off protection.

These are some of the compulsory features that allow users to function their mixer grinder smoothly, comfortably, safely and effortlessly.

Additionally, we suggest looking out for safety aspects such as cutout and earthing, safety power cables. Producers can settle less in terms of quality in order to sell their grinder units at reasonable prices.

This would lead to poor quality power cables being made and more electric shocks in the near future which can be dangerous. Overall material used on the design and jars.

Do evaluate what type of material your mixer grinder is produced of. Always select jars that are created using 304 food grade stainless steel since it allows the food that’s ground to be healthy and rust free.

Even so, do seek out for material that is long-lasting or durable and sturdy enough for use in the long term.

In regards to the design, try selecting a brand or a model that blends in well with the aesthetics of your kitchen layout. Or rather, a model that fits in well with your home decor. Also, try searching for what type of keys (piano press type. or knobs the mixer grinder comes with.

The reason we talked about the dial/knob type switch is to assist you in functioning the mixer without much effort. Having a lot of jars can actually help you in the long run.

Furthermore, do research for a mixer grinder that includes up to 2 to 3 jars with capacities that are varying in order to meet your personal kitchen needs.

You can use one jar for making chutneys, another one for grinding spices, and another for juicing purposes. A lid that’s break-resistant and a long-lasting body is certainly a must-have in order to avoid the usual ‘wear and tear’ in the kitchen.

Lastly, do check for a handle that’s ergonomically designed so that you can achieve a pretty good grip.

4. Blades

Even though a motor is the heart and soul of a mixer grinder, blades are usually the ones which carry out 90-95% of the work so it really is necessary to determine their quality levels.

Similarly to jars, users should ensure that the material for blades is made out of 304-grade stainless steel.

The reason why we mentioned steel grade is that it informs whether or not the steel is invulnerable against corrosion and oxidation.

Steel blades that are produced out of supreme quality material are an added advantage since it helps in retaining the sharpness in the long run and for a durable period of time.

5. Price

When it comes to the price of the best mixer grinder, it will all depend upon the overall quality and the features it delivers to its users.

You can find the best mixer grinders in India at a cheap or average price however some of them might not have the best features than compared to expensive counterpart models.

6. Warranty Periods

If a particular brand provides you with a good warranty period on a mixer grinder, then you can rest easy since it is, in fact, a product that’s produced in high quality.

A warranty period differs from one brand to another. But you can expect a range from 2 to 5 years, maximum.

Try looking for an extra warranty notice on the motor component. This will allow your device to be guarded and usable in the long run thus saving your money on short term expenses.

7. Rating In Minutes

This feature is a bit different from the RPM spec. In fact, the Rating in Minutes identifies the constant operation time that is usually suggested for a normal mixer grinder to work effectively.

It can operate up to 30 minutes wherein it can be switched on for 5 minutes and have 3 minutes off as repetitions. Do make sure to never function the appliance constantly without giving the motor component a break in between.

If not, it can lead to a faster depreciation rate or cavitations of the motor, the blade or the whole appliance, in general.

Even the best mixer grinders in India tend to get overheated if used continuously for a long period of time and can lead to internal damages that can cost you huge bucks in the long term.

What Can You Use The Grinder Mixer For?

From pureed onions to blending spices, there are lots of things a user can do with the best quality mixer grinder. With this appliance.

You can now avoid wasting time in cutting and whipping food ingredients that can take more than 4 hours to prep. This appliance allows you to finish any cooking preparations faster since they don’t require much manual work.

Pointers In Attaining The Best Mixer Grinder For All Your Kitchen Needs

It’s quite possible that all users such as yourself are distressed and confused after viewing so many brands and types mixer grinders in the market.

Are you feeling overwhelmed and less capable of selecting the most ideal grinder product out of all the choices available?

Well, don’t fret since we have enlisted out basic tricks and tips of which you can apply easily in order to choose which model is appropriate for your needs.

Basic Tricks And Tips In Using Mixer Grinder

1. Branding And Its Service

The product’s after sales service is equally valuable to its brand. If you pick up a mixer grinder based on solely its brand, then you can expect the support and service to be compromised.

There are plenty of brands out there that offer unappealing services for their products. If you were to study the grinder before purchasing it, it will reduce the risks of making this mistake. Always do ensure that the model you buy provides a service that’s available locally.

Having a local store that has a supply of spare parts such as blades and rubber gaskets should be a major factor to consider as well.

2. Brand’s Quality Is An Essential Element

Having a supreme quality product will lead to guaranteed durability. In order to assess quality, you may need to check out the major components such as blades, jars and the overall body shape before making the final purchase.

If a jar doesn’t fit as well as expected or ends up being wobbly when placing in the appliance then it would mean that it’s not a good sign of quality. Thus, do make sure that the machine you purchase has unyielding jars and firm blades.

Often, there are times where users opt for a popular brand when it comes to appliances for kitchen purposes. Purchasing a mixer grinder which has a powerful body construction along with handy jars and sharp blades will allow convenience whenever you carry out a blending or grinding operation.

It’s suggested to avoid buying a mixer grinder whose body is produced out of poor material since it will be an utter waste of money.

3. Overload Protection

Having overload protection is essential and all users must check up on it. There can be times where a user can overload the appliance a little bit and this can lead to several problems such as a motor burn out.

By implementing overload protection, it will provide a circuit breaker which cuts off the circuit but only during cases where there is an excessive load.

4. Research And Aim To Stick With The Budget

Before you buy the best mixer grinder or any other appliance as a matter of face, it is necessary to research about it and look into the wide range of multiple models available online or in stores. You can always visit a store and inquire about the shopkeeper about the features of a mixer grinder.

Or, if you are purchasing a brand new mixer grinder online, there are several articles and guides such as this one to direct you in choosing the most ideal product suitable for your home.

You can take up a comparison test and compare the features of multiple brands and then pick a model which you think fits right for you. But do remember that it’s possible to attain the best mixer grinder in India without compromising the set budget at all.

Advantages Of Utilizing A Mixer Grinder

The best mixer grinders have enabled the lives of busy people with busy schedules, effortless and reliable since the perks of owning this machine is limitless.

For those who go to office daily, cutting and grinding vegetables and spices early in the morning is very challenging and complicated since it takes too much of their time.

By having a mixer grinder at home, you can now cook quickly since you don’t have to stress about prepping up food for many hours. Not only does it reduce manual effort, but it also assists in making a huge variety of delectable food items within a short amount of time.

Now that you’ve read about the all-you-need-to-know guide in mixer grinders, it’s time to review the top 10 best mixer grinders in India 2020:

Top 10 Best Mixer Grinders In India 2020

1. Lifelong Power Pro Mixer Grinder

Lifelong Power Pro Best Mixer Grinder In IndiaThe Lifelong Turbo Power mixer grinder is a firm kitchen appliance that assures you durability in the long run despite being used every day for kitchen purposes. The jars are produced out of stainless steel thus adding it vigorous strength and even avoids rusting.

The vacuum feet assist in a seamless operation when it comes to grinding. Even so, it comes with three distinctive jars that enable flexible operations to be carried out in the kitchen, therefore, it can be utilized for several purposes.

This device features a 3-speed setting that allows effortless grinding and blending, therefore, enabling you to elevate the speed without attempting to overload the system. The mixer even supports an incher for a brief operation so that you can perform grinding in your own pace/rhythm.

As mentioned, this unit comes with 3 incredibly sturdy jars that are highly durable. These jars come with PP lids in order to clasp the contents and ensure that they are intact and safe.

This means that if you try to blend any type of liquid in the jar, then it won’t spill easily since the lids are placed tightly. These jars consist of a 0.3-liter chutney jar, 0.88-liter multi-purpose jar, and a 1.25-liter liquidizing jar.

In regards to the vacuum feet, it helps the user to carry out an easy operation and avoid the appliance from slipping off. These anti-skid feet helps to hold and balance the device in place in order to carry out an efficient and effective working process.

Ultimately, these feet won’t permit the grinder to shift around during the process. It develops a tight vacuum with the surface thus guaranteeing a seamless and instant motion.


2. Bajaj Rex Mixer Grinder

Bajaj Rex Mixer GrinderThe 500W motor is built to fulfill multiple tasks. Moreover, the appliance is designed with a tight vacuum foot in order to ensure the appliance doesn’t slide off when in use and even carries out an effective operation procedure.

This mixer grinder brings you 3 jars i.e – 0.3L chutney jar, a 0.8L dry grinding jar, and a 1.2L liquidizing jar. This would help in allowing the blending and grinding process to be made much easier than expected.

Also, with its intelligent speed settings, you can increase or decrease the speed, without having to overload the entire system.

Furthermore, the mixer even contains an incher for temporary operation purposes, therefore, giving you the opportunity to use the machine according to your need.

The appliance has a rust-proof and highly durable constructed material that promises high-quality grinding and long term use. By implementing an ABS plastic which is of prominent quality, it will not allow the appliance to corrode over time.

In addition, it even incorporates a sparkling touch to the unit, therefore, increasing the overall appeal of your kitchen. In regards to operation, this device has a multifunction blade system that allows you to blend and grind ingredients of multiple textures instantly and effortlessly.


3. Orient Kraft MGKK50B3 Mixer Grinder

Orient Kraft MGKK50B3 Mixer GrinderThe Orient Kraft mixer grinder is ideal for operating any kind of task that’s tough. This model is not only energy efficient but even sustains the flavors and nutrients of delicious pastes, milkshakes, or masalas which you grind and blend in it.

There are flow breakers incorporated inside the jars in order to allow the blades to function well during optimal contact with food ingredients.

This would allow both mixing and grinding to be carried out remarkably well and you can expect the results to have a smooth consistency of pastes, purees, pulps, etc.

The base of this model is packed with small vacuum suction feet. These are designed to enable the mixer to maintain its tight balance and avoid any content slippage. All the more, it is a safety feature that protects the user hence preventing any probable accidents in the near future.

Moreover, the unit consists of three jars that are sized differently in order to help you with multiple requirements as you start cooking. These jars are created with an extra thickness that not only promotes durability but even allows it to carry out intensive grinding operations.

With this, it has a suitable yet sturdy handle that’s ingeniously created to allow a comfortable and effortless gripping posture. Despite blending your flavored milkshakes or grinding masalas, this grip won’t let you slip so easily. Also, the handle allows you to pour in the content on another plate once the shake or pulp is ready.

The blades’ rotation speed for this model can be changed by using the regulator up to three levels or so. There is even an inch that allows it to change to the short pulse mode in order to carry out lighter tasks such as whipping.


4. Prestige Iris Mixer Grinder

Prestige Iris Mixer GrinderThe Prestige mixer grinder is packed with an extremely powerful motor. As you start using the machine every day, the motor operates more efficiently and you can get to experience a blending process that’s quick and smooth.

The mixer grinder brings you 4 jars that are made up of stainless steel and embeds a 750-watt motor which, as stated before, performs phenomenally well. The model features a multi-function blade system that allows the task of processing food much simpler and easier for anyone using it.

This Prestige mixer grinder can be utilized to serve you multiple purposes. Things such as blending fruits and grinding tough ingredients are done flawlessly and enable you to ideally blend everything in a good, smooth consistency paste.

Being produced out of stainless steel, this mixer grinder has no chances of forming any sort of rust. The mixer can be cleaned and wiped without taking too much of your time.

The 750-watt motor is created to grind the firm ingredients to a silky, fine texture. It is certainly effortless to use and enables you to achieve a high-quality blending experience.

In regards to the blades, it’s produced out of stainless quality, therefore, you don’t need to worry about your food items getting spoiled or rust-enriched.

Additionally, the sturdy handle is mauve-colored and is made out of plastic that’s durable. It is perfect for handling a good grip and avoids spillage. What we like about this product is its alluring design.

The design is translucent and allows you to view the whole blending and grinding process clearly.


5. Maharaja Whiteline Livo MX-151 Mixer Grinder

Maharaja Whiteline Livo MX-151 Mixer GrinderThe Maharaja Whiteline mixer grinder is suitable for everyday grinding and mixing of ingredients. The Livo mixer makes all the efforts in the kitchen appear light since it serves as a great machine that’s best for grinding spices, chutneys, and any other preparatory food items. This model has an extremely powerful motor of 500W which makes it an overall efficient appliance.

Having incorporated smart features, this model is surely easy to use. Such features include overload protection, pulse mode, and speed setting regulation.

This grinder offers three flexible jars that are fitted by using insane blades in order to allow processes such as blending, liquidizing, and grinding.

In addition, the ergonomic handle supports you in having to reliably yet strongly grip the jars. You can grind raw materials and pour it directly in the cooking container.

The blades that are fixated in all the jars are created using high-quality stainless steel. These are sturdy and are designed to cut the toughest material into fine-textured paste or powder of a particular consistency level.


6. Inalsa Jazz Mixer Grinder

Inalsa Jazz Mixer GrinderThe Inalsa Jazz mixer grinder offers you a majestic grinding and mixing performance along with a guaranteed reliability scheme. This high-quality mixer grinder has a compact design which is beneficial to all kitchens since it saves a lot of space. Besides, it’s really effortless to maintain and clean as well.

The model features a large round chute that enables users to save time and avoid processes such as peeling and chopping. This will give you more time to make and eat meals with your roommates or with your family.

Along with this, it embeds an extremely powerful motor that allows constant grinding. It operates with 550W and offers you a one of a kind grinding experience despite the ingredients being tough to chop and grind such as black whole gram (dal..

The Inalsa Jazz mixer grinder provides you with 3 sturdy jars that are highly durable. Therefore, even if you were to blend at a faster rate, the ingredients won’t spill or won’t come off due to the tight lids.

Theses jars consist of a 0.4-liter chutney jar, a 0.88-liter multi-purpose jar, and a 1.2-liter liquidizing jar. The blades used within these jars are created using stainless steel with premium class quality.

Regardless of how thick the consistency the food item might be, this mixer is extremely resilient therefore you can expect the best results. This unit comes with anti-skid feet which promote a sturdy balance and keeps it in place during the grinding and blending process.

Also, it develops a tight vacuum spot with the surface it’s placed on and ensures an easy and instant motion. The machine brings you a 3-speed setting that allows grinding and blending to be achieved effectively since users can slowly elevate the speed without having to overload the system.

The mixer even clasps an incher for temporary operation in case if he/she would like to perform the grinding process in their own pace/rhythm.


7. Butterfly Smart Mixer Grinder

Butterfly Smart Mixer GrinderThe Butterfly Smart mixer grinder comes with a sleek design with durability and offers stainless steel jars. By powering up to 230 Volts, a mixer grinder is an appliance that’s energy-efficient.

The blades are razor-sharp and implement an RPM of 17000 – 20000. This helps the device to accurately chop, cut, and mix any ingredient regardless of its size or shape.

In addition to the design, it’s majestically made to appear appealing to anyone passing by. This product will certainly solve all your food needs and reduces the number of hours preparing for a certain meal.

It comes with a speed regulating knob and is a new smart feature that allows users to adjust multiple speed limits. With this, users can take control over the kitchen by maintaining and altering the mixing or grinding process of any food ingredients with the speed regulating setting.

Moreover, it includes a ‘whip’ feature that enables users to operate the appliance at its maximum speed and blend delicious milkshakes or grind chilies finely. The razor-sharp blades rotate instantly once switched on thus chopping all of your food items, just the way you want.

This feature helps those users who spend a lot of time grinding or chopping or find it hard to attain fine textures from items such as cardamom and black pepper.

In regards to the jars, these accessories are made of high-quality stainless steel and the jars offer an appealing look. It also provides you with rust-free maintenance thereby promoting the guarantee of product durability.

The transparent polycarbonate lid allows you to see all the ingredients getting mixed clearly and you can even monitor the process of grinding depending upon your preferences and needs. These lids are not prone to breaking so easily and are even heat-proof.

Furthermore, this model has a pusher that’s easy-to-use and is an added perk since it helps you to obtain large amounts of juice. It’s intriguing to note that this pusher takes the role of an enveloping cap, therefore guaranteeing no wastage of juice.


8. Philips HL7756/00 Mixer Grinder

Philips HL7756 00 Mixer GrinderWith the Philips Juicer mixer grinder, it allows users to witness a remarkable mixing, juicing and grinding performance with amazing convenience.

Having a larger round chute enables users to avoid spending a majority of their hours peeling and chopping thereby allowing them to have more time for other tasks.

With the brand new Turbo motor, you can now grind constantly and instantly since it operates with 750W of power thus allowing items such as black whole gram to be coarsely ground in order to make those delectable dosas and vadas.

The model features a sturdy plastic material which promotes a steady balance between the body and the jars. Moreover, this unit implements a modern ventilation system that offers a quicker cooling feature and thereby extending the life of the motor.

The advanced blades used within this product assists in cutting tough ingredients. You can make smooth milkshakes, fine paste and even purees items in order to prepare dips, chutneys, pastes, and masalas.

High food-grade stainless steel jars allow grinding of batters and other pastes instantly. The semi-dome yet transparent lid brings you the advantage to view the ingredients for ideal consistency in order to achieve the texture you desire.


9. Cello Lifestyle Mixer Grinder

Cello Lifestyle Mixer GrinderThe magnificent Cello Lifestyle mixer grinder is certainly a useful machine which is created to assist its owners in any multitasking needs that need to be performed in the kitchen.

The grinder incorporates three stainless steel jars that are fixated with blades that are made out of stainless steel in order to carry out dry mincing, liquidizing, and preparing chutney, individually.

It even provides an all-easy functionality with accuracy. Moreover, it operates with fast motions, therefore, all your dishes are prepared with supreme quality results.

This model is completely safe to employ since the device includes a powerful motor that takes up 500 watts but functions efficiently.

Even if you were to use this machine every day, this model guarantees durability due to its high-quality components and cooling system.

Furthermore, users can find supreme nylon couplers that hold on to the main unit firmly and lock off the jars within a resilient hold. The lids are made to be break resistant and even sustains an air-tight seal in order to avoid wastage/spillage.

Lastly, the model has anti-skid vacuum legs that attach itself to the base so you can expect the machine to not slip off during operation. The model offers a 3-speed setting that can be controlled via a selector knob and even sustains a suitable grinding speed for any food items.


10. Usha Smash Mixer Grinder

Usha Smash Mixer GrinderThe Usha Smash mixer grinder helps you to cook delicious and healthy food at the same time. It has an extremely powerful motor and supreme quality blades that are able to mix ingredients and grind fine pastes just the way you want.

You can utilize this machine if you wish to prepare chutneys, smooth gravies, fine texture spice powders and many more.

This machine has a compact design will allow users to create delectable food by whipping up anything they add into it. Using highly durable material, the jars are extremely easy to clasp, remove and wash off.

The model comes with an overload protector that warns the user on whether the appliance is heating up or being used for a long period of time without adequate breaks.

It also incorporates a motor safety feature which is a grand facility to avoid spillage and further damage to the motor’s functionality.

In brief, this model has a 3-speed setting and comes with skid feet and an inbuilt whipper switch. With a skid feet feature, you can carry on your grinding process with a sturdy balance since the machine does not slip away so easily. Also, the unit comes with a 2 year warranty period.


Best Mixer Grinder In India

The best mixer grinders offer you a lot of features which can save you time and energy so that you can focus on something much more important.

By identifying what you wish to achieve with a mixer grinder along with setting the appropriate budget, you can narrow down your options when it comes to selecting the most ideal model for your kitchen needs.

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