Best Microwave Ovens Under ₹5000 2020: Buyer’s Guide

1. Bajaj 2. Godrej 3. AmazonBasics
Bajaj Microwave Oven Best Microwave Ovens Under Rs5000 Godrej Microwave Oven AmazonBasics Microwave Oven

A microwave oven is a really useful and multipurpose device to have. It allows you to perform a wide range of functions with a great deal of efficiency. This stretches from heating and reheating your food, to cooking various delicious recipes with relative ease, as well as baking tasty treats of all kinds. There is a common perception that a microwave is quite expensive and is mostly used by restaurants or those with fancy kitchens. But that notion is incorrect.

For this reason, today we are looking for the best microwave ovens under ₹5000 that can fulfil all of your culinary needs and make life much more convenient and simple than it probably is for you currently. The price factor is further diminished when you consider the growing expenses over gas in recent times. And as per our analysis and studies, you can easily buy this kitchen appliance for under 5,000 INR.


There are a host of really good established microwave brands such as Panasonic, Bajaj, BPL, Haier, etc. which have a number of different desirable models below the mentioned price cap for this article. We also have a few lesser known brands which have produced a few very good devices for the average consumer.

Also, the modern market presents you with a lot of different options no matter which product we are talking about. With microwave ovens as well, the situation is the same in terms of choices. So here’s hoping that we will be able to give you the right pointers and product samples to put you on the right path.

Different Types Of Microwave Ovens

Currently, there are three different types of microwave ovens that are found in the market. They can perform all the basic functions more or less with the same degree of efficiency. However, they have specialist functions as well. It depends upon your requirements to know which one to go for. The three types are:

  • Solo Microwave Ovens
  • Grill Microwave Ovens
  • Convection Microwave Ovens

1. Solo Microwave Oven

These are microwave ovens which do not come with a grill, and hence you will not be able to perform cooking functions related to grilling. Of course, the rest of the general functions such as cooking and heating are perfect for this type of device.

2. Grill Microwave Oven

Following on from the last variety, this is able to perform grilling functions as its name suggests. This is an added advantage, as you can cook many tasty dishes on the grill with relative ease and minimum labor. This type of microwave essentially allows you to do almost anything from cooking to reheating and defrosting. The only function lacking in this type of a microwave, is that it does not allow you to undertake baking activities.

3. Convection Microwave Oven

The last and most advanced variety of microwave ovens that are found in the market today, a convection microwave oven can essentially perform all the activities you can think of. You have access to various types of cooking methods and you can also use this as a baking oven if you are looking to make things like pizza, cakes and tarts etc.

Important Factors To Consider Before Buying A Microwave Oven Under ₹5000

Not all of us are knowledgeable enough to understand what makes a microwave oven great and worth investing in. Therefore, this article is worth reading if you’re one of those who does not necessarily understand the little intricate details that should be a part of your consideration while choosing the best microwave oven under 5000. We will discuss these factors below as follows as briefly as possible.

1. Size

This is a seemingly innocuous factor but it is one that people often forget out of sheer ignorance. Remember that your kitchen space should always be well planned and directed toward achieving the maximum efficiency. This is why it is crucial to have a clear sense of the space you have to put the microwave on, so that it does not take away necessary breathing room in your kitchen. Kitchen capacity often determines which microwave would be best suited for you. For most of the microwave ovens under 5000, we are looking at microwaves under 20 liters of capacity.

2. Programmed Functions

By this we mean the various pre-installed cooking modes available in a particular device, and whether these are enough for your purposes. A microwave with fully programmed functions is generally easier to use, and we would recommend them for that reason alone.

Personally, a microwave coming with a one-touch feature is really helpful and easy to use. Some of the models in recent years have been equipped with smart technology which is able to cook your food while keeping the nutritional elements intact.

3. Power

The amount of power an electronic device consumes, should always count as an important factor that requires your attention before you buy the device. In our opinion, you should always go for a microwave with a minimum of 1000 watts of power. There are many good microwaves with 700 watts of power as well. This is ideal for compact small sized microwaves. The bottom line is that having a solid powerful microwave ensures that it does not consume a lot of electricity, while also cooking your food in a smaller time window.

4. Overall Usability

Any electrical device’s worth or value is largely determined by how user friendly it is and how well it performs a range of different functions. With a microwave, it is exactly the same. There are many fascinating complex microwave ovens which perform a range of different functions, but maybe aren’t that easy to use for an untrained person. In that case a more simple, but user-friendly machine is a better option, as your experience in using the device overall is what should be of utmost importance in terms of value.

5. Cleaning

People often seem to forget that any kind of device requires a certain degree of maintenance on the part of the user to be able to function for a long time. With microwave ovens, this is exactly the same, as you need to clean them occasionally to make sure they are fine and in good shape to run.

Choosing a microwave having the right cleaning system not only makes the oven more durable, but it also results in a longer life of good performance. As we use this device on a very frequent basis, good cleaning is a very important part of its overall maintenance. During the usage, many oil stains and other greasy materials may be introduced inside your device. It is best to go for a user friendly microwave oven to minimize the effects of impurities.

6. Additional Features

Modern microwave ovens have a lot of fancy features that are geared towards augmenting your overall experience in using the product. For instance, some microwaves come with options, such as automatic sensors which make sure that the food is not overcooked, in case you become inattentive and forget about it. There are also microwaves which come with child locks.

Top 8 Best Microwave Ovens Under ₹5000 2020

1. Bajaj Microwave Oven

Bajaj Microwave Oven Best Microwave Ovens Under Rs5000

We start our search for the best microwave oven under 5000 with one of the classic heavyweights of the industry in Bajaj. The Bajaj 17 L Solo Microwave Oven has received a lot of love from kitchens all over the country. As a compact and user-friendly device, this microwave is ideal for small families or individuals living alone. The capacity of 17 liters could handle a good amount of load and has high utility as a budget device.

It has a timer and can be used for a number of different purposes, such as heating, defrosting and cooking some delicious dishes. Many devices have complicated controls that are difficult to master, but not this one. It has really easy-to-operate jog dials that are highly durable and long lasting. The mechanical controls of the device makes it a dream to control specific operations such as temperature changes according to the type of food being cooked.

The Bajaj 17 L Solo Microwave Oven has a total power consumption rate of 1200 watts, which is great for a device of this size. Furthermore, it has a 700 watt output capacity. This makes it quicker to use and results in faster cooking time. Overall, all things considered, this is a brilliant budget device and has rightfully earned a fantastic reputation.


2. Godrej Microwave Oven

Godrej Microwave Oven

The Godrej brand requires no introduction to most Indian consumers, as we have grown up seeing this company establish itself over time as one of the giants of the Indian market, thanks to its consistency in delivering the best products and services that one can hope for. Godrej 20 L Solo Microwave Oven is another one of its master inventions that is widely touted as one of the best microwave ovens in this price range.

As a convection oven, this one can perform the full range of functions that you can expect a microwave to be able to perform. From cooking the most scrumptious dishes to baking the best treats for your sweet tooth, this convection microwave can do it all.

Other functions include things like grilling, defrosting etc. which it can do perfectly as well. Moreover, it has a wide range of pre-installed cooking options that will allow you to explore the full range of the Indian palate. It is also an expert device for cooking healthy and preparing an assorted bread basket.

A capacity of 20 liters is also ideal for small and medium families, as well as single individuals living alone. The capacity of this device to combine convection cooking style with microwave energy results in much faster cooking times.

Another very useful feature of this microwave is that it has a fast cooling mechanism that ensures a healthy and long shelf life. The oven fan is designed such that it is able to cool down the internal temperature of the oven within minutes of the cooking process ending.

Godrej offers you a year’s worth of warranty on the product, and a further 3 years warranty on the magnetron. As far as budget microwave ovens go, there are very few that can claim to compete with this one. Therefore it definitely deserves a mention in any conversation related to the best microwave oven under 5000.


3. AmazonBasics Microwave Oven

AmazonBasics Microwave Oven

Our third product on this list is perhaps not as well known as the others, but is still considered as one of the best budget microwave ovens found in the market at the moment. This 20 liter microwave oven can fulfil all of your major needs related to food and cooking. It is the perfect device for a small family consisting of around 2-3 members. You can also get this product as your cooking companion if you are living alone.

Your daily cooking life will for sure be transformed with this really impressive microwave, as it lets you access pre-installed cooking options to make many recipes such as pasta, pulao rice, many different types of dal etc. This solo microwave is the ideal device for quick and efficient reheating functions, so that you can start eating your meal.
The defrost function of this device is also very useful, as it comes with adjustable time settings.

Other impressive functions and features include 5 different power levels for heating food and a very effective and efficient design that lets you use the internal space of the microwave to the maximum. The timer of this device ensures that you can easily track the progress of the food items being heated, and a very easy to use mechanical dialer control setup gives you the total range of control options for maximum convenience.

You will get a year’s warranty on this product, while also getting a 3 year warranty on the magnetron. You can also claim the warranty with the greatest ease without any hassle. As far as budget microwave ovens go, this is the pick of the bunch as far as many of our experts are concerned. We are sure that this is a worthy investment and will not disappoint you at the slightest.


4. BPL Microwave Oven

BPL Microwave Oven

We have surveyed a great deal of different products from any different brands to come up with a list. At number 4 on our list for the best microwave oven under 5000, we have the BPL MW20S1G, a 20 L Solo Microwave Oven that can give stiff competition in terms of price and value for money to any of the other ones on this list. BPL is a very well established name in the industry when it comes to electronic products of the highest quality, and it has pulled off another masterpiece with this one.

A sleek, stylish 20 liter microwave oven like this one is a must have for small families or bachelors and bachelorettes living and working on their own. This is an extremely efficient and balanced device that will give you a great potential for long uninterrupted service. In terms of design, it is pretty simple and straightforward.

If we talk about features, then also this microwave oven does not disappoint at all. It comes with an impressive quick defrost function that lets you customize the thawing cycle according to the type of food item you are defrosting. This ends up saving you a lot of precious time in the process.

Furthermore, this supreme microwave from BPL is equipped with an effective cooking alert system. This enables you to know the exact time at which your food is good to eat, and does not allow for overcooking.

The design and features that this device provides is quite astonishing, considering its pocket friendly pricing. It has been built using the latest state-of-the-art technology and we are very much convinced of its untenable potential.


5. IFB Microwave Oven

IFB Microwave Oven

The next item on the list of some of the best microwave ovens that you can find in a decent budget, is the 17 liter solo microwave oven from IFB which has won over many admirers in a relatively short span of time since its introduction. IFB has emerged as a very trusted brand over the years, as it has managed to produce a range of different utility products for our daily lives.

This microwave is another example of IFB’s technological competence, as it has many satisfied customers who had decided to take a chance on it at some point in time. At a capacity of 17 liters, this device is the perfect companion for single individuals looking for a solid, reliable yet modestly priced friend in the kitchen. It can perform all the standard microwave tasks such as heating and cooking with optimum levels of efficiency.

As for control options, the jog dials on this device make controlling it a real charm. Not only is it extremely simple and effective to operate, but it also comes with 3 different auto cook options, which is always a great advantage of any microwave oven.

The device gives you a warranty of one year, with an additional three years warranty on the megatron. As far as a budget device goes, this is a great option and we hope that you put your faith in it, just as so many other families and individuals have.


6. Whirlpool Microwave Oven

Whirlpool Microwave Oven

Whirlpool has been well known as one of the unmistakable power players of the Indian industry when it comes to household electronic appliances. It has developed a very loyal and dedicated customer base who swear by their products and have done so consistently for many years now. This microwave is another fine specimen that they have come up with, and it is totally deserving of a place on this list.

At 20 liters capacity, it is perfectly suited for the nuclear family of 3 or 4 persons and it can also handle further additional load, as it is remarkably resilient as a device. It is able to perform the major tasks of a microwave such as reheating, defrosting and cooking with the highest degree of efficiency and perfection. Among some of its more special features, we have the ten different power level options, the preheat feature, and many Indian recipes on the auto cook menu as well.

A 24.5 cm turntable allows you to get the maximum utility from this device. Thanks to the amazing turntable, you can now heat multiple food pots with ease in just one go. The Whirlpool microwave starter kit that you get with this device is also a great additional cherry on top of an already delicious cake.

Considering all aspects of this deal, it is clear to see why his microwave oven has been such a responding success ever since its release. We definitely think that it has a part to play in a conversation on the best microwave oven under 5000.


7. Onida Microwave Oven

Onida Microwave Oven

Perhaps, one of the more lesser known models on this list, but no less than some of the other big hitters on here, the Onida 20 L solo microwave oven has many happy users singing its praises. It has managed to carve out a dedicated following that is very happy with the performance they have received from this device. Out of the many devices on this list, this one has great visual appeal thanks to its stylish black coating.

Even in terms of ease of usage, this product does not let you down, as it comes with a lot of very handy features that are quite simple to operate. The jog dial control options that come with this makes it very easy to switch conveniently between power levels, as well as different time durations.

The 360 degree rotatable turntable is also a great boon that works very smoothly to make sure that your food is cooked equally from all directions. It also comes with a very special defrost feature that basically allows you to take your food right from the refrigerator straight into the microwave and ready for your taste buds.

As far as some other impressive features of this device goes, it has an express cooking system which is extremely effective and useful. This feature allows you to cook your food without setting any time duration, or even setting a particular power requirement.

This acts as a very useful feature to have when you are in a rush to go out for work or to attend to more pressing matters. Additionally, it has 5 different power levels which you can control and operate according to your own needs and requirements, depending upon the type of function you undertake.

There aren’t too many models in the market which offer you the range of services and the versatility at this price range. Overall, this is a great choice for you, if you are looking for a trustworthy device that can give you the best bang for your buck.


8. Morphy Richards Microwave Oven

Morphy Richards Microwave Oven

We have finally reached the last of the products on this illustrious list. Here at this junction, we have a really budget friendly and highly efficient microwave oven as our final piece on this list. Morphy Richards are no amateurs when it comes to making really sleek stylish and high functioning devices for our daily lives.

This 20 liter microwave is a perfect appliance for small families or couples to take care of their cooking and heating needs. There is ample space for you to prepare a full sized dinner platter with the help of this microwave to impress all your friends and family members.

Just like many of the other appliances on this list, this one too gives you the opportunity of accessing various power modes to cook different types of food as per their requirements. In terms of looks, this device does not leave much to be desired, as it comes with a mirror finish door. This complements the overall visual aesthetic quality of your kitchen, thanks to the really stylish reflective finish.

Other than this, the rotational knob dial is another great feature to have, which gives you good control of all of the different microwave functions at your disposal. This is very handy, especially if you expect to undertake significantly heavy usage of the device, as this lets you control your microwave functions with great deal of ease.

Additionally, the defrost feature is another really useful impressive aspect of this device. This feature allows you to always get frozen food at the perfectly right temperature before you cook it, so that you can save the maximum amount of time.

We have had so many impressive microwave ovens on this list and this one is no different in that regard. It is well suited for all the different tasks you expect to undertake and it is available at a great price on top of everything. That is why we feel that this is a great deal and a really impressive appliance to invest in.


FAQs on Microwave Ovens Under ₹5000

1. Is A Crisp Microwave Oven Different From A Standard One?

There is a slight difference between a crisp microwave oven and a regular one. A crisp microwave oven generally comes with a function where three different types of heat sources are used to power the device. It generally comes with a crisp plate of roundabout 210 degrees where you can grill a variety of different food items such as fish, meat, veggies etc.

2. What Is The Best Way To Remove Bad Odour Of Cooked Food From The Microwave?

There are a few different ways through which you can tackle this issue effectively for your microwave oven. One method is to heat a bowl of water in the microwave with a few slices of lemon. You may also use lemon juice by heating it inside the microwave.

Once the lemon water reaches a temperature at which it starts to boil, the odour from the lemon is released into the device. This makes other bad odours go away in no time, and leaves your microwave with that fresh aura – just like the first time you used it.


In this article, we have tried to find the best microwave oven under 5000. We have done extensive research and conducted numerous user interviews and customer reviews to get the most comprehensive idea about the best devices at this price range. We started off by delving into some of the most important factors that should form a part of your thinking.

We tried to address these factors and their relative importance, in as much detail as possible without over burdening you with too much technical information that you might not find useful. Then we proceeded to analyze a few of the best microwave ovens that are currently available in the market at the moment, and which ones are worth investing in.

We consulted leading industry experts and users to find out how these appliances have performed and what their main strengths and weaknesses might be.

We hope that you find some important pointers from this article that you can use to choose a better product for yourself, and that this information helps you in understanding these devices better while moving forward.

We urge you to do further research if you feel that you want to dive deeper into more technical matters related to microwave ovens and their functioning. Finally, we wish you the best in your journey of discovering and purchasing some the best washing machine that you possibly can and transforming the arduous task of washing dirty linen once and forever.

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