Best Induction Cooktop In India 2020 – Reviews & Buyers Guide

1. Philips HD4928 2. Stovekraft Cruise 3. Philips HD4938
Philips Viva HD4928 01 Best Induction Cooktop Pigeon By Stovekraft Cruise Philips Viva Collection HD4938

Since the 1900s, cooking with induction technology took a flight off. It gained popularity in the past few decades. Energy and cost-effective models of induction cooktops are being produced by the brands of kitchen small appliances and they are lining up in the mainstream kitchen appliances all over the world.

The list of top 10 best induction cooktop in India will help you to choose an ideal induction cooktop for your kitchen.


Working Of An Induction Cooktop

An induction cooktop is made up of a magnetic metal like cast iron or stainless steel. It directly heats pans and pots via magnetic induction by using electric currents. A coiled copper wire is situated underneath the surface of the cooktop for passing the electric current.

Heat is produced by the creation of magnetic current. Only the vessel placed on the cooktop will become warm. Unlike traditional gas and electric cooking, there is only a little loss of heat energy from induction cooking. The vessel further heats the ingredients inside through convection and conduction.

Not all cookware is compatible with the induction technology and hence, it is important for you to check the cooking pots and pans which would work with it.

Such cookware has to be made up of a ferrous metal. Simply check them with a magnet at their surfaces. If the magnet clings on a vessel, then it is good to go with the induction cooktop.

If the magnet grabs onto a vessel softly, then it may not perform well with the cooktop. If there is no magnetic attraction at all, then it won’t work with the induction cooktop.

Advantages Of Induction Cooking

Your cooking experience can be revolutionized by the power of induction cooking. For those who don’t know about induction, it may sound like a complicated modern technology. You might be thinking about how it exactly makes the cooking experience better.

Instead of the cooktop, the pans and pots are directly heated by the magnetic currents of induction technology. The kitchen has been ruled by gas and electric heating elements for a long time.

Compared to those heating appliances, the induction cooktops are easier to clean and they provide more consistent heat. Some unique benefits are provided by the induction which could not be found in other forms of cooking. The following are the main benefits of induction cooktops:

1. Faster Meal Preparation

In the case of induction cooktops, the heat gets directly transferred to the cookware instead of the cooktop surface. Due to this, water boils 50% faster on induction cooktops compared to gas or electric cooktops.

2. Consistent Results

Compared to electric or gas cooktops, the temperature can be controlled more precisely with induction cooktops. These consistent results are delivered by better temperature control.

Due to such control, the risk of undercooking or over control is reduced. With an induction cooktop, you are bound to receive tasty and consistent results.

3. Easy Cleaning

A smooth glass cooktop is one of the elegant features of an induction cooktop. The surface of the cooktop doesn’t get heated and hence, any occasional splatters, boil-overs or spills won’t affect the cooktop.

The cooktop cools down almost quickly after the cooking work is finished. It becomes cool enough to be easily cleaned.

4. Safety

Before considering a new appliance for your kitchen, safety must be a concern for you. The induction cooktops are designed to generate heat.

The surface of an induction cooktop won’t get hot as it heats the cookware directly. With an induction cooktop, there is no risk of accidentally leaving the burner on as the induction cooktop shuts down when cookware is removed from its cooktop.

Such a feature helps in ensuring safety to the family members at home by avoiding kitchen-related accidents.

Easy cleanup and 50% faster heat are just the beginning. An Induction cooktop will definitely revolutionize your way of cooking.

Disadvantages Of Induction Cooktops

Until a couple of years before, the induction cooktops were expensive. Compared to gas or electric cooktops, their prices were 2 or 3 times higher. However, their prices have dropped down now.

Even though the induction cooktop is energy efficient, don’t expect your electricity bills to fall to a large extent. In the total energy used by most people at home, only a small fraction of energy is required for cooking. Thus, your savings will be modest.

Also, the cookware made up of glass, copper or aluminium won’t work with an induction cooktop. Only iron cookware can be used with induction cooktops as electric currents and heat from magnetic fields are not efficiently produced by any other metal.

This cookware issue will be a problem for you only if your kitchen consists of several unsuitable cookware and you are not prepared to replace them yet. But, it could also prove to be a good opportunity to upgrade.

If you have made up your mind to replace your old cookware, then you can go for ‘cool-touch’ pans or pots which are made particularly for induction.

Some of them are made up of heatproof plastics or ceramics along with lumps of iron or stainless steel. A few of them also have built-in temperature sensors which help the cooktop in regulating the power.

A small amount of noise can be generated by the cooktop’s radio-frequency interference and built-in cooling fans. Due to this, a tiny risk can be posed for the ones who wear heart pacemakers. This risk is not a big deal than the risks posed by other electrical equipment.

Types Of Induction Cooktops

The following are the 3 main types of induction cooktops.

1. Built-In Stoves

The Built-in Stoves are mounted on the kitchen platform and they have various cooking zones. They are not mainstream in India but most of the designs of modular kitchens have these cooktops. The Built-in Stoves are perfect for large families. They are not portable though.

2. Compact And Portable Induction Cookers

The Compact and Portable Induction Cookers are single cooking zone appliances. They are quite popular in India. They are easy to maintain and fully portable. These cookers are ideal for bachelors and small families.

3. Freestanding Induction

One can fit a Freestanding induction between counters. These appliances are available in different sizes and colours. They can be easily installed and maintained. For providing additional support, they come with an electric oven.

Things To Look For When Buying Best Induction Cooktop In India

The following are the things which you should look for while buying an induction cooktop.

1. Size Of Burners

Size should be your first consideration while buying an induction cooktop. Go for the models of large size if you use big vessels for cooking. A single element induction cooktop will be sufficient for a family of 3-4 members.

2. Wattage

The wattage of an induction cooktop is directly proportional to its cooking speed. The power of an induction cooktop is indicated by its wattage.

3. Auto Switch-Off

Most of the induction cooktops have the auto switch-off feature. If a hot plate lies on the cooktop for an extended time period, the induction cooktop element is turned off the auto switch-off feature. This prevents the events of overheating.

4. Pan Detection

An induction cooktop doesn’t work if it lacks a pan on its heating zone. If you remove the pan, a symbol is displayed and the operation gets stopped.

The cooking continues with the pre-set power level when the pan is put back on the heating zone. A symbol will be displayed in case the pan is unsuitable and the induction cooktop will stop working in this case too.

5. Touch Controls

Instead of control knobs, the majority of models feature touch controls. The temperature can be simply changed by touching the display on such cooktops. Always look for a feather touch control panel while choosing an induction cooktop.

6. Timer

An induction cooktop can automatically be switched off at a specified time due to the timer function. By using the feature, you can focus on other tasks while your dish gets prepared.

7. Child Lock

Some models of induction cooktop have the child lock feature. This feature prevents the kids from messing up with the controls.

Top 10 Best Induction Cooktops In India 2020

1. Philips Viva HD4928/01

Philips Viva HD4928 01 Best Induction CooktopHigh heating efficiency is ensured by the electromagnetic induction technology of the Philips Viva HD4928/01 Induction Cooktop. Compared to a gas stove, it will cook your food faster.

This equipment will prevent vitamin loss by sealing nutrition into the food. You can set the cooking time from 0-3 hours. It is especially beneficial for Indian cooking. The Philips Viva HD4928/01 Induction Cooktop is the best induction cooktop in India.


2. Pigeon By Stovekraft Cruise

Pigeon By Stovekraft CruiseThe Pigeon Cruise induction cooktop acts as essential equipment in your kitchen by helping you to cook your favourite dishes with ease. It assures superior performance and highest quality. This induction cooktop is indeed a beneficial addition to your kitchen.

Along with making cooking easier, this induction cooktop also saves time on cooking. It operates on the principle of electromagnetic induction. For hassle-free cooking, a LED display is featured for easy selection of menus. Feather touch buttons are supported by the panel and these buttons help you in adjusting the cooking time of choosing your favourite menu.

With the automatic shut-off feature, you can set a time for cooking your food when you won’t be in the kitchen. The cooktop is automatically switched off when the set time is over.

It also features dual heat sensor technology. This induction cooktop is protected against short circuits due to its high-grade electrical. High temperatures can be withstood by its superior top plate cans. Such factors increase the durability of this induction cooktop.


3. Philips Viva Collection HD4938/01

Philips Viva Collection HD4938Fast and convenient cooking is enabled by the Philips Viva Collection HD4938/01 Induction Cooktop. It has a sturdy glass panel of premium quality. Compared to the conventional gas stove, the food cooks faster in this induction cooktop due to the high heating efficiency of electromagnetic induction technology.

Vitamins and vital nutrients are lost from the food when cooked on direct flame. You won’t have to face such issue as this induction cooktop seals nutrition into the food. Thus, healthy cooking is aided by this cooktop.

The rising LPG prices make it necessary to save energy effectively. This cooktop is power efficient and will save you some money. Safe cooking is ensured by its auto-off program and touch surface. For cooking various Indian recipes, you can choose from over 10 preset menus.

You just need to place the ingredients required for a particular recipe and press the menu button for getting it ready. Select any time setting from 0-3 hours in order to cook food with this induction cooktop. Delayed cooking is possible with the 24-hour preset timer function. For fast cooking, a power of up to 2100W is delivered by this cooktop.


4. Prestige PIC 15.0+

Prestige PIC 15.0+

Consistent and quick heating at high efficiency is offered by the Prestige PIC 15.0+ induction cooktop. Authentic Indian food such as curry, dosa, idli, chapati, etc. can be prepared at the touch of a button of this induction cooktop.

Having a full procedure computer control, this induction cooktop automatically adjusts the temperature and power for different dishes.

Cooking will be an enjoyable and pleading experience with its features such as feature touch buttons, safety, durability, elegance and anti-magnetic wall. The consumption of power is reduced to a large extent as the power saver technology saves power when the appliance is not being used.

This induction cooktop saves some money as the temperature of the vessel is dynamically monitored and the power level is adjusted on the basis of the vessel’s size (base diameter) by the power saver technology.

The voltage variance is taken care of by the inbuilt automatic voltage regulator. Durability and performance are ensured when the load is taken by this cooktop gradually.

The entry of water inside this cooktop is prevented by its concealed feather touch buttons. By pressing the ‘plus/minus’ button, you can adjust the timer. For more convenience, there is also a pause function.

Your food will be kept warm for up to 4 hours by the automatic Keep Warm function. To ensure that the surface remains cool and the black glass panel only heats the centre, this cooktop has an anti-magnetic wall.

The surplus magnetic radiation influence on the surrounding is effectively blocked. This induction cooktop would definitely be the most efficient appliance in your kitchen.


5. Inalsa Magnum

Inalsa Magnum

With Inalsa Magnum Induction Cooktop, you can cook authentic Indian foods such as curry, soup, chapati, dosa, etc. with ease. It offers quick heating at high efficiency. This induction Cooktop comes with a digital display and 7 cooking modes.

There are vessels which won’t work with this cooktop such as – vessels or pots made of copper, heat-resistant glass, aluminium, copper or ceramic as well as any vessel with a diameter of over 26cm or less than 12 cm.

The Inalsa Magnum induction cooktop saves some money as the temperature of the vessel is dynamically monitored and the power level is adjusted on the basis of the vessel’s size (base diameter) by the power saver technology.

For obtaining a healthy meal without any radiation or magnetic hazards, this cooktop blocks surplus energy. The voltage variance is taken care of by the inbuilt automatic voltage regulator. Durability and performance are ensured when the load is taken by this cooktop gradually.


6. Usha Cook Joy 3616

Usha Cook Joy 3616

The Usha Cook Joy (3616) Induction Cooktop is one of the super handy kitchen appliances by Usha which can be used for cooking food in a hassle-free manner. It has a pan sensor and power saving technologies.

This induction cooktop has 5 preset menu options and comes with a manual setting for customized cooking. It is not only sleek but also easy to clean. For healthy and safe cooking, it comes with temperature control and copper coil. Voltage fluctuation up to 1500 volts can be resisted by this cooktop.


7. Bajaj Majesty ICX 7

Bajaj Majesty ICX 7

For suiting your cooking requirements, the Bajaj Majesty ICX 7 Induction Cooktop comes with preset menus. The cooking temperature and time can be customised with the help of variable temperature selection option and the digital display timer. You can be sure of the durability and reliability of the tactile switches on this cooktop.

To ensure safety, this induction cooktop won’t switch on until you place a compatible utensil on it. This induction cooktop has a quick heating capability and it consumes the power of only 1900 Watts.

Kitchen utensils like oil boiling pots, stainless steel pots, grilling iron plates, stainless steel rice cookers, stainless steel water jugs and cast iron frying pots can be placed on this cooktop.


8. Havells Insta Cook PT

Havells Insta Cook PT

The Havells Insta Cook PT Induction Cooktop makes cooking quite convenient with its 6 pre-set cooking menu controls. The full copper coil winding enhances its performance. The soft touch control panel consists of these 6 touch-sensitive controls which result in enhanced usability.

You can carry on with your other important chores by setting the timer up to 3 hours for cooking. The status of the settings is displayed by the advanced LED display.

If you forget to switch this induction cooktop off and remove the cooking vessel due to any circumstances, the cooktop gets switched off by the automatic shut off feature. Thus, this cooktop offers a safe operation.


9. Guard VIC-15

Guard VIC-15

Induction cooktops are often damaged by the voltage fluctuations. For encountering this issue, the design of Guard VIC-15 Induction Cooktop makes it operate in voltage as high as 270 V and as low as 100 V. The Guard VIC-15 Induction Cooktop delivers excellent results by its intelligent design and thoughtful engineering.

This induction cooktop has a polished finish. Indian cooking will be easier with this equipment. The usage of copper coil in this induction cooktop makes it highly durable. The seven segments digital display of this cooktop shows up to 4 digits. Peaceful and stress-free cooking experience is ensured by this induction cooktop.

The advanced timer function helps you to set the cooking timer up to 4 hours. After the set time, it switches off automatically. Various levels of power are required throughout the cooking process. This induction cooker has power settings of over 8 levels for ensuring that cooking is in your control.

Multiple cooking functions for cooking Indian dishes like Chapathi, Idli, Dosa, etc., as well as slow cooking and boiling, are featured by this induction cooktop. You can switch back to manual mode whenever you require. For setting this cooktop to work in advance, the Preset function proves to be useful. With this function, your food will be prepared before you arrive back home.

The line voltage condition is indicated by this induction cooker when it is being used. Its consumption of electricity can be checked before switching it off. For easy understanding, the electricity consumption is shown in units.

The crystalline polished glass of this induction cooktop is of high-grade quality and temperatures up to 600°C can be withstood by it. Easy cleaning is also ensured by the sleek finish.


10. Maharaja Whiteline IC-108

Maharaja Whiteline IC-108

This induction cooktop has 7 preset menus. Its operating voltage is 220 – 240 volts. The manufacturer offers a warranty of 1 year on this product. Even though there are limited reviews at the time of writing the review, they are positive.

It is to be noted the model doesn’t come with a touch panel, it can only be operated by buttons. If the same has been mentioned in the product description then it is not true.


These are the top 10 best induction cooktops and you can go for any of them as per your requirements. Just don’t be under the delusion that an induction cooker will drastically cut down your electricity bills.

With an induction cooktop, be prepared to buy the induction-compatible utensils as well. No traditional gas or electric cooker can match the brilliant features of an Induction cooktop and thus, it’s worth it!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which mode of cooking is faster – cooking through induction cooktops or through gas cooktops?

Among gas cooktops and induction cooktops, the latter is faster in cooking. With induction cooktops, there ain’t any heat loss as the heat is directly transferred to the cooking vessel. Gas cooktops don’t have this advantage. The dissipation of magnetic energy is also prevented by some models of induction cooktops.

2. What’s the biggest drawback of using an induction cooktop?

One cannot use any random kind of cooking utensils on the induction cooktop. Only utensils made up of iron or steel would work with it. Those utensils should also be flat-bottomed for occupying the cooking plate’s entire area. The copper-bottomed cookware won’t work at all on the induction cooktop.

3. How does the induction cooktop save your time?

The pre-set timer feature of the induction cooktop helps you in setting the time required for cooking a specific dish. This cuts out your need to supervise the cooking process. Thus, you can concentrate on your other chores while your dish gets cooked.

4. Which are the best brands of induction cooktops?

The following are the best brands of induction cooktops in India:





The best models of these brands have been mentioned in the list of the best induction cooktop.

5. Are induction cooktops safe for the environment?

Induction cooktops do not burn any petroleum fuels. Hence, they are environmental-friendly.

6. Does an induction cooktop require electricity?

An alternating current flows through the coil when the unit is turned on. An invisible magnetic field is produced by the current. Induction cooktops indirectly use electricity. For cooking food, they use electromagnetism.

7. As electromagnetic waves are created by the induction cooktops, is it harmful to eat food cooked in them?

The creation of electromagnetic waves by an induction cooktop doesn’t pose any risk to human health. The emission of radiation is too low to release CO2, O2 or CO. Thus, there is no negative effect of induction cooktop on human health.

8. Is it possible to install an induction cooktop over an oven?

Yes, you can opt for installing an induction cooktop over an oven. But there’s a risk of the oven getting overheated which may damage the cooktop.

9. Is ventilation required with an induction cooktop?

For removing excess steam from cooking in an induction cooktop, you should purchase a hood. Accumulating food particles and grease are trapped by the filters built into ventilating hoods. Frying and boiling usually lead to steam and tiny oil droplets and these can be sucked out of the kitchen by a strong exhaust fan.

10. Can a pressure cooker be used on an induction cooktop?

If the manufacturer instructions allow to use a pressure cooker on an induction cooktop, then you can proceed with it. But make sure that you don’t preheat the cooker. If the cooktop doesn’t have the pre-set timer feature, you need to be around it for heat adjustments during the first 5 minutes.

11. Is Baking possible with an induction cooktop?

If your baking pot is induction-compatible, then a cake can be baked with the induction cooktop. As induction cooking only warms the pot’s surface, you need to be careful that the baking pot’s base does not get overcooked. Also, it won’t be easy to maintain a consistent temperature for baking on the induction cooktop.

12. How can one remove scratches from an induction cooktop?

You can use MAAS Metal Polishing Crème or a combination of baking soda and water for removing minor scratches on the induction cooktop. But don’t use abrasive materials to scrub the glass cooktop.

13. How to prevent any permanent stains on an induction cooktop?

Food spills on an induction cooktop can lead to pitting and permanent marks. You must clean food spills every time after cooking. Permanent stains can be caused by continuously cooking on a soiled surface. Also, the cooling down of sugary spills can adhere to the cooktop and lead to permanent marks.

14. Can induction cooktop overheat and cause fire?

An induction cooktop won’t cause fire as the element doesn’t heat up. The automatic detection features of an induction cooktop detect when the food on the pan is boiling over. Also, it switches off automatically in the absence of pan on it.

15. How many amps are required by the induction cooktop?

The user’s manual of the induction cooktop will provide information for the same. Generally, an induction cooktop requires a 120-volt circuit. It also requires a 20 or 30 amp breaker. Talk to an electrician before installing the induction cooktop.

16. Can a generator be used with an induction cooktop?

There is no risk in doing so. But you should be careful of the voltage. Before using a generator with the induction cooktop, check the user’s manual to follow the specified instructions.

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