Best Convection Microwave Ovens In India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. IFB 25SC3 2. BPL BPLMW20C1G 3. IFB 23BC4
IFB 25L 25SC3 BPL 20L BPLMW20C1G - Grey IFB 23L 23BC4 - Black Floral

We live in an era where time is the most precious commodity and modern technology has given us the opportunity to save time in a multitude of ways. Cooking as an activity was deemed to be necessary for many decades before the advent of sophisticated electronic devices.

The focus of the modern world with everything running at breakneck speed is firmly fixed upon how to get the best solutions in the easiest or quickest way possible. Which makes best convection microwave oven in India, one of the most popular kitchen appliances nowadays. Since it helps make everything faster and easier to prepare a meal.

The question is always regarding how quickly and how effective any particular activity can be completed before moving onto the next one. 

We all know that food is a fundamental requirement for all and acts as the building blocks of life, giving us much needed energy and fulfillment to carry on our hectic lives in the 21st century.

Historically, cooking was one of those things which you just had to do and which cost you time and energy. There was no way around it as for most people all over the world, no cooking usually meant no eating.


Now, the nature of cooking has dramatically been transformed and it is difficult to imagine us going back to the days of long extended hours spent to prepare our favourite meals.

Now, with the microwave oven, you are basically in a position to cook any dish you want to provided you know how to operate it and carry out the recipe as accurately as possible.

Our focus in this article is to enlighten you regarding the best convection microwave ovens that are currently found in the market.

You have probably come across quite a few such online reviews regarding the best microwave you can buy, but we guarantee that this review will be somewhat different as it will give you a much more in-depth, and detailed picture of what makes a particular microwave worthy of purchase, and how you should go about balancing the different pros and cons associated with different types.

Another factor that makes this article stand out from the rest is the simple matter of extensive research and thorough checking of various products which are often ignored in many such microwave oven reviews.

We have made it a point to ensure that we have the best of the best in the industry to conduct the most detailed examination of various microwaves and the factors that make a particular model stand out from the rest.

You don’t need us to tell you that in the modern market, there is no dearth of options when it comes to electronic devices and the same theme applies to a microwave.

There are so many brands and so many models that you might end up feeling slightly overwhelmed regarding which direction you should take while considering the plethora of available options.

Factors To Consider In Buying Convection Microwave Ovens

After an extensive survey of various kinds of microwave models across various platforms, both online such as Amazon, Kitchen Recipes, the Indian community, and Reddit forums as well as offline platforms, we have come up with the following factors that should go into your thinking while choosing the best microwave oven in India.

1. Power/Wattage Control

This has been a significant headache for many individuals and families looking to buy a microwave. For example, if you are buying a 1000w microwave and end up using half of its full power at around 500w, the other half of the power is essentially getting wasted.

The issue is that the microwave oven will give you 100% of the power irrespective of whether you intend to use 50 or 60% of it. This ultimately results in the uneven distribution of heat that may well lead to instances of burnt cakes and overcooked food.

In certain cases, even preset settings are of little use unless they are equipped with sensors. The solution to this problem is to get a microwave with linear power control or to go for an inverter-based unit.

The advantage of having this type of microwave is that it lets you explicitly control your power requirements whether it is at 50%, 70% or 100%. This will ultimately prevent you from burning or overheating your food items so that you can get perfectly cooked meals whenever you want.

2. Size Or Capacity

This is another crucial factor that should be an important part of your thinking process when you are looking at different microwaves for purchase. This aspect is largely dependent upon the number of people in your family. For instance, a family of four will require a bigger sized microwave as opposed to a family of two or just a single individual.

A 0.5 cubic feet microwave is ideal for individuals who are living alone or with just one partner. This type of microwave helps you prepare items such as coffee and soups with extreme ease.

Another important point to remember while thinking about the size of the microwave is to consider the type of functions you are expecting to undertake using your microwave. Keep in mind that for bakers or individuals who are running a commercial kitchen, it is always best to go for a big model that works quickly and can endure longer duration of work hours.

3. Must Have Essential Features

Irrespective of the type of microwave that you are looking for and the respective price range, certain features should always be ever present no matter which brand or model you are going for. If the microwave you were thinking of buying does not have any one of these features then you should really reconsider your options.

One of the most important things to have is a microwave that has the option of programmed settings as they make food preparation a lot easier and reduce a lot of the uncertainty that surrounds the whole endeavour. It is also important to go for an airwave that is equipped with humidity sensors which are extremely useful for managing temperatures and preventing burning or overheating.

In case you have some large dishes which will not be able to rotate inside the microwave. then you need to search for one that lets you shut the turntables so that you heat your food from a stationary position comfortably with no negative consequences.

4. Child-Lockout Feature

Issues regarding safety are one of the most important concerns surrounding any kind of electronic device. This issue becomes especially pertinent if you have a child at home and the younger the child the more complex the issue. It is vital to have a microwave with a press sequence of numbers to get it started. This discards the possibility of your child accidentally switching on the microwave and causing any kind of unwanted accident.

Top 10 Best Convection Microwave Ovens In India 2020

1. IFB 25L 25SC3 – Metallic Silver

IFB 25L 25SC3 Best Convection Microwave Oven

We kickstart this list with the IFB 25 L Convection Microwave Oven that has been touted as one of the best microwave ovens in the market having all the necessary features that you can expect from a standard model and much more.

With a total overall capacity of around 25 litres, this microwave is ideally suited for families having up to 3-4 members on an average. It allows you to perform all the essential functions that are associated with a microwave such as baking as well as grilling, reheating, defrosting and cooking.

It gives you the option of a whopping 26 different choices for auto cooking so that you can explore a whole host of different cuisines and recipes without worrying about the details of proportion and quantity. All you need to do is just enter the weight and leave the rest to the Auto Cook feature.

The additional feature of combination and multistage cooking is another great tool at your disposal which you can use to get the best out of different modes of cooking such as microwave and grill modes along with the intelligence the multistage cooking option provides.

The standard microwave requirement of heating your food is extremely sufficiently fulfilled with this microwave. It gives you the opportunity to use up a small amount of power to give adequate heat to your food so that it comes out at just the right temperature. You can essentially leave your food in the microwave altogether without worrying about it going cold.

Amongst other features which are responsible for giving this microwave a great reputation is the child safety lock that lets your child wander about in the kitchen without any worries whatsoever in case you accidentally leave the door unlocked.

Another interesting aspect of this model is that you can actually spray deodorant on your microwave to make sure that it has a pleasant odor to give your mood an instant lift.


2. BPL 20L BPLMW20C1G – Grey

BPL 20L BPLMW20C1G - Grey

BPL has been one of the most iconic companies in the market when it comes to the production of highly functional and performance oriented electronic products.

It is well known that their microwaves have retained the quality and excellence that consumers have to come to associate their other products with.

This 20 L Convection Microwave Oven is designed to make cooking fun, easy and simple no matter how complex and cumbersome it may feel for you. It allows you to get the perfect combination of taste and nutrition.

The stainless steel cavity of this microwave acts a fantastic conductor of heat while also allowing the entire heat to be evenly circulated throughout the surface area of the device. This is also a big factor as to why these microwaves have a longer life expectancy than other variants in the same price range.

With this microwave, you also have the choice of a whole host of different autocook options that will allow you to cook your favourite dishes with relative ease.

The advanced technology used in this mechanism is geared towards making the device understand the requirements of heat and time for each individual dish.

Furthermore, the smart power selection mechanism ensures that your food never gets overheated, overcooked or burnt by mistake. You are at liberty to select different power levels to optimize your cooking and get the tastiest food as a result.

Conducting a seamless merger between state-of-the-art technology and stylish aesthetic design, there are a very few other microwaves which can stand up to this one, especially when you consider the price at which it is available.


3. IFB 23L 23BC4 – Black Floral

IFB 23L 23BC4 - Black Floral

Our third edition on this list continues the high standards set by the previous two products and is renowned for enjoying the same widespread confidence of the consumers spanning the length and breadth of the country.

IFB has made a significant name for itself n the market recently because of its high efficiency and resource management. It manages to create microwaves that are extremely versatile and functional but that are also available at a decent price ensuring that you don’t have to overspend anymore while looking for a quality device.

The stylish outlook and highly aesthetic feel of this microwave is another feather in its cap and has managed to increase its desirability as a whole. The brand new floral design gives a unique look to this microwave by elevating its already high aesthetic appeal.

You will also get a sterilizer/ disinfectant with this device that is extremely helpful in making sure that your device stays nice and clean. Not only is this great for keeping your food clear of any harmful microorganisms, but it also ends up extending the lifespan of your microwave by a significant margin.

In our research and interview with customers, we have witnessed a recurring theme with many and that is the issue of power. Many potential consumers are slightly unsure and apprehensive about how much power their device will require overtime and whether it’s worth the investment.

You would be glad to know that this microwave comes with an opportunity for you to save up to 40% on your electricity bill during non-usage. Furthermore, the mediated levels of temperature of this microwave give you adequately heated food at a consistent rate without the threat of overcooking or overheating.

You also have the pleasure of using 71 different autocook options form the menu so that you can enjoy preparing your favourite dishes without worrying about things going wrong. So long as you follow the recipes from a reliable source and carry out the instructions as stated, you can be assured of getting the best results.


4. Godrej 19L GMX 519 CP1 – White Rose

Godrej 19L GMX 519 CP1 - White Rose

The name of Godrej requires no additional introduction as it is a watershed brand in the field of electronic appliances and carries a great degree of tradition and reliability with its name.

This 19 litre Convection Microwave Oven is undoubtedly another one of its undisputed masterpieces as it uses all the modern technologies and cutting-edge production techniques that you can come to think of.

The capacity of this microwave is ideally suited for small nuclear families as well as single individuals living alone with a lack of time on their hands to prepare lengthy cumbersome meals.

The first thing that stands out when you see this microwave is how well it is designed not only in terms of style and visual aesthetics but also in terms of planned layouts that make using it that much easier for the inexperienced chef in you.

The quick interior heating feature allows you to cook your food much faster and that too with the minimum amount of hassle involved. Not only this, but you will also get the added advantages of multistage cooking that ends up saving you valuable time in the process.

There are a few other exclusive features that this microwave brings and that allows you to get the most out of your cooking experiences. One of these is the existence of tactile buttons. The buttons allow you to operate the device with stained hands.

Apart from this, you will also get an auto cooling mechanism with this device by virtue of which your microwave will remain at a stable temperature and will not be at risk of getting overheated. This acts as a crucial factor in extending the expected lifespan of your microwave.

Finally, the instant cook feature adds the last feather on a very well decorated cap as it gives you the chance to cook a whole variety of dishes with relative ease.


5. LG 32L MC3286BRUM – Black

LG 32L MC3286BRUM - Black

At number 5 on this illustrious list comes another fine microwave oven form one of the undisputed giants of the industry which needs absolutely no introduction whatsoever.

It is no coincidence that LG has developed such a loyal and dedicated customer base over the years and it is no surprise to see one of their products make this list.

With a capacity of 32 litres, it is one of the best microwaves available in the market if you have a big family or even if you’re running a small commercial kitchen. This device will help you undertake a host of essential cooking functions such as baking along with grilling, reheating, defrosting.

For all you health conscious folks who want to live a fit and healthy life, this microwave is taking your concerns into account. The diet fry mechanism allows you to prepare your favourite dishes with a minimum amount of oil.

For the Indian foodie, this is the ideal microwave as it has a setup in place to prepare 12 different varieties of Indian rotis such as naans, lachha parathas, tandoori rotis, missi rotis at the simple press of a button. Moreover, this device also allows you to pasteurize your milk in a far more efficient manner than normal.

It manages to hold all the vital nutrients of milk intact so that you don’t have to sacrifice on the nutritional content just for the sake of convenience.

The LG all-in-one oven also allows you to prepare various kinds of milk-based products such as paneer and curd at home with incredible ease. Also, the tawa that you get as a part of this deal is a very handy and flexible tool to have that for dishes that require extra browning and bottom heating.

Considering all of these features and the modest pricing of this product, it is no surprise to see why people have been lining up to get it across the length and breadth of the market.


6. LG 28L MC2846BV – Black

LG 28L MC2846BV - Black

Another product from LG comes in at number six on our list of the best microwave oven currently found in the Indian market. We have already established the huge following that LG has as a brand and how it managed to get to this point.

This 28 L Convection Microwave Oven is another classic example of the technological input that goes into the making of LG products and the way it manages to cut costs and reduce prices without compromising on quality.

This device is ideally suited for medium to large sized families and has a very efficient and simple controlling mechanism with the Touch Keypad (Membrane) that is sensitive to touch and also very easy to clean and maintain.

It comes with a stainless steel cavity that is extremely useful in ensuring that the heat generated inside the device is evenly distributed throughout the entire surface area which ultimately helps you cook better.

Another interesting aspect of this microwave which has drawn attention to consumers is the Quartz heating mechanisms that help you to heat large portions of food in one go. It is a concealed heater that almost entirely eliminated the possibility of any sort of a hand injury as a result of an accident.

The microwave is also designed to let you leave your food inside the device after the heating process is over in case you have an urgent issue to address. In those cases, you can be assured of the fact that your food will remain warm inside the microwave for a period of around one and a half hours and the temperature of the food will be just right.

Additionally, you will also get a recipe book along with the microwave oven that will give you an in-depth insight into a whole host of fascinating exotic recipes which you probably thought was out of your league.

The 150 auto cook options are also important in this regard as they manage to get the best out of your limited knowledge by using its smart technology to cook different recipes in accordance with their own individual requirements.

It is hardly surprising to find that this product has been the talk of the town owing not only to its fabulous features but also its economical price.


7. Bajaj 20L MTBX – Black

Bajaj 20L MTBX - Black

Our extensive market research to find the best and most efficient microwaves at the best prices have taken us to a whole host of different brand names and this is one coming in at number 7 on our list is another one of those that require no separate introduction.

Bajaj appliances and electronic products have been in the market for many years now and it is absolutely no surprise whatsoever that they have managed to produce some of the best appliances in the field of microwaves as well.

This 20-litre microwave oven form Bajaj is a glowing example of how the company uses smart technologies and the most recent scientific approaches to create a classy product that not only has a great reputation because of its consistently high-performance standards but also because it has managed to create an A-class product at a very affordable price.

This model is great for small families and even for bachelors or single individuals looking for quick solutions to their cooking difficulties. The grill provided with this microwave can be used for different culinary applications such as reheating, defrosting and cooking.

The defrosting mechanism is one of the standout features of this microwave as it allows you to thaw frozen food with relative ease so that you can end up cooking it with minimum hassle. It is also a must-have for the hardcore cooking enthusiast as its multistage cooking mechanism makes cooking inherently fun and gives you a great pleasurable experience overall.

Moreover, you have the option of adjusting power levels form multiple choices based upon your requirements relating to each individual dish that you are either preparing from scratch or just reheating for immediate consumption.

Along with this, the microwave has an integrated cooking time alarm that allows you to be in control of everything that’s going on without having to worry about messing up your recipes in some form or the other.

Finally, to secure the device and protect it against wear and tear, a thermal fuse has been used for the 2016 MTBX Microwave Oven which is definitely partly responsible for its long lifespan and consistently high standards of performance.


8. Samsung 28L MC28H5145VK/TL – Black

Samsung 28L MC28H5145VK/TL - Black

Samsung 28 L Convection Microwave Oven comes in at number 8 on our list and like all of the other entries on this list, it enjoys a glowing reputation and widespread confidence of the market.

Samsung as a brand has been engaged in the production of efficient and affordable electronic devices for many years now and this microwave is another example of Samsung’s unbridled expertise in crafting the best products from scratch using the best and most recent production techniques.

This device has been built keeping in mind the multidimensional nature of cooking applications in the modern era to be able to produce a whole host of different recipes across the board from all kinds of different cuisines. To realize this, you have the option of choosing from various different cooking and convection modes amongst a temperature range of 40 – 230 degree Celsius.

You have the choice of making your favourite tandoori food items as well with the tandoor technology which gives you a temperature of up to 200-degree Celcius in the oven that allows you to get that crisp tandoor flavour whether you’re making roti or naan.

Also, the slim fry mechanism has been designed to ensure that you require the minimum amount of oil for your recipes by combining a grill a grill with warm air circulation that leaves foo items crispy on the outside but also soft and succulent on the inside.

This device also gives you the option of choosing from a wide range of pre-programmed local recipes so that you can enjoy the taste of various kinds of cuisine without having to know about the intricate details of cooking. Furthermore, it also gives you the opportunity of enjoying homemade curds and with the fermentation function at any time.

The problem of odours is often one that proves difficult to handle for many microwaves, but this issue has been aptly addressed by the Samsung MC28H5025VK. You simply need to select the deodorization setting to force interior air outside to dissociate and leave your microwave clean and totally devoid of unpleasant odours.


9. IFB 25L 25SC4 – Metallic Silver

IFB 25L 25SC4 - Metallic Silver

Our penultimate place on this list goes to the IFB 25 L Convection Microwave Oven which has been a recent favourite of many consumers in the market.

We all know that IFB is a giant when it comes to making the most efficient and affordable electronic devices and it’s absolutely no surprise that it has grown to occupy a significant portion of the market in recent years.

This microwave is equipped with stainless steel that is instrumental in making it one of the most durable models in the market with a much higher life expectancy than your average run of the mill microwave.

The LED display is also hugely helpful in giving you all the essential signals and instructions. The Keep Warm features are great for automatic adjustment of the temperature depending upon the kind of food item you are looking to cook or heat. With this feature, there’s no chance of overheating or burning your food by accident.

A major problem with many of the modern microwaves is that with extended use over time, greasy lines formulate on the inside of the device. This happens more so when you use large amounts of oil for your cooking on a regular basis. To prevent this firm from becoming a major issue, IFB has come up with a simple but unique solution.

The steam clean option lets you clean the whole of the microwave in meagre 2 mins while also leaving a mild refreshing lemon fragrance in the process. Moreover, the deodorize feature allows you to totally disinfect the entire device to relieve you of all kinds of harmful microparticles as well as microorganisms.

He multistage cooking feature is another feather in the cap of this device as it allows you to store up to three levels of cooking options simultaneously in the inbuilt memory space. It ends up saving you valuable time and makes cooking extremely convenient.

The weight defrost feature is another aspect of this microwave that makes extremely desirable for newbies and inexperienced cooks especially. You simply have to input the weight of the food item that you want to defrost and the microwave will do the rest.

Overall, after all the discussions it can be clearly said that this is definitely one of the best microwaves available in the Indian market considering all of the features on offer as well as the price at which it is available.


10. Morphy Richards 25L

Morphy Richards 25L

We end this list with another example of a highly performance-based and functional microwave oven from Morphy Richards, which has been hugely well received and has carved out a significant following in the market in a very short period of time.

This sublime device allows you to seamlessly undertake a wide range of culinary applications and functions including baking along with grilling, reheating as well as defrosting.

The mechanism for cleaning this device is also very smooth and efficient with the Touch Key Pad which has a standard touch sensitivity and is also extremely convenient to clean.

Coming in with a capacity of 25 litres, this microwave is a fantastic option for individuals who have a large family of around 5-6 members and even for individuals who are operating a small-scale commercial kitchen.

This microwave also gives you a much more competitive and competent opportunity to cook various grilled foods in a far more sophisticated manner as compared to many other average microwave ovens to be found in the Indian market. It gives you the additional feature of combination cooking with options for Convection, micro, and grill.

Furthermore, it is equipped with a stainless steel cavity that has been specially designed for the purposes of keeping the interior free from various types of scratches.

Apart from this, it also gives you the added benefits that come with having 11 different modes of heating that lets you cook as well as heat each individual dish to maximum perfection. It is also extremely easy to access the different levels with the simple touch of a button.

As far as designs go, this microwave has one of the best in terms of style and aesthetics. It also manages to do a great job of integrating its stylish outlook with unflinching excellence in terms of performance.

It also gives you a more nuanced control over power with 3 separate power configurations for three different modes of cooking. For input microwave, it gives you a maximum power of 1400 watts, 1000 watts for grills and 2200 watts for convection.

Considering all of the above-mentioned aspects, it is easy to see that this device is not only a great option form the standpoint of aesthetic quality and stylish design, but is also equally flexible and capable of performing all the essential tasks a microwave should perform and more quite admirably.

When we connect these aspects to the price at which it is available, it is easy to see why this company from England has captured the minds of the Indian consumers who are looking to take the next level in terms of cooking efficiency.


Choose The Best Convection Microwave Oven In India

In our discussions, we have gone through various elements of what it takes for a microwave to be considered as worthy of purchase.

This review stands out from other microwave oven reviews in that it is based on thorough and extensive research of consumer preferences and is laid out in a comparative mould to help the potential buyer make the decision especially if he/she does not have in-depth knowledge of the intricacies of microwaves as well as cooking techniques.

We have tried to explain these factors in detail so as to help you grasp them fully and be mindful of them while making your decision.

Our focus is not to tell you what’s best for you but merely give you all the indicators and pros and cons so that you can ultimately make the best decision for yourself without having to go through the pain of examining each of these aspects in extreme detail.

Finally, we have concluded the discussion by giving you a list of the ten most widely popular microwave ovens currently found in the market and a detailed look into why these products have fared so well.

We hope that upon the completion of this article, you will be in a much better position to make the best choice that suits your own unique requirements and expectation of use.

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