Best Air Coolers In India 2020 – Reviews & Buyers Guide

1. Crompton Ozone 2. Bajaj Platini 3. Symphony Hicool
Crompton Ozone Bajaj Platini Air cooler Symphony HiCool

Modern technology has made our lives incredibly easy and efficient. We have the pleasure of being able to use a host of different electronic devices that are geared towards making day to day activities a lot more simpler than we could have imagined.

Not only has technology brought refreshing changes to the way we work or eat, but it has also fundamentally altered the limitations of the things we can and cannot control.

The weather and climate of any particular area is an inescapable reality and best air cooler in India have made it possible for us to significantly lower internal temperatures to suit our own convenience so that we can work, rest and live in comfort.

A good quality air cooler acts a welcome relief during summers where temperatures can soar and humidity can make us lethargic and unenthusiastic about life in general. The modern market gives us an abundance of choices when it comes to choosing any one of the best air coolers in India.


Often it has been seen that certain individuals are left overwhelmed as a result of the plethora of choices on display and it is quite natural to see that this is happening more as a higher number of products enter the market.

This is where we earn our money as our intention in this article is to give you an in-depth look into what makes an effective air cooler and which options you should consider when you are looking for the best air cooler in India.

We will be getting into the nitty-gritty so that you are able to make an informed rational choice by the end of this article. The Indian household is now gradually shifting to air conditioners as a result of rising incomes and an augmented purchasing power ability.

In spite of this, it should be clearly stated that the usefulness of air coolers has by no means diminished. We will now discuss some of the important factors that you should keep in mind while considering a particular air cooler that you are looking to purchase

Factors To Consider While Buying The Best Air Cooler In India

1. Personal Cooler Vs Desert Cooler

Air coolers are of two distinct types and both of these types are suitable for a kind of environment. As is evident from the name itself, personal air coolers are mainly used for cooling small to mid-sized rooms.

These type of coolers have an average water tank capacity of around of around 20-30 litres and most of them mainly use blowers for cooling purposes. Their price range roughly starts from around Rs. 5000 so they can be considered as a good economical option.

Desert coolers, on the other hand, are primarily used for lowering the temperature of the medium to large sized rooms.

The water tank in the coolers have an approximate capacity of around 30-40 litres and the most often used mechanism for cooling is a large fan. Also, these variants are slightly more expensive and come in the range of around Rs. 8000.

2. Honeycomb Cooling Pads Vs Aspen Wood Wool Cooling Pads

These two different kinds of cooling pads have a different set of benefits and limitations. The cooling pads are essentially attached to the sides of the air cooler and the pad cools down the air once air is passed through it.

The honeycomb cooling pads are made of cellulose material and take the shape of a honeycomb. It requires a lot less maintenance and is a lot more durable and efficient. It is also slightly more expensive compared to our next variety.

Aspen wood wool cooling pads, on the other hand, are a lot more high maintenance and are also considered to be much less durable and also a lot less efficient. The only positive aspect of this pad compared to the previous one is that it is more economical.

3. How To Calculate Your Required Air Cooler Size

This is a very important decision that you have to take and you should make sure that you are completely sure about the kind of cooler you are looking at and whether it is sufficient to cool the length and breadth of your room.

You should always check the production description of any cooler to see what they are essentially built for. This is to be found under the heading “cooling area” or ‘Area covered’. You should also have a clear idea about the size of your room’s measurements. The area covered should ideally be more than your room size if not equal to it.

A more sophisticated way of making this determination also exists. This method is based on air delivery or air displacement. The unit used to measure this is called CFM which is the total air in the room that gets changed for every couple of minutes.

In most cases, this is based on hours instead of minutes which makes it a lot more complex. It is recommended that you still check the CFM while making any purchase. You can calculate the CFM as

CFM in hours = (room surface area in square feets * room height * 0.84)

Air coolers for especially humid conditions by their very definition are known not to work too well in areas which have a very high humidity rate. If you live in such an area but would still like to get the best out of your air cooler than you have options at your disposal.

You can try adding some cold water or even ice to the water tank or put ice cubes in an ice cube tray. Many of the contemporary brands of air coolers claim to have a “humid control” feature, although in the course of our research and analysis we have not found this to be widespread.

There is also minimal evidence to prove how effective these features are in tackling humidity. A number of terms are associated with air coolers are good to know of and we will discuss some of them in the section below.

Different Features Of Air Coolers

1. Ice Cube Tray

Certain air coolers have this facility whereby you can keep an ice tray on the top shelf of the air cooler As the ice melts gradually, the ice water gets mixed in with the water tank and ultimately helps in cooling the overall temperature of the water by a few degrees.

2. Air Cooler Compatible With An Inverter

The important thing about this point which many individuals stress is that an air cooler runs on very little power and thus it can run on the inverter. The amount of electricity air coolers spend on average is approximately somewhere around 120 watts to 180 watts.

If your home has various electrical appliances and lights which consume around 200 watts then you will be more than well covered upon purchasing a 600 Va inverter. If you are able to buy a 900 VA inverter than it is all the more well covered.

3. Remote Control Feature

This feature is almost exactly similar to the way an AC is operated using remote control. You can change the air or even alter air cooler functionality using this feature.

4. Variable Speed Control Knob

You can control the speed of the fan using this button. It allows you to change the fan speed very easily from high to low or vice versa.

5. Water Level Indicator

As is self-evident from the name itself, this feature is essentially used to indicate to the user when the water tank is completely full.

The indicator in most cases is a manual one from which you can easily understand how much water is required for the entire tank.

6. Tower Air Coolers

Tower air coolers constitute a specialized variation of air coolers in general. If you are worried about the aesthetics of your room and decor, you should definitely consider a tower cooler.

It is no surprise to see that these models have grown in sales and have now become the new cool product in terms of air coolers which everyone wants to have.

Tower coolers are hugely popular not only because of the exceptional design of the device but it is also favoured because it ends up occupying a smaller amount of floor space compared to others.

7. Multi-Functional Wheels

These wheels are extremely helpful as they essentially convert your air cooler to a totally mobile device that can be conveniently shifted to one room from another.

It makes the air cooler easy to transfer as well over longer distances and maximizes the portability feature by a significant margin.

8. Empty Tank Alarm

This is another feature that does not require much explanation as it is quite self-evident. The air cooler requires a basic level of water to remain operational and this alarm makes sure you are aware of it at all times.

Whenever you hear the alarm make a beeping sound, it means that you need to fill up the water tank as soon as possible otherwise the cooler will not work effectively. This feature, however, is mostly available in certain high-end air coolers.

9. Air Cooler Without Water

This is another one of those new features which can cause a stir in the market when it comes to air cooler sales. If an air cooler can run without water, it becomes very much similar to an air conditioner as it ends up saving you the additional cost of bearing the burden of an extra water motor and large water tank which ultimately makes it much a lot more economical and affordable.

Another impressive thing about this variant of air coolers is that it is a great option for people living in areas with some scarcity of water. The feature operates by driving the air form a large open area to a small dense zone. This alters the prevailing air pressure and ends up giving you cool clean air to soothe your nerves on a boiling day.

You should know however that the effectiveness of this sort of cooling. In India, very few such models are available, especially online. For it to be considered for widespread mainstream usage, the technology needs to undergo further development.

Top 10 Best Air Coolers In India 2020

1. Crompton Greaves Ozone – White/Grey

Crompton Ozone

Crompton Greaves brings to this list our second product in a long line of the most impressive air coolers in India.

Crompton Greaves has significantly grown its own reputation as a brand over long years of consistent service and manufacturing of some of the best most efficient air coolers and other electronic appliances that have set the standard in the market that many others are trying to follow.

The Ozone Desert Air cooler is emblematic of the kind of products this company brings to the market with an equal emphasis on both style and performance.

The water tank of this cooler has a very impressive air capacity of around 75 litres and is best suited for cooling a room of the size of around 550 square feet approximately.

As a desert cooler, this device is very capable of lowering the temperature of a wide space when you are looking for the optimum cooling performance in the peak of summer.

It is also highly energy efficient and works wonders in relation to managing your electricity bill so that you don’t have to worry about power consumption when using this air cooler.

The highlighting features of this cooler are that it is equipped with a Uniform Flow Dispenser. This is complemented hugely by the separate Ice Chamber and Motorised Louvers that gives you the best most complete experience overall in comparison to many of the other air coolers found in the market.

Featuring honeycomb cooling pad technology, it manages to circulate cool air at a rapid pace to constantly dilute the effects of hot air coming in from outside. The air delivery occurs at a rate of around 46000m3/hr and the air is thrown up to a height of around 52 feet on average.

Other important specifications for this air cooler is a power consumption of around 190 watts approx and an operating voltage of around 230 V. Furthermore, it also comes with a 1-year warranty.

Our experts have carefully analyzed this product and come to the conclusion that it is one of the best air coolers in the market and is definitely worthy of investment.


2. Bajaj Platini Air Cooler

Bajaj Platini Air cooler

If you looking for an air cooler which is ideal for coastal regions, then this air cooler makes the cut. With a capacity of 36 liters, it can server well for a small sized room of 150 Sq. meters. The super air delivery system ensures cool air is spread across the entire room. The medium sized tank ensures longer cooling durations.

The 3 speed fan control faciliates idea distribution of cool air. The castor wheels makes it easy to move between rooms in case you’d be using this cooler in many rooms. The body construction could be better, plastic screws are used which can be replaced by metal screws.

Users like the cooling it provides but have some reservations about the overall build quality. On an average, this product does enjoy a positive rating. The brand is well known and also comes with a one year warranty and hence makes a good purchase.

3. Symphony Hicool I 31 – White

Symphony HiCool-i Best Air Cooler

We will get this list started off from a rough and tough air cooler that also has the requisite touch of elegance to give you all the best features that you should expect from a personal cooler.

One of the most effective cooling machines in the current market, this cooler is best suitable for bringing down the temperatures of small spaces. It comes with a tank capacity of around 31 litres which is more than enough or most personal rooms or even for spot cooling a particular area.

This cooler is unquestionably ideal for a small to a medium-sized room of about 175 square feet approximately.

The Symphony Hicool i 31 Litre Air Cooler uses sophisticated remote control technology that makes good use of dura pump with honeycomb cooling pads and humidity control.

Coming in at a total weight of around 9 kgs, this is decent cooler to have if you are looking to move your device to different rooms.  The lightweight body along with the wheels makes it highly portable and very easy to transport both for long and as well as short distances.

The combination of intelligent technology and the effective cooling mechanism has given this air cooler a glowing reputation that has propelled it to the forefront of the market. The cherry on the cake for this air cooler comes in the form of a high-quality ice chamber that it is equipped with.

This ensures that the cooler can do its job admirably despite rising temperatures and keep you cool throughout the day. For an air cooler of this size, it consumes relatively small amounts of power thanks at around 185W.

It will also give you the added benefits of a host of different features such as mosquito and dust protector, auto louver movement, system restore function, multi-directional wheels, sleep-timer function.

The dura-pump technology ensures long-term durability and you can also control the speed of the device through along with setting a timer to make the device auto switch itself off as and when required.

Moreover, the cooler is capable of running on an inverter and hence you don’t need to worry in case of a power cut as it has got that base covered too. Considering the host of features available to you, it is perhaps not much of a surprise that this air cooler is being considered as one of the very best in the market.


4. Cello Osum+ – White

Cello Osum+ - WhiteThe third addition on this list is another example of a fastidious and highly functional air cooler that is widely being regarded as one of the best in the market according to current market standards.

Cello Osum+ has managed to create a loyal and dedicated customer base owing to its innovative and multifaceted production techniques that not only give you high performing air coolers but also at a very reasonable price owing to the lowering of production costs.

With a water tank capacity of around 50 litres, this air cooler is more than capable of cooling large spaces spanning a distance of around 700 Sq Ft approximately.

It manages to optimize the amount of water in the tank and distribute it adequately throughout the entire light and breadth of the room so that you can get a decent comforting temperature that allows you to put in the best work or get the best quality of rest in the comfort of your own home.

This Desert Air Cooler is the ideal choice for people who want the effect of cooling at a reasonable price but are also worried about the factor of high power consumption. Although this is a powerful cooler, it is extremely friendly when it comes to power usage and thus does not threaten to leave a gaping hole in your pocket at the end of the month when you get that electricity bill.

One of the most highlighting features of the particular cooler is its focus of styling and design that is sure to leave your room looking a lot more aesthetic and will fit in seamlessly with a vibrant background design or wall colour. The styling is based on international standards is ideal for lovers of aesthetics. It has effective honeycomb style pads for cooling and is also equipped with a water inlet form the backside as well as built-in castors.

The speed of delivery is also quite impressive at around 5000m3/hr with 3-speed motors and an equally powerful air thrown that packs a significant punch and sends the air up to a height of around 54 feet approximately.

All of these things when considered collectively, have given us a deep insight into why this product is so popular in the market and what justifies its position on this list as one of the best air coolers currently available in India.


5. Symphony Diet 12T – White

Symphony Diet 12T - White

The next cooler on this sit is from Symphony. Somewhat of a newcomer to the market on relative terms, this brand has made quite a name for itself in very little time and is now considered to be one of the best manufacturers of air coolers in India.

It is a personal cooler that is very well suited for solo use for any individual for his/her own room.

It is the ideal choice for anyone who is looking for a decent quality of spot cooling or even to cool up certain small spaces in their rooms with relative ease.

Coming in at the capacity of 12 litres, it is definitely very compact and this helps it a great deal in being mobile and easy to move from one place to another.

This kind of a tank capacity is mostly favoured for small to medium spaces. It is more than enough for a room having the measurements of 28 m3/ 1000 ft3.

The important thing to remember with this cooler is that you should leave a small amount of room for cross ventilation otherwise the cooler will not work properly and you will not feel the most effective effects of cooling.

We already spoke of its compact design and its effective portability. This is complemented by the multi-directional wheels which are extremely useful in moving it through tight spaces without crashing it into nearby furniture or equipment.

The honeycomb pads are also very well designed based upon intelligent technology that is used to manoeuvre the air in different actions. Weighing in at around 7 and a half kilos, it is very easily manageable for a single person and acts as a great transferrable cooler.

The dura-pump technology is also great for managing air quality and regulating the cool air in different directions. The Symphony Diet is also able to comfortably run on an inverter, so you have one less thing to worry about during a power cut. It has an average power consumption of around 170 W.

After careful and detailed considerations, we are convinced of the equality and superiority of this is cooler as well as its effectiveness to consider it as one of the best air coolers currently sold in the market.


6. Symphony Diet 22i – White

Symphony Diet 22i - White

As you can guess from this list, symphony diet is an extremely popular brand in the world of air coolers in India and the latest model on our list is 22i 22 Litre Air Cooler with Remote Control.

Continuing the long line of impressive air coolers, this one comes with a water tank capacity of around 22 litres and is best suited for a small to a medium room which acts as one of the best smart cooling devices for domestic purposes.

The high storage capacity is great because it does not ask you to undertake the cumbersome task of refilling it time and time again. It is a perfect option to have on a hot day as not only is it a great cooler in general, but it also has an ice tray which always ensures better cooling within minutes.

Despite its sturdy frame, it is relatively light in weight and comes in at about 8 kgs in weight which is good enough for considerations of portability and transfer.

The cool breeze of this air cooler can be felt from a distance of around 30 ft and you are also at liberty to change the speed of the fan by accessing the cooling level option. Furthermore, the ultra-efficient honeycomb technology performs an admirable task of absorbing the warm air in the room.

You also get an auto louver movement option complemented with an auto swing option that helps it to spread the cool air uniformly throughout the room in all directions. It is definitely one of most complete air coolers in this price range that you can hope to find.


7. Crompton Mystique Dlx 34 White-Grey

Crompton Mystique Dlx 34 White-Grey

The Crompton Mystique Dlx, coming in at number 6 on our list is a perfect example of next-gen air cooler that is brilliantly well suited to medium sized rooms with an average area of about 180 Sq Ft.

The perfect remedy to the harsh and unforgiving heat of summers, the 34-litre water tank is highly useful as it gives you long hours of uninterrupted cooling without having to constantly refill the tank.

Using the technology of horizontal air flow which ensures the seamless circulation of cool air that actually uses the fresh air coming in from outdoors to achieve the cooling effect.

It is important to ensure that you an open air source clear in the room otherwise you might not get the best cooling experience.

Delivering the air at a speed of around 1450m3/hr, it manages to cool a small room quite rapidly and also by consuming relatively low amounts of power.


8. Crompton Greaves Ozone – White/Maroon

Crompton Greaves Ozone - White/Maroon

Crompton Greaves makes the number 7 spot on this site its own thanks to this Ozone 55 Ltrs Desert Air Cooler which is one of the best in the market for medium to large sized rooms of around 550 Sq Ft.

Supplying a consistent air delivery speed of about 4500m3/hr along with an air throw height of up to 50 Ft. It is also very economical winters of its power consumption as it consumes around 190 Watts with an operating velocity of around 230v.

If you are looking for a well priced consistent air cooler for bigger surface areas, this is definitely a good choice that merits consideration.


8. Orient Electric Smartcool Dx CP2002H

Orient Electric Smartcool Dx CP2002H

Orient Electric brings to you product number 8 on this site with its 20-litre water tank that is ideally suitable for cooling a room of around 150 sq. ft. Equipped with a high-performance motor, this highly industrious air cooler has an air thrust capacity of 1300 m3/hr with the added bonus of four-way cooling effect.

The body is secured with the additional protection of rustproof High Gloss ABS body that significantly increase its overall durability.

Moreover, it also comes with a dust filter that is excellent for ensuring the flow of cool clean air without unwanted irritants like dust and pollens.


9. Symphony Sumo White

Symphony Sumo White

The penultimate air cooler on this list is another classy one from Symphony.

The Sumo 45-Litre Air Cooler is capable of uninterrupted constant cooling for extended periods, and elements of dura-pump technology along work perfectly in tandem with the cool flow dispenser, and a powerful air throw to give you the best cooling effect you can think of.

It also comes with a powerful 16-inch fan that spreads the cool air uniformly throughout the room.  The best part is that all this achieved with relatively low levels of power consumption at around 160 watts.

Equipped with multi-directional wheels and some of the best this air cooler gives you all the essential features that you might need and that too at a very affordable price.


10. Maharaja Whiteline Atlanto CO-109 – White/Grey

Maharaja Whiteline Atlanto CO-109 - White/Grey

The Maharaja Whiteline Atlanto CO-109 is the embodiment of class and royalty as its 4-litre water tank is well suited for powerful and consistent air cooling.

Best suited for cooling medium to large sized rooms of around 600 sq ft. approximately it delivers heavy air speed of around 3100 m3/hr on average bearing in mind that you can choose one air peed form three different levels.

For an air cooler of its size and capacity, it consumes a modest 165 watts of power with an operating voltage of around 230-240 V. Highly durable flexible and portable, this fine air cooler is rightly considered one of the best in the market by current standards and is also available for purchase on a very manageable price.


Cool Your Homes With The Best Air Cooler

We hope that the above information will help you choose the best air cooler for your homes and offices. Air coolers are more economical when compared to air conditioners. However, note that the cooling is not as efficient as air conditioners.

Consider your requirements and then ensure you go for an air cooler which matches with those requirements. Follow us for buyer guides on more products.

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