Best Massage Chairs In India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Jsb Mz15 2. Robotouch Maxima 3. Jsb Mz16
Jsb Mz15 Best Massage Chair In India Robotouch Maxima Massage Chair Jsb Mz16 Full Body Massage Chair

Even if the massage chair is expensive, it provides loads of benefits that soothe the body and promotes optimal relaxation. There are several types of massage chairs that you can choose from as your preferences in features.

You can also select one depending on your body’s specific areas that need massage relief. You won’t have to spend on the repetitive and costly trips to the massage centres after owning a massage chair.

From a simple massage chair for your back to the luxurious one, which provides a whole-body massage chair with its high-end features and advanced technology, you have many choices than you can think of!


Your pockets might suffer from the upfront costs of a quality massage chair. However, it will be just a one-time investment, and you will be surprised by the return on investment when you save your valuable money and time.

This piece of furniture can come in handy instead of paying for multiple body massages and traveling to the masseuse.

If you are looking to know more about massage chairs like their benefits, costs, and features, then this guide will help you to find the best massage chair in India as per your needs.

You will be billed ₹1k-₹5k per session for an hour at a massage centre, and the costs may also increase, depending on the type and time-period of massage. You will also be charged add-on fees, depending on the products used as well as the vicinity. Don’t you think a massage chair will be worth its cost in the long run due to such expenses?

If you experience major body pains frequently, which cannot be remedied with icy patches, hot compresses, or rest, then a massage chair will prove to be a boon for you as it will give you unlimited to the best of massages. It is exceptionally convenient to own a massage chair at home. You won’t have any hassle of traveling to get massages.

There won’t be any need for assistance as well, which you might require with transportation. A massage chair will allow you to get relaxation and instant relief whenever you wish and that too in the comfort of your living room. And of course, there’s no limit to the number of massages!

Benefits Of Massage Chair

Along with saving money, a massage chair provides the convenience of immediate accessibility to massages. It offers excellent health and lifestyle benefits. It has been proven that massage therapy positively affects emotional, mental, and physical health.

The mind relaxes, and reduction in fatigue, joint pain, muscle aches, and tension becomes possible due to massages. For older people with joint pain and arthritis, a massage chair will be quite beneficial. The ones who perform extensive manual labour tasks or heavy lifting will also be benefited from it.

Sometimes, you could have a bad experience when a masseuse in full control of massage, but you remain in complete control of your massage when owning a massage chair.

With the chair, you can control the massage style, heat, position, and massage duration. The adjustment settings fulfil your needs as they allow you to customize your massage session.

Research has proved the significance of massage and its capability to reduce stress on psychological and physical levels. Massage lowers cortisol levels, insulin levels, heart rate, and blood pressure. It also helps to release dopamine and serotonin, which help the body to overcome acute as well as chronic stress.

When your serotonin levels are boosted, your brain can convert them to melatonin for giving you a sound sleep. Although it is becoming more common for adults to not get a good sleep due to the stressful lives, a pre-bedtime massage will ensure that you sleep like a baby.

As per a study by the University of Miami School of Medicine’s Touch Research Institute, measurable EEG brain activity gets enhanced in adults after a session of 15 minutes on a massage chair. The study mentions that the adults who received the massage performed more accurately and quickly in the testing of mathematics, compared to the ones who didn’t receive massage.

The production of endorphins increases after a massage, and they eventually make you feel happy. As a result, your mood gets balanced. The decades of research on massage show that it can improve cardiovascular health by lowering blood pressure and stress, which are the major contributors to heart problems.

A massage will act as a powerful complementary treatment for keeping those factors in check. A massage can acutely reduce the heart rate and blood pressure in hypertensive women. Cardiac surgery patients may also get relief with a massage as it will reduce muscular tension, pain, and anxiety.

The American Chiropractic Association says that the single leading cause of disability across the world is lower back pain. It becomes a chronic condition over time, and approximately 1 in 10 people suffer from it. The journal Pain Medicine published research which says that massage may be effective for chronic lower back pain, and it may provide lasting relief.

The researchers studied 104 people with persistent back pain and were referred to licensed massage therapists by their doctors. Their practitioners gave them different types of massages for 10 sessions over 12 weeks.

Clinically meaningful improvement in back pain was reported by more than 50% of these people. Improvements in many of them lasted as well. 75% of them reported that they still felt better even after 3 months with no further massage sessions.

A tight neck or sore back, constant strain over eyes, and poor posture often cause tension headaches. The tension and pain are reduced by the improved blood flow and loosening of tight muscles by a massage.

The International Journal of Neuroscience published a study that mentions that the massage reduces sleep disturbances, distress symptoms, and pain. Subjects in the research had an increase in their serotonin levels, and they also experienced more days without headaches.

Massage opens your mind by giving you a moment to pause and, eventually, makes you relax. You can think more clearly and get a better picture of the project at hand or the problem you’re trying to solve. This is another massage benefit linked to the release of the hormones serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins, and the decrease of the stress hormone cortisol.

Massage also increases the activity level of WBCs (White Blood Cells) in your body to fight viruses, and eventually, your immune system may strengthen. Your cortisol levels may also decrease, and the natural killer cells get destroyed with a good number of WBCs.

Massage therapy works on tendons, joints, ligaments, connective tissues, and muscles, which further improves range of motion and flexibility. The blood gets stimulated, and the joints become less prone to injuries.

Sexual dysfunction and reduced libido can be experienced as the common side effects of anxiety, chronic stress, and depression. There are no studies that prove the link between hypoactive sexual desire disorder’s improvement and massage.

But massage has been shown to lower cortisol levels, which in turn dramatically reduces stress. The hormone, testosterone, is responsible for sex drive, and it decreases with a higher level of cortisol. Thus, if you reduce your cortisol levels, your testosterone levels won’t be lowered, and therefore, your sexual life won’t get affected.

Best Massage Chair In India – What To Look For

The two big factors which should be considered while buying a massage chair are – price and manufacturer’s warranty. You should also take the dimensions of the chair into account. The dimensions will help you in deciding whether the space in your room where will be suitable to occupy it and if the chair could fit your body type perfectly.

You may even want to ensure that the size and design of the chair suit your interiors. For those looking for chairs that occupy less space, you can go for a high-end massage chair that comes with space-saving technology.

It is necessary to choose a massage chair with the right material and upholstery. Most of the massage chairs come in leather, but a good number of them are also built with synthetic material. The constant kneading and heat therapy can cause wear and tear, but the ones made with synthetic material withstand them better.

If you are suffering from joint pain or chronic back pain, then you should go for a whole-body massage chair with various features. A lot of massage chairs come with kneading features and basic vibration. The high-end and top quality ones come with a plethora of functions like:

  • Massage speed and intensity – Provides you with the right massage to fit your needs and allows you to customize the same.
  • Airbags – Helps to increase blood circulation and provide extra muscle relief.
  • Built-in auto programs – Such programs target specific areas and issues of the body for providing the required massages.
  • Massage styles and techniques – Rolling, tapping, reflexology, kneading, shiatsu, and much more.
  • Infrared heat – relieves muscle tension.
  • Rollers – A massage chair with rollers is helpful for relaxing your hips and neck.

Massage features for head/arm/leg – Helpful for the ones suffering problems in those areas.

Ideal Duration Of Massage Chair Usage

A majority of massage chairs are manufactured to work on specific body areas like neck and back. Some massage chairs are specially designed for providing full body massage therapy. A massage chair must be used in short intervals.

The intervals can be for a minimum of 2 minutes and a maximum of 15 minutes. For receiving comfort, relaxation, and benefit to reinvigoration, 15 minutes on a massage chair are more than enough. You might have a temptation to prolong its soothing sensation, but using it beyond 25 minutes can cause new injuries and even worsen existing pain due to its overuse.

Just as anything in excess isn’t right, the overuse of your massage chair could be harmful to you. Excessively using a massage chair can be detrimental to your muscles. The body massage chair will only be beneficial if you use it in moderation and in a proper way.

Even medicines only help the body in precise dosages, and the same goes for the usage of the massage chair. Excessive use of a massage chair can lead to bruised tissues, muscle damage, and inflammation. For keeping such risks at bay, you should use it in moderation.

The frequency and duration of use can vary as per your health and body. You can use a full body massage chair for 3 – 4 times per week for getting relief from lower back, neck, and shoulder pain. If you want to get relaxed and relief from stress, then the massage chair should be used for 1 – 3 times a week.

For gaining the maximum benefit from your massage chair, you must keep each session under 15 minutes. A massage chair will help alleviate stress and pain caused by chronic muscle or back pain and will provide you with much-needed relaxation and comfort. To avoid overusing the massage chair and keep track of time, you can use its in-built timers.

Top 10 Best Massage Chairs In India 2020

1. Jsb Mz15 Full Body Massage Chair

Jsb Mz15 Best Massage Chair In IndiaThe JSB MZ15 Full Body Massage Chair has a luxurious design that will suit your home. Its 3D back and leg massage are quite powerful. This massage chair is available in 2 colour options – Black and Red. Both of these colours will suit your home interior.

You can keep this massage chair in your living room while watching television as doing so will allow you to enjoy the massage and enjoy your favourite programs at the same time. The modern life is getting more hectic.

Even if we wish to take out some for going to massage centres or spas to de-stress and rejuvenate our body, the plans are often canceled out as dozing off on bed seems preferable during weekends. But with this electric massage chair, you will get a fantastic massage at your home itself. You will attain the optimal state of leisure with this massage chair.

The supreme quality leather of this recliner full body massaging chair gives an elegant finish, and you can extend the footrest up to 10 inches. The full body massage delivered by this chair has been proven to help remove tension and stiffness as well as minimize stress.

You will be provided with natural healing and optimal enhancement of wellness due to the stimulation of the pressure points, which are guided by expertise. The functions of this massage chair include air squeeze, kneading, tapping, kneading and tapping, knock, and shiatsu. It also delivers extensive roller coverage, calf nodal reflexology massage, ankle massage, and foot roller massage.

You can set the roller position as per your shoulder position with the ‘shoulder adjustment’ button. While reclining the chair down as a bed, you can customize its angle as per your comfort. You even have an option for targeting specific zones on your back for getting ‘spot massage.’

Your leg and back will experience an expert stretching massage, which will help you in relieving body stiffness you feel after waking up. This massage chair can adjust to any height of the user. For the ones with short height, such an adjustable feature will prove to be useful.


2. Robotouch Maxima Massage Chair

Robotouch Maxima Massage ChairThe Robotouch Maxima Massage Chair is designed with a set of vertically movable hands, which are four-wheel driven. This massage chair has features such as shiatsu kneading, simultaneous kneading, knocking, and flapping.
It is set with characterized auto massage function and automatic shoulder detection. This massage chair provides ache-improving comfort.

The three options included with manual massage for the upper body are – overall, fixed, and partial massage. The state of shiatsu, knocking, and flapping has five levels of adjustable speed. Medium, narrow, and wide are the three levels of adjustable widths between the two kneading balls.

For adjusting the massage point accurately, the massage hands move up and down on partial and fixed point. The air pressure function of this massage chair has air pressure arms, which include a lower arm set with eight airbags and upper arm set with 4 airbags.

The leg sets have 16 airbags. All these airbags have three intensity options. The leg of this massage chair has roller massage function at the bottom of its foot and two pairs of papillae on toe root. You will also get the benefits of the heel mastoid skin scraping massage and rotating massage on the arch. The steeples can be extended by calf rest.


3. Jsb Mz16 Full Body Massage Chair

Jsb Mz16 Full Body Massage ChairThe Jsb Mz16 Full Body Massage Chair has been created with state-of-the-art engineering ingenuity and various massage movements for providing you with the massage, which is close to the one done by a professional massage therapist.

Its functions include air squeeze, shiatsu, knock, tapping, and kneading with tapping. You can target your back’s specific zones as well as have expert stretching massage leg and back. The guided simulation of the pressure points by this massage chair provides healing and optimal enhancement of wellness.

For relieving the body’s stiffness after waking up, such stretching massages are quite helpful. This massage chair allows you to set the position of the roller as per your shoulder position. While reclining this massage chair down as a bed, you can customize your comfortable angle so that you make no compromise during relaxation. This massage chair can adjust to the height of any user.

Its five auto modes include Lower Body, Upper Body, Ache Relief, Demo Relax, and Comfort, and you can have spot massage on the back with any massaging mode. You can also save your favourite mode so that the same mode repeats in the next sessions.

As per your requirement, the air pressure of airbags and the intensity of rollers can be increased or decreased. This massage chair overall offers better health and happiness. To de-stress and have full-body relaxation, you should experience the zero gravity massage provided by this massage chair. After a heavy gym workout, this massage chair will help you relax and relieve muscle pain.


4. Osim Uinfinity Full Body Massage Chair

Osim Uinfinity Full Body Massage ChairThe groundbreaking human-Smart massage technology of the Osim Uinfinity Full Body Massage Chair makes it one of the most innovative massage chairs.

The technology comprises a potent combination of 3 complementary innovations, and it delivers a humanized massage feel.

It downloads new massage programs into the chair and indulges the users with well-being and amazing massage pleasures. This massage chair gives lifestyle massage, full rolling massage, kneading massage, deep tissue massage, and tapping massage.


5. HomCom Deluxe Massage Recliner Chair

HomCom Deluxe Massage Recliner ChairThe HomCom Deluxe Massage Recliner Chair brings maximum comfort to your body by delivering you a massage that will soothe your muscles. It can spin 360° and also has two cup holders for placing water or juice while you relax.

This massage chair is made of PU leather, which has a beautiful black finish that will suit the décor of almost any living room. With this massage chair, you can have a low or high speed in each area as well as four areas (lumbar, upper back, legs, and thighs) of focus.

This chair also has five modes for allowing you to choose a preset massage. The heated notes make this massage chair a perfect one for stiffness and sore muscles.

The seat is padded with an extra thick sponge, making it incredibly comfortable for the users. This massage lounge chair will be an extra element of style and comfort to your living room.


6. Woods Garden Electric Massager Chair

Woods Garden Electric Massager ChairThe smartly built brown leather chair of Woods Garden Electric Massager Chair gives it a luxurious look. This massage chair provides your body with a deep and comfortable massage.

Its massage can be experienced while reclining it as well. You can select your desired option of massage to reduce the tiredness and pain from your body.

After returning from the gym or work, you can relax your thighs, arms, calves, shoulders as well as other body areas with this massage chair.


7. Carefit Zero Gravity 4D Zacare Massage Chair

Carefit Zero Gravity 4D Zacare Massage ChairThe Carefit Zero Gravity 4D Zacare Massage Chair has the zero gravity feature, which is beneficial for the ones suffering from spine-related problems. This massage chair has a curved track of 1450 mm called SL Track, which follows the spine’s sinusoidal curve.

The S-track’s extension reaches to the top of the hamstrings. Both the back and foot rollers provide an effective full body massage.

The rollers are moved along the track left and right, or up and down for offering a deeper massage. The 4D Technology Automatic Body Scan scans the height of the user.

After scanning, the rollers are adjusted accordingly to reach all the body areas. This massage chair has multiple airbags in all of its parts. You can also control the intensity and play music via Bluetooth.


8. Irelax Sl-A51 Massage Chair

Irelax Sl-A51 Massage ChairThe Irelax Sl-A51 Massage Chair delivers multidimensional and aspect stereo massage with its mechanical massage hands. These massage hands imitate professional masseur massage skills by gathering curve data on the back.

They perform massage actions such as flapping, pressing, pushing, holding, kneading, swinging, twisting, and squeezing. This massage chair is available in 2 colours – Black Pearl and Rose Red.

The features of this massage chair include legs massage, calf rest extended stepless, foot overturns, air pressure massage on legs, buttock airbags massage, arms airbags massage, and magnetic therapy.

The maximum stretch angle is 41°, while the maximum stretch space is 6.5 cm. This massage chair has accurately positioned eight 300cc permanent magnets. They can improve your low-grade magnetite situation with the simulation of calf reflect points.

You will experience professional Guasha massage due to the emulation hand touch with advanced roller technology. The foot part of this massage chair can turn to the flat cambered surface for ensuring a more pleasant foot massage. This massage chair is provided with a warranty of 6 months.


9. KosmoCare Shiatsu Full Body Massage Chair

KosmoCare Shiatsu Full Body Massage ChairThe KosmoCare Shiatsu Full Body Massage Chair delivers massage with its mechanical hands, which are driven by a set of four wheels. These mechanical hands can move down and up in the backrest. This massage chair can automatically detect the massage points on the upper body.

The massage by this chair aids better circulation and helps in relieving muscle tension. You can manually adjust its shoulder airbags as per your shoulder width. If you want to soothe yourself, recover from fatigue or relieve pain, then this massage chair will provide you with an ideal massage.

You are bound to experience blissful relaxation and a bit improved flexibility with massage techniques of this massage chair. The strategic points of your shoulders are scanned and located precisely by the pressure-point detection.

The aches can be soothed by gentle heating of foot and waist, which leads to improved blood circulation and enhanced experience of the massage.


10. JSB MZ11 Zero Gravity Massage Chair

JSB MZ11 Zero Gravity Massage ChairThe JSB MZ11 Zero Gravity Massage Chair allows you to customize your massage therapy with its four auto modes. The manual modes target your zones, such as the back, arms, and feet. The auto timer of each mode is 15 minutes, and you can increase the time for up to 30 minutes.

The functions of this massage chair include rolling, kneading, tapping, kneading, plus tapping, and air squeeze. It has four rollers for your back and 18 airbags for delivering your airbag massage from shoulders to feet.

The nodal acupressure massage will help in relaxing your feet and calves. This massage chair can adjust to any height of the user. For the ones with short height, such an adjustable feature will prove to be useful.

The 3D body scanning feature of this massage chair measures the length of your spine. You have an option for targeting specific zones on your back for getting ‘spot massage.’


These are the top 10 best massage chairs in India, and you can go for any of them as per your requirements and expected features.

As our lives get busier, the chances of neglecting health increases, and we seldom take time out to visit the massage centres or spas to distress the body. A massage chair will provide you with the advantages of a professionally-trained massager within the comfort of your room.

You might think that it’s better to sit on the massage chair for hours rather than working out in the gym or doing any simple exercises at home. But you won’t get any extra benefits by doing so, and sitting on it for a prolonged time isn’t good for your muscles.

The short time intervals would provide you with the maximum benefits instead of sitting for extended hours. You are certainly overusing the massage chair if you sit on it for more than an hour, which will, in turn, lead to a negative impact on your body.

A lot of health benefits can be reaped by using a massage chair under prescribed guidelines, which have been mentioned in this article. When you feel stressed and notice that it’s affecting your mood and behaviour, then it’s time to slide into your massage chair!

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