Best Vacuum Cleaners In India 2020 – Reviews & Buyers Guide

1. Karcher WD 2. Inalsa Spruce 3. Panasonic Mc-cl163rl4x
Karcher WD Best Vacuum Cleaner Inalsa Spruce-1200w Vacuum Cleaner Panasonic Mc-cl163rl4x

Truth be told, what if there is a strong possibility of you finding more dust inside your home than compared to the outside environment you live in? You can retaliate by thinking “I mop the floors often and make it a point to sweep the rooms every day. How does dust accumulate instantly the very next hour/day?” If you live in India, cleaning every day is a routine since dust accumulates quickly.

Well, maybe your current vacuum cleaner needs to step back since you need to get your hands on the best vacuum cleaner for home use. If you look at the latest vacuum cleaner machines these days, you’ll begin to understand why it’s important to pick the best vacuum cleaner in India.


Most of the times, it’s quite easy to get trapped in the “greatest and latest” as you start to search for potential vacuums in magazines or via online sources. You might even end up paying for a machine that’s either not enough, too much or doesn’t even fit your needs at all.

However, don’t worry. Fortunately for you, we’ve formed the – ‘best vacuum cleaner for home’ review buying guide that puts together the types of vacuum cleaners available, a few critical thinking questions for you to consider and a review on the top 10 best vacuum cleaners for your home in India.

All these small points will help you in making an effective decision when it comes to choosing the right vacuum model for your household. You might have already considered some of these elements, however, please do use the following information as a list to instantly navigate through some of the most important factors that concern you.

Also, you don’t need to be proficient or extremely knowledgeable when it comes to making a perfect choice. You will eventually obtain the answer.

In addition, the ‘one size fits all’ policy doesn’t work for this type of machine. You may need to understand the importance of each vacuum cleaner and their features in order to evaluate/narrow down your options.

Different Types Of Vacuum Cleaners

Typically, there are multiple types of surfaces which trap in dust any day. This is why we recommend picking the right model from the best vacuum cleaners for home since it operates well on carpets and floors, and even reduces the dust particles from the computer keyboards and sofa upholstery.

For this type of tasks, you can even use several nozzles and brushes. However, this can be such a tiresome task since it’ll take away your time and energy. Also, you may need to change your nozzles/ brushes on a much more frequent notice.

Thereby, manufacturers have created several types of vacuum cleaners that are designed for several purposes.
Before you read on, it’s important to note that – along with the types of vacuum cleaners listed below, we have mentioned their benefits and drawbacks as well.

Based on its structure and purpose, each of these vacuum cleaners offers you different uses. The best vacuum cleaners for home are available in India.

Let’s take a look at them, briefly.

  • Canister Vacuum Cleaner
  • Upright Vacuum Cleaner
  • Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
  • Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
  • Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Additionally, there is another type of vacuum cleaner that is known as a convertible vacuum cleaner which is not considered for domestic purposes. Therefore, we won’t be including it as part of our discussion.

1. Canister Vacuum Cleaner

The Canister vacuum cleaner is the most popular type out of the vacuum cleaners in homes and is found anywhere in India. This type of vacuum cleaner features a storage container and a motor that’s cylinder integrated.

The cylinder has been engineered with a suction nozzle that links to the hosepipe. This sort of equipment is a bit heavy to maneuver, therefore, there are wheels to enable users to drag the machine wherever they go.

Moreover, the canister vacuum cleaner is extremely flexible thus competent in performing multiple cleaning tasks, efficiently.

The old models released in the market had incorporated a blower attachment as well. This attachment allowed users to clean ceiling fans, floors, staircases and sofa upholstery. Furthermore, you even have the option to fixate the hose with a telescopic extension pipe.

Overall, this type of vacuum cleaner resembles the ‘all-in-one’ and ‘all-purpose’ vacuum cleaner which you are seeking out for. This type of equipment includes a bag within the container in order to store in any dust particles.

It is crucial to empty out the bag at chronic intervals and change the old bags with new ones on a frequent basis. The reason being is that the dust which accumulates within the bags can lead to a decline in the suction capacity.

  • You can easily move this machine due to the castor wheels
  • Includes multiple attachment types in order to heed to different purposes
  • Does not produce a lot of sounds when operating
  • Oftenly, the cords are entangled which can be a hazard
  • The wand, hose, and telescopic tubes which are being equipped with this machine makes it all the more challenging to store
  • The machine is quite heavy and intensive to control

2. Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Judging from the name itself, the vacuum cleaner is designed to stay upright. This allows users to avoid bending too much since the machine cleans while standing upright. This vacuum cleaner type is a brand new inclusion in the Indian market.

In fact, this particular type is identified as one of the best appliances to clean huge open halls and carpet areas. What we like about this vacuum cleaner is that the nozzle head is located near to the floor/carpet, therefore, making it extremely effortless to clean off floors.

On the other hand, this hefty equipment does not provide much versatility. For instance, it is not capable of cleaning under sofa sets, furniture items, and other tight places such as ceiling fans, curtains etc.

Although, when it comes to cleaning surfaces and floors, you may not find any other vacuum cleaner that operates just like this. This equipment is a machine that’s foot-operated and has a flawless pedal that allows you to change directions when needed.

  • This equipment is packed with massive bags than compared to other canister models
  • We recommend this vacuum cleaner is ideal since it performs a deep cleaning of floors and carpets
  • This sort of vacuum cleaner is easy to store
  • The hose is really flexible and since the nature of the appliance is upright, it makes it even more versatile
  • Does not include an electric cord that’s retractable
  • This is surely not appropriate for cleaning sofa sets
  • You can’t maneuver or easily clean under furniture/upholstery items
  • It’s quite challenging to clean staircases since it’s comparatively heavier

3. Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

As we evaluated the drawbacks of the canister vacuum cleaner, you might have realized that you may require a much lighter model that’s less labor-intensive when it comes to maneuverability.

It’s widely known that the canister model is not efficient enough especially when it comes to cleaning care interiors and other areas that are tight/tricky. The handheld vacuum cleaner tends to solve each of these tasks effectively and seamlessly.

If you’re wondering what are handheld vacuum cleaners, these devices are compact machinery of which you can carry anywhere and everywhere, easily. They do not weight more than 2kg. But, these devices don’t have any bags implemented so collecting and accumulating dust particles is a challenge itself.

When it comes to contemporary handheld vacuum cleaners, these devices don’t incorporate electric cords since they tend to operate on an inbuilt battery that’s powerful enough to last throughout the entire cleaning session. Thereby, this solves major issues such as wire entangles that could be hazardous.

In contrast, this type of vacuum cleaner isn’t as powerful than compared to canister vacuum cleaners. They certainly do have their own restrictions and limitations.

  • Relatively cheap
  • You can clean car interiors, household floors, and sofa sets effortlessly with this vacuum cleaner
  • These devices are easy and lightweight to handle
  • Despite weighing 2kg, you still need to carry them which can be tiresome at some point
  • You might face some power issues since they operate only on batteries

4. Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Compared to what we have seen so far, this vacuum cleaner is the most progressive cleaning equipment out there available in India. These devices tend to appear as UFOs which you normally view in science fiction movies, but it’s designed on a much smaller scale.

In fact, the best robot vacuum cleaners for home in India are generally disc-shaped or square-shaped.

They are battery-powered and are potent of maneuvering everywhere on the floor without requiring any sort of human intervention. This type of machinery allows you to clean your home even if you’re not in it.

In the sense, you have the privilege to set up the timing and the machine will start functioning on its own. However, it is suggested that your battery has adequate amounts of power.

There are multiple smart machines that are engineered to recharge on their own since they have sensors that alert insufficient battery levels. They usually make their way to the docking station and begin the recharging process themselves.

Nevertheless, you still need to make sure that you’re throwing out the dirt collected within the machine for at least once in a week. This machine is suitable for cleaning out any tight inch and corner in a room.

Additionally, they are designed to clean the floors which are blocked below by furniture items (but only if there is sufficient space to maneuver around.

They have their own disadvantages such as not able to clean out large debris, stairs, and even huge dirt piles. Apart from this, they are extremely useful.

  • The charging facility is automatic
  • Really handy and compact to utilize
  • This machine can clean below items such as furniture and all the floors in each room it’s designated to
  • You can program it anytime in order to function it
  • This type is not qualified to clean beds, sofas and other items that have a large height
  • Does not clean staircases
  • Needs weekly maintenance since it has a small dirt collection container

5. Stick Vacuum Cleaners

The stick vacuum cleaner is quite equivalent to the upright vacuum cleaner in a lot of ways. However, users don’t need to keep bending their backs in order to clean the floors.

Also, they don’t need to purchase any extra attachments when selecting this type of vacuum cleaner. Since they function using batteries, users don’t need to fret about electricity cords nor their entanglement.

A primary advantage of owning this vacuum cleaner than picking the upright models is that is it’s exceptionally maneuverable. You can utilize this machine to clean places where upright vacuum cleaners cannot reach.

Furthermore, you can easily clean underneath staircases and furniture items when you use this machine. By using this machine, you can even clean the car interiors spotlessly.

Since the equipment is really light in terms of weight, you can clean curtains and unreachable portions of furniture items including cupboards. The massive handle enables the machine to clean at a longer reach. As a matter of fact, the handle is adjustable enough to allow short people to utilize it with no difficulty, whatsoever.

  • Perfect for cleaning car interiors and picking up litter
  • Very easy to use and tremendously light in weight
  • Operates on only batteries, therefore, there is no worry on electrical cords and entangling of wires
  • This vacuum cleaner type does not require users to bend over, therefore, it’s ideal for people who have painful back problems
  • It has a tiny dirt collection bin only
  • Not so perfect when it comes to cleaning floors and carpets

As you have seen the five types of the best vacuum cleaners for home available in India, we shall now dwell into some crucial factors you need to consider before you make the final purchasing decision.

Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Vacuum Cleaner In India

1. Bag Or Bagless Containers

As we have studied the different types of vacuum cleaners, you’ll notice that the canister vacuum cleaner comes with a bag and is designed within the machine.

In contrast, for an upright machine, you might have the option to opt for a reusable bin or a disposable bag. Ultimately, bags tend to clasp more dust particles and are very easy to dispose of as well.

Moreover, it can be quite difficult to know whether the bags are full or not. Unless you open the lid in order to take a look. For cases such as this, we recommend reusable bins since they are transparent.

Having transparent bins allow users to estimate the volume of dirt found inside therefore enabling them to empty it out before it gets filled up to the brim.

2. HEPA Filter

These days, a lot of vacuum cleaners are designed with an high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA. filter. These filters guarantee in eradicating 99.99% of dust, dirt, pollen, and any other impurities that are measured up to 0.3 microns and below.

The HEPA filter comprises of a glass fiber that’s organized in a mesh shape so that it’s capable of trapping minuscule particulate matter. You can even find several other types of filters i.e charcoal, foam, disk and cloth filters.

3. Wet / Dry Vacuum Cleaners

This title is self-explanatory. The best wet and dry vacuum cleaners in India enable you to clean spills and wet dirt as well. These devices are beneficial when it comes to solving particular needs such as cleaning drinks/water spilled and picking up glass pieces on carpets/floors.

One of the most primary uses for a wet vacuum cleaner is to clean dirty bathroom floors. You can save hours and energy instead of manually mopping up the floors.

4. Portability

Portability is a crucial element which all users must take note of before making the final decision. Moreover, you should be knowledgeable about areas that need cleaning before you start to make the final decision on the type of machine as well.

By obtaining a portable cleaner, it makes your life extremely easy since you can always it to multiple parts of the rooms, effortlessly.

5. Additional Parts

Before you pick out the best vacuum cleaner for your home in India, do check out the supply of its spare parts and availability.

If a producer provides warranties for their models, then obtaining spare parts shouldn’t be an issue. You can always take advantage and find a good model that supports warranty periods by going through the customer reviews.

6. Noise levels

The amount of noise generated has no correlation with the vacuum cleaner’s efficiency performance. As a matter of fact, vacuum cleaners that function using a cyclonic action does tend to produce an ample amount of sound waves.

You can avoid inconvenience and disturbance to other families around you by looking into the sound levels and choosing a model that operates quietly.

7. Accessories

When it comes to accessories, you have a plethora of options. The canister vacuum cleaners come with a telescopic extension tube and multiple types of brushes. These compatible brushes are beneficial for cleaning TV, radiators, electronic equipment etc.

8. Wireless Or Cordless

The best vacuum cleaners for home can be either wired or have no cords at all. We suggest you choose a wireless model since ‘cord tangling’ is a huge hazard or area of concern for any vacuum cleaner. Do evaluate the primary usability sections.

Some of the vacuum cleaners available in the market come with adjustable power cords. In addition, wireless models that are battery operated are beneficial but do require frequent charging at periodic intervals. They tend to lose their efficiency when the batteries are nearly dead.

9. Utilization

The utilization element is a pivotal factor that should play an eminent part in your decision making. The information mentioned below can be of some use to you.

  • Sofa set seats/upholsteries – Use stick and handheld vacuum cleaners
  • If pet hair is found – any vacuum cleaner that implements a HEPA filter
  • Cleaning carpets/floors – Canister, Robot, and Upright vacuum cleaners
  • Areas that are difficult to reach – Stick and Canister vacuum cleaners
  • Interiors for a car – Handheld vacuum cleaners
  • Asthma patients that have trouble breathing – Try opting for cleaners that adopt HEPA filters. Also, you can even select vacuum cleaners that are bagged rather than picking models that are bagless.
  • Computers along with other electronic items – Handheld cleaners

Crucial Questions To Yourself Before Buying A Vacuum Cleaner?

1. Is It Important To Control Allergens?

Well, this certainly is an important question which you need to think about since a majority of us, on an average, spend 90% of our overall time indoors.

Indoors are more exposed to pollutants wherein it can be up to 2 to 5 times higher than compared to the usual outdoor environments. This issue is a huge area of concern for those users or someone in their families who have allergies or asthma.

In order to tackle this, we recommend picking a vacuum cleaner that offers a HEPA filtration system since it’s a chief contributor that helps in enhancing the air quality indoors.

HEPA filters can get hold of minute particulate matter i.e down to 0.3 microns, therefore, guaranteeing on the fact that the exhausted air is much more cleaner than compared to the air that was absorbed into the vacuum.

You can find a lot of cleaner machines that incorporate charcoal infiltration on a low level in order to sustain smells/odors— which is a blessing for pet owners.

Another consideration which you can opt for is a vacuum that integrates both HEPA filters and a wholly sealed system. With this, there will be no signs of air leakage through the fittings or housing of the machine.

Furthermore, the entire air atmosphere (along with its pollutants. is pushed through the filtration system, thereby enabling your refined indoor air completely allergen free.

2. What Type Of Flooring Are Found In My Home?

This can be an obvious consideration since your floors can either be comprised of hard floors, carpeting, or maybe even a blend of both. Typically speaking, for households that involve a lot of carpeting, specifically in substantial areas, an upright vacuum cleaner is an ideal choice.

Although, if your personal choice focuses on canister style vacuums, then there are several remarkable options available in the market. For carpeting floors, try looking for models that integrate a motorized brush roll with a floor nozzle. Along with this, to ensure that it has several height adjustment options for multiple pile carpets.

If you’re an enthusiast in tile or hardwood flooring and have floors that are covered with several rugs here and there, or maybe even appreciate low-pile carpeting, then the canister vacuum cleaner is your solution.

By utilizing a specialized floor brush, these devices are easily maneuverable and can move instantly – around and even underneath furniture. There are few devices that are packed with floor tools that are switched quickly so that they can clean scatter rugs effectively.

If you’re a fan of canister vacuum cleaners, there are advanced models that provide you with supreme quality floor nozzles (that are motorized. which could enable the models to control and clean deep-pile carpets really well.

A majority of households these days have a blend of both hard and carpeting floors. During this point, it all depends on your style preference. Nevertheless, do ensure to evaluate the convenience features such as height adjustment, on/off brush roll control, and suction control.

Also, do check whether the brush roll is electrically powered or air-powered since this impacts the effectiveness of the overall cleaning process for deep-pile carpets.

3. Do I Vacuum Often?

This is something which most of us don’t even think about. The frequency of your cleaning schedule can be affected by the difficulty or ease of reserving and using your vacuum.

Users who walk on floors or remove their shoes the minute they touch the floor can collect crumbs, pet fur, and tracked-in sand/dirt. Therefore, frequent or daily vacuuming is to be conducted as a conventional functioning procedure.

For such scenarios, any vacuum that’s challenging to both access and utilize instantly can really make this procedure a cumbersome task. You should opt for a robot vacuum cleaner since it’s automated to clean your floors while you’re busy (can be scheduled via a timer. or while you’re running some errands or at work.

If dirt and debris tend to accumulate in narrow or specific areas, then a stick vacuum cleaner is an appropriate solution since it handles daily messes carefully regardless if your floors are either carpets or hard floors. Moreover, it can take on additional and intensive weekly cleaning periods, effectively.

There are other options such as light-weight upright and compact canisters models that come with smart parking features which allow the devices to be stored easily and be employed within a moment’s notice.

4. Does My Home Contain Staircases?

In layman terms, do you have to lift up your vacuum cleaner up and down the staircase (if available.?

You can find many lightweight and maneuverable wireless vacuums out there that implement a powerful suction power and even operate at long run times which can function on several multiple floor types. Both canister and upright vacuum models are lightweight enough to make transporting them between staircases/ floors easy.

5. Are There Any Extra Surfaces Which I Will Be Cleaning?

If you wish to vacuum away all the collected dust from curtains, furniture, baseboards, and moldings instead of dusting, then you may want a decent vacuum that incorporates a plethora of accessory tools.

A majority of these models will include a minimum blend of a crevice and brush, whereas other models include an extra upholstery tool, floor nozzles, and specialized attachments for particular types of cleaning.

If you own a pet or have a home with lots of stairs, then we suggest you consider a vacuum cleaner that has a small-motorized tool which can help with effortless cleaning. A few of the best vacuum cleaners for homes in India provide a broad range of extension wands and specialized tools which you can buy individually when required.

6. Can I Deal With The Noise Pollution?

Due to advanced technology, a lot of vacuums produce varying amounts of expected sound that tends to be produced during its use. Generally, having a bigger and intensive machine for the task, the louder you can expect it to be.

For office spaces and homes that desire quiet ambiances, there are vacuums that have been engineered with low-noise motors and insulated motor housings. Some of these can operate on a maximum sound level of 47 dB but at the same time run at a maximum power of 120 CFM.

7. How Much Maintenance Is Needed?

This question really depends upon your personal definition of “a lot” and how irrelevant multiple maintenance types are for you. Bagless vacuums apparently don’t have bags that need to be frequently changed, however dust bins are still required to be emptied out and washed on a periodic basis.

Any vacuum cleaner that has a HEPA filter would require the user to replace it when needed, but it all depends on each homely atmosphere. This applies to all sorts of filters unless it’s being identified as a washable filter, specifically.

Additionally, brushrolls tend to pick up hair, pet fur, hair, debris and threads hence they should be cleaned and maintained in order to sustain their high quality operating potentiality.

For any high-quality vacuum that’s durable for years, it’s accessory tools such as dusting brushes need to get replaced due to their wear and tear. You should check to see if manufacturers or retailers still sell such tools.

After looking into all of the factors and questions, you would probably have an idea in mind regarding the best vacuum, or rather, vacuum cleaners for your home.

This will allow you to start diving into multiple online forums and consumer agency publications that judge a broad range of vacuum cleaners. By doing so, you may end up purchasing just what you require for both your lifestyle and home.

Without further ado, here are the top 10 best vacuum cleaners for home in India:

Top 10 Best Vacuum Cleaners In India 2020

1. Karcher WD Vacuum Cleaner

Karcher WD Best Vacuum CleanerThe all-new Karcher WD vacuum cleaner is insanely powerful and just consumes 1000 watts of power. It is a dry and wet vacuum cleaner that incorporates an impact resistant and compact container that’s made of plastic.

Apart from power consumption, the model has an operating voltage of 220 to 240 volts and a large capacity of 17 liters. Moreover, the unit is designed with a cartridge filter that allows reliable absorption of dry and wet dirt substances – without using a filter replacement.

With its brand new suction hose along with the newly introduced floor nozzles, the model has the capability to pick up any dirt debris, substances and effectively achieve that perfect cleanliness you desire.

The model also includes a convenient and easy to remove the handle. This would allow users to easily insert and remove accessories to the suction hose, instantly. The standard parking position encourages a reliable parking structure of the floor nozzle and suction tube. This is beneficial when the model stops in between due to working interruptions.

The WD vacuum cleaner carries out the toughest jobs really lightly since the model comes with smart features such as the ergonomic carrying handle, blower function, accessory storage, “Pull and Push” locking system, and a practical cable.


2. Inalsa Spruce 1200w Vacuum Cleaner

Inalsa Spruce-1200w Vacuum CleanerWasting a countless number of hours along with spending hundreds and thousands of your savings on cleaning products for your home can be futile which is why Inalsa has created the Spruce vacuum cleaner. This is a newly improved and stunning vacuum cleaner that blends a powerful suction power and unique performance with an affordable price tag.

The device comes with a powerful operating motor that functions 1200 watts. This motor has the capability to suction dirt and debris quickly with not a single fall or decline in performance during its operation.

If you wish to use the model in open areas, then you’re in luck since this device implements a blower function that eliminates or discards dust and other dirt substances, far. Moreover, it’s designed with a 360-degree wheels rotation system that promotes a sleek and effortless movement.

What we like about this model is that it only weighs about 2.8kg only requires users to empty out the bags less often. The reason being is that the model has a 2L capacity which means that it is more reliable and frankly, less of an intensive task to carry out.

This unit has a cloth dust bag that highly infiltrates dust particles and can be washed easily and reused thus saving day to day expenditure for this model. The manufacturers have set in an overheat protector feature which is designed to shield the vacuum cleaner from overheating.


3. Panasonic Mc-cl163rl4x

Panasonic Mc-cl163rl4xThe Panasonic plastic vacuum cleaner is a model which guarantees you a spotlessly-clean household or premises. The RL4X vacuum cleaner is bagless and comes with other exciting features.

This model is certainly effective especially when it comes to obliterating dirt and dust particles from each nook and corner of your home. Additionally, this vacuum cleaner can be utilized at commercial setups as well thus making it extremely versatile.

In regards to its features, the model requires 2000 watts of sheer input power which is surely powerful than compared to its rival counterparts. Also, it even includes a distinct cyclone system that ensures strict absorption of large dirt and debris.

The model implements a HEPA filter so you can expect a clean atmosphere as the aftermath since all the dust particles get trapped in the filter. With this, it has a 3L dust capacity feature along with an adjustable power control that’s easy to operate.

If you find any hindrance or difficulty during the cleaning process, you can always push the ‘Quick Release button’ which is a remarkable feature that avoids any serious injuries. The model comes with an effortless nozzle attachment and compound brush. The overall weight of this appliance is only 4.5 kg which is quite light, relatively.


4. Black & Decker VH780 Vacuum Cleaner

Black & Decker VH780 Vacuum CleanerThe Black & Decker VH780 vacuum cleaner is an all-in-one or multipurpose device that can be employed to clean multiple surface types. Regardless if it’s a rag, carpet, or even hard surfaces such as kitchen tops or floors, the VH780 will allow you to achieve perfect cleaning results every time.

This modern model integrates around 12 accessories in order to assist you in cleaning out the tightest or inaccessible corners and nooks of your home. Despite it being a garage, a cluttered storeroom, or even a baby’s playroom, the Black & Decker vacuum cleaner will clean anything, most effectively.

This unit includes a fancy feature that is uniquely designed to clean rafts and mattresses. As mentioned, this model is bagless therefore it does not need any dust bag for storing in the dirt. Therefore, you don’t need to purchase brand new bags every time and continue to change them constantly.

This vacuum cleaner displays a contemporary design that makes the overall cleaning process easy. It has a long 6-meter cord that encourages a movement that’s hassle-free. You can always use this device to clean out the dirtiest areas since it is engineered with a powerful 750-watt suction power system that immediately extracts the dust without causing any harm to the surface.


5. American Micronic Vacuum Cleaner

American Micronic Vacuum CleanerThe American Micronic model is a wet and dry vacuum cleaner that’s perfect for taking up small to average-sized cleanup tasks around the workplace and your home.

It provides a stainless steel tank that has a massive capacity of 21 liters. This model is extremely durable and portable therefore making it easy to carry it around anywhere. This device operates efficiently and comes with a smooth design that makes the overall structure look appealing to the eye.

This vacuum cleaner features multiple accessories such as 2 extension pipes, a hosepipe, a wet brush, a carpet/floor brush, an upholstery nozzle, and a crevice nozzle. The suction mechanism is created with a supreme quality finish and enables you to eradicate both dry and wet dirt particles with ease.

The vacuum cleaner has a durable dust bag since you can wash it and reuse it accordingly. Also, it includes a HEPA filter which is designed for amazing dust filtering purposes. The unit has speedy caster wheels that promote instant maneuverability, therefore, enabling you to move the machine outdoors.

Finally, the model has a 1 year warranty period and consumes 1600 watts of power. It is certainly a magnificent device when it comes to cleaning your office or home.


6. Kent Force Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner

Kent Force Cyclonic Vacuum CleanerThe Kent Force vacuum cleaner is created to keep your entire household spotlessly clean due to its advanced technology. In fact, this model implements an immersive cyclonic technology along with modern HEPA filters that suck up pollutants and dust particles from corners that are challenging to clean.

The KENT Force vacuum cleaner is packed with a motor that’s highly efficient in cleaning multiple types of surfaces. The motor helps the machine pick up debris and dust particles thereby leaving you with a safe, and allergen-free household.

In order to ensure reliability to all the users, the model features casters – rubber wheels so that he/she can move the vacuum cleaner without feeling discomfort or physical tension. Safe to say, this model operates with an optimal performance but does not produce too much noise.

Overall, this machine comes with a versatile hose, a single dust brush, a metallic telescopic tube, and a carpet or floor brush for swift cleaning. Lastly, it has a standard power consumption of 2000 watts and a 1 year warranty period.


7. Eureka Forbes Vacuum Cleaner

Eureka Forbes Vacuum CleanerThe Eureka Forbes vacuum cleaner is a must-have machine since it can support you with all your cleanup projects in your household efficiently. It includes an amazing combination of efficiency and aesthetics thereby it’s optimal to use and appealing to look at the same time.

This model includes a powerful suction power of 2000 mm. Moreover, it’s equipped with a 5 mt cord so that it’s easy to clean and reach hard places such as shelves, upholstery, carpets, grills, and any other spots that require dust collecting. This improves the overall cleaning experience thus making it less of a painful chore and more of fun experience with family.

In regards to the suction power, the model has a three speed setting wherein you can set the power up to high, medium or low but it also depends on your several cleaning requirements. The motor requires 1400 watts in terms of power and indeed has a powerful suction which is attached perfectly into the model’s structure.


8. Prestige Plastic Vacuum Cleaner

Prestige Plastic Vacuum CleanerThe Prestige plastic vacuum cleaner is a multi-purpose model that’s extraordinarily lightweight hence making your entire cleaning experience hassle-free. This model incorporates several features and assists you in maintaining the cleanliness of your floors regardless of it being dry or wet.

Even though you may face hard/sticky stains or water spills, the dual operationality of this vacuum cleaner allows you to clean any spot without exerting too much force on your body. The HEPA filter that’s implemented into this machine helps in removing indoor contaminants such as fine dust particles.

Moreover, it even acts as a shield and avoids the motor from getting stuck which can occur due to the collection of dust particles. With this, you can expect a tension free performance. Additionally, the motor operates with 1200 watts and makes the suction power adequate enough to clean tough spots.

The blower function is a beneficial feature since it’s certainly comfortable and reliable to use. This device has a 10-liter capacity, therefore, providing no interruption whatsoever since the bin can be emptied out after a few days or so instead of removing the waste daily.

The model can be transported around easily due to its 360-degree swivel wheels. The Auto-cut Float feature which is embedded in the suction nozzle is designed to rise up in order to halt the air-flow to the motor. This is an effective solution since it acts as a guard to protect the motor from an overflow.


9. Eureka Forbes Mini Vacuum Cleaner

Eureka Forbes Mini Vacuum CleanerThe Eureka Forbes vacuum cleaner is a portable and lightweight vacuum cleaner which can assist you in all your home cleaning chores quickly and efficiently.

Even though this particular model is extremely light in weight, it comes with a powerful suction which provides a high performing experience.

This model displays dual functionalities when it comes to cleaning dry and wet surfaces in order to establish a pristine surrounding for you and for your family. The model has a powerful motor that requires 700 watts of power which works exceptionally well since it’s proven to maintain the overall hygiene and cleanliness of your home.

For this model, you can set the power setting to either low, medium or high speeds in order to meet your cleaning needs that can vary from time to time. The unit includes a broad range of accessories which can be utilized efficiently in order to encourage a flexible cleaning experience.

It features an ergonomically designed handle that makes it extremely effortless to carry and utilize the product at the same time. Moreover, it has 360-degree swivel wheels which assist in the swift movement of the machine during the cleaning process.


10. Eureka Forbes DX Vacuum Cleaner

Eureka Forbes DX Vacuum CleanerThe Eureka Forbes DX vacuum cleaner features a dynamic 1200 W motor that powers a powerful suction which helps in removing any dust particles that are deeply integrated and found in all the upholstery. Once you lay your hands on this machine, you can start sustaining the neatness and cleanliness of your home just the way you desire it to be.

The model offers you a wide range of 6 accessories which are produced to help ensure a flexible and versatile cleaning experience. These sort of assets are created to clean all the untouched areas in your household.

The vacuum cleaner even comes with 3 swift swivel wheels that ensure effortless handling, mobility, and fantastic stability. There used to be days where moving the machine was tough work but with these wheels, you can move around your home without facing any challenges.

There is even a smart sensor that alerts you when the dust bags are filled to the rim thus avoiding to physically open the unit and frequently check the accumulation of dirt levels. It even assists you in cleaning the entire unit on time, therefore preventing a negative suction power performance.

In order to guard the power cord against getting either cut open or damaged, the model includes a storage space that’s built-in and allows the cord to be placed within the unit itself. By pushing a single button, you can always extend the cord when required and pull it straight into the machine for secure storage.



We have just gone through a few of the best vacuum cleaners for home available in India. We hope that this buying guide assisted you or at least gave you an idea on picking your final vacuum cleaner, with comfort.

Purchase the most appropriate one for your cleaning needs and make sure it’s effective enough to suck up the pollen and dust in your home. Ultimately, you can expect a healthy environment at home, every day.

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