Best Mattress In India 2020 – Reviews & Buyers Guide

1. Wakefit 2. Wakefit 3. Sleepyhead
Wakefit Orthopaedic Best mattress in India Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress Sleepyhead 6-Inch Queen Size Memory Foam

We live in an era where our lives are moving faster by each passing day. We are constantly running to complete our daily tasks and thus we tend to ignore some important aspects of our life that affect our well being.

One of the most significant things among others is getting an adequate amount of sleep. After a tiresome day at work, school or even home, we all deserve a good night’s sleep in the night.

A sound sleep helps you to wake up rejuvenated and enthusiastic to tackle the obstacles that come our way. It can solve a majority of the problems as well as promote a healthy lifestyle.

But, to achieve the best possible sleep you also need to have the best sleep companion. No, it is not about your bedmate or bed partner, we are talking about your Mattress. Yes, the Mattress can prove to be a loyal boon companion in your sleepy hours.


However, buying the best mattress in India is not as easy as it seems. It is a great investment. A good mattress will help you get a peaceful and sound night rest. It is not a decision that can be made within five minutes.

It requires proper research, analysis, evaluation and also some suggestions. It’s not like you wake up one morning with back pain, decide to change your mattress, step into a nearby store and pick up a random mattress. It is very thoughtful and considerate decision.

You have to keep many things in mind before you decide and buy (either online or offline) a suitable mattress for your home. A mattress can affect not only physical health but also your mental peace. Also, it is undeniable that proper rest is required to increase your performance in daily activities.

Thus it is required that you make a thoughtful and wise decision. Generally, best mattress brands offer four major features in their mattresses, durability, support, comfort and a suitable temperature or airflow throughout the night.

This buying guide is specially designed to make your task easy. It will help you to make the right decision and give value to your hard-earned money.

Tips To The Buy Best Mattress In India

Basically, a mattress is a big rectangular-shaped pad that supports the body to rest peacefully on a bed. Since there are so many different brands available in the market offering quality product, buying a new mattress can be an overwhelming task.

It is general tendency that people always run behind the offers and discounts provided rather than the quality. However, if you wish to have a good night’s sleep and also use the mattress for a longer time, then the quality must be given utmost importance.

Proper sleep is important for short as well as long-term health. So it’s advisable to choose a mattress that complements your physical needs and sleeping patterns. It is essential to invest in high-quality mattresses.

Besides this, one must also look for features such as mattress types, thickness, mattress size, durability, conformability, support, motion isolation, comfort, bed size, the material used, partners preferences, budget, etc. All these together can have a great impact on the decision-making process.

Below given are the key factors involved in buying a new mattress. It will help you understand how to choose and buy a mattress, and how to ensure the mattress is right for you. Read on to understand how these parameters make the sleeping better.

1. Your Size Matters

It is not necessary that you buy a new mattress that matches the old mattress’ size while replacing. You might have bought a larger size keeping in mind the needs at that time, but situations have changed now.

So, you may not really require the king size bed and can comfortably fit in a smaller size. So you can change the mattress size and can even cut down on the bedroom space.

It may also happen so that you may require a bigger size than the previous one. Both these aspects need to be considered before you choose the best brand mattress for your home. Changes in body structure, size, weight, situations, lifestyle and home need to be considered precisely before you make a decision.

Regardless to say, changing the mattress size also means that you will require a new bed frame or at least a new headboard. All this calls for a bedroom makeover.

2. Different Types Of Mattress

With technology and innovations, there are a lot of options in the market for each and every product. Since a mattress is such an important product for health and sleep, the market offers a huge variety to choose from.

Today, mattresses range from the classic firm or plush options to higher-tech mechanically-operated beds.

However, the most common of all the different varieties are traditional innerspring, memory foam, and hybrids. Also, Adjustable air mattresses are fairly popular.

Since each mattress has both goods and bads, it is important to do some research on these commonly available options. Shopping becomes easy when you familiarize yourself with the variety available before heading to the store.

  • Basic Firm or Plush Mattresses

Basic firm mattresses are manufactured from a different variety of materials. They are available at different price ranges to meet varying needs.

Mattresses that are made from organic or natural fibres are usually more expensive than others. Thus, you will have a variety to pick extra firm, firm, plush, and extra plush mattresses, totally depending on how soft or hard you like your mattress to be.

  • Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are made from a special type of material that takes the shape your body when you lie down. That is, it adjusts to your body and tends holds that shape while you are sleeping. It is an ideal choice for individuals who do not change positions or move around a lot while sleeping in the night.

It retains the body heat. Thus, you might not want to opt for a memory foam mattress if you tend to get hot while sleeping. Such mattresses are a little expensive, however, they are excellent for cushioning sore joints or aching muscles.

  • Innerspring Mattresses

Innerspring mattresses are the most common among the lot and are typically the least expensive. It offers good support to the body. It is also available with a wide range of firmness measurements. Also, it is romance-friendly. But what it lacks is good durability.

  • Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid mattresses are mattresses that combine two material types and their goodness. They have springs with a foam overlay. Generally, a good hybrid mattress offers the best of both memory foam and innerspring mattress models.

  • Air Mattresses

Air mattress allows the user to self- customize the firmness level according to his/her needs. Thus, you pay a price for your preference, convenience and individual comfort.

3. Consider Your Firmness Preference

There is no standard measurement for mattress firmness that the mattress industry follows. Each manufacturer follows their own understanding of the term and produces products accordingly.

As such, manufacturer’s “firm” may be another one’s “extra firm,” or vice versa. Thus, these descriptive words should only be used as a guideline and not as an absolute.

In order to understand the actual firmness offered by a particular mattress, it is best to try it before you buy.
Additionally, it is not sensible to make an assumption that having a bad back means you may require an extra firm mattress or maybe a softer mattress will offer more comfort.

Many people prefer to sleep on mattresses that are neither too firm nor too soft, just somewhere in the middle. Usually, the firmness of the mattress is dependent on two main factors: the weight of the user and the user’s sleeping position.

While people weighing less than 60 kg may prefer a softer mattress, those weighing more than 60 kg must necessarily go for a firmer mattress. The firmness of a mattress is an essential aspect because it makes sure of the conforming ability of the mattress. Thus, it offers the user adequate relief from the pressure created on the mattress while sleeping

On the other hand, the sleeping position (pattern) also plays a vital role. Individuals who tend to sleep on their side prefer a softer mattress, while those who sleep on their back or stomach may choose a heavy and firm mattress.

Therefore, it can be concluded that softer mattresses are an ideal option for side sleepers, while firm mattresses are the best for stomach sleepers.

4. Consider Your Doctor’s Advice

It is important to consult your doctor before you make any choice. This becomes more crucial for people who have been suffering from backaches, neck sores and any health ailments form a long time.

Talk to your doctor or physician about your decision to change the mattress and also the model you are considering. Consider his/ her recommendations on the same.

Bear in mind that doctors are not mattress experts, but they are well aware of your health and medical conditions and can thus offer you the best advice.

5. Motion Isolation

Are you someone who keeps changing positions or keeps shifting during your sleep? If yes, then you should consider this aspect while making a mattress choice. Changing position creates a motion transfer that your bedmate or partner can experience.

Thus, it can prove to be disturbing for a couple if one of the partners keeps shifting continuously or gets down quite often. It disturbs the entire sleep, leaving the person irritated and tired in the morning.

For such motion isolation issues, coir mattresses, foam (gel and memory) mattresses, or latex mattresses are good choices. But, spring mattresses will only worsen the problems, so its best to avoid them to combat these issues.

6. Consider The Comfort Level

A Mattress’ goodness is basically measured by the amount of comfort it offers. Thus, before you make a choice, make sure that you personally feel and try it out.

Comfort is something that cannot be seen but felt, so trying is not an option but a necessity if you wish to understand the comfort level offered by the mattress you are considering.

7. Understand Temperature And Climatic Conditions

Another important factor that needs to be kept in mind while choosing a mattress is the Temperature. The temperature will have a significant effect on your sleep, either positively or negatively.

Thus, make sure that you buy a mattress on the basis of the atmosphere, climatic conditions and environment of your area of residence.

A Heavy comfort mattress having heat settings is an ideal choice for areas that experience long winters.

On the other hand, a traditional memory foam mattress with pillow tops can be considered to make your nights warmer or a mattress that comprises of a unique cooling technology for changing climate conditions.

8. Body Support

A good mattress plays a crucial role in one’s physical health and wellbeing. A Mattress is responsible for bearing our body weights and size when we are resting or sleeping on it.

A mattress that offers poor body support mattress can adversely affect the condition of your joints, back, and the overall body. Thus, it is important to make sure the mattress you’re considering is firm and uniform in shape.

9. Size Of The Mattress

Mattress sizes in India are different as compared to other countries like the United States. Therefore, it is imperative to understand that the mattress you are planning to buy is in sync with the bed size or not.

But, you may have standard mattress sizes such as Single, Twin, Twin XL, Full or Double, King, Queen, California King, and more. If you do so, then it might be a matter of concern, as not all these sizes are readily available in India.

India has varied mattress sizes that are available easily. They include Single Size, King size, Queen Size, and double bed

Though these are the standard sizes available in the mattress market, you can also have a special made-to-order mattress matching the size of your bed.

10. Mattress Thickness

The thickness of the mattress is a critical characteristic that should be kept in mind while making a choice. Most of the mattresses available in the market are at least 10 inches thick.

Mattress models ranging in thickness from 10 to 14 inches thick are the most acceptable to mattress buyers. But you may also get mattresses with a thickness ranging from 5 inches to 15 inches.

The user’s body weight is an important factor that helps to determine the depth of the required mattress. If you have a heavy body, then you would naturally experience more comfort on thicker beds.

While if you are a medium weight person or a lightweight individual, then you would prefer shorter beds.

11. Mattress Durability

Generally, any mattress model has a tendency to last for a period of almost seven years, depending on usage and maintenance. If you use the mattress quite frequently or if you have children in the house, then the expected lifespan of the mattress decreases.

In both these situations, the mattress may not last for even seven years. But, besides usage and maintenance, the durability of a mattress is majorly dependent on its make. In simple terms, it means the composition of the materials that are used into manufacturing the mattress.

Each mattress type has its own expected lifespan within which it provides the best comfort and support. Depending on the material used in making it, different mattresses and their durability are:

Coir mattresses, which are majorly used in India, have a smaller lifespan than that of spring mattresses. Gel Foam mattresses and memory foam mattresses have the capacity to last longer than seven years.

Additionally, latex mattresses and airbed mattresses can last longer as compared to foam and spring mattresses.

Even though each type offers its own lifespan, it is ideal to replace a mattress after every seven years. Doing so will help you keep your health in place.

12. Material Used

The materials used in the making of the mattresses help to determine the amount of comfort they can offer. Also, it helps to know for how long they can last. A number of mattresses available in the market are either memory foam or latex mattresses.

Though other types are also available, these two are generally preferred by buyers. Whatever may be your choice, make sure that the mattress offers good durability, comfort and support. The main aim is to help to get better sleep without any side-effects on the body.

13. Understand Your Physical Needs

When choosing a suitable mattress for use, it is imperative to have a proper understanding of your physical needs. For doing so, you can take note of the following points:

What type of sleeper are you? Do you like sleeping on your side or back? Are you stomach sleeper? Today, the market offers various mattresses that are specifically designed to accommodate particular sleeping positions and patterns.

Do you keep changing positions constantly when you are sleeping? Are you facing any mobility issues? Several mattresses are specially designed to make getting in and out of bed easier than before.

You can also opt for zero disturbance mattresses if you keep changing positions continuously. It will help your bedmate sleep comfortably without being disturbed by your position changing practice while on the bed.

14. Look For Adjustability

Adjustable beds are an ideal option to suffice varying needs. If you find comfort in sitting in a recliner than merely lying down, then it is better to try an adjustable bed.

Adjustable beds allow you to elevate your head and knees slightly and thus relieve pressure on the lower back. If you are suffering from any sort of body ailments, then these options must be tried and tested before you choose one.

15. Understand The Return Policy and Trial Periods

Though you may have tried the mattress in a shop before laying your hands on it, the actual test happens when it is set in your bedroom. When you use it for the first time, you get to understand better about its actual qualities, features and benefits.

That is the sole reason that many mattress manufacturers and dealers offer a “comfort trial” period. Such a trial period ranges from 15 to 20 days, depending on the brand and company policy.

It is a basic window period, wherein you have the right to return the mattress if it does not live up to your expectations and you are not satisfied with its offering.

You may then get a full refund or a part of the amount will be deducted as per the manufacturer’s terms and conditions. Thus, ensure that you have understood this thoroughly because buying a mattress is a huge investment.

16. Decide On Your Budget

If you wish to buy a good mattress that offers comfort, support, durability and good health, you need to have a generous budget in hand.

A good mattress with all the excellent features is a great investment, thus it is not cheap. But good health and a positive lifestyle are priceless. So, it is necessary that you don’t consider money as a major deciding factor, but only as a secondary.

You will be spending most of your time around the mattress, so let those hours count. Isn’t it wise to cut down on unnecessary expenses, if it you can doze off easily and comfortably? A good mattress is a key to almost all your tensions and problems.

Spending a generous amount may hurt your pocket initially, but it will only help you get the best of everything in future.

17. Try Before You Buy

Though it may sound weird or awkward, it is necessary that you lie down and feel the mattress before you decide to seal the deal. Trying the mattress will help you understand if it suits your needs and whether or not it is a comfortable option.

Ideally, it is necessary to spend at least ten or more minutes to feel and try each mattress that you are considering. Also, even if you wish to buy a mattress online, it doesn’t mean that you just have to see the photo and swipe your card. No, it is better to go to a brick and mortar shop and give the model you’re considering a personal try.

Keep the points mentioned above in mind when you are planning to replace a mattress. It will only help you to narrow down your choices better and also get the product that you need easily.

Remember, it is your mattress, your back, your body and your money, so it is worth the time to research and get the best mattress possible.

A sound and comfortable sleep at night is one of the most delightful experiences. Each one of us needs a warm and pleasant rest after a long tiring day at work, school/college or home. Providing physical ease and relaxation is mainly dependent on the mattress you use.

None of us wishes to wake up with a sore neck or a backache after a cosy night on an ill-fitted mattress. The good mattress is one that helps you feel revitalized in the morning and face the day’s course with energy and full-mindedness.

Now comes the real question, ‘Which is the Best Mattress in India?’ Well, this may not have a very concrete answer, as it clearly depends on one’s preference and body type.

But we’ve jotted down the top mattress brands in India that attempt to provide maximum comfort to suit varying needs. Read on and make a wise pick.

Top 10 Best Mattresses In India 2020

1. Wakefit Orthopaedic

Wakefit Orthopaedic Best mattress in India

When you talk about good sound sleep, the one mattress that comes to almost each sleep lover’s mind is the Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress.

The product tops our list for a number of reasons such as the premium memory foam quality, availability in multiple sizes, popularity online and the unbelievable comfort it offers. It wouldn’t be wrong to say, the Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress provides a heaven on earth experience.

It comes with a huge 20-year manufacturer warranty, thus making it the best mattress in India. Also, one unique feature of this mattress is its return and refund policy.

Yes, you can try the mattress for 100 days and can avail a full refund on return it if you don’t like it. Doesn’t it sound like the best deal in this competitive market?

The Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress is very technical in nature. It thus uses a very particular and technical approach to achieve its basic aim of a sound, restful and pain-free sleep.

If you are suffering from a sore neck, lower back pain, leg pain or any other bodily aches, then this magical mattress from WakeFit will help you relieve the stress and all pressure points on your body.

It is made of high-density memory foam. Thus, it is extremely convenient for anyone to enjoy a good night’s sleep. It makes use of the latest technology that helps you stay away from any sleep disorders and also provides amazing back support while you lay on the back.

It offers a medium soft feel and has a premium quality quilted cotton fabric cover. Also, the cover provided along with the mattress is easily removable and washable.

All in all, the Wake-fit Orthopaedic foam mattress is an absolute delight for anyone. It prevents backaches and gives a refreshing sleep every night.


2. Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress

Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress

The 2nd spot on the list is also taken by the best mattress brand in India, Wakefit. The Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress is specially designed to give the user a two-in-one feeling. It has two foam layers, each of them made of different densities.

While the base (bottom) layer is highly resilient, giving you a firm foundation. On the other hand, the top layer is medium soft to give you the right amount of comfort. Now, as per your choice and comfort level, you can either hard or soft side.

This Dual comfort mattress is one of the best options guest bedrooms as you may never know what your guest might like. So having both the options handy in a single mattress, makes it all the more enticing.

The Wakefit Dual Comfort is available in multiple sizes and is quite affordable in its pricing. However, one thing that must be borne in mind is that this mattress isn’t as thick as a normal Memory Foam mattress. But there are various options available to suffice for your varying desires.

The Wakefit Dual Comfort mattress comes with a 10-year warranty protecting it against undulations, mattress shrinkage, sagging or any form of deformity (ranging more than one inch).

Also, just like the brands’ other mattresses, even this mattress comes with a 100-day trial period option. Thus, if you are not satisfied and happy with the product, you can easily return it and get a full refund.

All in all, this model by Wakefit offers some amazing comfort, good quality cover and zips and quick service. It is truly value for money.


3. Sleepyhead 6-Inch Queen Size Memory Foam

Sleepyhead 6-Inch Queen Size Memory Foam

When one talks about softness, comfort and relaxation, none can compete with the Sleepyhead Memory Foam Mattress. It has all the useful features and functionalities that help you improve the quality of sleep and make your life stress-free.

This queen size mattress, unlike other traditional designs, comes with a high-quality cover. The cover is easily removable and can be washed on a regular basis for a fresh and dust-free experience. Additionally, it will also not let you sink or bounce even with bedmates that change positions frequently.

The Sleepyhead memory foam mattress has all the necessary features such as durability, comfort, support, and temperature control, making it the best mattress in India.

The mattress comprises of 4-layers, each different from another. They include support foam, responsive memory foam, comfort foam and springy breathable foam.

The top layer is made of natural latex memory foam. It is a natural product and is free of any harmful toxins. The middle layer comprises of a gel memory foam layer. It has tiny crystals of gel that helps in proper heat and air circulation.

The base layer is a high-density foam layer that acts as an extra support and adding durability to the mattress. All of these layers give you a soothing feeling to release the body stress and relieve the pressure points of the entire body.

All in all, the Sleepyhead 6-inch Queen Size Memory Foam Mattress is a soft and comfortable model. It uses high-quality fabric that helps in reducing pressure points all over the body and thus gives you a happy sound sleep. It comes with a trial period of 100 days and a 5 years manufacturer warranty.


4. Urban Ladder DreamLite Comfort

Urban Ladder DreamLite Comfort

Just like the name, the Urban Ladder DreamLite Comfort 9 Spring Mattress steps in the world of unique sublime dream machinery. The mattress is available in two variations, the King and the Queen size.

The King Size mattress is a magnificent 9 inches tall, offering some unexpected level of comfort. The most attractive aspect of the Dreamlite mattress is its Bonnel Construction. This means that the springs used in the making serve a dual purpose of offering good support and bounce plus keeping the mattress airy and light.
The top layer of the mattress comprises of very soft foam that helps the user to fall asleep immediately. With time the mattress conforms to the shape of the body and weight. Thus, it provides utmost plush, support and comfort.

The mattress offers longer durability due to its anti-corrosive and high carbon spring wires. It also has an anti-sagging and edge roll-off design. The mattress comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty.


5. SleepyCat – Gel Memory Foam Mattress

SleepyCat - Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The SleepyCat – Gel Memory Foam Mattress is precisely made by filling a good gel material throughout in memory foam. It is a special blend of memory foam with tiny cooling crystals of gel that serve as a heat regulator. It helps in regulating your body temperature by absorbing and releasing heat.

SleepyCat is a specially designed mattress that comprises of one inch of cooling gel memory foam and five- inches of high-density support foam. It enhances the strength, durability, and structure of the mattress.

The top layer of the mattress is made of pure memory foam. Thus, it offers special orthopaedic features such good spine support by distributing body weight evenly throughout the mattress.

Additionally, it averts motion transfer even if your bedmate constantly changes sleeping position, you will not be disturbed.

The SleepyCat – Gel Memory Foam Mattress is the best brand mattress for all your problems such as a sore neck, lower back pain, spine injury or any other sleeping issues. It is precisely built by experts to offer excellent back support and adjusts to the shape of your body for a good sleep.

All in all, it is the multilayered mattress that contains gel, memory foam and high-density support foam materials that help to improve overall sleeping quality.

It comes in a pre-assembled state, so you don’t have to worry about assembling it. It offers a medium firm feel, thus suitable for everyone. Also, if you are not happy with the product and return it within 30 days of purchase, you are eligible to get a full refund.


6. Take Care Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress

Take Care Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress

Next on the list is another decent quality mattress, the Take Care Orthopedic memory foam mattress. It helps you to relax comfortably on the bed by providing good support to your body.

This mattress is a perfect combination of a technology, quality and innovation. It comprises of high-quality memory foam material with latest technological innovations (using cocoon) to offer excellent back support. All this together helps you enjoy restful, sound and deep sleep.

The cover of the mattress uses superior quality quilted cotton fabric to protect it from spoilage. It is not only highly durable but also makes you feel medium soft. The Take Care Orthopedic memory foam mattress is a must buy to treat all your body aches and sleeping issues at home.

It makes the day and night peaceful when you use it. This orthopaedic memory foam mattress is supported by a 5-years manufacturer warranty for the convenience of users.


7. Comforto Pocket Spring Mattress

Comforto Pocket Spring Mattress

The Comforto Pocket Spring Mattress is a luxurious, high-quality and cushiony mattress. It aims to offer a comfortable sleep with its unique zero partner disturbance technology.

Each spring in this mattress is independently nested in pockets to make sure that there are zero partner disturbances. It makes use of HD quality springs and the mattress is medium soft, making it ideal for regular household use.

The mattress does not release any heat. All thanks to the spring construction that ensures appropriate air circulation. It provides excellent support by distributing the body weight evenly and is also durable due to its individual spring action.

The mattress is manufactured by using some of the finest raw materials, thus reliability is guaranteed. It is designed by experts having 35 years of industry experience.

Also, the customer service offered by the company is satisfactory. The mattress is delivered at the customers doorstep directly from the manufacturing unit and is therefore available at an affordable price.

With the Comforto Pocket Spring Mattress, your comfort level will be looked upon perfectly. Its high degree support will satisfy your need for a comfortable, deep, sound sleep.

If we’re not satisfied we seek for a more high degree of support. It is an ideal option for all types of sleepers such as stomach sleepers, side sleepers as well as back sleepers. It also has a plush mattress cover that provides a smooth and soft feel.

All in all, the Comforto Pocket Spring Mattress offers protection against Fungi, Bacteria and Dust-mites, allows free flow of air during compression and has a unique Posture sensitive technology. All this, with an 11 Years manufacturer warranty makes it the best brand mattress in India.


8. Cloth Fusion Fruton Cooling Gel

Cloth Fusion Fruton Cooling Gel

When you are searching for mattresses, the first question that comes to your mind is ‘What if accidentally liquid gets spilt over the mattress? It can prove to be one of the worst nightmares, especially if your mattress doesn’t have any preventive measures.

But, with Cloth Fusion Fruton Cooling Gel Memory Foam mattress you don’t have to worry much. It comes with washable outer fabric that is very helpful in such cases. You can remove it immediately without letting it affect the gel foam of the mattress.

The Cloth Fusion Fruton Cooling Gel Memory Foam mattress offers the five major features that make it the best mattress in India.

  • Durability – Its higher foam density offers a longer lifespan
  • Support – Since it has a firm base, it provides better support to the back, spine and neck. Its unique Responsive open cell memory foam compresses evenly under body weight and adjusts to the curves to release common pressure points.
  • Temperature – It has a bigger cell size of the foam, thus offers better airflow and keeps the body cool and comfortable throughout the night
  • Comfort – It doesn’t let you sink in when you sleep, thus offers better comfort. It has insulating properties of the foam. Since it is infused with a cooling Gel, it helps to take away heat from your body, making it more breathable.

All in all, the Cloth Fusion Fruton Cooling Gel Memory Foam mattress is an apt option for a good night’s sleep. It comes with a 10-year limited manufacturer warranty.


9. Boston Orthopaedic Queen Size

Boston Orthopaedic Queen Size

The Boston Orthopaedic Dual Comfort Hard & Soft Foam Mattress is designed to provide excellent support to the joints, back, spine, neck as well as the overall body.

Basically, an orthopaedic mattress is influenced by the medical study of orthopaedics. It is created to combat the many types of aches in the entire body, by providing targeted and tailored support.

Buying an orthopaedic mattress is an essential measure to check your body health and overall wellbeing. The Boston Orthopaedic mattress ensures a good night’s sleep and avoids back pain and muscular discomfort.

This mattress provides dual comfort i.e. one side soft and one side hard. Thus it stays comfortable for all seasons and weathers.

It has a unique quilted cover that consists of an inch of cushioning foam. It offers proper Air Ventilation for Better Hygiene. Altogether, the Boston Orthopaedic Dual Comfort Hard & Soft Foam Mattress is a made from 100% Pure Sleep Grade Foam. It is recommended to deal with problems like backaches and joint pains.


10. Centuary Mattresses Lotus

Centuary Mattresses Lotus

The Lotus Centuary Single Coir Mattress is beautifully crafted with eye-appealing aesthetics. It is made with a rubberized coir base and has a proprietary Profiled Foam on the top.

Thus, its formation helps in providing a breathable and self – ventilated mattress. This 4-inch mattress is suitable for a single bed size and comes pre-assembled. It is backed by a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

A few tips to use the mattresses are.

Don’t bend, fold or roll the mattress. Doing so may weaken the bonding and may eventually lead to staging.
Rotate the mattress “Head to Foot” every month. This will ensure that body impressions are not permanently retained on the mattress.

Avoid Sitting on the edges or placing heavy objects on it. Doing so may ruin the shape of the mattress.

Don’t allow any liquid to seep into the mattress as this may damage the material inside. All in all, the Lotus Centuary Single Coir Mattress is a perfect blend of aesthetic appeal, comfort, superior bounce, support, softness and firmness.


11. Take Care Single Size Dual Comfort 

Take Care Single Size Dual Comfort 

The Take Care Dual Comfort (Hard and Soft) Foam Mattress is a uniquely designed product. It gives a feeling of using two different mattresses at once. It uses two foam layers, each having different densities.

While the base is highly resilient foam layer giving a firm foundation, the top layer is medium soft to provide optimum comfort to the body. Thus, it is upon your liking which side you want to use the hard or the soft side for maximum comfort.

It comes with a premium quality quilted cotton fabric, thus preventing the inner material to be damaged. The mattress is a perfect blend of High-Density Foam and Rebounded Foam.

Its High-density foam provides adequate support to the back and manages the alignment of the spine correctly.
The mattress comes with a 5-year warranty, providing protection against shrinkage, sagging, defect or deformity.

With its unique dual sides having varying densities, the Take Care Dual Comfort (Hard and Soft) Foam Mattress is comfortable and is optimally priced.


12. Coirfit Health Boom Double Size Coir Mattress

Coirfit Health Boom Double Size Coir Mattress

With Coirfit Health Boom Double Size Coir Mattress, add a pinch of Indian tadka to your home furniture. It makes use of coir to form a structure that provides the mattress with good firmness and support.

Additionally, it uses various types of foam that are infused in the topmost layer of the mattress. Since it is a PU Foam layer, it adds sufficient comfort to the body. The coir gives the mattress firmness which a lot of people loved which they said kept their spine straight and helped with their back pain.

The company claims that the materials used in making the mattress are of high-quality. It prevents dust mites and bed bugs from entering the mattress and causing discomfort that can be problematic to a number of people who are sensitive. The Coirfit Health Boom Double Size Coir Mattress comes with 11 years manufacturing defect warranty. It also offers doorstep service for any issues.

With the mattresses firm support and protection, it becomes the best mattress in India for people who do not like the softness of regular foam and memory foam mattresses. The mattress is delivered in a pre-assembled state, so no time and energy is required to assemble the parts in person.

All in all, it is an elegant and stylish 4.5 inch plus mattress. It offers an extra firm active bond material with superior comfort for natural sleep and complete spine support. It is a perfect blend of comfort, durability and firmness. It is made of a superior quality inner shell of premium quality active bond material using the unique re-botech technology


13. SleepyCat Plus – 8″ Gel Memory Foam

SleepyCat Plus - 8" Gel Memory Foam

SleepyCat Plus Gel Memory Foam Mattress is a high-level version of the original model. It is an 8-inch orthopaedic memory foam mattress that is precisely engineered to the perfect blend of comfort and firmness. It is a luxury mattress available at an economical cost

It has a 2-inch layer of Gel Memory Foam on top and a 6-inch high-density Foam as the base. Both these layers are perfectly kept intact with the help of an Inner Netted Cover. The SleepyCat PLus Gel Memory Foam Mattress comes with a Smart Zipper Cover, making it easy to handle.

The brand’s unique Gel memory foam layer is specially designed to distribute your body weight evenly throughout the bed. It also helps to cool during the entire night.

The unique high-density base/bottom layer adds the required strength, durability, and structure to the mattress. All this makes the mattress more pleasant and appealing for a good night’s sleep.

It has a specialized inner netted cover that helps to maintain the foam inside while simultaneously offering a unique airflow throughout the mattress.

The ultra-premium cover is made of a high GSM knitted fabric to offer maximum comfort and flexibility. It is hand-crafted. The two-part zipper makes it easily removable for cleaning. All in all, with the customer, oriented features and techniques; the SleepyCat Plus Gel Memory Foam Mattress is the top mattress brand in India.


14. Nubliss NX Gen

Nubliss NX Gen

The Nubliss NX Gen Memory Foam Mattress is specially designed by scientists and also endorsed by doctors/physicians as well as fitness experts for good power wake-ups.

The NX Gen memory foam technology filled with a cooling gel to keep the body cooler by almost 4 degree Celsius than the average body temperature. This special cooling gel works differently during the winters by adapting to the body temperature and thus keeping you warm and comfortable.

It shaped in a scientific manner to offer the best orthopaedic support and fitness, thus enhancing sleep. It offers amazing firmness that is optimized to suit the ever-changing Indian climatic and weather conditions.

This also means that the foam cradles to your body’s shape and acts like a natural buoyant material to contain any movement. With this feature in place, any chance of surface disturbance is eliminated.

Advanced memory foam in Nubliss adapts to the contours of your body, provides full support, and helps in relieving pressure.
Nubliss offers heavenly comfort on both sides.

The reversed side features a high-performance PU foam that offers extra firm surface. It is apt for people who prefer a hard sleeping surface. No matter on which side you sleep, your body will wake up all powered up.

All in all, the foam used in the mattress is certified by CertiPUR-US. The Nubliss NX Gen Memory Foam Mattress is the only mattress in India to earn this gold standard.

It provides long-term health and fitness benefits over all other mattresses available in the market. It comes with 10 years manufacturer warranty and also 101 days risk-free trial for customer convenience.


15. Springwel Ecosoft

Springwel Ecosoft

Springwel Ecosoft Double Size Pocket Spring Mattress is one of the top mattress brands in India. It comes with some unique and never-seen-before features at reasonable amounts. The mattress helps to offer a new wave of sleeping delight and health consciousness. It gives ultimate comfort levels with enhanced bounce and cosiness.

A good and sound sleep brings freshness to the morning and also makes your day much more enjoyable. The Springwel Ecosoft Spring Mattress is one such product that is made of Bonnel springs to provide an optimum amount of bounce and comfort to the users.

The mattress is available in bright colours, various sizes and an elegant design body. It offers the highest coil count of precisely tempered steel springs that provides a smooth and restful sleep sans any disturbances.

Additionally, it incorporates high-density polyurethane foam that helps to prevent as well as reduce the body aches.

Furthermore, it also has an extraordinary functionality to absorb the partner’s movements and gives you an undisturbed sleep. It weighs about 25kgs and can be moved around decently.

It offers extreme comfort and provides better sleep to the user. All thanks to the strong and durable material quality used in the making. The mattress is backed by a 5-years manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase. Thus the company ensures customer convenience and satisfaction.


Get Some Sound Sleep With The Best Mattress In India

Mattresses are the best companion in sleep. They help you get a comfortable and sound sleep during the night. Though we generally wish to buy a mattress that offers a good lifespan as it is not right to compromise with body comfort and health support that a particular mattress model has to offer.

All mattresses mentioned above are well suited for any kind of sleeping positions and are made of high-quality materials. They are the top brand mattresses in India and will never leave you unsatisfied. Hoping these mattress reviews will help you to get the best mattress in India and help you make a value for money decision.

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