Best Washing Machine Under ₹20,000 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. LG 2. Bosch 3. Whirlpool
LG Inverter Fully-Automatic Washing Machine Best Washing Machine Under Rs20000 Bosch Fully-Automatic Washing Machine Whirlpool Fully-Automatic Washing Machine

A washing machine is more than just a luxury item in today’s times. It has become a necessity in every Indian household, as you no longer have to spend a long time, and exhaust yourself washing piles of clothes. Just put your dirty clothes in the washing machine, press a few buttons, and laundry would be sorted.

Leading brands use state-of-the-art technology to manufacture innovative washing machines that get more advanced with time. These appliances are now available within a limited budget. This article gives you a peek into the variety of options available when you are looking for the best washing machine under ₹20000.


The best washing machine saves your energy, and time by cleaning your clothes within minutes. It makes life more efficient, easy, and hassle-free. There is a list of criteria that the washing machine must fulfill, however, to be worthy of use. This article is your guide to all this.

Factors To Be Considered Before Buying The Best Washing Machine Under ₹20,000

While a washing machine makes your everyday life easier, it can be quite a challenging task to buy the ideal model. A list of factors must be taken into consideration to buy the best washing machine under 20000. This section will give you a brief idea about these important factors.

1. Types

Washing machines have been categorized into two different types depending on the functions they provide and the degree of manual labor required to operate it. These two types are:

1. Semi-automatic washing machine- As the name suggests, semi-automatic washing machines are not fully automatic, and hence, require quite a large amount of human intervention to do the job. While these are highly affordable, they tend to be old-fashioned.

The working of these machines is such that there are two separate tubs. You put your clothes in one tub for washing them, and then manually transfer the washed clothes to another tub in order to be dried. This can get physically strenuous.

The price is what attracts many buyers to the semi-automatic washing machines. It is available within a price range of Rs. 6000 to Rs. 12,000 in India. Majority of the Indians are able to afford this price.

2. Fully automatic washing machine- Fully automatic washing machine, on the other hand, allows only minimal human intervention. A major part of the job is done by the machine itself since it’s completely automatic in nature. There is a single tub for both washing and drying the clothes.

Your only work is to put the pile of clothes and press the necessary buttons. The rest will be taken care of by the machine itself. At the end of the process, you just have to take out the clothes. There are two types of fully automatic washing machines – front load and top load washing machine.

Front-load washing machine: The drum in this washing machine is placed horizontally. Hence, the clothes are put into the machine from the front side. This type of fully automatic machine has a variety of advanced features like the timer, hot water supply, child lock system, and so on.

These tend to be extremely expensive because of the number of features they offer. However, they are able to wash the clothes better than any other type.

Top-load washing machine: The tub or drum in this washing machine is placed vertically. Hence, the clothes are put into the machine from the top. A single tub takes care of both the washing and drying of clothes. Even though this machine has less number of features, it is more affordable than the front load washing machines.

2. Capacity

The total number of people in the family will determine the capacity of the washing machine. The kilogram is the measure used to mark the capacity, and this depends on the number of clothes you will be washing. Even the clothes differ in terms of their weight and how much space they might occupy.

Blanket is a lightweight cloth but it takes up a lot of space, while a pair of jeans takes up little space but is comparatively heavy. Your clothes must have enough space so that they can be effectively washed by the machine. The number of times you wash your clothes in a week will also determine the required capacity.

A big washing machine will suffice if you have a big family and wash clothes once a week. A medium-sized machine is ideal if you wash clothes every day once. With a small machine, the only problem is that you will have to wash clothes in turns by dividing them.

3. The Material Of The Drum

There are three kinds of materials that are used to make the tubs/drums in washing machines- plastic, stainless steel, or porcelain enamel. Enamel tubs are prone to rust and hence, can get damaged quite fast. The plastic tubs tend to last longer than these.

However, it is the stainless steel tub that is of the best quality. It is highly durable, long-lasting and it can withstand high spin speeds.

4. Wash Settings

There are various wash settings available in different washing machines. Frail clothes need to be washed gently and hence, there must be an option for this. The best washing machine under 20000 will offer you similar features, along with water alternatives so that any type of clothing can be washed easily in them.

You can even save your favorite settings on the machine using the touchpad, rotary controls, or the touch screen. Washing machines with these wash settings tend to be some of the cheaper options.

5. Spin Cycle

The spin cycle is a feature that ensures that your clothes are properly dried once they have been washed. The speed of the spin cycle is determined by the number of revolutions it can take in a minute. This revolution per minute of the spin cycle will determine how fast and how well your clothes are dried up.

Some of this also depends on the material or fabric of the clothing. 1000 rpm is the ideal spin cycle for thick clothes and 300-500 rpm is best for frail, thin clothes. Selecting the wrong spin cycle can cause damage to your clothes.

6. Fuzzy Logic

In order to be washed and dried properly so that your clothes are clean, you need to ensure that your washing machine has the ideal washing conditions. The fuzzy logic is a feature that enables the machine to create these conditions by taking into account the material of the clothes being washed.

This feature is also able to decide the amount of detergent and water that will be needed, along with the time required to wash the clothes depending on the weight of the pile. This feature ensures that your intervention in this process is as minimum as possible by doing everything automatically.

7. Temperature Control

It is very important to wash your clothes in water that has the perfect temperature and that will clean them well. Warm water is usually considered best to get rid of the germs. There is usually an in-built heater in the washing machine and the temperature control regulates the temperature of this heater.

During the winter season, the temperature control feature has proved to be really helpful. Certain machines also come with a steam feature that gets rid of stains from your clothes.

8. Time Delay

The time delay feature can be very useful in a number of ways. If you want to use the machine afterward, you can load it beforehand using the time delay option. It also helps to get rid of unnecessary noise coming from the washing machine, especially at times when you want it to be quiet.

The time delay option can be used with the pre-soak feature, and you can soak your clothes for a while. The washing machine will automatically start washing once it has been soaked for some time.

9. Other Factors

While the factors mentioned above are some of the most crucial ones that you must consider, while buying the best washing machine under 20000, there are a few other factors as well that can be helpful.

You must check how energy efficient the washing machine is. This will not only save on your electricity bill, but will also be good for the environment. You can check this by checking the energy efficiency rating of the machine. The machines best at conserving energy are the ones with EnergyStar ratings.

The color of the machine is another important factor. It must be of a color that you like and that also goes well with the home decor. It must look aesthetic.

The washing cycles and performance of the machines are something crucial to the well being of your clothes. Every model has its pros and cons. You must thoroughly check everything before buying it.

A few other advanced features can also be useful, such as the separate dispensers for softener and bleach or the level features.

Top 10 Best Washing Machines Under ₹20,000 2020

This section has provided you with a list of the best washing machines under 20000 that are available in the market. All these products meet your budget limit and are well-rated, which means they are of good quality. They rank high on performance as well.

1. LG Inverter Fully-Automatic Washing Machine

LG Inverter Fully-Automatic Washing Machine Best Washing Machine Under Rs20000

LG is a popular brand that has earned its name in the electronics business with its smartphones, television, microwave ovens, and washing machines. The LG Inverter Fully-automatic Top Loading washing machine has a capacity of 6.5 kg and has been built using smart inverter technology.

This state-of-the-art model is surrounded on all sides with BMC motor protection, which prevents dust, humidity, and pests from setting in. The longevity of the product is increased by this feature.

The washing machine is facilitated by the most powerful washing, that leaves your clothes completely clean. Even the toughest dirt is easily removed by the turbo drum, which provides a strong stream of water. This is achieved with the help of the drum and the pulsator, both of which move in opposite directions to create a strong flow of water.

All the clothes are washed evenly. This is ensured by the punch +3 feature, which allows the clothes to move in a vertical direction so that they all get uniformly cleaned. The SmartThinQ app can be downloaded on your smartphone and used to diagnose any problem in the machine.

This feature saves you money and time by telling you the exact problem with your washing machine. There is an auto-restart feature on the device, which ensures that in the case of a power cut, the machine restarts where it had stopped, once the power is back again.

The drum is made of stainless steel, which is the most long-lasting material as it prevents rust, germs, and bacteria from invading your washing machine. Rapid usage of water in a particular place mixed with all the dirt from your clothes can sometimes cause an unpleasant odor in the device.

This is prevented with the help of the tub clean feature, that sterilizes every inch of the tub thoroughly and makes it hygienic. Lastly, there is a child lock facility installed in the machine so that the settings are safe. This is done by disabling the control panel on the device.


2. Bosch Fully-Automatic Washing Machine

Bosch Fully-Automatic Washing Machine

The German engineering and technology company, Bosch, is known for manufacturing premium quality home appliances. This particular Bosch washing machine is able to provide gentle care to your clothes, and prevents any kind of damage from taking place. This device ranks as the best fully automatic washing machine under 20000.

It has a capacity of 6 kgs and numerous smart features that make washing clothes effortless. The device saves water with the help of the ActiveWater feature, that can sense the material and weight of the clothes. Based on this, the water is released and adjusted.

Perfect hygiene is ensured by the Allergy Plus feature, which also keeps all kinds of allergies away from your clothes. This speedy machine can wash, rinse, and spin all your clothes within 30 minutes. It ensures that your time is saved to the maximum.

Wash your clothes every day with just the touch of a few buttons. Voltage fluctuations and power interruptions can be sensed with the VoltCheck. The machine restarts automatically where it has stopped, once the power comes back on.

Better durability and longevity is ensured by keeping the drum disinfected. This is done by removing harmful elements like lint and other toxic substances from the drum. Washing machines tend to make a lot of noise while doing its work and to prevent this, the particular model keeps the noise level as low as 49 decibels.

If there are water issues in your house, you need not worry. The Bosch washing machine is able to make use of water with water pressure as low as 0.3 bar. The pre-wash feature soaks the clothes for some time before actually washing them.

There is a reload feature in the device that lets you add clothes and remove them as per your requirements. A free water filter is also provided, that can be fit into a tap to filter out toxic substances present in the water.

The Bosch washing machine is available in white and can gel in perfectly well with your home decor.


3. Whirlpool Fully-Automatic Washing Machine

Whirlpool Fully-Automatic Washing Machine

Whirlpool is a world-famous American brand that excels in making some of the best home appliances. It has been manufacturing washing machines for a long time now and is a trusted brand when it comes to this particular device. The Whirlpool fully-automatic top-loading washing machine has a 5-star rank and 7 kg capacity.

It comes with a series of smart features, that make the device efficient and useful. Your clothes will be washed by just following a simple 3 step rule, which ensures the least amount of human intervention.

If your house has a supply of hard water, the machine can adjust its settings to this type of water. The water cycle is adapted to make maximum use of hard water, without compromising the speed of washing clothes.

The Spiro Wash circularly moves the clothes so that they are washed thoroughly and evenly. You can wash any type of fabric in the Whirlpool washing machine, as it provides you with 12 different wash programs.

Whatever is the regular cycle time, you can reduce it by 30-40% with the Express Wash feature, depending on the number of clothes and their fabrics. Even when the water pressure is as low as 17 mph, the Zero Pressure Fill Technology ensures that the tub is filled up really fast.

You can wash whenever it is convenient for you with the Delay Wash feature. Complete hygiene is maintained in the tub by cleaning it with water once the washing is done and the clothes have been taken out. The magic lint filter removes lint that might have been left behind while washing.

If your area is prone to water issues, you can store water for the next wash with the Aqua Store feature. This way you will not run out of the water to wash your clothes. The control panel is placed at the back, so that it is out of reach for children. Further, a child lock system has also been installed to ensure safety.

All these features make the Whirlpool washing machine an excellent device for washing all your clothes.


4. Samsung Fully-Automatic Washing Machine

Samsung Fully-Automatic Washing Machine

The Samsung fully-automatic top-loading washing machine has a capacity of 6.2 kg, which is perfect for daily washing for an average-sized family with 3 to 4 members. It is available in silver and has a glossy finish. This makes the machine look stylish and aesthetic.

It comes with the ACTIVWash+ feature, that provides a sink. You can manually wash your clothes here that are too delicate to be treated by a washing machine. You can even wash some of your heavily soiled garments in this sink, before giving them for a wash in the machine.

The wobble technology treats your clothes with care so that they do not get tangled or crumpled to a great extent. Tangles, twists, and knots are prevented by the dynamic washing flow. This is taken care of by the wobble pulsators.

Another feature, the eco tub clean ensures that your tub is protected from harmful substances, which can affect the durability of the tub. When the tub needs some cleaning, this feature immediately senses it and notifies you of the same.

While washing the clothes, harmful substances like lint, fluff, and other particles might come out of them and settle on the walls of the tub. The magic filter tries to get rid of these substances, so that your clothes come out clean and the drains are not clogged.

The soft curl design on the diamond drum ensures that your clothes are washed in a gentle manner so that they do not get damaged. Your fabric is treated with special care with the help of the tiny water exit holes in the drum. This ensures that your clothes are not trapped while washing.

The LED display on the washing machine is ice blue, which makes the machine look stylish and aesthetic. The display is user-friendly so that you can easily operate the machine.

This Samsung washing machine has some great features, and what makes it even better is the budget within which it is available. This product is a highly recommended one.


5. IFB 7 Fully-Automatic Washing Machine

IFB 7 Fully-Automatic Washing Machine

IFB is yet another great brand for home appliances like microwave ovens and washing machines, that have beneficial features and great value. This particular washing machine is a fully-automatic top-loading washing machine with a 7 kg capacity, which is ideal for washing clothes of 4-5 people.

Ranked as one of the best washing machines under 20000, the IFB washing machine has a 3D wash feature that allows you to soak the clothes. After this, the clothes are washed and dried quickly. This dynamic washing system gets rid of all the dirt particles from the garments.

The drum surface has smooth crescent moon grooves on the surface of the inner wall. A gentle water cushion is created by this, which prevents any kind of damage being caused to your clothes.

Another feature is the Aqua Energie program, which is built-in in the washing machine. It is a filter that absorbs detergent in a better fashion so that your clothes are washed perfectly. The Triadic Pulsator Wash is a feature unique to this model and that ensures your clothes are super clean.

All the stubborn dirt is easily removed with the soft scrub pads that have been provided. There are swirl jets available that pick out dirt from every small corner of the washing machine. The third step is the Mechanical Centre Punch, that ensures that every last bit of dirt and germs are gotten rid of.

Clothes often leave behind lint in the drum, which then tends to go into the drain and cause harm to the environment. The lint tower filter filters out the lint, along with other microfibres. This tower can be removed from the washing machine in order to be cleaned properly from time to time.

Dirt, germs, and the most staunch stains are removed from your clothes. You can preselect your favorite programs and use them whenever needed. There are 8 different wash programs available and a water inlet section from where you can choose your water preference from hot, warm, or cold.

There is an LED display screen on the washing machine, that shows you all the options to choose from. This is extremely user-friendly and anybody can handle it easily.


6. Mitashi Fully-Automatic Washing Machine

Mitashi Fully-Automatic Washing Machine

This fully automatic front loading washing machine belongs to the house of Mitashi, a Japanese brand for electronics and home appliances. It is available in white and has a capacity of 6 kg, which is suitable for washing clothes of 3-4 people at a time. This is yet another washing machine with useful features that fit into your budget.

An optimum spin speed of 1000 rpm is used, which washes out all the dirt from your clothes. Since the speed is so high, the time taken to wash is quite less, whereas the maximum spinning of the clothes is ensured.

The Mitashi washing machine is accompanied by 8 different wash programs, which are – Rinse+Spin, Tub Clean, Spin Only, Cotton, Mix Wash, Synthetics, Delicate, and Quick 15. All these features make the washing machine highly user-friendly.

Made using state-of-the-art technology, this device has a sturdy build, that is durable and long-lasting. It has a rust-free metal body that prevents rust, germs, and dust from settling in. The overall design of the washing machine is stylish, elegant, and well-suited to any kind of home decor.

The washing machine functions with the help of a universal motor that ensures the highest degree of performance, and is energy-efficient. This motor also produces a minimal amount of noise, which is almost negligible and will cause no disturbance. This universal motor further enhances the durability of the appliance.

The noise and shockproof technology have been installed in the machine to function without making the slightest of sound. It operates silently without causing any disturbance in your work. The device is also shockproof, so that you can touch it even while it is working.

The magic lint filter cleans up the tub and gets rid of all the lint and other microfibers so that they do not block the drain. There is a small circuit in the machine that automatically senses when there is an overload, and takes the necessary steps to prevent any damage from taking place.

The self-balance system works well to detect when there is extra laundry, more than the machine can accommodate. It alerts you of the same so that the normal washing process can begin once you remove the excess clothes. The self-cleaning drum gets rid of all the dirt and debris left behind as a result of washing.

This washing machine works with great speed by cleaning clothes with little dirt only in 15 minutes. It is able to get rid of tough stains with the 96-degree high heating wash. All the germs, allergens, and other substances are washed away and the detergent is diluted easily.

The child lock system is very important for any electrical appliance if there are children in the house. It prevents the machine from switching on when a child is fiddling around with the buttons. Lastly, there is a buzzer that will alert you when the washing has been done, so that you do not have to check continuously.


7. AmazonBasics Fully-Automatic Washing Machine

AmazonBasics Fully-Automatic Washing Machine

AmazonBasics has manufactured some excellent products of premium quality, and this fully-automatic front load washing machine is one of them. It has a capacity of 7 kg, that can successfully wash the clothes for at least 5 people. The washing machine has an ergonomic design with many features worth mentioning.

Available in an elegant shade of silver, the washing machine is compact as compared to others and will gel in well with all the design of your home. This washing machine has a low rate of vibration during the washing process. This is due to the sturdy and well-balanced build of the device.

The drum is made of stainless steel. It is facilitated by diamond technology that can easily handle a high speed without letting your clothes be damaged. This also allows the clothes to dry up faster.

Since this is a front load washing machine, the door is on the front side and the control panel with all the various modes is on top of it. On the left, there is an inlet into which you can pour the detergent. With the help of the rotary knob, you can control all the modes and functions.

The motor in this machine runs at a high speed of 1300 rpm, which ensures that every bit of dirt is lodged out from the clothes. Ranked as the best washing machine under 20000, this model comes with 23 different wash programs for a variety of fabrics you might own. For quick washing, there is the express wash feature, which will get the work done in under 15 minutes.

Some other wash programs include the self tub cleaning, that gets rid of all the lint from the tub, the anti-creasing function that prevents creasing of your clothes to the maximum level, the antimicrobial hot wash, and so on.

Appliances like mixer & grinders and washing machines tend to make a lot of noise while operating. This can hinder the peace and cause a disturbance. The AmazonBasics washing machine has a silent wash feature that makes for a noise-free and silent washing process.

The body of this washing machine is rust-free. This makes it highly durable and long-lasting. It has a wide voltage frequency that allows clothes to be washed at a rapid speed and the overload protection protects the machine when there are voltage fluctuations.

Even when there is low water pressure due to water problems in your area, this device can adjust to it and work perfectly well. The LED display panel is user-friendly and designed in a way so that you can see it even in low light. This panel informs you about the wash cycle and alerts you about the progress.

The drawback of this particular front load washing machine is that it comes with only a 1-year warranty, whereas other brands offer a longer period of warranty. However, if you can overlook this drawback, you will realize the usefulness of this device for your home.


8. Whirlpool Fully-Automatic Washing Machine

Whirlpool Fully-Automatic Washing Machine

If you are looking for the best fully automatic washing machine under 20000, the Whirlpool washing machine is your best deal. This stunning device offers a great package, that includes some of the best features you can possibly find in any washing machine within this budget.

A unique feature of this washing machine is the Hotmatic technology that it comes with. You can put different fabrics into the machine. The data will be analyzed by the advanced Microprocessor and Intellisensor, which will control the temperature of the water according to the fabric.

This ensures that the fabric is cleaned but remains as soft as ever. This powerful machine has the ability to fight stains and germs efficiently. It can remove stains that are 48 hours old, upto 25 tough stains that cannot be removed manually, and 99.9% germs and allergens are also removed.

It has EasyTech for effective and proper cleaning of every piece of clothing. There are smart sensors installed in the washing machine, that can sense when there is a low voltage supply or when the water pressure is low. This particular model has a capacity of 8 kg.

The hard water wash technology takes into consideration the fact that most areas in India supply hard water and hence, clothes are also washed in that water. All the operations in the washing machine are adapted to work with the hard water that is supplied. However, this is done while keeping the softness and the color of all your clothes intact.

The Express wash feature is meant to increase the speed of the washing process, and reduce the time taken by almost 50%. However, this feature works only with less soiled clothes. This not only saves energy but also a lot of detergent.

There are a variety of smart features that ensure that the fabric and color of your clothes stay intact at all times, even after washing them. The smart lint filter gets rid of any amount of lint that might have accumulated during the course of the washing process.

Another smart feature is the smart recommendation that can sense the load of the laundry and advise you on how much detergent is required to wash that load. The 6th sense ultra clean technology comes with an in-built heater along with unique soak and 3D scrub. This allows the detergent to penetrate deeper into the clothes to remove every stain.

Even when the water pressure is as low as 0.017 mpa, the tub is filled up quickly with the help of the ZPF technology. The 3D scrub technology rotates and moves the clothes so that the clothes are cleaned evenly. This washing machine boasts of being able to fight 25 types of stains.

This device is eco-friendly as well, since it saves almost 2 buckets of water during every wash. Lastly, the proof that this is a premium quality machine is that it has a 5 star energy rating.


9. Bosch Fully-Automatic Washing Machine

Bosch Fully-Automatic Washing Machine

The German brand, Bosch, is known for making some of the most durable and long lasting products at an affordable rate. This model of the Bosch fully-automatic top loading washing machine has a capacity of 6.5 kg, that is able to give the perfect wash results using the PowerWave wash systems.

The lid of this washing machine is a soft closing lid that shuts very slowly and gently so that your fingers are not injured in any way. The lid is made of glass, which is strong enough to withstand any amount of heavy weight.

Another important feature is the power-off memory. This is useful when there is a power failure so that once the power is back on, the machine can resume functioning where it had left off. The 6.5 kg capacity of the device makes it suitable to be used by families with 3-4 members.

This powerful machine has a high spin speed of 680 rpm and it is a well-known fact that the higher the spin speed, the lesser time taken by your clothes to dry up. There is a dual dispenser installed in the machine, which has two separate pockets for liquid detergent and powder detergent, respectively.

You can use whichever is available to you. This flexibility offered by the washing machine ensures the best wash results for your clothes. This machine has an aesthetically pleasing look and feel to it that easily fits into the design of your home.

The control panel on the washing machine is simple and user-friendly. The different modes and options are easy to understand and work with. The dynamic water flow is a unique and very important feature of this washing machine. Even when there is water pressure as low as 0.3 bar, this device is able to work just fine.

The magic filter accumulates all the lint and fluff that comes out of washing the dirty clothes, and gets rid of them without clogging the drains. The machine has a smart sensor that can sense the laundry load. Based on this load, it will automatically select the suitable mode for washing the clothes.

Bosch is a legendary brand that brought the top loading washing machine to the Indian market. Before this, there were only front loading machines. This device ranks high on the performance scale and hence, is considered to be the best washing machine under 20000.


10. IFB Fully-Automatic Washing Machine

IFB Fully-Automatic Washing Machine

We spoke at length about the IFB top loading washing machine earlier in this section, and here we have the IFB front loading washing machine that has some equally good features. This model has a capacity of 6 kg and is available in an elegant silver shade.

The Aqua Energie system is able to energize the water so that the detergent is dissolved better. This makes your clothes softer than ever. Other than this, the machine provides you with a wide range of wash programs, each one meant to deal with a different fabric. This ensures that every garment is treated with the necessary care.

This machine is anti-allergen, that is, it gets rid of allergens, germs and dust so that you have fresh and clean clothes to wear every day. If you are looking for a washing machine that will take care of the needs of all your family members, even small babies, this is the ideal machine for you.

There is a laundry add option which you can use to pause the washing process and add clothes whenever you wish. The washing machine has the ball valve technology that keeps back all the leftover detergent and allows the water to drain out. This prevents any kind of wastage from taking place.

The express wash feature allows all your clothes to be washed within 15 minutes when they are lightly soiled. This tends to be a perfect way to wash your gym clothes. The machine is protected from high-low voltage, which takes care of voltage fluctuations and takes care of all the electrical components.

Thus, IFB is a brand that has manufactured a gem of a product, and the best part is that it is available within a 20000 budget.


FAQs on Washing Machines Under ₹20000

1. Which One Is Better – Top Load Washing Machine Or Front Load Washing Machine?

Both these washing machines have their pros and cons. Front load washing machines tend to consume more water than the top load ones hence, they are not suitable in an area with water problems. The machine you buy depends on the area you live in, your budget and other requirements.

2. Which Is The Best Washing Machine Brand?

While there are several brands that manufacture some of the best washing machines under 20000, none of them can beat the excellence of LG. This brand boasts of building its washing machines using the latest state-of-the-art technology that not only have brilliant features, but also come in exquisite designs.

3. How Long Should A Washing Machine Last?

If it’s only a washing machine, then it is expected to last for approximately 12-14 years. On the other hand, a dryer can last for 12-18 years. However, a washing machine and a dryer together in one device is able to last for 10 years.


In today’s time when every member of the house is busy with their office work, there is hardly any time and energy left to be spent on washing clothes manually. Thus, a washing machine has become a crucial part of our lives, as it washes all your clothes without requiring your interference.

This article gives an overview of some of the best washing machines under 20000 that are available in the market. It is meant to guide you so that you find the ideal washing machine for your home.

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