Best Table Fans In India 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Usha Maxx Air 2. Bajaj PT01 3. VGuard
Usha Maxx Air Best Table Fan In India Bajaj Ultima PT01 VGuard

India, being a tropical country, has one of the most unbearable summer seasons. The scorching heat during this period can lead to extreme discomfort and uneasiness at home, creating obstacles for your everyday life. The only thing that can, perhaps, give you some relief is the best table fan in India.

For your satisfaction, some of the most effective and fashionable yet cost-effective table fans have been brought to the market. These applainces are easy to use, portable, and handy.

With the increase in global warming, every year, the heat is getting more and more intense. You can simply rely on air conditioners to deal with the high temperatures. A table fan can be quite beneficial, especially if you want to save some money as well.


Investing in air conditioners can be a hassle because of its high price and the extra electricity bill that you have to pay every month. Table fans use less electricity, which automatically reduces your monthly electricity bill. These fans are a boon for middle-class families.

Factors To Be Considered Before Buying The Best Table Fan

For your benefit, before buying a table fan, you must know which is the table fan that stands out among all the others to not be disappointed with your purchase later on. To avoid this, here is a list of factors that you must consider before buying the best table fan.

1. Size

Table fans are usually available in a variety of sizes. The table fans that are small in size are suitable to be kept on desks, shop counters, or to be used for any other personal needs. The average-sized fans, since they are slightly larger, can be used in a single small room.

The most popular fan sizes that people purchase are 12, 16, and 20-inch diameter fans. The airflow is more if the fan is larger. Check the size of the fan if you are buying it online, depending on where you want to place it.

2. The Material Used

A long time ago, when table fans had just been introduced, the material used to make them was metal. The body of the fan was usually crafted out of iron or steel. However, with time, manufacturers began using other materials as well, for example, metals like PVC.

Metal fans tend to catch rust very soon, and that is the main problem. Other than this, metallic table fans are quite useful for heavy-duty or outdoor usage. The material is better if used for bigger fans.

If you are planning to purchase a table fan, then it is advised that you buy one that is made of fiber or PVC. Not only is it cheap but also easy to move around and more durable in the long run as there is no risk of rusting.

3. Detachable Grill Or Mesh

The main function of a table fan is to rotate and allow the air flowing from several directions to culminate into flowing towards one direction. This process can easily attract a lot of dust. You must regularly clean the fan to get rid of the accumulated dust.

For this purpose, a table fan with a detachable grill or mesh is best because you can easily detach the grill to clean the fan. Once done, you can attach the grill once again.

It is highly recommended that you purchase a table fan that does not need to be assembled using screws. Buy one that can be easily and quickly fitted. This way, you can do the cleaning of the fan blades without help from any mechanic.

However, you must always unplug the fan before cleaning it to avoid accidents of any kind.

4. Noise

Table fans can often create a lot of noise, and this is a reason why people usually do not prefer purchasing one. However, the latest table fans that are manufactured are made in such a way that they virtually create no noise or less noise.

The intensity of the noise differs from one table fan to another. However, an interesting fact is that some people feel comforted by the white noise created by table fans. This is, in fact, true for a lot of people.

5. Swing Oscillation

With a table fan, the advantage is that they can generate airflow in many directions and not just a single direction. Table fans are capable of moving, swinging, rotating, or even moving side-by-side to help in cooling in multiple directions.

While there are table fans that provide automated swing function, there are others that generate air only in one direction and needs to be controlled manually. You must check the specifications of the table fan to know whether or not it comes with swing oscillation.

6. Fan Power

You must check the power consumption of the table fan before buying it. The average power consumption is 40 to 50 watts, and the maximum power consumption for home is 80 to 100 watts. The fan’s wattage is usually mentioned below the fan or at the back.

7. Design

Window fans or box fans can be used by placing them on window sills. They can bring in fresh air from outside. However, due to the slim design of these fans, they can be easily knocked over.

Classic desktop fans are beneficial and have good designs as well, but they are usually a little bulky. However, if the grill is too widely spaced, then it can lead to accidents.

Floor models that can be kept on tables as well are good for you, especially if you have children and pets at home.

Keeping in mind all the factors mentioned above, you can buy yourself a good table fan. To further help you make a decision, a list of best table fans 2020 has been provided. You can go through the list, do some research on your own and then purchase the best one.

Top 10 Best Table Fans In India 2020

1. Usha Maxx Air

Usha Maxx Air Best Table Fan In IndiaUsha has been a trusted brand among Indians for many years, mainly because of the quality and durable nature of its home appliances. This product is easily available online at only Rs. 1,799 and in white color.

The Usha Maxx model is not only a handy table fan but also scores high on performance because of its excellent features. The powerful motor of this fan is impressive as it gives a 400 mm sweep and 85 cm of air delivery. This makes it ideal for larger rooms as well.

The power consumption of the table fan is only 55 watts, which makes it a huge saver of electricity and makes it more environment-friendly. The Aerodynamic Polypropylene blades used in the table fan makes it better for air delivery and creates low noise.

The design of the fan enables jerk-free and smooth oscillation, which is essential for air supply. Other than this, this Usha table fan also has an oil reservoir lubrication feature, which makes sure that the fan has prolonged life and that it functions flawlessly.

It has a powder-coated guard with 120 ribs and a PPCP ring. Along with this, the motor is made of 100% copper for longer life. The table fan also has a motor overheat auto protection that senses when the motor gets overheated and switches it off.

Lastly, the table fan has a unique pivot arrangement for uniform oscillation and tilting. All these features make this Usha Maxx table fan one of the best table fans in India.


2. Bajaj Ultima PT01

Bajaj Ultima PT01Available at an even lower price than the previous table fan, the Bajaj Ultima table fun sports a white-colored outer body and blue fan blades. It has a powerful motor for better and higher air delivery.

The air sweep that it provides is 200 mm, and the size of the fan is 14 inches. It is an elegant high-speed fan with modern looks. The table fan is non-rechargeable.

It works with high speed and has multiple usages. The powerful motor is designed to suit Indian conditions. The blades in the table fan are aerodynamically designed.

The table fan has a compact design with powder coated guards. Bajaj is another brand that has earned its reputation through quality products and customer service. It is a brand that customers have trusted for years, and you should consider buying this table fan.


3. VGuard

VGuardThe Lap Breeze Box Fan from the house of V-Guard is a great fan that comes with the best of features and utilities to make it a must for homes and even for offices. This personal fan can be easily fixed in any place, and it is also very easy to carry it from one place to another.

It can be operated at 40 watts power and has three-speed control functions, letting you adjust speeds as per your convenience. This personal fan has a rotating grill, which ensures uniform air delivery.

The model is lightweight and very compact. It is aerodynamically designed, which ensures a free flow of air without any resistance and hence, creates very little noise. The VGuard personal fan also offers great air ventilation in the room.

The less consumption of power makes this model both pocket-friendly and environment-friendly. The design of the fan has an antique touch to it. It is available in brown color and an affordable price as well.

Lastly, the sweep size of the table fan is 250 mm.


4. DazzelOn

DazzelOnThe DazzelOn table fan is slightly on the side of high-end table fans due to its features and the price at which it is available. The price is quite high as compared to the table fans we have discussed until now.

This table fan facilitates maximum air movement with a 14 inch, five-blade design. It also has a built-in powerful motor that gives it a strong and steady stream of cool air at two different speeds with maximum airflow.

It has a battery with 4500 mAh capacity. The battery is rechargeable and even replaceable and is sealed with lead-acid. The charge on the battery is capable of lasting for 5-8 hours, depending on the speed at which it is working.

The table fan is enabled with AC and DC power capability. The fan can be powered from ac mains as well. It has a 150-degree swivel fan head for precisely directed airflow.

The best feature of the table fan is that it has a two w LED night light, which can assist you if you are studying or doing some work as you enjoy the cool air of the fan. Additionally, the fan also has a USB port for charging other appliances like your phone.

All in all, this relatively new brand has come up with an excellent product that will give you some relief in the scorching heat and do more than that as well. If your budget permits, then you must go for this product.


5. Usha Duos Mist Air

Usha Duos Mist AirAnother Usha product, this table fan, comes in a very sophisticated color of purple. The design and colour of the fan make it a stylish product to have around in the house. The dual colour design makes the fan attractive and decorative.

The fan is enabled with aerodynamic PP blades for better air delivery and minimum noise. It has a uniform and jerk-free oscillation system that works quite efficiently.

The product has a soft hand tilting mechanism with dual options- knob and ratchet type mechanisms. In the case of thermal overloading, the fan has a fuse, which will automatically protect the motor.
The sweep size of the table fan is 400 mm, and air delivery is 60. This is a non-rechargeable fan. The fan has an auto rotation button at the backside, which saves you the hassle of moving the fan in different directions.

The product is priced at an affordable price of Rs. 1,915 and can be easily purchased online.


6. Havells Swing LX

Havells Swing LXThe Havells swing table fan is ideal for your home or office, especially if you are looking for a portable and high-performance fan. The table fan has a white and cherry mesh, which helps it blend in with the decor of your living room, bedroom, or office.

This table fan is enabled with jerk free oscillation because of its pivot arrangement. This arrangement is also useful for tilting the fan. Uniform airflow is ensured by the aerodynamically designed PP fan blades.

The table fan is perfectly safe to have around in the house, even if you have small children and pets running about. The 120 rib guard protection protects the fan blades by making them accessible and unexposed. This is essentially what makes the table fan safe for use, especially at home.

The highest speed that the table fan can run at is 1350 rpm and air delivery of 72 cm. This Havells product is great for air circulation and facilitates in making any room breezy and fresh.

Unlike most table fans, this one makes very low noise and can be said to be almost noise-free. This can be an advantage for you if you are looking for some peace while working without the constant noise of the fan blades moving.

The fan has a thermal overload protector that prevents the motor from being damaged in the case of a short circuit. The protector gives a sense of durability to the fan. The fan also has a stable case, which makes it easy to be kept on any flat surface.

The three-speed buttons on the base provide a low, medium, and high speed, and you can easily regulate the speed using these buttons as per the season’s requirement. Lastly, the protective grill of the fan ensures the smooth functioning of the appliance.

The Havells table fan promises to provide you with comfort in times of extreme heat. Due to its excellent features, this product has made its way to the list of best table fans.


7. Crompton HiFlo Eva

Crompton HiFlo EvaThe Crompton table fan is available at quite a pocket-friendly price. This particular table fan is white, and hence, it can fit in well with the decor of your home or office. That is the beauty of white.

The table fan has a plastic body and base. This is what ensures the safety of the fan as plastic cannot catch current easily. Metal bodies, on the other hand, can be quite dangerous as it attracts current more readily.

Make sure you go for a table fan with a plastic body like this one. The design of the fan is aesthetically suited to any modern household. The highest speed of the fan is 1300 rpm, and air sweep is 400 mm, which ensures uniform airflow across the room.

The air delivery is 60 CU M/min. The Crompton table fan provides for enhanced air circulation and ventilation, which makes it a perfect product for personal cooling. It is compact in size, portable and suitable for use around the house as well as office.

It has a wider base with sturdy looks. The base has three buttons on it to facilitate speed regulation. The three buttons signify- low, medium, and high, and you can easily adjust the speed as per your immediate requirements.

This particular table fan is not rechargeable. The fan can be bent upwards or downwards with the help of a knob given at the neck. Overall, the Crompton table fan is worth purchasing, and this product will not disappoint you.


8. Cinni

CinniThe Cinni table fan is another high-end product for which you need to have a slightly higher budget. The fan works at a really high speed of 2000 rpm. Compared to other table fans, this fan provides a much higher speed, which can be beneficial when it is extremely hot.

This table fan provides a jerk-free oscillation. The pivot arrangement is what facilitates the oscillation as well as tilting. The fan comes with different speed parameters that you can choose from as per your needs and requirements.

Once again, this table fan, too, helps in air circulation and ensures a uniform flow of air that reaches every part of the room. The design of the fan is unique as it has an antique touch to it, be it the colour or the overall look.

The fan is also different from other table fans as this one has four blades instead of the usual 3. Fans with four blades tend to be better than those with three blades for the simple reason that they provide a higher rate of airflow.

However, four blades also consume more power, so whatever decision you make, keep these factors in mind. Cinni was established in 1950, and a lot of people from older generations have grown up using products of this brand.

Customers have consistently praised Cinni table fans for its good quality and the high-speed breeze it provides on the hottest of days.


9. Orient

OrientThis summer brings home with you an Orient Electric table fan, which can be easily placed on your table or desk to provide you with a fresh and cool breeze. The table fan has got a sophisticated and posh look about it a courtesy to the color combination used- white and grey.

It can easily fit in and, in fact, enhance the overall ambiance of any room with its beautiful design. This one is a high-speed fan that can run at 2000 rpm as a result of the powerful motor that can deliver extra air thrust. The aerodynamically designed resin blades ensure maximum air delivery.

The fan has a three-speed piano switch control with which you can easily control the speed of the fan as per the temperature around you. This product is enabled with a 90-degree oscillation and comes with an upward and downward tilt mechanism.

It has extra protection against corrosion with the help of the powder-coated guard and polymer ring. Lastly, the table fan can be easily assembled without putting in much effort.


10. Havells Crescent

Havells CrescentThis is a one of a kind table fan from the house of Havells, which is now one of the leading Fast Moving Electrical Goods (FMEG) companies. This table fan is crescent in shape, which has a sun-moon look. These kinds of unique designs and great service of Havells products is what has led to its global presence.

The fan has a jerk-free revolving grill for a wider spread of air. The fan serves a dual purpose, that is, it can be used both on the table as well as on the wall. The fan has a 250 mm air delivery capacity, which ensures superior air delivery.

The five blades of the fan are provided to maximize the circulation of air. The speed regulator allows you to customize the fan’s speed as per the requirement of the season. You can opt between low, medium, and high with the 3-speed regulator.

The fan has a stable base that permits it to be placed easily on any flat surface. This is a high-speed fan with a maximum speed of 1350 rpm, which will cool you in minutes. This table fan is a much-needed product to assist you during the most humid of summers.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Is Better- Air Cooler Or Table Fan?

In terms of which cools faster and better, the air cooler would be the winner. This is because unlike a table fan which merely circulates the surrounding air, an air cooler emits cool air. A table fan can cool only a part of the room, and its reach is limited.

However, an air cooler can cool a larger area as it distributes uniform cool air across the room. In terms of space occupancy, table fans occupy less space as compared to air coolers. Air coolers are large appliances in general.

Lastly, in terms of power consumption, air coolers consume 35% more power than table fans. This means that table fans are more eco-friendly and pocket-friendly.

2. Which Table Fan Is Best In India?

There is no one specific product that can be termed the best table fan in India. This is because the market is extremely competitive now, and every brand is trying to beat the other, trying to provide better features.

However, some of the brands of table fans that have earned their names due to the sheer good quality of their products and their services are- Usha, Orient, Havells, Bajaj, and Crompton.

You must check out the various factors already mentioned in a section above, before purchasing the best table fan. Different people might have different requirements, and hence, what you consider best might not be the best for someone else.

3. Do Table Fans Require Regular Oiling?

This depends on the table fan that you are purchasing. Some table fans have double-sealed ball bearings that do not require oiling. Others are provided with a small hole above the motor through which you can pour 2-3 drops of oil.

The oil helps in lubricating the motor, and this enhances the overall efficiency and working of the table fan.

4. Can Running A Table Fan For A Long Time Lead To Overheating?

Much like any other electrical appliance, a table fan also tends to overheat if kept on for a long time. You must be careful about this because if the motor gets too hot, then it can lead to the fan getting damaged or even causing serious accidents.

If you notice that the fan has become too hot, then make sure that you turn it off immediately and check if the motor is functioning properly. Even unpleasant odor can be suggestive of overloading.


A table fan can be beneficial in more than one way. For one, it is cheaper than other air circulation devices, consume far less power and requires no installation or fittings like an air cooler or air conditioner.

They are compact yet effective and this makes it the best appliance to beat the heat in an eco-friendly way. Make sure that you get yourself the best table fan this summer at the best price in market.

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