Best Portable ACs In India 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Honeywell 2. Lifebuoy 3. Lloyd
Honeywell Best Portable AC In India Eurgeen Lloyd 1

Summers should be all about fun. And yet in this country, in the climate we have, we mostly end up spending it wiping sweat off our foreheads and trying to cool ourselves with whatever means we have at our disposal. It wouldn’t be so bad however, if all of us had access to air conditioners, we could install them in every room of the house.

In real life though, that is hardly ever the case. Most of us are barely able to afford one air conditioner, and with the rising costs of electricity and maintenance, even that is becoming difficult for the average household. Now one way you could make sure that the cool air follows you everywhere you go, is by investing in the best portable air conditioner in India. 


1. What Is A Portable AC?

A lot of you may not have heard of the portable AC, and that is understandable. It is after all not a very commonly marketed product. But do not confuse the lack of popularity for this product with its lack of utility. Portable ACs are some of the most useful applainces you could have in your home. In summers as a matter of fact, you would be missing out on a lot if you don’t have one of these in your house.

Now in case some of you are confused what a portable AC really is, we thought it best to clear it up for you. Mainly designed for single rooms, when you think of a portable air conditioner, we want you to picture an air cooler.

The build and body of the two appliances are very similar. And while both of them have the single purpose of keeping you cool; the AC offers much better cooling due to the conditioning technology and refined mechanics.

In case lately you have been feeling as if the heating, ventilation and air conditioning, or HVAC for short, system of your house doesn’t quite feel up to the mark, the portable AC will actually be just the boost you need. It will not just cool the room you place it in, but also filter in fresh air so that you remain as healthy as ever.

And while the AC is only typically found in either the bedroom or the living room, the portable AC can be placed anywhere from the computer room to the garage or anywhere else in the house if you think about it.

2. Setting It Up

Now not unlike most other appliances, the portable AC also does seem a little intimidating at first. In fact, you may look at it and start thinking that maybe it is too complicated for you. However, that is certainly not the case.

Just like most other appliances, the portable air conditioner comes with a carefully written and compiled user manual, which when used to best effect, will make the installation and usage so much easier for you.

Think of the portable air conditioner, or the PAC in short, as simply a self-contained portable system best used for cooling areas the size of a single room. They are very easy to install, no matter what it looks like, and you absolutely don’t need any kind of skilled labor to perform and complete the set up.

Typically, these portable ACs sit on the floor, which is in sharp contrast to regular ACs which actually hang somewhere at a height in the room. But don’t worry, as this has no effect on the cooling and efficiency of the AC. With its unique cooling technology, it is able to supply air in all the corners of the room without any problems.

Now besides the user manual, they also come with a handy installation kit, which will aid you in setting up the appliance quickly. Another extra feature is that most of them have wheels.

Since we are stressing so much on the portability part, it would not make sense to make movement easier for this device. With the wheels, you can easily wheel it around to any part of the house.

In fact, in summers, since you obviously won’t be sitting at the same place all the time, you can just move it around with you. This way, the heat won’t make you feel uncomfortable no matter where you sit. Such a feature is sorely missing from the window units and gives these ones an edge over the former.

3. Requirements Or The Things You Need

Now there is no need to worry just because you looked at the title and felt underprepared. When we say requirements, we basically mean that here are some things you must keep in mind, before you buy a portable air conditioner.

First up, not all models are the same. As is the case with almost all other appliances, each model comes with its own set of benefits and shortcomings. Similarly, the requirements could also vary from model to model.

Now in spite of all this, if there is one thing that does remain constant, it is the fact that setting up is always quick and painless. Now to further talk about this, first we will need to know what the PAC does or how it works. The answer is that the portable air conditioner recycles the air in your house by throwing out the warm air and moisture, which in turn brings down the temperature of the room.

Now what do you think happens to the warm air that you just discarded? Does it just vanish? No, it is exhausted out through a mechanism you can call the window kit. Window kits generally have two primary components, which are the window slider and the exhaust hose.

It is a pretty straightforward technique, wherein the warm air collected by the PAC is discarded outside through the exhaust hose. Some select models can also be vented into a drop ceiling or through a wall. Once you have the window kit up and running, you are good to go to start using the appliance as well.

A little side note here, the part where you are discarding the warm air outside your house, is why it is generally advised not to go overboard and purchase multiple air conditioners for your house.

You see, when you exhaust hot air through your window, although the temperature of your house goes down by a significant amount, the average temperature of the environment outside goes up, even though by the tiniest amount.

Now since every household these days possesses at least one of AC, collectively, the average temperature outside tends to climb up quite a few points. That is, not to mention the greenhouse gases that are emitted from these appliances, which further leads to increasing temperatures.

So, to sum up, if you don’t want to see the earth’s environment destroyed and would want to contribute towards stopping global warming, we suggest you start using these appliances responsibly.

4. Moisture & Water Content

Now since the PAL collects moisture from the air as we explained earlier, a common question that is often encountered is whether or not you need to work towards removing or getting rid of this collected water over time.

Well, the answer is slightly ambiguous at this point, since with different kinds of models, you get all sorts of techniques for getting rid of the moisture. We are now going to discuss a few of those here.

1. Fully Self Evaporative Models

The name itself here is quite self-explanatory. These are the really advanced and newer models, where the exhaust pipe serves a dual purpose. It does not just throw out warm air from the house, but also serves as an outlet for the moisture to evaporate.

What this means for you is that you will rarely be needing to manually collect and throw out the water. Rather, the exhaust itself will do the job for you. With the condensate water taking care of itself without needing any intervention from you, these models are essentially maintenance free and are able to give the user hassle free and continuous operation.

Easily the best of the lot, we suggest you go for one of these if you have the budget and are looking for a top of the line portable air conditioner for your home.

2. Gravity Drain And Condensate Pump

Again, the name gives away most of the operation. While the evaporative type models harnessed the physical transformation of evaporation to get rid of the water through the exhaust hose, gravity drain PACs rely on another physical phenomena which is gravity.

The concept here is simple enough. Over time, the PAC accumulates water which is collected from your house in order to facilitate cooling. Once this water reaches a certain threshold, it is simply transported through the drain hose, being used instead of the exhaust hose, which flushes the water down into the drain or another location of your choosing.

Now you might be thinking that this would mean an increased cost for you, since you will have to buy the drain hose separately. But fortunately, that is not true at all. Certain models actually come with a drain hose included with the original contents and installation kit.

Now the way for you to get this to work is by attaching the hose pipe to the drain port and then letting them do their work, as you sit back and relax. It is that simple and easy.

As an alternative, a lot of portable air conditioners are also designed to work in conjunction with condensate pump accessories. The way they work is by pumping the drained water through a hose to let out of a window, for example or simply to another location of your choosing, as per your convenience, even travelling long distances in the process.

3. Manual Removal

Now the final and most basic, but also equally effective way of removal of the collected water is to do it manually. While this may not sound appealing to some, and is arguably the one which involves the most amount of work, it does guarantee that the job will be done thoroughly, and all the water will be drained out completely.

This type of standard PACs actually come with buckets where all this residue water is stored. These buckets will then need to be emptied and replaced periodically so that the AC remains functional and gives the best amount of cooling.

The frequency of this removal process could actually vary quite a bit. While it could be as frequent as every eight hours, it could even be as rare as once per month, depending on the kind of model you have purchased.

Also, depending on the humidity levels at the time and the time of day at which you are using it, water will be collecting inside the bucket at a faster or slower rate. Once the bucket is full, you simply need to shut the appliance down, empty and replace the bucket and start up the machine again to resume cooling.

5. What BTU Level Would Be Best For You

Similar to all regular air conditioners, the cooling capacity of PACs is also measured in BTUs. BTU stands for British Thermal Unit and is a very commonly used scale to rank cooling devices on. Suffice to say, that the more BTU a cooling appliance has, better will be the cooling capacity it has.

To be more accurate, you can say that with higher BTUs, the range of an appliance increases proportionally. To give you an example, an appliance with 7500 BTU will suffice to cool a room of size 1200 cubic feet while one with a BTU of 10,000 will be able to cover 2400 cubic feet.

The best practice for you would be to consult a similar chart which lists various BTU values and how much area each of them can respectively cover. Then, all you need to do is find out what is the size of the room, or rooms that you are mainly interested in cooling and buy a PAC which can service that much area.

To make it simpler for you, we have done some classification here, which can serve as a quick guide for the same purpose.

First up, small rooms, generally classified as anywhere up to 300 square feet, will be best suited with portable air conditioners with BTUs ranging from 7000 to 10,000. When we say small, we could mean anything from small bedrooms, to nurseries and even offices.

Medium sized rooms on the other hand are classified as those which are anywhere between 350 to 700 square feet in size, and will typically require PACs which have a BTU value lying between 11,000 to 14,000. Examples of such rooms could be living rooms or larger bedrooms.

Finally, you have the large sized areas which could also be called commercial spaces. These are more than 700 square feet in size and generally used to store industrial equipment or any other commercial uses.

Examples could be computer server rooms, special event spaces or halls, and even manufacturing facilities. For them, you need an industrial grade portable air conditioner which would typically be more than 14,000 BTU.

Other than this, there are other factors as well which should influence your purchase and choice of a BTU value for a PAC. One of these factors could be the location at which you live. For example, if you live in a place with a cooler climate, you would not need a very high BTU associated with the PAC. Even one with a lower value would suffice pretty well.

Another factor could be whether or not the room you are going to be placing the PAC in has some major heat generating appliances. With all those appliances lying around, the average temperature of that room has got to shoot up, and which is why you will need a portable high conditioner with a high enough BTU value.

6. Ideal For Server Rooms

If you are an IT professional, or someone who is in charge of the proper maintenance of IT equipment, you must be familiar with the term server room. This is basically the location where all the servers for a particular project, or even multiple projects, are collectively hosted.

For an average person it only looks like a huge collection of hardware in a single room, but for someone from the industry, they know how important these servers can be. Each of these servers are responsible for supporting and serving as a platform for critical projects that will fail completely if they were to shut down.

While some of them are testing servers, others could also be live production servers which are super business critical and may lead to significant losses if they malfunction.

Now since these are so critical and essential to any corporate entity, they are quite well taken care of. The temperature in the room is always maintained and regulated at just the right amount so the servers do not overheat and risk a shutdown.

Now in order to do that, usually a central air conditioning system is put in place, which by the way, also powers the rest of the office. However, on weekends or holidays, the air conditioning system might be turned off, especially if it is a small funded corporate office or a startup.

In such cases, to maintain the well-being of the server room, it would make perfect sense to use a portable air conditioner. Since they come in various sizes, you will easily be able to find one that suits your needs. Also, the cooling power matches that of conventional air conditioners, so the servers would feel no differences at all.

A great recommendation would be to use the fully evaporative type models so that you never have to go and manually discard the collected moisture from the room. You can practically leave it unattended for days without having to worry about anything.

One limitation that can arise here though is the fact that most server rooms do not have any windows and are located completely in the interiors. What this means is that you would have a hard time finding an outlet for disposing off the collected water from the room.

However, this problem can be easily overcome by directing the hot air discharge hose into a drop ceiling space or to another adjacent room through a hole in the wall.

7. Energy Consumption

Now one of the most, if not the most, pressing concerns people have about air conditioners is that they use too much electricity, which further leads to a sharp spike in their bills. Compare this to when you simply use an air cooler or in the winters when you just use a fan, and the difference between the two bills is atrocious to say the least.

Now we are not saying that portable air conditioners will be much better in comparison, but they will certainly turn out cheaper than your average conventional AC. Most of these PACs use your average household voltage of 220 volts. They will also not require any special wiring or electrical outlets.

One thing you will need to take care of though is to make sure that you do not run multiple high energy consumption devices at the same time, in addition to running the PAC, because it can after all draw a substantial amount of energy.

When you run all these heavy devices together, you run the risk of overloading the circuit board. There are some heavy commercial grade portable air conditioners however, which may require certain special outlets or wiring. But if you are going to be using your product solely for personal and home requirements, then you need not worry about this at all.

For more information on this aspect, you can always consult the product description or manual that you will get alongside your purchase. Finally, energy consumption is a dynamic value, and for the most part, it will depend on the kind of model you have bought, and the kind of environment you choose to run the product in.

8. Range

Another common query that customers often have, is whether or not the product will work for multiple rooms. This again, is something that depends on a bunch of external factors. For example, if the size of your rooms is small enough, then it is possible that some of the cooling effect may spill onto the adjacent room as well.

Otherwise, just like a wall mounted AC, PACs work best for cooling the immediate area or room surrounding them. Another limitation which could stop the cooling from travelling to the adjacent room are narrow hallways, doorways or tight spaces. On the other hand, if the space between rooms is wide and expansive enough, then it will be much easier for the cooling to be felt in the adjacent room as well.

Another point worth mentioning here, is that in case you want to increase the range on the portable AC, you can always turn the fan on, as that would help you distribute the cool air over a larger area.

Finally, if nothing else works, you can always simply wheel the PAC down to the next room, or whichever room you want to go to.

9. Single Hose Or Dual Hose?

We have already talked at length about the single hose portable air conditioner, and how it is used to suck up the warm air from inside your room. This warm air is then cooled down to a temperature of your choosing and then funneled back in.

However, a small amount of air that was sucked out does not make it back into the room. In fact, it will be thrown out through the air conditioner’s exhaust pipe.

However, what this does is make the air pressure that was inside the room before higher than what it is after throwing the air out. Basically, there is a slight negative air pressure inside the room, or a shortage of air in simpler terms.

To fill up this sudden shortage, warm air from surrounding spaces may rush in inside the room and get mixed with the cool air from the PAC. This inadvertently causes a drop in the efficiency of the conditioner and increases the average temperature of the room just a little.

A good way to resolve this issue is through using the dual hose portable air conditioner which is another common variant of the PAC found in the market. The two hoses of the dual type PAC are used for air intake and hot air exhaust respectively.

While one of them takes in air from the outside of the room, thus not disturbing the air balance already present in the room, the other one simply expels the warm air outside. In this case, the air that is being cooled has been collected and recycled from the outside, thus avoiding the problem with the single hose PAC.

However, there is a certain downside to this variant as well. When you collect the warm and unconditioned air from outside for cooling the compressor, it results in lowered efficiency. Also, due to dual hoses, they need to employ two internal fans as well.

This might further lead to a higher energy consumption than what you would generally find in a single hose PAC. All factors considered; you can’t really say conclusively if one of these variants is better than the other.

Top 5 Best Portable ACs In India 2020

1. Honeywell

Honeywell Best Portable AC In India

Honeywell is easily one of the most recognizable brands in the country when it comes to electronics appliances. They make a great variety of products, all of which are generally received well and end up getting rave reviews from customers.

When it comes to air conditioners, they already have a substantial hold on the market which they are now looking forward to strengthening even more with their new line of portable air conditioners. This one is a great pick, since it comes with 3 in 1 operation where you can use it for cooling, dehumidification and even as a fan.

The installation is fairly simple, and you would definitely be able to do it for yourself without needing any external help. It comes with a digital control panel with soft-touch buttons which would not wear down easily.

There is an automatic on-off timer in case you need to turn it off or on all by itself at a certain time. There is also the auto evaporation system, which again works for your convenience because you won’t have to manually empty or discard the water that is collected over time.

Finally, along with the conditioner, you also get the exhaust pipe, drain pipe and window bracket.


2. Eurgeen


The Eurgeen 4 in 1 Portable Air Conditioner is a one of a kind product that provides multipurpose usage and is very economical to operate and maintain. It comes with great features and has received an amazing response from its buyers from every demographic. It is rated fit to use for all seasons and can be used for air conditioning, dehumidification, heating and basic fan cooling as well.

It covers an area of up to 150 square feet, making it ideal for small rooms such as your children’s rooms or the office. It has an energy consumption of only 1350 watts, also making it very feasible in terms of electricity bills – which you won’t find spiking once you start using the appliance.

It can easily function with a 5 Amp connection, making it very versatile and flexible. Moreover, it is an evaporative type PAC, which is why the moisture collected over time and repetitive usage is disposed of automatically through the process of evaporation from the exhaust pipe.

No human intervention or effort is required for this process, which makes it a very convenient product to have. It also does come with the auto swing feature and has wheels, so you won’t need to carry it around.


3. Lloyd 1

Lloyd 1

The Lloyd 1 Ton Portable AC does not just have a solid brand backing it up, but also comes with features that are worth your time and attention. Since it is portable and comes with wheels, you can easily move it around the house so that you never have to worry about sweating profusely in your own house ever again.

It has a capacity of 1 Ton which gives it a good enough range Рso that you will be able to place it in a medium sized room, such as your living room, and feel the chill in every corner. It comes in a classy white look, which will go well with your house d̩cor and fit in almost anywhere.


4. Blue Star

Blue Star

Blue Star brand is quite well recognized and rightly so, since their products have always turned out great and loved by customers all over the country. They deal in a variety of electronics, including air conditioners and most of them have been largely successful in the market.

This one comes with 1 Ton capacity, giving it a range good enough for a medium sized room. You could place it in your living room, or the study and it would cool down each and every corner, while also throwing the warm air right outside.

With this product, you get a warranty that lasts for one year on the product, one year on the condenser and five years on the compressor – in case you ever happen to experience any problems with either of those. It has an anti-freeze thermostat and hydrophilic golden evaporator fins.

Another notable feature is that it comes with the tank full alarm, a cooling EER of 2.56 and a power input of 1404 watts. In addition to these, it even has the night glow function on the remote button, making it easier to spot when all the lights are turned off.

The rotary compressor is very high efficiency and it also comes with the self-diagnosis feature. Finally, there is a dust and anti-bacterial silver coating so that it does not get dirty or facilitate the spread of germs.


5. Geek Aire

Geek Aire

This 3-in 1 portable air conditioner from Geek Aire is your one stop solution to beat the summers. It has a powerful 8,000 BTU capacity to cool a room of size up to 300 sq. ft. This means that you could easily place it in your bedroom or even the living room and put all your worries about summer heating to rest once and for all.

Once it starts working up to capacity, you won’t experience sweating or feel even remotely hot or uncomfortable. It also functions as a 3-speed fan to circulate air and as a dehumidifier to remove unwanted moisture.

Why even waste your time and money with bulky and complicated window units for air conditioners which will take up an entire window and could be a pain setting up, when you can simply buy this portable AC which performs almost at par and that too at lowered costs?

It comes with a light-weight window kit for easy installation and has digital controls and a full-function remote which allows you to manage your home temperature and humidity levels. You can use these controls to adjust the temperature, change the fan speed and even set a 24-hour timer for the AC.

Another notable feature is that it is not just sleek and great to look at, but also ultra-quiet with one of the most noiseless operations that you will find in such products. It operates at less than 65 dB, which in no way disturbs the peace and quiet environment at home. Also, to make it easy to move and transport to different parts of the house, it comes with easy-gliding caster wheels at the bottom



Summers can be tough to beat. When you live in a country like India, where the climate is predominantly hot and can go up to dangerous levels in the summer, you tend to learn and develop your own ways to fight the heat.

One of these ways is to make an investment in cooling appliances such as the air conditioner. Some people, if they can afford it, choose to buy multiple air conditioners for different rooms, because you can’t just sit around in one place the entire day.

However, with the advent of PACs, a much better solution has presented itself. Simply buy one of these portable air conditioners which you can wheel around to anywhere in the house. This way, you are maximizing your personal convenience while also doing your bit for the environment.

Also, since they work at almost the same levels of efficiency as regular air conditioners, it is a win-win situation no matter how you look at it. And if you are having trouble choosing from the options presented to you, well, that is exactly what this guide is for.

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