Best Whey Proteins In India 2020 – Reviews & Buyers Guide

1. Optimum Nutrition 2. As It Is 3. Sinew Palladium
Optimum Nutrition Best Whey Protein In India As-it-is Nutrition Whey Protein Concentrate Sinew Nutrition Palladium Whey Protein

You may notice that all the best whey protein containers in India tend to produce a high-quality print however it expresses loads of information on what’s available inside.

If you can read and understand what a particular whey protein container contains, then you can decide whether or not if it matches your aims.

If not, you should search for one that caters to your personal fitness needs. But for all the rookies out there, how can you determine and select the best whey protein in India?

Well, not to worry since we have developed an easy step-by-step guide which helps you decipher protein-powder labels as well as educate you on what whey protein is all about along with its ingredients, the science behind it, whether or not you should consume it and how it helps you meet your fitness goals.


At the end of this guide, you will also get access to the top 10 best whey protein container in India which we feel is highly effective for any fitness fanatic out there.

Inception Of Best Whey Protein In India

Not every whey protein product is produced equally. In fact, there are few variations of protein, such as whey, which are much better than other counterparts. One of the few reasons on why we recommend Whey protein is that it includes a wide array of crucial amino acids, which tend to get absorbed instantly.

There are multiple studies to prove that Whey protein helps in gaining muscle, elevating strength levels and lose excess body fat amounts. In addition, whey is simply more than just protein. As a matter of fact, it contains extensive amounts of nutrients wherein some do come with possible (positive. biological effects.

It’s interesting to note that whey protein is being recognized as one of the top-researched and best-proven supplements available in the market.

Defining Whey Protein?

In layman terms, Whey protein is nothing more than a blend of proteins which is separated throughout the cheese making.

Typically, milk contains two key protein types which are: casein (80%. and whey 20%)

Additionally, Whey appears to be the ‘runny’ or a watery portion of milk. As the cheese starts to form, the fatty parts of the milk congeal and the whey is segregated from it as a concomitant.

One great example to illustrate this would be to look at a liquid which floats on top of an opened yogurt container. This is known as whey. Cheesemakers used to repudiate this before they realized it’s true commercial value.

As the whey gets separated during the production of cheese, it flows through multiple processing steps in order to convert what people typically label as whey protein. This powder is added into protein bars, shakes, and even meal substitutes.

Generally, Whey protein is not delicious to consume on its own. That is why whey is usually flavored. In fact, you have a wide range of flavors starting from vanilla, to chocolate and even strawberry.

These flavors are dynamic and highly popular by a majority group, currently. We do suggest that you read off the ingredients list since there are few products that do contain unhealthy additives such as refined sugar.

If you do take whey protein every day, then you can expect to add 25–50 grams of protein effectively in your diet. 25-50 grams of protein is ultimately crucial for gym-goers, bodybuilders and even those people who wish to lose weight or rather, those folks who have no intake of protein in their diet.

This is not a universal figure but having 25-50 grams of protein does help you improve your current body composition.

A majority of flavored whey proteins can be added to healthy recipes such as smoothies and give it a great taste. Even though Whey is usually considered by many people, there are few users who have lactose intolerance.

Therefore, they need to take caution wherein there are also few people who may be allergic to it.

Assisting In Improving Your Protein And BCAA Intake

Proteins are known as the ideal cornerstone blocks in the human body.

But how? Well, they are utilized to create crucial elements such as organ and skin, tendons, enzymes, hormones, neurotransmitters along with other multiple molecules.

They start to get constructed from amino acids, which are tiny molecules that are connected together just like how beads are placed on a string.

At the same time, there are few amino acids that are developed by different cells in the body and few others are being equipped by the food you consume. Those amino acids which are obtained from foods are known as ‘essential amino acids’.

Basically, proteins that provide all nine essential amino acids are perfect for generating growth in the body and whey protein is packed with them. Whey protein is mainly comprised of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs. such as leucine, wherein it includes a high composition of cysteine.

There are studies which do evaluate that leucine is the highest anabolic amino acid where it continues to grow over time. Also, cysteine helps to provide and elevate heaps of cellular antioxidant glutathione.

After conducting regular studies, it is safe to proclaim that whey protein helps in promoting growth in a human body effectively.

Different Categories Of Whey Protein

What’s the difference between these popular categories of whey protein?
Usually, the chief difference between all of them is the procedure undertaken on how they are being processed.

1. Isolate

Contains less fat and lactose but does include 90% and more protein content. However, when compared to whey protein concentrate, it does not offer useful nutrients.

2. Concentrate

Has about 70 to 80% protein content but some of the products do include milk and sugar content (lactose. as well as fat. The flavor for this category is palatable.

3. Hydrolysate

AKA ‘hydrolyzed whey’. This category has been pre-digested therefore allowing stomachs to absorb it in much quicker. When compared to Isolate, Hydrolysate causes an instant spike up to 28 to 43% when it comes insulin levels.

Ultimately, we feel that the whey protein concentrate is the perfect solution for any user. Why though? Well, it allows the body to optimally absorb in beneficial nutrients that are organically found in whey.

Moreover, it’s really affordable for any user in the market. A lot of people do like the taste of it and this is all thanks to the fat and lactose ingredients.

If you are that user who faces issues when it comes to condoning concentrate, or rather if you’re trying to include more of protein and at the same time, keep fat and carbs low – then we feel that either whey protein hydrolysate or isolate is a suitable choice.

Even though concentrate is a highly demanding type; researchers have examined and declared that even whey protein isolate is perfect for gaining mass, strength and losing dramatic amounts of body fat.

Whey Supplementation Results On Strength And Muscle Mass

For us, the ideal intention or purpose of any whey protein supplement is to increase strength and muscle mass.
It is often said that Whey protein is favored amongst bodybuilders, athletes, fitness models and even those individuals who are seeking different ways to improve their performance levels in the gym.

In addition, the methods by which whey protein elevates strength/muscle gains contain:
Hormones: Whey helps in promoting the release of anabolic hormones which can trigger muscle growth, such as insulin.

1. Building blocks

It delivers both amino acids and protein which are essential since they are known as the building blocks that encourage muscle growth.

2. Quicker Absorption

Whey protein is absorbed and employed instantly when compared to other protein categories.

3. Leucine

Whey consists of high amino acid leucine levels and is known to activate muscle protein synthesis at the genetic and molecular level.

What Might Be The Most Optimal Time To Consume Whey Protein?

Research states that consuming whey protein right before, during or even right after a workout is strikingly effective especially when it comes to enlarging muscle growth.

Typically, muscle protein synthesis is activated and optimized during the time period after a workout or training.

In contrast, there have been studies which had shown that the overall daily protein intake is the most reliable factor if you’re aiming to increase muscle growth.

Although, the timing of when to consume protein (either before, during, or after a workout., does not play an impactful role. As you compare other types of protein, such as soy protein, you can realize that whey protein has a higher performance rate.

When you weigh up casein, studies seemed to be more mixed or ‘neutral’. Whey proves to be more impactful in the short-term, but casein tends to promote muscle growth in the near future or for a longer time period thereby leading the net effect to be somewhat similar.

Furthermore, it is good to note that whey protein tends to be phenomenal results only when your diet is lacking in protein levels. Supplementing a protein-enriched diet with whey protein will lead to negative results, unfortunately.

During a 12-week research study, older adults who performed weight training along with consuming a sufficient protein intake had no difference in muscle growth even though they included whey protein and carbs in their diet.

Thus, the proof of whey protein on strength and muscle is confusing and the outcomes can differ significantly between users.

If a person already eats adequate amounts of fish, meat, dairy, and eggs (which are all enriched with high-quality protein. then the advantages of including whey will be minimal and give a less impact.

Encourages Weight Loss And Improves Satiety

As previously stated, protein helps users in losing weight since it’s known as a macronutrient that’s highly surfeiting.

You can always enhance your energy expenditure by consuming protein up to 80 to 100 calories in a day thus eat less than 441 calories per day automatically.

There was a study which proclaimed that out of the entire daily calorie intake, eating about 25% of it can decrease the addiction or craving of late-snacking by half and eliminate cravings by a whole 60%.

If you replace other calorie sources with whey protein and carry out weight lifting, you can observe a good weight loss rate of about 35kgs while trying to elevate lean muscle mass.

Therefore, if you’re trying to lose weight and at the same time, hold your muscle, then a whey protein supplement can enable you to achieve both of these goals successfully.

Other Great Avails Of Whey Protein

The best protein powders in India don’t only serve as a great protein source but even includes other useful nutrients. Such nutrients can be beta-lactoglobulin, lactoferrin, immunoglobulins, and alpha-lactalbumin.

Apart from just lean mass, muscle, and strength, whey protein can deliver a huge range of benefits such as lowering blood sugar, blood pressure, decreasing depression and stress cases.

Fortunately, it even elevates bone mineral density, shields you against cancer, decreases hepatitis symptoms, increases the life expectancy of mice and enhances the immune function in HIV patients.

Dosage And Side Effects

We recommend consuming about 25-50 grams which are about 1 to 2 scoops per day, after a workout. Also, it’s best to adhere to the serving instructions found on the packaging.

There are concerns such as having high levels of protein leads to osteoporosis and causes kidney damage. However, protein tends to guard against osteoporosis and does not have a negative impact on kidneys at all

Users who are suffering from contemporary liver or kidney issues may need to prevent themselves from utilizing whey protein. Or at the very least, should consult with a doctor before taking it.

Eating a lot of whey protein can lead to digestive issues such as diarrhea, flatulence, nausea, cramping, and pain. There are few people who are allergic to whey protein as well.

It’s perfect to always use isolate or hydrolysate if you are not able to deal with the usual whey protein concentrate. If you don’t wish to use whey protein, then you can eat protein-rich foods, alternatively.

But on a general note, whey protein has a great secure profile and a majority of the people can eat it without facing any sort of issues.

As we have looked into some of the main elements of whey protein, let’s review the top 10 best whey protein products and brands in India.

Top 10 Best Whey Proteins In India 2020

1. Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein Powder

Optimum Nutrition Best Whey Protein In India

With about 24 grams of whey protein per serving, this product brings you whey protein isolates which serves as the chief ingredient. Even so, it only contains about 1 gram of fat and 1 gram of sugar so it is certainly healthy.

In addition, the model includes organic occurring BCAAs which has about 5.5 grams. With this, for each serving, you can consume over 4 grams of glutamic acid and glutamine for each serving. Optimum Nutrition is a product which meets high-quality standards.

Each of these shakes blends seamlessly with water and tastes well after every mix. Whey protein isolate micro-fractions along with the super-filtered whey protein concentrate helps you to shed weight faster and gain muscle.

We recommend using this product before or after exercise/weight training or rather, you can use this mix first thing in the morning.


2. As-It-Is Nutrition Whey Protein Concentrate

As-it-is Nutrition Whey Protein Concentrate

The AS-IT-IS nutrition protein powder product enables the promotion of muscle building. Therefore, you can obtain lean muscles effectively and in a healthy way.

This whey protein powder, in its natural raw form, is perfect for those who carry out intensive workouts since it helps in enhancing recovery thresholds as well as decrease muscle loss.

Apart from this, the unit is produced out of restricted processing. Wherein, this best protein powder has been processed minimally thus ensuring users like you to get access to optimum nutrients and protein levels.

Other than this, since it’s also preserved in its raw form, users can utilize pure and unrefined powder which does not contain any preservatives or fillers.

Each serving has about 30g of high protein concentrate, 24g of protein and 5.4g of Bcaa, which ultimately makes it extremely constructive when it comes to protein synthesis and muscle gain.

This product has no flavor so it may not taste so great but it gives you the opportunity to include a suitable flavor of your choice.


3. Sinew Nutrition Palladium Whey Protein

Sinew Nutrition Palladium Whey Protein

The Sinew Nutrition palladium uses the Whey Protein Isolate (WPI. as the key source and tends to offer protein content of 24 gm along with serving of 30gm.

If you don’t have much protein content already available in your diet, then the Sinew Nutrition product is your go-to solution.

For each serve, you can expect about 4.18 gm of Glutamine and 5.3 gm of naturally occurring BCAA.

On our side, we think that this is a protein product that contains an unrefined solution wherein it contains too little or no lactose, fat, and cholesterol.

In addition, it delivers adequate amounts of BCAA and works remarkably well as a protective system builder and as an antioxidant.

You can now last longer hours in the gym even though you are into extensive workouts. The Sinew Nutrition Palladium whey protein guarantees to bring your overall wellbeing and improvement in your current body type.


4. Advance Musclemass Protein Supplement Powder

Advance Musclemass Protein Supplement PowderWith Advance Musclemass Whey Protein powder, you can expect 5.5 g of BCAA along with 25 g of protein per serving thus establishing the fact that it is the best whey protein supplement powder in India.

This product has no sugar content whatsoever and provides a protein content of an approximate 76% per scoop. Moreover, it includes whey concentrate protein which beats other counterpart protein sources such as casein and soy.

This whey protein supplement is easy to digest and does not give a bloating feel on the stomach. It contains a higher Glutamic acid profile thus ensuring a quick recovery period and an instant muscle synthesis for all the gym-goers.

This model comes in a strawberry flavor with no side effects in the long run. You can consume this product 2 to 3 times a day where you can use it either with breakfast or as an in-between meal or maybe as a post workout drink.


5. Ultimate Nutrition Prostar Whey Protein

Ultimate Nutrition Prostar Whey ProteinThe Ultimate Nutrition Prostar whey protein carries a weight of 2.27 kg and helps to upgrade your immunity system effectively since it’s used as an antioxidant.

Furthermore, this unit is perfect for those who wish to build muscle and shed weight simultaneously or rather, one goal after the another.

Additionally, it reduces your recovery time period and continues to repair muscle fibers quickly than compared to other protein supplements or products.

What’s surprising is that this model has over 6 grams of BCAAs thus it’s designed to achieve users’ needs especially when it comes to strength, muscle, and recovery.

Moreover, the unit includes all the important and nonessential amino acids which execute in building muscle fibers after a user goes through an intensive exercise, regardless of it being performed in a short or long duration period.


6. Musclexp Raw Whey Protein Concentrate

Musclexp Raw Whey Protein Concentrate

The MuscleXP raw whey protein powder is a USA imported product and is packed in India. It meets all the expected quality standards. Moreover, it does not contain soy, has no gluten, does not contain artificial flavors, antibiotic free, has no artificial sweeteners and no GMOs.

In regards to the performance nutrition, each scoop has about 24g of protein with no sugars included. Users can now access a clear way to improve their fitness, construct lean muscle and enhance their health fruitfully.

In order to use this whey protein powder, all you need to do is to add in a single scoop of powder to either a smoothie or a shake of your choice.

Protein shakes are much portable and effortless to carry around thus makes it easy to increase: your muscle mass, your protein consumption daily, and enhance your immune system significantly.


7. Muscleblaze Whey Protein Supplement

Muscleblaze Whey Protein Supplement

Within 30g of serving, the MuscleBlaze whey protein supplement consists of 12.0g of protein with no sugar being added. You can now enjoy a healthy shake since the Whey Protein Concentrate is the chief protein source for this product.

Plus, the unit includes 5.5g of EAAs as well as 2.6g of BCAA’s which enables the body to obtain muscles and is converted into an anabolic state after a post workout. Usually, the body tends to be inactive after 6 to 8 hours, therefore, it does not get any sort of nourishment.

Without much protein is available in the body, the muscles automatically break down in order to create energy. This is why we recommend consuming the Muscleblaze protein powder early in the morning since it avoids breaking down muscles.

After an intensive workout session, all your muscles get starved therefore your body starts to take in more amounts of protein than compared to any time during the day. Apart from this, this model promotes a quicker recovery period and constructs a lean muscle mass body type.


8. Advance Musclemass Whey Protein Powder 1kg

Advance Musclemass Whey Protein Powder 1kgThe Advance MuscleMass whey protein supplement has about 5.5g of BCAA along with 25g protein – per serving thus it’s being recognized as one of the top best whey protein powder products in India.

It utilizes a unique formula which meets the expected protein needs for those regular bodybuilders and gym goers, after a post-workout. Without any sugar being added, this extremely healthy protein supplement offers protein content of about 76% (per serving..

This product is a unisex product wherein both men and women can benefit from it effectively. You can take advantage of its chocolatey taste and it’s also known to decrease body weight and provide strength and stamina to the body.

The company guarantees no side effects thereby you can always mix it with either milk, water, or any other drink.


9. Grizzly Nutrition Virgin Whey Protein

Grizzly Nutrition Virgin Whey ProteinThe Grizzly Nutrition virgin whey protein container comes with content that is enriched with Pro-biotics and Digestive Enzymes which are created using high-quality ingredients.

It starts to undergo multiple testing levels at several stages which leads to filtering out the bad and includes more of the good. This brings you quick and efficient energy levels to your body.

You can now avoid fatigue easily and pump your muscles after a workout. Moreover, the Grizzly Whey protein supports you when it comes to gaining additional energy thus prolonging your workout periods, successfully.

Using patented, cutting edge extraction technology, the brand brings out unrefined whey. This process delivers pure and fine whey concentrate, therefore, consumers can consume a non-adulterated product.

Due to this process, the protein powder is free from unwanted substances and preservatives which are labeled dangerous for the body.

Lastly, it does not include synthetic and artificial flavoring which tends to erode off the product’s natural flavor.


10. GNC Pro Performance 100% Whey Protein

GNC Pro Performance 100 Whey ProteinThe all-new GNC whey protein product is produced to offer a macronutrient protein formula – which is of sheer top quality. This formula consists of high amounts of organic amino acids that adheres to the different needs of the body, regularly.

As mentioned before, whey protein is crucial in any sort of nutrition diet, irrespective of activity or age. This serves as a catalyst to the body thus enabling good muscle growth and protein synthesis. Furthermore, we feel that this product is beyond superiority than compared to any other protein powder supplements.

This modern formula will bring your body protein nourishment; which will be directed towards your muscles as it undergoes an optimizing recovery period. This whey protein consists of both 24 grams of protein and 9 essential amino acids. It’s gluten free but tastes delicious if blended and stirred well with water or juice.


These are the top 10 best whey protein products in India. Before we conclude, do check out our simple FAQ section which includes few common questions asked by the online community:

Gain Muscle With The Best Whey Protein In India 

Uncommonly, whey protein is a nutritious way to include more protein to your daily dietary intake. Actually, it’s a great quality protein source that can be utilized and absorbed quickly by the human body.

The best protein supplement is crucial for bodybuilders, athletes, or people who need to simultaneously lose fat, obtain strength as well as lean muscle mass. Whether if you want to lose fat or gain muscle, protein is known to be the king of all nutrients. Thereby, whey protein can be a better source when compared other protein forms.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you survive on protein shakes?

Simply put, any protein shake purchased without an official prescription is known to be consumed as a snack or rather, to replace one to two meals in a day. If you do include them in a balanced diet, then you’ll end up taking in too many calories which can lead you to increase weight substantially.

2. Will whey protein make me fat?

Actually, whey protein does not let you gain weight. Naturally, you only gain weight if you consume more calories than compared to the calories being burned out. A majority of protein powders include somewhere between 100 to 150 calories per scoop and are known to be low in both fats and carbs.

3. Does whey protein make you constipated?

There are many factors which link protein intake with constipation. Two eminent factors are insufficient fiber intake and dehydration. The best protein powders can include up to 20 grams + of protein per serving thus quickly enhancing your regular protein intake if you choose to utilize them, daily.

4. Can I drink a protein shake as a meal replacement?

Yes, since protein shakes provide substantial amounts of protein but has fewer calories than home meals. Many diets do promote the use of a protein shake as a meal replacement.

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