Best Trimmers For Men In India 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Philips BT3203 2. Syska Ultra 3. Havells BT9010
Philips BT3203 Cordless Best Trimmers For Men In India Syska Ultra Groom Cordless Grooming Kit Havells BT9010

Do you have an important meeting to attend or somewhere you need to be but you have a messy beard? The ability to grow an amazing beard is a talent that most men want to have. But most of them don’t know that the hero in this story is a trimmer.

Undoubtedly, the beard look is something that is in fashion but an unkempt, improper beard is an eyesore for everyone. What you need is a trimmer that will help in your personal care routine.


Today there are hundreds of trimmers that are available at your disposal, but what should you look for in a trimmer to make sure that it meets all your needs? Here is the perfect guide to choose the best trimmer for men in India.

Factors To Look For When Buying Best Trimmer For Men In India

1. Power Source

Trimmers usually can be classified into two basic types depending upon their power source. This divides them into cordless and corded trimmers.

  • Corded Trimmers

Just as the name suggests, these trimmers get directly connected to the plug points and run effortlessly as long as there is electricity. This comes a lot in handy, allowing you to trim your beard without having to worry about the battery levels. This makes it extremely trustworthy in case of an emergency.

On the other hand, the fact that it is corded makes it lose a lot of mobility and the cord, no matter how long, still gets in the way when you are trying to groom your beard for the perfect look.

  • Cordless Trimmers

Unlike corded trimmers, these devices run on batteries and do not need to be connected to any plug points for usage. Giving it a lot more mobility and freedom than corded trimmers, these devices can be easily, allowing you to style your beard perfectly to your preference.

However, they can cause problems if you do not remember to replace the batteries on time and usually have low battery lives.

2. Blade Quality

Undoubtedly, the most important part when it comes to trimmers, the blades of a trimmer can determine how effective and safe the trim is going to be. Coming in a variety of different options such as chromium steel blades, self sharpening blades, double sharpened blades, carbon steel blades etc.the quality and performance of the blade increases as the cost increases.

Usually self sharpening blades are suggested because they maintain their high performance for a long time after purchase by making sure that they get sharpened during every use.

3. Comb Sizes

Although people think of it just as an additional accessory, a trimmer comb is absolutely essential when it comes to a proper trim. It can allow you to easily attain the perfect length of the beard that you want. Trimmers also come with a large variety of different combs that can allow you to easily achieve different beard lengths.

4. Waterproof

One of the most convenient features when it comes to electronic trimmers, being waterproof makes a trimmer a lot more safer and easier to use. Although not all trimmers available today have this feature, most good quality trimmers are designed to be waterproof.

As trimming is a task that most people do while in the bathroom, or while using the shower, a non waterproof trimmer can be a safety hazard, and it is highly advised to go for a waterproof trimmer if possible.

5. Battery Life

A very important factor to look out for if you are looking for a cordless trimmer, the battery power completely determines how long you can use the trimmer in one go without having to recharge it again.

Battery power is a feature that a lot of trimmers lack, and it is extremely vital to look for a trimmer that offers decent battery life. With so many options available in the market today, battery power can be a factor that can be used to choose the perfect trimmer for yourself.

6. Usability

Fluid usability of a trimmer proves to be vital to ensure an even trim, even if you are in a hurry. This means trimming around hard to reach places such as under the nose, around the jaw etc. This makes sure that trimming does not cause any cuts.

7. Shape And Comfort

The face being a delicate area, safety, comfort and convenience are extremely important. A perfect handle shape with a strong and comfortable grip, and an ergonomic design ensures that the trimmer does not slip from your hand and prevents any accidents. A trimmer with a rubber grip is highly recommended to make sure that the trimmer can be used easily and swiftly.

8. Additional Features

As we all know, apart from beard, other hair that needs trimming on a regular basis, such as nose hair and ear hair also have to be taken care of by a trimmer. So buying a trimmer that allows you to easily perform these tasks will always be a major plus point.

9. Purpose

Although trimmers are usually multi functional, most trimmers are specially designed to perform certain tasks, whether it is for a beard or for hair trimming. Making sure you make the correct decision, as this is extremely vital in choosing the perfect trimmer.

Top 7 Best Trimmers For Men In India 2020

1. Philips BT3203/15 Cordless

Philips BT3203 Cordless Best Trimmers For Men In IndiaA leading brand in the world of trimmers, Philips is known for their quality products and services. This powerful and designer trimmer is perfect if you love to take full advantage of the features that come along with this masterpiece!


This amazing beard trimmer by Philips is strong and powerful in terms of its functionality and can run for upto 6 times longer than many of its competitors in the same price range. Its durapower technology gives it a perfect edge and optimizes the power consumption ideally.

Usage Type

One of the most effective types of devices are the ones which are cordless. Cordless trimmers, as the name suggests, allow you to take full control of your device without any worries of having to stick around your plug points. They are a blessing if you wish to trim your beard without having to tackle and handle the wires.


Cordless trimmers are not so ideal when it comes to their durability and longevity after hours of charging. But with this product, you do not have to worry about your trimmer stopping during the trimming and styling process.

It can run for as long as 45 minutes on cordless power after 10 hours of charging. Now you can style no matter when and where, without having any sorts of inconvenience.


The most essential and functional part of any trimmer are the blades, and to provide you with the best possible outcome, this trimmer comes with protective blades to give you a safe trim. This keeps the risk of any cuts at bay!

Its steel blades lightly brush against each other and tend to sharpen themselves as they trim. They are undoubtedly sharp, but to give you a skin friendly feel always, they have rounded blade tips and comb away the irritation that might occur due to this sharpness.

The blades of this trimmer never fail to offer you with the same trim quality as you would experience on the first day of its use.

Maintenance And Cleaning

To clean this product you just have to detach its head and rinse it under the tap to clear all the stuck hair and other dust and dirt particles. After you are done cleaning the device, make sure that you dry it before reattaching it to its body.

In this way, you can ensure its complete safety, as it’s best to keep water away from electrical devices and appliances.

Design And Appearance

This sleek trimmer with beautiful black and grey design makes it a complementary device by giving it an edgy look. This trendy yet portable product is portable and allows maximum comfort in handling and usage because of its intelligent build and structure.

It can also help you reach those difficult-to-reach areas to provide you with the best performance and efficiency.

Additional Features

Its fancy 10 lock in length settings and cutting length of 0.5mm to 10mm, gives you precise functionality and cut. Its lift and cut system gives it 30 percent faster trimming. A trustworthy warranty of 2 plus 1 year after registration gives you an added benefit.

User Reviews

By delivering a power packed performance and user friendly functionality, this product makes for a fruitful purchase, as compared to its other competitors of the same price range. While some of the users find the product satisfactory, some others faced problems with its extreme sharpness that led to cuts and irritation after the trim.

The vibration and noise control of the product is not upto the mark. Some technical issues like working on a specific size have also been observed by a few. But this could be an internal fault and can be entertained by the company if the product is still in the warranty period.

Apart from all of its minor drawbacks, this trimmer by Philips is a great deal for the money you spend on it. Its prices are quite high, but the experience compensates for it all!


2. Syska Ultra Groom Cordless Grooming Kit

Syska Ultra Groom Cordless Grooming KitOne of the most trusted electronics brands in the country, Syska is responsible for making amazing quality products at some of the most affordable prices. Offering so many amazing features, this trimmer by Syska is a complete grooming kit, making sure that it is the only device you will ever need for all your beard needs.


Especially designed to make sure that it offers amazing performance, this device is miles ahead of the competition and can deliver much better features in the same price range.

Usage Type

Just like many of the top trimmers out there, this grooming kit is also cordless, making it extremely convenient to use, without the hassle of long and tangled wires ,and the need to be around a plug point.


One of the most important factors in any cordless trimmer, the battery life of a trimmer is absolutely crucial for choosing the perfect trimmer. Keeping that in mind, this trimmer has a unique rapid charge technology that charges this device in less than an hour. This feature makes this trimmer extremely reliable, allowing you to style your beard in case of emergencies, without having to wait for long hours.

The long battery life can easily last through a number of trimming sessions, allowing you to take your time while styling the perfect beard, without having to hurry and worrying about the battery running out.


Having extremely sharp blades made of stainless steel, they can easily glide across the face while trimming your beard in the perfect style you want. One of the main features that you should definitely look for in trimmers is self sharpening blades. Having these blades, this trimmer does not need occasional replacement as they sharpen themselves with use.

The skin of the face is highly sensitive and prone to allergies. Keeping that in mind, the blades in this trimmer have been specially designed to be skin friendly and safe to use – even for those who have allergy prone and sensitive skins. The blades are also designed using sensocut blades, that make sure that each cut is extremely precise and gentle.

Maintenance And Cleaning

It is extremely easy to clean, with a detachable head that can be rinsed under running water to remove any kind of excess hair stuck on the blades. Moreover, any hair stuck in the body can be easily removed using a brush, keeping your trimmer safe and hygienic to use even after long periods of time.

Not requiring a lot of maintenance, occasional oiling of the blades is all this trimmer needs to give exceptional performance.

Design And Appearance

With a sleek, modern design, this grooming kit looks absolutely amazing and stylish. Having a plastic body, it has a unique shape that fits perfectly in the hand, allowing the user to easily maintain a strong grip on the device, preventing slipping and other accidents.

Coming with 14 different attachments, there is no style that you can not achieve with this 14 in 1 grooming kit. The attachments are easy to use and easily click on the head of the trimmer. The click pro feature also makes it extremely easy to switch between different attachments, without having to pull the attachments out and accidentally damage them.

Additional Features

Having a very user friendly control panel, it is extremely easy to navigate using this device, and the digital battery indicator is extremely unique, notifying the user of when they will have to recharge the device.

It also comes with an additional travel lock feature, making it highly convenient to carry and use even when you are out and about travelling to various different places.

User Reviews

This product has many positive reviews all over the internet, and has the largest number of accessories that can be found with a trimmer in this price range. This makes it extremely easy to use with all the different adjustments.

Although some users had some delivery and technical issues, apart from that, customers have almost no complaints with this trimmer and definitely recommend it as being one of the best, among the top cordless trimmer brands in the country,


3. Havells BT9010 Digital Trimmer

Havells BT9010Being a Havells product, this trimmer had really high expectations in the eyes of the public, as Havells is responsible for making some of the best trimmers in the country. Offering a large range of features at a very affordable price, this trimmer by Havells is definitely one to look out for.


Always prioritising performance over everything else, this trimmer makes sure you get a premium trim in no time at all. Designed to be ahead of the competition, it uses capture trim technology, which makes sure that this Havells trimmer delivers two times faster trimming in one stroke than any other trimmer out there.

Usage type

Being highly versatile, this trimmer can be used both wirelessly, and with the cord connected. This gives the user extreme freedom on how they want to use this trimmer. The wireless nature allows it to be extremely mobile and handy, while on the other hand if the battery runs out or you have to use it for a much longer period of time, using it with the wire is definitely the way to go, giving you the freedom of using two different devices at the price of one.

With a much faster charging capability than most of the other trimmers out there, this trimmer by Havells can be completely charged in 90 minutes, and can run easily for up to 120 minutes. This gives it a battery life long enough to completely and easily style your beard .

The micro USB charging capabilities comes a lot in handy, and the relatively long battery life of this device is definitely a plus point that gives it a major boost in the best trimmer race.


No compromises when it comes to the blades, it has extremely sharp titanium blades which have been specially designed to make sure that you get a clean and smooth trim with every use.

The blade is also extremely comfortable and safe to use, even with the most sensitive skin, making sure that you do not have to deal with any cuts or other skin related accidents while you are perfectly styling your beard.

Maintenance And Cleaning

This product is relatively easy to clean, and any excess hair that has been stuck in the blade or the comb can easily be removed using just a brush and then cleaned using any normal cloth.

The blades are of exceptional quality and do not easily lose their sharpness. This makes this device extremely easy to maintain, and occasional oiling to the blades is all it needs to work efficiently and smoothly for a long period of time without any issues.

Design And Appearance

It has an extremely stylish body, which has been exceptionally designed to offer a great grip, making sure that the device stays comfortably and firmly in your hand, making it easy to use even for a long span of time. The special design also makes it very easy to use the trimmer at various angles, to make sure that there are no spots left and you get a much more clean and even trim.

The unique ergonomic design adds to its aesthetic appeal and the grooves on the body makes the grip even stronger. Apart from the stylish look, it has a highly convenient digital battery display that keeps the user notified of when they need to charge the trimmer or use it with the cord, making it extremely convenient to use.

Additional Features

With a variety of different comb length options, this trimmers comes with a user friendly auto lock, zoom wheel comb attachment, which makes it easy to customize the length that you want for your perfect beard, varying from a range of 0.5 mm to 10 mm with a step size of 0.5 mm, without any hassle.

User Reviews

Although some users faced problems with the quality that they received, most of the users all across the country loved the amazing features and convenient design at this price range, and definitely recommend it to others as being one of the best trimmers for men in India.


4. Kubra KB-1045 Cordless Timmer

Kubra KB-1045 Cordless TimmerAnother fabulous option in the list of the best trimmers in India is by Kubra. This beard trimmer is a great pick for almost everyone, irrespective of how long or short your beard is.


This powerful trimmer is an ideal pick for those men who are always on the run and do not have a lot of time to spare on replacing or cleaning the razor or the blades. Its efficiency and effectiveness is a core benefit of buying this amazing product.

Usage Type

As discussed before, in today’s growing world, there is no time to stick around your plug points and take on the hassle of an inconvenient trim! To reduce your efforts and increase your convenience, this intelligent trimmer makes use of cordless functions that can allow you a flowing experience with the benefits of mobility and portability.


Lasting for as long as 45 minutes, this long lasting trimmer can serve the purpose for you no matter when or where! This helps you in getting your beard trimmed perfectly in almost no time. This trimmer can run for 2-3 times on a single charge, depending upon your personal usage.


With a bunch of attractive and quality features that this trimmer encloses, blades are just another attribute that will seal the deal for you. Its stainless steel blades with rounded tips and non scratching combs, gives a comfortable and protective experience.

Maintenance And Cleaning

Its fully detachable head makes for an optimum purchase if cleaning and maintenance is one of your major factors. It is advisable to always clean and dry the razor before attaching it back to its other elements, so that it won’t get damaged because of water.

Design and Appearance

Sleek design and professional quality are the trademarks of this product. Its fully detachable head and flexible hold and trim with must-have grooming tips, makes this a wholesome purchase for you or your loved ones!

Additional Features

It’s stainless steel, 45 minutes cordless use, 0.25 mm precision and a brilliant cable makes a perfect set of features for your use.

It’s rechargeable nature, irrespective of where you are and extreme flexibility, makes it a brilliant pick if you are looking for a device that will ease up the process of trimming for you!

Customer Reviews

Though some of its users have found the product purchase worthy with such affordable prices, a few have observed issues with its working and functionality.

Some customers have complained about it’s loose battery, so make sure that you check for it and its other parts at the time of the delivery. While a few did not find it capable enough to provide you with the trimming that you deserve. It is good for a short and not so heavy beard, but trimming and styling of long and heavy beard lengths might be a problem.

Apart from this, it depends on what type of beard you have. Overall, it is convenient to use and comes with pocket friendly prices!


5. Philips Durapower BT1210/15

Philips Durapower BT1210Another amazing hair trimmer by Philips, this product has some of the most sought after features at an extremely affordable price. Adding to the great reputation of Philips, this trimmer did not disappoint customers and catered to all their priorities.


Delivering consistently good performance, this trimmer gives a smooth and even trim with every use. Extremely durable and long lasting, it ensures top notch performance even after regular use, for a much longer period of time, as compared to the other trimmers out there – making it an intelligent investment.

Usage Types

Being extremely convenient and easy to use, it’s design allows it to smoothly and evenly trim the beard. Due to its convenient cordless nature, it is very comfortable to use no matter where you are.


With micro USB charging capabilities, this device can easily last up to 30 minutes on an 8 hour charge. Although this battery life is quite low, it is highly powerful, which makes up for the long charging time.

Moreover, with the Dura Power technology, it lowers the friction on the blades, keeping the motor safe, and prevents the battery from being overloaded. This comes a lot in handy, as it improves the durability and overall life of the battery, making sure that you do not have to worry about this trimmer for a long period of time.


Installed with steel blades that offer a consistent trim even after continuous usage, this trimmer makes sure that you do not have to worry about an uneven beard. The blades retain their sharpness for a long time and also have self sharpening properties, making it easy for them to deliver the same performance that they did on day one.

Extremely gentle on the skin, the blades have been designed to make sure that they do not cause any skin related accidents such as cuts and allergies even on the most sensitive of skins.

Maintenance And Cleaning

Due to the blades being self sharpening, they do not require regular maintenance and can last for a long time without any hassle and issues. The Dura Power technology also keeps the motor and battery safe, ensuring that it remains self-sufficient and lasts for much longer periods of time.

Occasional oiling and cleaning of this device is more than enough to make sure that it runs as efficiently and smoothly as the first day of purchase. It is also extremely easy to clean, and any excess hair on the blade or the body can be easily removed using a brush and then wiped off using any cloth, making sure that it does not require too much maintenance.

Design And Appearance

Ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the hand, this device offers superior grip to prevent any slipping and cutting accidents. The compact and stylish look adds to the overall appeal of the device, and the intelligent design makes it extremely easy to maneuver, even around the chin and other tough spots, to make sure that no spot remains ungroomed and you end up getting a much more even trim without any hassle.

Additional Features

With a variety of different attachments available that can be used to get the perfect length of beard that you want, trimming has never been easier. The Dura Power technology makes the battery last 4 times longer than any other trimmer, making it a wise investment.

Moreover, ensuring the quality of this product, the manufacturer offers a 2 year warranty. During this period, any issues with the product will be taken care of by the manufacturer free of cost, making sure that the user can be relaxed and trust the great quality of this trimmer.

Customer Reviews

Apart from some handling issues, the customers using this product are extremely satisfied with its performance, and highly recommend this trimmer as having value for money. And with a 2 year warranty and the trust that comes with the brand name Philips, this trimmer is undoubtedly a wise investment and easily one of the top trimmers in its price range.


6. Mi Corded & Cordless Beard Trimmer

Mi Corded & Cordless Beard TrimmerMi has taken the market by storm and has quickly become one of the biggest electronics brands in the country. Known for delivering quality products having a variety of different features at a very affordable price, MI products are loved by the customers.


Mi has been known for its t performance. Delivering consistently good performance for a long period of time, this device is extremely durable and can last for much longer periods as compared to most other trimmers out there, even after consistently using it.

Usage Types

Designed to be extremely versatile, it can be used both wirelessly and with a cord. This convenient feature makes it perfect for all types of users. Also, even though it has a long battery life, in case of emergencies, it can be used corded, making sure that you never face any problems when it comes to grooming your beard.


One of the strongest features of this device is its battery life. Installed with an ultra powerful battery that can easily allow up to 90 minutes of cordless use on two hours of charge, it is extremely convenient and user friendly to use. Also, the battery is of quality and lasts for a long period of time without having to worry about replacement.

This powerful battery life is miles ahead of the competition and can undoubtedly come a lot in handy while travelling or in case of any other emergency too.


The blades are made using stainless steel and are extremely durable and safe to use. Retaining their sharpness for a long period of time, they also have self sharpening properties. This allows it to perform at the same level as the day of purchase.

The sharp blades ensure a much more even trim without any hassle. Also, to prevent any accidental cuts, the trimmer blades have rounded tips to make sure that it is extremely safe to use even on the most sensitive skins.

Maintenance And Cleaning

Being waterproof, cleaning your trimmer has never been easier. Just rinse it with running water and all the excess hair stuck on the blades and the body can easily be removed without any hassle, making sure that your trimmer stays clean and hygienic.

Also, the blades are self sharpening and maintain their sharpness for a long period of time without requiring any maintenance. Its waterproof nature, along with a powerful battery makes it extremely sustainable.

Design And Appearance

It has a unique quad edged design which has been specially designed to make sure that the trimmer remains easy to use. The stylish and compact body fits perfectly in the hand and the angled head can move swiftly across the entire face with absolute ease, while giving you a complete and even trim.

Additional Features

Something that comes a lot in handy is the IPX7 fully washable waterproof body of this device. This keeps it durable and safe, along with being really convenient. It also has 40 different length settings that can allow you to customise your beard length with 0.5mm precision with two different combs.

Travelling with trimmers can be an inconvenient task. Solving that problem, this trimmer is extremely travel safe with the travel lock feature, making sure you do not face any problems while using this device.

Customer Reviews.

With so many features at such an affordable price, customers really love this product. However, some users face problems such as the blades heating up and the charging cable being of poor quality. But apart from that, this trimmer is undoubtedly one of the best trimmers out there.


7. Wahl 9243-4724 Home Cut Clipper

Wahl 9243-4724 Home Cut ClipperIf grooming at home is not easy for you, then this is the trimmer you might be searching for! With its beneficial and precise trimming, you can get that perfect look and beard in no time.


Equipped with a strong and electromagnetic motor with a powerful power wattage, the trimmer can deliver a blade speed of 14,000 strokes per minute.

This acts as a major advantage while using this product, as its motor is extraordinarily quick and responsive.


It can stay for up to 30-45 minutes on a single charge, so that your trimming does not get interrupted.


Its intelligent and sharp stainless steel blades make it a perfect pick. They are self sharpening and cut down your extra efforts in getting them replaced from time to time.

Usage type

This brilliant trimmer comes with a cord for its functioning. You just have to plug it into a plug point and forget the problems of its battery getting discharged.

In this way you can get an uninterrupted experience, so that you can get rid of that shabby look without any worries!

Design And Appearance

One of the most leading benefits of buying this trimmer is its aesthetic aspect. Its ergonomic design makes it easy for you to handle the device without any hassle, to get that brilliant look!

Additional Features

Being ideal for all hair types, you do not have to worry about having dry, wet or curly hair. It’s amazing 10 guiding combs feature helps in getting that perfect cut by increasing the number of styling options!

With a brilliant trimming range of 0.5 mm to 20 mm, you can adjust the desired size, so as to get the appropriate results. Coming with a noteworthy warranty of 24 months, any internal faults will be taken into consideration by the company without the need of spending any extra bucks on its repair.

Customer Reviews

While the product has amazing attributes to offer, some customers have complained about the clipper getting heated up easily. The attachments are not as sturdy as its design.. Check for the product at the time of delivery as a few users got bent attachments.

On the positive side, its noise generation is quite low as compared to other products of the same price range. Cord length is considerably long, with brilliant quality. Though it heats up within 15-20 minutes of use, it still manages to work smoothly.

In addition to this, a useful pouch is also given with the product. It has good quality sensors, and the control of the machine is impeccable. In a nutshell, this trimmer is a deal sealer because of its unbeatable and leading features. It is worthy of every penny you spend on its purchase.


FAQs on Trimmers For Men In India

1. Can Beard Trimmers Be Used For Hair Cutting?

Having much thinner blades than hair trimmers, beard trimmers are perfect for smaller hair and do not work as efficiently with longer hair. It is advised to cut hair short using scissors and then use the beard trimmers on them.

2. What Is The Difference Between A Trimmer And A Clipper?

Trimmers have much thinner and smaller sized blades than clippers. They both are similar in design, having a blade and a motor. However, they can be perfect for buzz cut and smaller hairstyles. Also, trimmers are usually available with hypoallergenic blades, which come a lot in handy for those who have sensitive skin

However clippers on the other hand, have bigger sized blades and attached guards that come in various different sizes that can be denoted by numbers such as number 1, number 2 etc. For example, number 2 leaves ¼ of an inch of hair on the scalp while number 0 leaves 1/16 of an inch of the hair on the scalp. Clippers are usually used with damp hair and work effectively.

3. How Often Do Trimmer Blades Require Oiling?

To ensure the best performance from a trimmer, it is advised to keep oiling them in regular intervals of time. To make sure that the oil is properly distributed throughout the blades, the blades should be kept in a downward position while oiling.

The oiling process is extremely simple, and you just need to drop two or three drops of oil on the blades while the trimmer is running and wipe off any excess oil to prevent it from entering the motor compartment, and protect it from any kind of further damage.

4. Why Does My Trimmer Pull The Hair Rather Than Cutting It?

When the blades start to pull the hair rather than cutting, the first thing to do is apply two to three drops of oil. This is because oil lubricates the blades and helps them run at the proper speed needed for trimming. If this does not solve the problem, you need to replace your blades or get them sharpened to make sure that they cut the hair rather than pull them.

5. How Should I Clean My Trimmer Blades?

Turn off or unplug the device from the power source, and remove any kind of attachments that have been attached on it. Hold the trimmer at a downward angle and brush off excess hair.

The trimmers that are not waterproof usually have a detachable head for easy cleaning, and if the trimmer is waterproof, just rinse it under running water to remove any excess hair and get a clean and tidy trim.

A trimmer is an appliance that has become an absolutely vital part of every guy’s day to day life.. Although not a very expensive purchase, today affordable trimmers have a large number of features, and with so many options to choose from, making a wise decision is extremely important.

But now that you have gathered all the information that you are going to need to make a smart decision, we hope you get the best trimmer for men in India and wish you the best of luck for your next purchase!

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