Best Epilators in India 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Philips 2. Veet 3. Touch Beauty
Philips BRE245/00 Epilator Best Epilator Veet Sensitive Touch Trimmer TOUCHBeauty TB-1459 Epilator

Removing body hair has become a part of the ideal beauty standards in the modern world. Resistance against this notion has, however, made many women realize that it is a matter of choice whether or not they wish to remove their body hair. An epilator is often used by many women to remove hair, at times to impress others, and sometimes to just feel good about oneself.

While waxing was a trend for the longest time, people can now use an epilator to remove hair, as this is a smooth and easy process that does not cause you pain. You can find the best epilator anywhere in the market or purchase it online.


Since there are so many brands now selling these and so many different types of epilators available, it can become confusing to settle down on a single one. This article aims to help you make a decision regarding this personal care product.

Factors To Be Considered Before Buying The Best Epilator in India

The epilator you buy will depend on a lot of factors that you must take into consideration. Information about these factors will help you buy the best epilator more easily.

1. Wet Or Dry Epilator

These are the two primary types of epilators that you will come across in the Indian market. The dry epilator usually comes with a cord attached which can be slightly inconvenient. It cannot be used in water and is a little more painful to use than the wet epilator.

However, dry epilator is also the more affordable one among the two. On the other hand, you can use a wet epilator with water, when you are taking a shower. This makes the hair removal process easier and painless.

Wet epilators are more costly as compared to dry ones. There are very few premium epilators that come with both dry and wet functions. These are usually exorbitantly priced.

2. Corded Or Cordless

Epilators can be both corded as well as cordless. There are pros and cons attached to both these types. However, it ultimately boils down to which one you are more comfortable using.

A cordless epilator is more convenient and easy to use. You can use it anywhere you are as long as the batteries are working properly. However, you will have to constantly ensure that there is sufficient charge in the battery.

A corded epilator, on the other hand, lasts for a longer time and is more durable. It is also a reliable medium to transform power. However, a wet epilator or a dry and wet epilator that comes without a cord is easier to use in the shower.

3. Purpose Of The Epilator

You have to first figure out what are your target areas for which you need an epilator. Is it your face, arms, legs, bikini area, or all of these? This will determine the epilator you purchase.

For the more sensitive areas of your body like the face, underarms, or bikini area, you require an epilator that is safer and works smoothly. Whereas, for your arms and legs, you do not have to be this careful. You must choose a less powerful epilator for your face, otherwise it can cause damage.

4. Speed

The speed settings of the epilator you use are also important. Most epilators operate on a single speed with which you have to shave almost all parts of your body. However, with new innovative models being created, there are multiple speed settings on these devices now.

Different parts of your body require different speeds, and epilators with multiple speed settings can be convenient to use in this way.

5. Pain

The whole purpose of buying an epilator is to avoid the pain that waxing causes. While epilators tend to be free of all pain, the first time you use it, there might be some level of pain. After using it a few times, you get used to the device and all pain subsides.

However, there are a few epilators that have been designed to cause absolutely no pain whatsoever from the very first time. You must look out for such epilators.

6. Washable Head

Purchasing an epilator with a washable head will make it convenient for you to clean it. You can just wash the head to remove all the hair accumulated there. This ensures that the epilator is hygienic to be used. Another benefit of this is that the longevity of the epilator will automatically increase.

7. Inbuilt Light

While this might seem like an unimportant feature, if your epilator has an inbuilt light, you can easily see the body hair you are removing. This ensures the prevention of accidents.

8. Number Of Tweezers

If your epilator has a large number of tweezers, it means that it can remove hair faster and better. However, this also means that the pain will be more, but for a lesser time.

9. Budget

Epilators, in general, tend to be quite affordable. You will find epilators within the price range of Rs.1,500-10,000. If an epilator has a great number of features, it will be higher up the price range.

10. Brand

The brand from where you purchase your electronic products truly matters a lot. To ensure that you buy the best epilator, you must purchase a brand that is trusted by people and that has provided efficient service for a long time.

Some of the best brands for epilators in India are Philips, Veet, Braun, and Panasonic. They make epilators that will last for a long time and function efficiently throughout to remove body hair, leaving your skin smooth and soft.

There are a few epilators that have been rated as the best ones by those who have used it. A list of these has been provided in this section. You must have adequate knowledge about the pros and cons of these products to make an informed decision.

Top 10 Best Epilators in India 2020

1. Philips BRE245/00 Epilator

Philips BRE245/00 Epilator Best Epilator

Philips is popular worldwide for its remarkable quality electronics products that have never failed to satisfy customers. From mixer & grinders to table fans, this brand has taken over the market with some of the best appliances. The Philips BRE245/00 epilator is one such product that will leave you spellbound.

With this epilator, now you can remove body hair easily without any pain at all. It ensures that every hair is pulled out from the very root to prevent a prickly sensation when you touch the skin. It is able to remove hair as small as 0.5 mm.

There are two-speed settings on the epilator. One is to remove thin hair and another for thick growth, which is the case in many parts of your body. This makes the hair removal treatment personalized and efficient.

The Philips epilator has a sleek and compact design. With an ergonomic grip, the epilator fits into your hands perfectly. This ensures maximum comfort and ease of use.

To ensure a close shave, an additional shaving head and comb is included in the epilator. Now you can gently remove hair from any part of the body. You can detach the head from the epilator and wash it with water after every usage. This ensures that hygiene is maintained and the epilator you are using is clean.

The Philips epilator comes with a 2-year warranty. If any internal damage takes place, the company is responsible for its repair or replacement.


2. Veet Sensitive Touch Trimmer

Veet Sensitive Touch Trimmer

Veet is an Indian brand solely aimed at manufacturing hair removal products, hair removal creams, waxing strips, or epilators. The Veet Sensitive Touch Expert Trimmer has been designed to trim and remove hair, especially from the eyebrows, upper lip, and sideburns.

This is a cordless trimmer that can be easily used while taking a shower since it’s waterproof. Unwanted hair in any part of the body can be removed quickly and smoothly in one go. You can use the comb and the small head of the epilator to do your eyebrows.

The Veet epilator shapes your eyebrows with precision and great style, so that you have well-shaped eyebrows done at home. This cuts down on unnecessary salon visits that turn out to be a waste of money. The blade in the epilator is made of stainless steel and coated with titanium.

The AA type battery can run at a go for approximately 45 minutes without running out of charge. This multi-purpose epilator comes with 7 additional accessories that include- bikini head, precision head, comb, beauty cap, cleaning brush, beauty pouch to carry the epilator, and the AA battery.

The instructions on how to use the trimmer while removing hair in different parts of the body like the bikini area or upper lip are mentioned on the package. Read them carefully before using the device.


3. TOUCHBeauty TB-1459 Epilator

TOUCHBeauty TB-1459 Epilator

This premium quality, affordable epilator comes from the house of Touch Beauty Essentials. It comes with multi-functional blades that can be used to shave different parts of your body like your arms, legs, underarms, and even the bikini area.

If you have delicate and sensitive skin that is prone to allergies, this hair removal shaver is the ideal one for you. The epilator ensures a painless shaving experience without any cuts or irritation, that results in skin that is smooth and silky. Now you can remove hair easily and quickly right before a party.

There is a hypo-allergenic foil on the microblade that prevents allergies. You can trim the longer hair with the trimmer that comes with the epilator. Available in pink and white, this is one of the best epilators for women as it ensures complete safety even in the most sensitive places like the bikini area.

Be it dry or wet shaving, this cordless epilator can be used for both purposes. Your shaving experience is further enhanced, as the blades fit perfectly on your skin and they are durable as well. You can remove the blade after every use to wash it.

The Touch Beauty Essentials epilator is further recommended, as it has a compact design and is easily portable. You can carry this around for emergency purposes or even when you are traveling.


4. Braun Silk-Epil 7 7-561 Epilator

Braun Silk-Epil 7 7-561 Epilator

A crucial problem you will face while waxing, other than the pain, is that it cannot get rid of the short hair on your body. For this purpose, you require an epilator. The best epilator to remove short hair is the Braun Silk-Epil 7-561 epilator, that will ensure every hair is removed and you have smooth skin as a result.

This epilator is completely waterproof and you can easily use it while taking a shower. However, this can also be used as a dry shaver. It is cordless, which makes the epilator more convenient to use. There are 40 close-grip tweezers on the epilator that remove hair as small as 0.5 mm.

Hair will not grow back before at least 4 weeks, since the epilator removes it from the roots. Additionally, 8 accessories come with the epilator. These are – shaver head, trimmer cap, a facial cap, massage cap with a high frequency, and an efficiency cap.

The battery can be charged to its full potential in only 1 hour and you can use the epilator at a stretch for approximately 40 minutes. The product has 2 years of warranty on it, within which if something happens to it, the company is required to repair or replace it.


5. Kemei KM-280R Epilators

Kemei KM-280R Epilators

The Kemei KM-280R epilator is yet another excellent product on the list that has satisfied every customer who has used it till now. The epilator is able to remove hair even from some of the most sensitive parts of your body that are soft and can get hurt easily.

The trimmer is able to trim hair with precision. Now you can trim your eyebrows at home without having to make visits to the salon. Even waxing demands you to go to the salon and spend a fortune. Invest in this epilator once, and it will take care of all these needs for a long time.

This cordless trimmer has a great grip, as it will fit perfectly in your hands. It can remove even the tiniest hair from the very root – something which waxing is unable to achieve. Added to this, the trimmer also has a great design and is highly portable.

A charging wire is provided along with the device. You can charge it for 8 hours before using it. The Kemei epilator is an ideal hair removal device for women.


6. Philips BRT382/15 Bikini Trimmer

Philips BRT382 15 Bikini Trimmer

Philips brings to you the BRT382/15 bikini trimmer, which is available in white and pink. This has been specially designed for women, to be used in the most sensitive area of the body – that is the bikini area. This epilator can be used for both dry and wet purposes.

Shaving becomes easier when you can do it using water, and this device allows you to do that. Women often refrain from wearing bikinis because of hair in unwanted places. This epilator is meant to maintain the shape of your bikini line by removing the hair.

The bikini head can pluck out hair from your body that is as small as 0.5 mm. There is a click-on comb provided that removes slightly larger hair, say 3 mm. For a clean look after you shave, you can use the mini shaving head.

The Philips epilator has a sleek design that has a great grip, so that you can easily navigate through in the bikini area. Lastly, the product comes with a 2-year warranty period that guarantees the safety of the device when it suffers from some damage.


7. Havells FD5050 Epilator

Havells FD5050 Epilator

Havells is a popular brand in India, known for its electronic appliances such as lights, bulbs, fans, and so on. The Havells FD5050 epilator is a premium quality device manufactured by the company. Hair as short as 0.5 mm can be removed using the epilator, and you do not have to worry about hair growth for at least 6 weeks.

This one is a great alternative to other hair removal methods like waxing. Waxing can be sticky, expensive, painful, and time-consuming. The Havells epilator ensures maximum comfort, almost no pain, and is a quick way to remove hair, especially when you are in a hurry.

The anti-pinch technology in the device ensures that even the tiniest of hair is removed without pinching the skin. The epilator contains almost 20 tweezers that not only remove body hair when used but also massage your skin, making it smooth and soft.

Havells takes care of your comfort and convenience at all times. There are 2-speed settings provided on the epilator to ensure this. For more comfort and accurate hair removal, the epilator comes with an ergonomic grip.

This one is a corded epilator and hence, cannot be used in the shower. To ensure complete safety when you remove hair from sensitive areas like the face, underarms, or bikini area, a sensitive area cap has been provided. A cleaning brush has been provided so that you can easily clean the shaving head after using it.

The only drawback of the epilator is that it cannot be used in the water. This can act as an inconvenience for the user.


8. Wooum KM-3018 Electric Epilator

Wooum KM-3018 Electric Epilator

The Wooum KM-3018 electric epilator is one of the best epilators for women which can be used both with a cord and without one. It is one of the very few electric epilators that comes under 500 INR and hence, almost anybody can afford it. The epilator is available in a combination of pink and white.

The ergonomic grip of this epilator ensures comfort and ease when you shave the sensitive areas of your body. This is to prevent cuts and bruises that the blades might cause. The epilator is slightly longer than the usual small ones, which make it easier to hold and operate on the bikini area.

The rounded tweezers on the epilator further ensure safety without any irritation or discomfort. The Wooum epilator comes with a rechargeable battery. Once fully charged, the battery can last for approximately 45 minutes to an hour. This is an important factor to keep in mind while using the device.

This multi-purpose epilator comes with additional accessories to make your hair removing experience as comfortable and painless as possible. The epilator is able to remove all the unwanted hair from your body, leaving your skin to feel soft and smooth.

The product warranty is for 2 years, and this will ensure that your product is taken care of in the case of any damage within this period.


9. Epitome 3 in 1 Hair Removal Kit

Epitome 3-in-1 Hair Removal Kit

The Epitome epilator is one of the most underrated epilators, because it does not belong to popular brands like others. However, this epilator is of high quality and provides great service to its users. It comes in a stylish tinge of gold that makes it look sophisticated.

The best part of this epilator is that it comes with 4 shaver attachments which include the epilator, the callus remover, the facial head, and the hypoallergenic shaver. This ranks as the best epilator for the face, as well as other sensitive areas of the body like underarms and so on.

You can even use it on your lips and the bikini area. It comes with two-speed settings – one is for the removal of soft hair and another is for the removal of rough/coarse hair. Faster epilation is ensured by the sleek, long, and curvy design of the body of the epilator.

This allows you to have a better grip on the device while using it. You can use the epilator anywhere in the world, as it is facilitated by dual voltage. It is lightweight, compact, and portable, so you can carry it around wherever you go.

The hypoallergenic shaver attachment is made of stainless steel blades that prevent dust or any kind of germs to settle in the epilator. Stainless steel also ensures 100% comfort as you use the device, even in the most vulnerable areas of the body.

This attractively priced epilator attracts users, not only because of its aesthetic design, but also because it offers a convenient and safe avenue for removing unwanted hair from your body.


10. Braun Silk Epil 5 Epilator

Braun Silk Epil 5 Braun Silk Epil 5 Epilator

The Braun Silk Epil 5/5185 epilator is an innovation par excellence, with many features that make the process of hair removal, comfortable, and 100% painless. To begin with, it has a great design that is not only stylish to look at, but also easy and convenient to use and carry around.

This epilator is facilitated by high-frequency massage rollers that make hair removal extra gentle on the skin. It comforts and soothes the skin after plucking out the hair. This prevents irritation and allergies, something that is common if you have sensitive skin.

A cooling glove is attached to the epilator that offers a cooling sensation before epilation so that your skin is ready. It also cools the skin after epilation, which is a beneficial feature, especially in a warm and humid climate.

The technological breakthrough of this brand ensures that this is the most efficient epilator that you have come across. There are 40 tweezers in the device. This is to grip the hair better, so that even the tiniest of hair is completely removed from the root.

It has a head that can pivot back and forth up to 15 degrees. This ensures that every hair on your body is removed with precision, as the head is able to adjust to the contours of the body. The optimal usage position is also ensured by the shaving head.

In many parts of your body, there might be hair that lies flat on the skin. These are quite difficult to remove by conventional trimmers. The SoftLip tips feature in this epilator is able to remove even those stubborn flat hairs from your hair.

A smart light is provided by the device so that you do not miss out on even a small part of the body while removing the hair. There are two different speed settings on the epilator. One is for gentle epilation and is less powerful. The other is for extra efficient epilation and operates at a higher speed, along with more power.

The sealed body of the Braun epilator allows you to wash it after being used. All the features provided by the epilator have been dermatologically tested by a renowned doctor. It has proven to be safe and highly efficient.

Lastly, the epilator is accompanied by a pouch in which you can carry the device wherever you go.


FAQs on Epilators

1. Is It Safe To Epilate My Face?

Epilation on the face can hurt a lot for men since most tend to have coarse, thick hair with strong roots. Hence, it can be quite painful and unsafe for men to use an epilator on their faces. Women have lesser hair growth on the face, unless they have a hormonal issue.

The first time can hurt a little. However, you will get used to using the epilator and slowly it will stop causing any pain.

2. Does Epilation Reduce Hair Growth?

Once you start using epilators to remove hair from your body, the hair follicles get damaged and this decreases the intensity with which your hair grows back. The frequency, however, is stunted. However, the thinner hair on your body may grow back to a certain extent, even if you use epilators.

3. How Often Should You Epilate?

The frequency with which you epilate is something you must be careful about. While it is a completely safe and harmless process, a high frequency of epilation can have harmful consequences for your skin. Depending on the part of the body you are epilating, you have to figure out the number of times you epilate.

Epilating once or twice a week is enough if you are comfortable with the small hair growth. Remove your underarm hair at least once a week for hygiene purposes. This frequency is also determined by your skin type.


This article has presented you with all the important factors that you must consider before buying the best epilator, and also a list of 10 epilators that are worth purchasing. The sheer number of products available can confuse you and put forth a challenging situation.

However, reviews like these usually present a clear and honest picture. Furthermore, you must be well aware of your body, the skin type, and whether your skin reacts easily to such devices. All these factors will ensure that you buy an epilator that is safe to use.

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