Best Glucometers In India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Control D 2. Ypsomed My Life 3. Dr. Morepen BG-03

Control D Best Glucometers in India

Ypsomed My Life Pura X Glucometer Dr. Morepen BG-03 Gluco One Glucometer 

The world today is fast changing. We have now got technology taking over almost every aspect of our lives. From the way we live, to the way we eat to the way we dress, everything is somehow or the other affected by technology.

But do you think there are any demerits to this fast-paced lifestyle? Evidently, there are quite a few. For example, it is undeniable that all this tech all around has made us lazy and too dependent on machines to complete our work for us.

What used to be exclusively manual chores before, are now completely and solely handled by machines, and we humans are certainly not complaining. Perhaps, that is why we have seen a monumental rise in queries such as the best glucometer in India and more.


To put it simply, due to the machines doing all the work for us, we have more or less forgotten how to perform manual labor for a variety of tasks and are leaving it all up to our gadgets.

Instead of walking or cycling, we prefer to take the car to work even for short distances. If our house is dirty, we prefer to use an automatic vacuum cleaner instead of a broom or a mop.

If we need to pay our bills, we world seldom go to the counter physically and would rather prefer to handle it online from the comfort of our homes.

While it can be argued that some of these tasks are quite trivial and the digitization of them has only made our lives easier, the fact that we certainly have gone way down on physical activity levels in our daily lives also can’t be denied at the same time. Now where exactly does all this leave us?

Technology vs Physical Health

The answer lies hidden in some stats that we need to take a look at. For example, in the last few years, diseases such as obesity, diabetes and other related problems have surfaced more than ever and are affecting more people than they ever did.

People are falling sick much more than before and a vast majority of these illnesses are due to one common cause, which is an unhealthy lifestyle. People tend to eat whatever they happen to find on the roads or on the go, and they are sleeping much less due to work pressure.

Also, as mentioned earlier, physical activity and exercise has become very rare in the life of an average person.

Even kids prefer the games on their smartphones rather than going outside and playing actual games in the sun or on the playgrounds.

All this, as already mentioned paves the way for diseases such as heart attacks, obesity and diabetes. Diabetes in particular is now shockingly seen not just in the elderly or the middle aged, but even in kids in some cases.

While some doctors say that high blood sugar levels are genetic in nature, almost all of them also agree that this can be kept in check if only one manages to lead a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Unfortunately, that is not happening with today’s generation.

Blood Sugar Levels Rising

Now if you are someone who is already suffering from diabetes, it is still not too late and a cause for major concern.

With proper care and precautions, any disease can be combated and basically defeated. There are only some things and a few guidelines which you need to follow. While detailed information can be found from the doctor or a licensed expert, there are a few specific points which we can certainly mention here.

First off, you need to lay off sugary foods and eatables which are high in carbohydrates. Too much rice, potatoes, sugar or desserts are certainly bad for your health and will lead to unnecessary spikes in your blood sugar levels.

In order to keep those levels in check at all times, you can try taking regular walks at a brisk pace along with drinking lots of water and eating a healthy diet such as fruits and sprouts.

Monitor & Check

But what you also need along with all this is a way for you to constantly monitor where you stand in terms of your blood sugar levels.

That way, you will constantly be engaged in the process of correcting yourself if you happen to go wrong, something that is heavily required when it comes to this disease. You need to keep almost a regular or biweekly check and must always be aware of what your blood sugar levels are.

If you do not get yourself checked for longer stretches of time quite often, there is a high chance that the disease will start to exhibit some symptoms that you certainly don’t want to see.

Having high or very low levels of blood sugar constantly can leave you in a very bad state physically and in some cases can even lead to black outs or total loss of consciousness.

In order to save yourself from such symptoms, you need to keep your blood sugar at optimum levels and make sure you don’t go too high or too low.

Now one way to always stay updated with your current blood sugar levels is to go to the lab and get yourself checked. There is a simple process involved, where your skin is pricked in order to get a sample of your blood.

This sample is then taken to the lab where several tests are run on it in order to determine the sugar levels in your blood.

Finally, within a few hours, you are all set to collect the report and check how your sugar levels are holding up. The one problem though, with this method is that it can get particularly exhausting or cumbersome to run to the lab every time you want to get tested.

Like we said before, it is important to test yourself twice a week in some cases, and therefore lab visit doesn’t seem a very viable option anymore.

Apart from the cumbersome process of waiting for the test results and then physically going to the lab every time you need to get tested, there is also the fact that these tests will not be for free and you will be charged a decent amount for each of them.

Now if you don’t want your pockets to get lighter each time you want to get tested, and evidently there will be a lot of those times if you are a diabetes patient, then we suggest a different approach that you can try.

Best Glucometer In India – The Solution

You can opt for buying glucometers, which are nothing but miniature medical devices. These devices, although not as accurate as an actual lab test, are quite sufficient and more than capable of handling your periodic blood sugar testing.

They are small, portable and simple enough that almost anyone can use them once they get the hang of it.

Just like a lab test, these consist of a small needle like device which will prick your finger in order to draw some blood. You then need to place a single drop of this blood onto a strip which is then inserted into the actual glucometer.

The glucometer, with the help of the sensitive strip, analyzes your blood sample and returns an accurate reading of your blood sugar levels on the small LCD or LED screen fitted into it depending in the model you are using.

Due to the ease with which the best glucometer in India work, there are virtually no limits to where you can use them.

It doesn’t matter whether you are travelling or at home, sick or simply tired, it doesn’t take much to simply take this device out of the box and get an accurate reading in a few minutes.

They are fast, reliable and super convenient. In fact, every diabetes patient, ideally, must always have at least one of these devices with them. You never know when you might want to get checked, and labs aren’t always so much readily accessible.

Furthermore, even if you are not a diabetes patient, and simply someone who likes to keep a check on their bodies and would want to continuously monitor your blood sugar levels so that you never run into the danger of contracting diabetes, you must buy a glucometer and use it periodically.

Up until now, if we have managed to convince you on the utility and applications of a glucometer, then it is now time to familiarize yourself with all the different aspects of one that you must look into if you are going to buy one.

The fact is that even if you have decided to buy one of these devices, you can’t just simply walk into a store and pick one up.

And that is because you lack the proper knowledge to make an informed decision. While you could bring home the first device which your eyes fall onto and looks good enough, there is a high chance that it turns out to be just a dud and its readings are nothing but inaccurate and loose.

In order to save yourself from falling into such traps, we suggest you go ahead and do some research on which is the best glucometer in India on your own as you would then have the technical background necessary to distinguish the not-so-effective devices from the effective ones.

The only problem here is that conducting this research again seems like a tiring process which could take up a considerable amount of time.

And in order to help you save this time, we have compiled a small but effective list down below which encompasses roughly everything that you must look into before you actually settle in on a device to purchase and use for yourself.

Best Glucometer In India – Things To Consider

1. Insurance Coverage

A lot of insurance companies these days are offering plans where they would effectively take care of everything that falls under your medical costs and fees blanket.

These comprehensive plans work pretty well and actually will save you a whole lot of money if only you choose to invest a small amount initially.

Now what needs to be considered here with respect to glucometers is that if you are someone who has opted for a comprehensive insurance plan, then does your plan provide coverage for glucometer costs and test strips’ costs. If you are not sure about any of this, then it might be a good idea for you to check with your insurance provider first.

In fact, there are some plans which provide coverage for only a few specific models of glucometers and not all of them. In such cases, it would be much better for you, economically, to opt for one of those specific brands only.

There are even cases where some insurance companies even limit the total number of test strips that can be availed or compensated for. Be sure to check out on all these rules or regulations with your insurance provider so that there is no room for any confusion in the future.

2. Cost

Now while glucometers are definitely much more cost effective than periodic lab tests in the long run, there is still a bit of investment involved initially.

Firstly, you need to cover the cost of the glucometer itself which could range from cheap to somewhat expensive in some cases depending on the model and brand you are opting for.

There are some names like Accu Chek, One Touch and Dr. Morepen which are instantly recognizable when it comes to best glucometer in India and therefore cost a bit more than other products belonging to different brands.

Now in most cases you will get a decent amount of strips to go with the glucometer so that you do not have to shell out any more money for at least a couple of months or more.

Sooner or later however, you are bound to run out strips and would need to buy them separately which could again be somewhat expensive for you depending on the quality of the strips you are buying. Please note that none of these strips are reusable and must be discarded after a single use.

3. Ease Of Use

The next big factor which comes into play is how easy it is to use the instrument and get the readings. A complicated device will virtually be of no use because it would take an expert in order to operate it successfully.

Whereas what we want is a device which can be operated and used by anyone, especially the patient who needs to be tested periodically. If the device happens to be too difficult to operate, then the patient would more than likely require assistance while using it and that defeats the entire purpose of skipping out of going to the lab due to the inconvenience involved.

As you must have guessed by now, some meters are definitely easier to operate than others. A few factors which might assist you in making this decision are listed as follows.

Can you easily see the numbers on the screen? If not, you might want to opt for an instrument with either a bigger screen or bigger font size display. Are both the meter and test strips comfortable and easy to hold?

This is important because it is likely that you, or the patient will be carrying out the tests by themselves. And if that is the case, then they would want that the strip does not fall or the device is stable enough in their hands to get proper and accurate readings.

How big a drop of blood is required? While some devices are smart enough to give out readings with only a miniscule amount of blood, some require a slightly larger amount to actually work properly. It is obviously more beneficial and convenient to opt for those which work with smaller amounts.

How easy is it to get blood onto the strips? You don’t want an instrument which makes it very hard to transfer blood onto the strips because then you run the risk of having to prick yourself multiple times in order to get a satisfactory amount of blood.

4. Data Storage

Another aspect of glucometers which will go a long way in making sure you get value for your money is whether or not they have storing and transmitting capabilities.

Not a lot of instruments in the market right now have these features, but the ones that do are generally much more convenient to use and will definitely make your life easier.

The way these work is that whenever you use the meter for measuring your blood sugar levels, the corresponding data is stored in the device itself on a small chip. As you use the device over and over again, the chip simply keeps on storing this data and keeps a track of your progress for you.

Now depending on the device, you either have the option to view all of this data on the device itself, or in some cases even transfer it to your desktop or laptop using a cable or wireless communication. Once you get this data onto your computer, you have the option and flexibility to email it to your doctor for an expert opinion or recommendation.

Top 10 Best Glucometers In India 2020

1. Control D Blood Glucose Monitor Control D Best Glucometers in India

If you are someone who is almost always on the go or work at a job which requires you to keep moving, then it can become kind of difficult to keep track of your diabetes or blood sugar levels.

You will most likely be missing doctors’ appointments all the time, and would also keep forgetting to get blood tests done in order to analyze and determine your blood sugar levels.

In these cases, what you really need is a glucometer which is so small, portable and convenient that you can literally just use it on the go anytime you want.

And that is exactly what the Control D Blood Glucose Monitor is. It is small, lightweight and pocket sized so you can take it anywhere with you and use it anytime you want. It comes in a smart kit which is quite portable and is fully equipped to give out accurate blood sugar readings in just a few seconds.

As mentioned before, it is quite accurate and works using carbon electrodes. There is also a fast draw technology involved which extracts blood really painlessly and quickly, so much that you barely feel it and the job is done.

The device is also ridiculously easy to use, with no coding or setting up required and you can start taking readings as soon as you get it.

Some other great features include Amperometric biosensors and precise laser patterning. It uses mg/dL as the measurement unit and the analysis time is roughly about 5 seconds.

The sample volume that you need in order to get accurate results is no more than 0.5 microliters while there is also ejection for used strips which makes it easier to throw them away.


2. Ypsomed My Life Pura X Glucometer 

Ypsomed My Life Pura X Glucometer

If you are looking for a quality and best glucometer in India that gives out accurate results, is fast at what it does and also very easy to operate, then you have come to the right place.

The Ypsomed My Life Pura X Glucometer is pretty good at all of these things and also comes with some additional features that make it a product worth buying.

There is a Softlance lancing device provided along with the meter so that it becomes quick and painless for you to prick your finger for extracting blood.

There are also ten test strips that you can use which are made keeping the highest quality standards in mind and do not need more than a few micro liters of your blood to operate.

There are also ten disposable lancets in the box along with 1 clear adjustable cap and a user manual which will clearly explain all that there is to know about the machine. And all of this comes in a lightweight and portable carry case so that you can measure your blood sugar levels even while on the go.


3. Dr. Morepen BG-03 Gluco One Glucometer 

Dr. Morepen BG-03 Gluco One Glucometer 

Dr. Morepen is a well known brand in the domain of medical equipment and supplies. The brand is trusted and widely used by doctors worldwide and it has managed to retain a strong following over the years as well.

With this product, their expertise in the field is only proven stronger because it easily is one of the best glucometers available in the Indian markets right now.

The best part is that the results are very quick and completely painless. It only takes about 5 seconds for the device to analyze your blood sample and come up with the results.

It only needs a pretty small quantity of blood, which is often a problem with many different glucometers available in the market since they tend to have sensitivity issues and can’t operate without a relatively larger quantity of the sample.

Another highlight of the product is that it comes with a large enough memory in order to store days’ worth of data right onto the device itself.

This will especially come in handy when you want to keep a track of your medical performance and always stay ahead in terms of your medical fitness by creating reports or charts.

In fact, the memory in this device is large enough to store as many as 300 different records. Finally, the display screen is large enough that you won’t face any problems reading it and the font style and size is comfortable enough for most users.


4. Dr TrustFully Automatic Blood Sugar Testing

Dr TrustFully Automatic Blood Sugar Testing

Dr TrustFully, standing true to its name, is a brand that you can trust fully when it comes to your blood sugar tests and tracking. The glucometer has been carefully designed to give you the most efficient and accurate results possible and comes with many features that the average user will find very useful and convenient.

For example, at times the blood sugar readings on regular glucometers may vary due to a certain factor known as blood oxygen.

As the amount of oxygen in your blood varies, it can also have an impact on your blood sugar levels. This leads to erratic and often inaccurate blood sugar test results.

This factor however, is minimized when you use the Dr TrustFully Automatic Blood Sugar Testing Glucometer Machine.

Along with the aforementioned, it also prevents galactose and maltose interference in blood samples. Another major highlight and distinguished feature that you won’t find elsewhere is that this machine will alert you if your ketones are rising or are out of balance in your blood, resulting in reduced incidences of diabetic ketoacidosis.

Finally, one feature that we felt was simply a stroke of genius was that this meter even has an alarm feature which will sound as per your own personalized settings in order to remind you to take the blood test.


5. Accu-Chek Instant S Glucometer

Accu-Chek Instant S Glucometer

Accu-Chek is perhaps the most easily recognizable and popular brands when it comes to blood sugar testing. Customers place massive amounts of faith is this product and rightly so, since it is one of the best ones out there.

It has great features, will almost always give out the most accurate results and is also extremely easy to use.

To top it all, since it is the one which is the most easily available, it does not exactly come as a surprise that it is the highest selling glucometer in the market.

Certified by ISO 15197:2013, it has been meticulously proven that this machine will give out the most accurate readings you can get.

There is also a very intuitive target range indicator installed. The job of this indicator is to give you an idea on how much you have fallen from the standard range of blood sugar levels or simply compare your reading with the acceptable standard in the medical industry.

Apart from this bit of visual reassurance, the machine can even be personalized and set up to suit your personal therapy goals or targets, in the sense that the machine would cater to you and your body exclusively and not anyone else.

As stated earlier, the device can be used by almost anyone due to the fact that it has a very simple interface with just a single button, giving you just what you need and no more.

Additionally, there is German technology involved in the form of a 9 color target range indicator where you can personalize exactly what targets you are looking to achieve and compare them with your current standing in order to correctly gauge how well you are doing.

Going ahead on their sleek and concise display, your test results and averages for a week, a month and 3 months are listed clearly on the meter. The design is quite modern with easy to read BG numbers and a bright and backlit display.

The test strips are of the easy-edge variety and a small drop of blood can be applied anywhere along the wide and yellow marked edge.


6. Contour Plus One Blood Glucose

Contour Plus One Blood Glucose

When it comes to blood sugar monitoring, what is the one criterion that is perhaps the most important of them all? Whether you realize it or not, the answer to that question is accuracy.

You can’t do without getting correct readings on your glucometer. If your readings are incorrect, you would be forced to take whatever actions necessary as per faulty readings, which could again be harmful for your body.

Now one way to certify or to prove the accuracy of a machine is via the ISO 15197: 2013 accuracy criteria, which is something that the Contour Plus One Blood Glucose Monitoring System Glucometer actually exceeds, both in a laboratory and a clinical setting as well.

This new age best glucometer in India offers some pretty interesting features and manages to stand its ground in the markets even though there is so much competition.

And that is all because of its unique features, as well as the affordable price tag.

If you are a diabetes patient, you can simply use this machine with all the confidence in the world. Features like second-chance sampling (60 sec) and sip-in sampling provide highly accurate results even on the second attempt and help avoid wasting strips as well.

There is also a smart light feature involved which would alert patients if their glucose levels venture into the critically high or critically low zones.

Additionally, this device seamlessly and very conveniently connects to other Bluetooth devices and even helps you set reminders to check and add appointments as per the doctor’s schedule.

There is also a permanent connection established to a database for storing results which enables the patient to record their progress and past trends over a period of time.

Finally, there is a 5 second countdown which is all the time it takes for the machine to fetch your results and it has the memory for storing as many as 800 records at a time.


7. OneTouch Select Plus Simple Glucometer

OneTouch Select Plus Simple Glucometer

Once again, One Touch is a brand which is deeply trusted and valued by customers. They make their products with a lot of precision, and are extremely careful about giving out accurate readings.

This one, which is the OneTouch Select Plus Simple Glucometer, is actually very true to its name and is one of the simplest devices available in the markets.

It is so uncomplicated that almost anyone can use it, and it comes with only a display screen and absolutely no buttons. That means there are no complicated menus or strange user interfaces that you have to navigate.

This one is a no nonsense device that doesn’t play around and is very quick at what it does.

As mentioned before, there are no buttons involved and also no coding or set up, which means you can start using it as soon as you get your hands on it.

Some other devices which fall in the same bracket as this one, actually force you to spend a decent amount of time during the first start up at setting up the device and managing personalization.

Another highlight of the glucometer is that with the color sure technology and audio signals that are implemented here, you would find it much easier to easier to understand blood glucose results.

Also, the machine will only work with select plus test strips, so make sure you only get those.

In addition to all this, this device also meets the latest standards of the ISO 15197:2013. Finally, unlike some other devices, it will work just as well with only a small quantity of blood.


8. Alere G1 Glucometer, 25 Test Strips (Multi Color)

Alere G1 Glucometer

This one is not just a glucometer, but rather markets itself as a complete home care solution for diabetes patients.

Using this, they get to keep a track of how well or not-so-well their blood sugar levels are, and further work on them in order to get themselves back into the acceptable range.

The results are accurate as well as fast, and the device itself is pretty easy to use. If you are someone who doesn’t want their electronics to be overly complicated or scary looking, then this is the one for you.

It comes with test strips, which are distinguished in the sense that they do not need much of an amount of blood in order to give you blood test results.

Furthermore, unlike any of the other devices on the market or the ones which we have up reviewed up until now, this glucometer does not just tell you your blood sugar levels and how far you are from the standard or acceptable range, but will also give you personalized advice on how to get there faster. You will be getting expert advice in diet, medication and even exercise.


9. OneTouch Verio Flex Blood Glucose Monitor

OneTouch Verio Flex Blood Glucose Monitor

As we have already stated before, OneTouch is a great brand that specializes in glucometers and test strips.

Which is why, it won’t be fair to include just one of their models on this list.

This glucose monitor comes with a box of 20 test strips which you can use to determine your blood sugar levels and get them in check.

This combo deal is just about exactly what you need if you are looking for an expert device which gives out accurate readings and manages to do that in under 5 seconds.

Each of these strips are intended for single use only and come packed in a separate box along with the meter. If you are not fully satisfied with all this, we are about to make it even better.

OneTouch even has a OneTouch reveal app which will completely change the way you look at blood sugar because of how easy and convenient tracking and testing will become.


10. Omnitest B Braun Omnitest Kit, 10 Strips 

Omnitest B Braun Omnitest Kit

The Omnitest B Braun Omnitest Kit has been carefully designed to give you the most efficient and accurate results possible and comes with many features that the average user will find very useful and convenient.

It prevents you from going overboard with your eating habits and keeps you in check by delivering blood test results in no more than 5 seconds.

It only needs a pretty small quantity of blood, which is often a problem with many different glucometers available in the market since they tend to have sensitivity issues and can’t operate without a relatively larger quantity of the sample.

Another highlight of the product is that it comes with a large enough memory in order to store days’ worth of data right onto the device itself. Finally, the display screen is large enough that you won’t face any problems reading it and the font style and size is comfortable enough for most users.



Now that we have given you an in depth explanation as to why glucometers are necessary and what you need to know before you buy one, we are positive that you will be in much better control of your physical health and would be able to grab hold of problems like diabetes before they start causing issues in your body.

Keep in mind that while instruments like the glucometer can help you keep a check on diseases and monitor your day-to-day progress, it is ultimately your own lifestyle and eating habits that are responsible for your personal well being.

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