Best Fitness Bands In India 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Fitbit Inspire 2. Mi Smart Band 4 3. Honor Band 5
Fitbit Inspire Best Fitness Band Mi Smart Band 4 Honor Band 5

Fitness is a way of life. Irrespective of whether you are into weight lifting or running, swimming or cycling, it all comes down to a conscious decision to not let our body get into a rut of non-activity.

Our lifestyles have become more sedentary and physical exercise is important for a variety of reasons.

A fitness band is one of those extremely handy gadgets that lets you keep an eye over different aspects related to your health and well being. Our focus in this article is to give you the best possible heads up on what these health fitness devices are, how they can be best used and also some examples of the best fitness band in India.


These devices also give you a higher degree of insight when it comes to understanding what your requirements are, and what are the aspects of your routine that need changing.

We have laboured hard to give you the most comprehensive and all encompassing review of the fitness band and the different gamut of functions that it has to offer.

Benefits Of Using Best Fitness Band In India

1. Fitness Companion And Motivator

The first and foremost practical benefit of a fitness tracker for most people, is that it gives you an incentive to be active and acts as a motivator. When you see how many calories you have burned or how much distance you have covered running or cycling, it gives you more confidence to continue the workout and go through those mental barriers that you have constructed in your mind.

This is a reality for a lot of people who are in some form of recreative fitness. It helps them to be consistent and find the value of their training when they see data in black and white that establishes their targets and goals. Rather than moving toward some abstract value idea of your best self, it empowers you to follow concrete steps and grow session by session in a systematic and consistent manner.

The trackers themselves are designed in such a way that they perform this function admirably. For instance, many of them send messages regarding daily expected targets, such as steps to be taken or distance to be covered while running and they are mindful of cheering you, which gives you that additional confidence boost after a good successful session.

You can also use these devices to share your achievements with your friends and loved ones, which should give you that added incentive to keep going despite uncomfortable hurdles along the path in your fitness journey.

2. Measuring Movements And Distances

Most fitness bands have what is called an accelerometer. This allows the device to measure how quickly a person covers distance or changes direction. This tracker can also be used to keep track of the number of steps or other kinds of movements such as kilometers run or distance covered during walking.

Bands also often come with a gyroscope, which is responsible for being able to measure altitudes or even atmospheric pressure. If you are a long runner or a mountain hiker or bike rider, then it should also come in handy, since it has GPS technology to pinpoint your location.

3. Checking Vital Signs

Allowing the user to check his/her vital signs is another very crucial and handy aspect of the fitness band, as it ensures that you are in total control and perfect awareness of your health conditions.

The fitness band helps you check a host of vital signs such as your heart rate and pulse Some of the more fancy ones also allow you to check skin temperature and perspiration levels in the air. They also have analyzing tools, which match up this data with your pulse rate and gives you an approximate estimation of the level of intensity of your workouts.

4. Calorie Tracker

This is possibly the most useful and maximizing aspect of fitness bands in terms of why more and more people are using it nowadays. It enables you to keep track of all your calories by using your heart rate to come up with an estimate of how many calories you may have burnt during the day.

5. Monitoring Your Sleep Time And Quality

We live hectic lives in the 21st century. We are always under pressure to work, learn and earn. Sometimes this can make us slightly complacent when it comes to the quantity and quality of the sleep and rest we are giving our body. After all, without adequate sleep, no workout can allow an individual to derive the optimal benefits from it.

Fitness bands using a variety of techniques to analyze sleep quality. Some of them are fitted with motion trackers which tells you how often you are tossing and turning in bed. These markers are however not always spot accurate, but they allow you to get a decent idea about your sleep patterns.

Measuring Progress And Optimizing Workouts

Often we find ourselves in a rut when it comes to our training. It feels as if we aren’t progressing and that we have hit an unmistakable barrier or block. If you find yourself in what is known as a training block where you are not progressing, then the fitness band can help you change that.

Through various data, you can track your workouts and progress by hitting targets each day, while setting yourself a more difficult one for the next workout. This will help you achieve what is called ‘progressive overload’, which is a constant increase in the amount of resistance your body is exposed to either in terms of sets or repetitions or additional durations etc.

A fitness band also helps you to optimize your workouts and train more effectively when it comes to the time invested, results expected and also the level of intensity your body is capable of handling.

You can set markers based upon these indicators and gradually push yourself further and further, so that you get to your short term and long term goals as quickly as possible.

Even if you are a professional or semi-professional athlete, then the fitness tracker has important for you by allowing you to track your runs, timings, personal bests etc.

Syncing With Other Devices

This is also one of the most versatile and useful components of fitness bands – it can connect to virtually any smart device which you may be using. This of course includes smartphones, allowing you to take calls or even enable you to connect with devices such as a heart monitor or a bathroom scale.

Irrespective of more advanced connectivity features, all trackers usually have the Bluetooth feature which allows you to connect your fitness band to your smartphone. Some of the most popular brands in the business generally support compatibility with both Android as well as iOSn devices so you are covered in that respect.

When it comes to the best fitness band in India, you should expect that it will also have applications which you can use on your smartphone or computer. These applications can be used in tandem with the fitness band itself.

The above mentioned features are obviously not found in all of the fitness bands that are out there in the market, but they are available on many of these devices. All-in-all, the fitness band industry has two different kinds of products to offer to the consumer.

The first type is what is called the “all-day trackers”, which basically allow you to keep track of your daily activities and their caloric implications in terms of how many you end up burning throughout the day.

For hard-core athletes and workout enthusiasts who are looking for a little bit more from their device, there are more advanced fitness trackers which allow for the monitoring of advanced body functions such as breathing, cardiac output and rhythms, as well as additional aspects such as speed and altitude trackers.

What Is The Difference Between A Fitness Band And A Smart Watch?

There seems to be some confusion among consumers as to whether both, fitness bands and smartwatches are the same or slightly different. There is also a lack of clarity regarding who needs what and for exactly what kind of purposes. The differences are subtle but rather simple.

A fitness band is essentially a device which allows you to track and log basic exercise movements and other activities, and may also be able to track your sleeping patterns over time.

Its one and only function is to help you in achieving your fitness goals and giving you the data in the form of information to help you in your fitness journey.

It usually comes with an accelerometer, which is used to track three kinds of movement patterns such as front and back, side-to-side as well as up and down movements on the frontal plane.

It also has a host of other indicators, such as the gyroscope which detects your position, the barometer which uses a sensor to find out how many steps you have taken or your altitude.

Lastly it also has what is called a magnetometer in some cases, whose main function is to determine the direction of particular movements. It also performs the task of motivating you and giving you more of an incentive and drive to follow your programme and keep yourself active.

A smartwatch on the other hand has a higher number of accessory functions and is able to act as a more multidimensional device that helps you in a number of different ways.

The smartwatch is also a device that gives you a great amount of detail in allowing you to control and respond to various notifications. They are also equipped with numerous preset workout modes which you can access and use to your best advantage.

Top 10 Best Fitness Bands In India 2020

1. Fitbit Inspire HR Health and Fitness Tracker

Fitbit Inspire Best Fitness BandWe start off the task of finding the best fitness band in India with one of the most highly coveted and successful products on the market in India. The Fitbit Inspire HR health and Fitness has been one of the best selling fitness bands in the market and it is ideal for athletes of all types and has something that is useful for everyone.

The Fitbit brand is widely celebrated as one of the most competent makers of fitness tracking devices and it has struck gold with this one. A 24/7 heart rate monitoring and fitness tracking device which ensures that you develop and hold on to healthy habits, this device is ready to be your best friend – and we don’t mean this lightly.

Not only does it allow you to keep track of all your values burnt and steps taken each day, but it also allows you to monitor other vital information of your bodily functions such as your pulse rate, so that you can plan and execute your workout to perfection without overbearing your body.

Also this in conjunction with the Fitbit Coaching App that has custom made workouts for everyone, you can be sure of getting the maximum from this device as both of them together enable you to literally achieve a workout almost anywhere and at any time.

The Fitbit Inspire HR band also allows you to track your sleeping activity, that makes it much more than just a calorie counter.

It makes use of automatic sleep timing technology and mild alarms to get you up on your feet and on the run just at the right time, giving you that subtle push of motivation for the days on which you might not feel quite up to it.

It has a smart track record system that is capable of recognizing and recording all vital information related to your workouts and other activities such as swimming, cyclingand many more.

In terms of battery life, this fitness tracker can boast superior performance over long durations, thanks to its powerful battery which has been known to support the device for as long as six days without charging, even during periods of increased regular usage.

The dashboard is also extremely user friendly and can be navigated easily by anyone, giving them the motivation to stick to their workout routines daily with consistency.

Another excellent feature that is highly useful is its food logging option on the Fitbit App, which allows you to calculate the amount of calories you are consuming with each meal.

All things considered, it is no surprise as to why this device has been such a favorite for so many gym goers and fitness freaks all over the country. It is flexible, affordable and highly useful, so you should definitely consider getting one.


2. Mi Smart Band 4

Mi Smart Band 4The electronics market has been largely inundated with MI products over the past few years, as the company has managed to release a large number of electronic devices which are not only affordable and suitably priced for indian markets, but also highly usable with many distinct features.

The Mi Smart band is another feather in its cap when it comes to creating some of the best technological marvels in the electronic gadgets industry.

A worthy successor and upgrade on the highly successful MI Band 3, the MI Smart Band 4 boasts of an extra large screen size amounting to a cumulative increase of 39.9% as compared to its predecessor.

Also sporting a full touch display with adjustable brightness feature, this ultra fashionable fitness band is compatible with Android version upto 4.4 and iOS version 9.0 or later.

Furthermore, it has many other impressive features consisting of music control options, making volume adjustments etc, so that you can have that ideal workout song of your choice without even having to touch your phone with the Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity feature.

In terms of build quality as well, the Mi Smart Band 4 is no slouch, as it sports a powerful 5ATM waterproof level, which makes it extremely sturdy and extends its overall life span.

The waterproof feature should also come in very handy as well if you are a swimmer or play any kind of watersports. It is equipped with smart technology which is capable of auto detecting how you swim and has 12 detailed data points for tracking.

Of course like many other fitness bands at this price range, this one too comes with the ability of tracking your heart rate accurately and giving you notifications when your heart rate is getting too high all through the day and the night. You also have the option of selecting any photo from your gallery and make it your watch face.

In terms of some other utility features, this fitness band also allows you to receive text messages, incoming calls and also get instant notifications from any of your social media handles.

It boasts of a long and splendid battery life of 20 long days of uninterrupted performance, which is great for long distance travelling or even vacations in the silent realm of wilderness.

Considering all of these aspects and taking into account its moderate price, it is unquestionably a must have for every fitness enthusiast.


3. Honor Band 5

Honor Band 5Another brand which has had a lot of success in the electronic markets in recent years in India and has cemented its place as a dependable and worthwhile option for many. Among its plethora of products, the Honor Band 5 is a highly valued fitness band that comes with a whole host of dynamic and interesting features.

The Amoled large touch screen size of 0.95 inches is a leisure to the eyes and is very well designed for the ultimate usage experience. Other fancy features include adjustable screen brightness, home button control and the belt design, which ensures that the band firmly clasps to your wrists without being too tight.

Like a few other devices on this list, the Honor Band 5 is perfectly compatible with Android versions upto 4.4 and iOS versions upto 9.0. It also has a scientific sleep monitoring technology known as TruSleep that allows sophisticated and accurate tracking of your sleeping patterns.

It also comes with a technology that allows for the monitoring of oxygen levels in the blood, which enables you to make an assessment of how your body is adapting to your workout routines at different altitudes.

Other handy features include the smart music and volume control options, which makes it extremely convenient for you to change songs on any device and adjust the volume with the utmost ease and nonchalance.

The device is further capable of monitoring your heartbeat levels all throughout the day as well as during the night. This helps you to always be in complete control of the vitals of your body and does not expose you to unnecessary cardiac risk.

Additional components of this device are the multiple watch face option and also an opportunity to have access to a remote controlled camera, if you have a Huawei/Honor EMUI 8.1 or later devices. The battery of this device has an impressive standby time of 14 days and has been known to save time when charged frequently.

For a fitness band that comes at such an affordable price, this device supports a wide range of activities. These include walking, running (both outdoors or indoors) , cycling, swimming and of course your regular weight or body weight exercises.


4. Fitbit FB507BKBK

Fitbit FB507BKBKFitbit is probably one of the most well known brands in the market when it comes to fitness related products. Their fitness bands come very highly regarded and recommended by many of its users.

This model represents one of its undisputed masterpieces, as it has all the components to be a modern fitness wearable device and has all the tools to give you a perfect evaluation of your workout schedule and to be touted as the best fitness band in India.

The first and foremost thing you should know about this device is that it has an in-built Amazon Alexa system which comes in quite handy. The same technology can be used to do a whole lot else and sync with various devices to set bedtime reminders and alarms, control your smart home devices.

All of this will be possible by giving commands to your watch. The Fitbit FB507BKBK also comes with a sleep scoring system that uses a number of different parameters to make an assessment on how good the quality of your sleep is every night.

For instance, it considers aspects such as your heart rate, time asleep, restlessness and breathing and others to give you an idea of where your sleep is lacking, if it is, and how you can address it.

Furthermore, you can also track your sleep during different phases such as REM sleep duration, light and heavy sleep cycles etc. There is also a 24/7 heart rate monitor which gives you a more complete round up of the total amount of calories that you may have burnt throughout the day.

The Fitbit app which is downloadable on your phone, gives you additional options to make sure that you get the most from your workouts and successfully manage to optimize each and every training or running session.

In terms of extra additions, this fitness band allows you to store upto or even more than 300 different songs. You also have the option to control Spotify directly from the band, so that you get all your favorite tracks and give you the best boost during the workout.

Another very handy component of this fitness band is that it comes with an always on option that accentuates the large display screen and gives you the chance to have all your vital information just one glance away. Note that the always on mode requires you to charge the device more frequently.

Like other fitness bands on this list, this one also has the ability to give you timely immediate notifications for calls, messages, events on the calendar or even from apps like Gmail or Facebook. If your phone is nearby, you can also use the talkback feature, thanks to Amazon Alexa.

If you are looking for round the clock service, then this is the ideal fitness band for you. We have monitored that it lasts upto 5 hours while in constant use throughout. This does vary with how you use the band of course.

Overall, it is clear that this band is highly versatile and has too many useful and handy features to turn down. Being available at such an economical price is also another huge factor in this case, and we are hopeful that it will give you first class service without failure and that it can truly live up to its name as well as an elaborate reputation.


5. Honor Band 5i

Honor Band 5iOur second product from Honor on this list continues the long line of first class, highly affordable and usable fitness bands currently found in the market today. The Honor Band 5i is an uber stylish looking fitness band that has all the mettle to prove itself worthy of an investment.

It comes with a 0.96 inch full TFT colour touchscreen that has all the interface usage requirements for a modern fitness band. These include standard features such as adjustable screen brightness options, two different display options comprising dynamic and vivid display. In terms of connectivity, the band can connect with Android devices up to version 4.4 and iOS versions of 9.0 or later.

Like our previous Honor devices on this list, it also comes with the standard options such as scientific sleep monitoring using TruSleep, which has options to control sleep status recognition, collection and analysis of accumulated data to give you the right indicators of training and body adaptation. The TruSeen features allow access to a 24/7 heart rate monitoring system.

As far as other special features go, this fitness band is equipped with the multiple faces option and the remote controlled camera option if you have a Huawei/Honor EMUI 8.1 or later device.

Like so many other Honor fitness bands, this one is also ideal for a wide range of sporting activities including weight training, running, calisthenics, swimming, cycling and a lot more.

The 5ATM water resistance feature is also hugely useful and has a standby time of up to 6 days. It has also been known for saving good time upon frequent charging. Considering all of these factors, it can be easily said that this is one the best models on this list and deserves to be trusted.


6. Garmin Rubber Vivosmart 4

Garmin Rubber Vivosmart 4Coming in at number 7 on our list of some of the best fitness bands in India, is a somewhat relatively unknown commodity in the market, but that which is fast acquiring a seriously credible reputation from its current users.

The Garmin Rubber Vivosmart 4 Fitness Tracker is a modern new generation device that has been streamlined for the best possible usage.

ViVo as a brand has of course made serious headway into the smartphone business, and it is no surprise to see that it is now venturing into the fitness band market with some very innovative and unique ideas that are available for a great price.

It has managed to gauge the pulse of the Indian market, and hence its products have had such a huge burst of sales in such a small space of time.

The ultra slim and swimwear friendly ViVosmart 4 represents the pinnacle fitness band technology, as it captures the meaning and essence of the idea of balance between looks and function.

The device is capable of all the standard functions that you can expect from a proper trustable fitness brand model. It has a wrist based pulse which uses sensitive technology of the pulse OX sensor ,that manages to accurately estimate your oxygen levels in the blood.

Also, this device, like many of its compatriots, has the ability to monitor your heart rates. Furthermore, it gives you a host of other features, such as all-day stress tracking, a relaxation breathing timer and Vo2 max readings.

Another impressive option that you get with this band, is that the body battery energy monitor allows you to have an understanding of what state your body is in at a particular time, and whether it is primed for activity.

Taking into account all of this diverse and innovative features as well as the lucrative price at which it is available, there’s absolutely no doubt in our minds that you will get a lot from this device and it will ultimately prove to be worth every penny that you invest in it.


7. Goqii Vital 2.0

Goqii Vital 2.0We are nearing the end of our list and while we have had some of the more popular and widely acknowledged fitness bands in the market in India, with this one we have gone for a more unknown gem of the industry.

The GOQii VITAL 2.0 Activity Tracker may not be the most popular fitness band in the market, but our experts feel that it’s one of the most underrated devices.

Primarily functioning as a blood pressure and heart rate monitor, this fitness band can measure your systolic and diastolic blood pressures. The device takes only a minute to show you your blood pressure, which can also be viewed from the application.

The screen of this fitness band is one of its most impressive features, thanks to the larger and broader OLED colour screen.

The phone GPS system can be used along with this app to monitor and review a host of different aspects such as locations, heart rate, exercise duration, steps as well as attributes such as speed, route taken and also time taken to complete a lap or circuit workout etc.

A fascinating component of this model is that it does not require a separate charger. It comes with an USB integrated charger present on the device. All you need to do is just connect the core to a USB port of a laptop or a power bank and you’re good to go.

The device is totally waterproof and can connect to almost all Android (version 4,3 and above) and Apple devices of ISO 8.0 or above thanks to Bluetooth.

Considering its budget friendly price and all of the impressive features on the device, it is an absolute no brainer to invest in and we urge you to go ahead and make that purchase, as this one is definitely in the conversation when we are talking about the best fitness band in India.


8. Mi Band – HRX Edition

Mi Band - HRX EditionMi is a brand belonging to the Xiaomi franchise, that has taken over the market with its affordable smartphones. Fitness bands are a recent addition to the brand’s legacy. This Mi fitness brand is an HRX edition that is available in black. This fitness tracker is a new version in this particular series and it comes with an OLED screen.

A touch panel accompanies the OLED screen. With just a touch of your finger, a wide arena of information will be made available to you. This includes your body temperature, the distance covered, the time taken, and any other data that you require.

The device has been designed to recognize your movements and respond to them in no time. Hence, it will show you the current time when you raise your hand. With the Mi band, you can track your fitness level every day. This is ensured by the new pedometer algorithm.

This is a new hardware platform that will display each step that you take, every day. It will keep you updated so that you can check your progress. The steps you take and your workouts are measured more accurately, while unnecessary movements are filtered out.

A unique feature of this fitness band is the reminder that understands when you have been sitting idle for a long time at a stretch and encourages you to do some exercise or just take a walk. This naturally improves your productivity and prevents you from getting lazy.

The band can be simply unlocked by your fingerprint. In this manner, nobody else can access the device and the data on it other than you. Since it can be easily connected to your smartphone, whenever there is an SMS or a call, the band will notify you. A vibrating alert will send this message across to you.

You can wear this fitness band while bathing, washing utensils, taking a walk in the rain or swimming. It is waterproof and works fairly well even when you are sweating. The device is well protected from corrosive agents like oil, dust, and so on.

The energy-saving technology facilitates you to use the fitness band for a long time without charging it. It has a 23-day battery life. No matter how vigorous your workout is, this band will remain intact on your wrist and the sensor will efficiently track every movement you make. The locking ring further ensures that you do not lose the tracker.

Here, we bring to you a fitness band that is beautiful, inside out. It has been built using some of the most innovative technologies. Ultra-precise injection molding and UV treatment have been used to develop the device. It has been ensured that the materials used to make this band are perfectly environment-friendly.


9. Noise ColorFit 2-Smart

Noise ColorFit 2-SmartNoise ColorFit2 smart fitness band comes with some great features, specially built for women. This fitness watch operates on a svelte form factor that gives you information about your heart rate, yoga, dance, sports, number of steps taken in a day, and many other physical activities. This particular product is available in blue.

In the hullabaloo of everyday life, women can often forget something as important as their period dates. Modern technology has developed various ways of reminding women when the date is coming up. This fitness tracker is one such technology.

Noise fitness tracker has been specially designed keeping in mind female health. It comes with an optional menstrual tracker that keeps you updated about your period cycle. This is a beneficial feature, especially for those women who tend to forget their period dates.

The built-in activity tracker keeps you updated about your productivity throughout the day. Features like the goal completion reminder, boost you to exercise to achieve those fitness goals. There are 14 different sports modes on the tracker that tracks your running, walking, yoga, and other sports.

It can be easily connected to your smartphone. You can keep a check on the messages, calls, and other notifications that are coming in. It supports notifications from apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, and others.

This tracker is resistant to water. You can wear it while swimming to track your movements or even when you go for a run in the rain. The device has been rated IP68 waterproof. It is also resistant to sweat and oil.

The band is light and compact. It does not feel like a burden as you are running or working out, unlike many other fitness bands that tend to be heavy. This one weighs only 20 gms. It has a full-colour LCD display on which you can track all the data provided by the fitness band.

Lastly, there is a sleep tracker installed in the band. Noise realizes that only exercise is not enough to stay fit. It must be accompanied by a healthy diet and proper sleep. The sleep tracker serves this very purpose of making sure that you are getting enough sleep.

With a battery that will last approximately 5 days without recharging, the Noise ColorFit-2 smart fitness band has proven to be one of the best fitness bands in India.


FAQs on Fitness Bands In India

1. What Metrics Is It Important For You To Track?

The answer to this question largely depends on your own individual goals. If you are an athlete and are looking to improve your performance, you need to track all of the parameters such as metabolic rates, heart rates and miles.

On the other hand if you are someone who is looking for a weight loss program, then you need to focus largely on metrics such as calories burned, distance covered and different exercises.

2. Do Fitness Tracker Devices Give Accurate Readings?

When it comes to racing simple elements such as distance, steps taken, speed etc. the fitness bands have been generally found to be decent in terms of their accuracy. Other more advanced metrics such as monitoring heart rates, blood pressure levels etc, are not always accurate – especially if your device is not an advanced high end fitness tracker.

3. What Is The Best Way To Read The Statistics Using The Fitness Band?

Of course you can directly track the statistics and metrics from your fitness band itself. However, if you want to have better chances of analysis so that you can interpret and evaluate the data, you can sync the device with your smartphone or computer to have everything on a single dashboard whenever possible.

Most of the fitness bands have their own applications, which give you additional options for tracking and analyzing the data as best as possible. This is true for both Android as well as Apple devices, so you need not worry if you have one particular phone instead of another. Any conversation involving the best fitness band in India should have the best and latest monitoring and data analyzing technologies.


In this list, we have tried our best to give you an idea of some of the best and most impressive fitness bands that are currently found in the Indian market. We first started off by discussing what is a fitness band and how it is used.

We tried to go through reasons as to why and how you should use a fitness band , so that you can be the best version of yourself when it comes to questions of fitness and physical conditioning.

Our team has also gone through all of the numerous features that a fitness band ideally should have and we have also looked to enumerate the differences between a smartwatch and a fitness band. Other than that, we have consulted our industry experts and many users to find the best fitness band in india.

The ones on our list are extremely affordable, but also very efficient in terms of their functioning. Hopefully we have given you enough of a run-through on the concept of fitness bands, so that you can now decide for yourself, which particular one suits you best, at the right price.

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