Best Bicycles In India 2020 – Reviews & Buyers Guide

1. Omobikes 2. Cosmic Eldorado 3. Hero Sprint 24T
Urban Terrain Best Bicycle In India Cosmic Eldorado Premium Edition Hero Sprint Next 24T 18

You don’t even have to put in any extra efforts apart from the pedalling, and you will get as good a workout as any. Without expending any extra time from your daily routine, you will be able to lay claim to a healthier life, all because you decided to pedal rather than drive.

With these two amazing pros, why won’t you let yourself drive a bicycle rather than drive a car or a bike? In fact, just in case you needed any more incentive than that.

There is also the little titbit that by using a bicycle, you will be saving massive amounts of money that you otherwise end up spending on fuel costs. Now if that is not enough to convince you of the usefulness of these rides, then we don’t know what is.

Now in case you are convinced that you need to buy yourself the best bicycle in India, perhaps you are wondering where exactly could you get one for yourself.

While it is true that the markets, both online and offline, are filled with great bicycle brands and some really amazing options, how exactly do you choose? When it comes to bicycles, there is not one but many different qualities and variations that you might come across.

And if you’re buying one for yourself, you will need to decide the exact kind that you’re interested and will suit you best. Now making a decision like that may feel tough to you, and that is because it is.

It is not easy to think about all of the different requirements that you may have at the same time and then look for a product that exactly matches those needs. And if end up making the wrong choice, you may also end up wasting a good amount of your money. And you don’t want that.


This article aims to bring you a list of all the possible aspects that you might have to consider before you go bicycle shopping. We will be covering a good list of all the different variants and categories of bikes so that you know exactly what you need and where to look for it.

Now the next part comprises of actually making a purchase. Once you are sure of what you want, you need to start worrying about where you are going to get it from.

And that too, isn’t going to be much of a problem because we’ll also be going over a list of some of the viable candidates when it comes to bicycle shopping.

These products will all be deemed amazing in their functionality and have been chosen purely because they rank high on customer satisfaction.

Best Bicycle In India – What To Consider?

1. Be The Change

We have all heard news of how the environment is changing and the planet is set for some major changes due to our careless attitude towards the health of our home world.

And yet, are we really making any changes to the way we live? Not many of us are. Well, this could be your chance to go make a difference and actually do something that might help.

A good majority of the environmental damage that happens is because of the carefree and uninhibited emission of fossil fuels by virtue of all our vehicles and motor rides.

Petroleum and diesel burning releases so many harmful fumes into the atmosphere that the planet has now reached a stage where it simply can’t take anymore.

And the number of vehicles on the road certainly isn’t going down. While it is true that vehicles are an unavoidable part of our lives now, perhaps what we can do is actually start replacing them with bicycles, at least for short distance rides or as much as you can manage.

That way, you will be saving the environment from harm and the bicycle is completely eco friendly and also helps you personally in a number of ways.

2. Save Your Time and Money

You might be wondering how exactly does buying a bicycle save you time and money. Well, think about your monthly budget on petrol for your car or any other transport. And now think about all that money going straight to your savings account, because that is exactly what is going to happen if you take our advice.

The great part about bicycles is that they take up no fuel. The only thing they require is for you to pedal and because there is no fuel involved, there will obviously be no fuel buying involved, thereby saving you a whole lot of money.

Judging by the rate at which fuel prices are increasing these days, you might actually turn out raking up great profits if you happen to listen to this piece of advice.

3. Fitness Is Key

Here’s another point in favour of why you should opt for a bicycle and not a car or a bike. When you are driving somewhere close, you are not just damaging the environment in a little way by choosing to burn fuel, but also robbing yourself of the opportunity to actually get your body into shape.

No matter how fit or muscular, everybody needs exercise. After all, how else are you going to keep up that great physique you worked so hard for.

Also, how else are you going to get back into shape if you consider yourself overweight. No matter what your goals are, or whether or not you want to change the way your body is, you need a bit of exercise to lead a healthy life.

Unfortunately, in the world we live in, there is usually very little time left for us to spare. We are almost always engrossed in some or the other kind of work and therefore rarely manage to find time for anything else.

As a result, it becomes quite difficult to take out time specifically to excercise, even if it is for a few minutes or half an hour.

And thus, it becomes imperative that we devise ways to keep ourselves fit without wasting any precious time, and cycling is the perfect solution to that problem.

All you need to really do is get yourself a nice amazing bicycle that you can then ride anywhere you go over short distances.

Once you have that and start doing it, your health and fitness will automatically improve. After all, what better way there is to excercise rather than to pedal a few blocks every day?

4. Anatomy

If you are planning to ride a bike, you might as well first acquaint yourself with all the ins and outs of a common bicycle and be informed about how it works. The reason why this is important is that sometimes you may end up in situations where your bike stops working or just isn’t moving ahead the way you want it to.

Now it could be just a simple minute issue but if you know nothing about that bike, the first thing you would do is take it to the garage, whereas all you really needed to do is tighten up a few nuts and bolts and you would have been set.

To properly equip yourself for times like these, you need a little background information. For example, the following are the primary parts of a bicycle.

1. Frame

The frame can easily be called the heart of the bike, and that is simply because it occupies the maximum space and is easily the most recognisable part.

You could also call it the skeleton structure of the bike which connects it all together. It is of paramount importance that the frame is made of a decent material otherwise it may face problems like rusting or even might break easily which would obviously lead to the bike being unusable.

To prevent this from happening, the frame is generally made of aluminium, steel or even titanium sometimes for extra strength and durability.

These days, you can even get frames made of carbon fibre. Such bikes are not just really strong and durable but also equally lightweight which means if you ever want to carry your bicycle around, it won’t be a problem.

Being lightweight also helps in the handling of the bike at sharp turns or even otherwise. However, the one downside of using carbon fibre is that the bikes will often be expensive as the material doesn’t come cheap.

2. Wheels

We don’t really need to explain what the wheel is since we are sure all of you have a pretty good idea of what it is and what function it performs. What we can tell you though is that the bicycle wheel has a total of three main constituent parts which are the rubber tire, the rim and the hub.

The rubber tire is the inflatable part of the wheel which is filled with air and which subsequently rolls down the road as you ride. The rim is the inner metallic covering given to the tire so as to protect it from any damages and keep it in fine condition so that the bike remains functioning for long.

The hub, on the other hand is the central part of the wheel which actually connects to the rim by virtue of thin metallic wires which extend on all sides.

3. Suspension

Imagine that you are riding down a rough terrain that is quite full of potholes and little bumps on the road. What if you were to stumble upon one of such bumps or craters on the road and the bicycle was not properly equipped to handle such a shock.

The vibrations experienced by the bicycle during such a jolt would equally be translated onto you through the body of the bike and subsequently you could be severely rattled and even hurt.

To prevent such mishaps, the bike manufacturers often install shockers or suspension on their bikes so that any jolts or jerks due to some anomaly on the road is effectively absorbed at the bicycle level and does not reach the rider at the slightest.

Without them, the rider will be prone to receiving such shocks from time to time. They are often installed at both the front and rear end and are hydraulic in nature.

Keep in mind that if you often ride through rough trails or bumpy roads, then effective suspensions are pretty much essential for you and you must ensure that they’re effectively installed on your bicycle. Obviously, the more money you pay for them, the lighter and more adjustable they will be.

5. Your Preferred Terrain

The first thing you have got to think of when you buy a bike is where you are going to ride it. The reason why this is so important is because it will then actually further influence a lot of your decisions related to the purchase.

For example, if you will be riding on rough terrain, such as mountain roads or countryside roads, perhaps you would be needing a bicycle which has adequate suspension installed to protect your body from jerks and jolts.

On the other hand, if you are going to be riding your bike in the city where you will mostly find smooth roads and pavements to ride on, then investing too much on suspensions probably won’t be a great idea.

And it is not just about the kind of suspensions you have, in fact the kind of bike as a whole could also vary depending on the kind of surface you would usually be riding on. If you are getting the bicycle purely for exercise reasons and you’d be riding it only in the city, a road bike or a fitness bike will suit you good.

Furthermore, while a cruiser bike is suitable for short rides with family, a city bike is great for travelling within the city for as many as times as you want.

Gravel bikes are great for riding on smooth as well as rough surfaces. So if you’re not sure whether the place you will be riding at will have smooth roads, then you should definitely go for one.

Finally, if you are sure that city riding isn’t the thing for you and you will be going completely off road for all your rides, then a mountain bike will be just about perfect for you.

Top 10 Best Bicycles In India 2020

1. Urban Terrain UT1000

Urban Terrain Best Bicycle In IndiaUrban Terrain is a great brand when it comes to bikes in India. They manufacture bicycles for all kinds of terrains or roads and the best part about them is that they happen to oay great attention to detail and quality.

You won’t ever find an Urban Terrain product that doesn’t quite live upto its name or suffers from quality issues. The UT1000 21Speed is no exception.

It is made and built to look great and feel great on all kinds of rides and it certainly manages to do that. This makes it one of the best bicycle in india for adults.

It is perhaps one of the very few bikes in idea that will let you have the smoothest rides imaginable without any of the jolts and shocks that are so common on Indian roads. The cycle is usually delivered in a semi assembled condition and all that customer really needs to do is inflate the tires and fine tune the gear assembly.

In order to help with the installation and assembly, an Allen Key & Spanner are provided with the bike itself inside the box. It is ideal for use by anyone about 11 years of age and has a recommended minimum height of 5 feet 4 inches and a maximum of 6 feet 2 inches for the rider.

The wheel size is a health 27.5 inches while they are reinforced by double walled alloy rims. The frame size is a total of 18 inches while it also boasts of a 21 speed gear installed.

There are front and rear disc brakes installed while the suspension is provided out at the front. The frame material is steel while some other components included within the box are a stand and front or rear reflectors.


2. Cosmic Eldorado Premium Edition

Cosmic Eldorado Premium EditionAnother amazingly popular brand for bicycles these days in India is Cosmic. They have managed to take over the market in a big way in a very short amount of time and now, from kids to adults, everyone is seen riding their bikes.

This beautiful model comes with as many as 21 gears while the wheels are reinforced with Henli double alloy.

The tire dimensions are 26 inches x 2.125 inches which paves the way for amazingly improved performance, grip and stability. The frame size is a total of 19.5 inches while the frame material is steel.

On the front you have zoom suspension while the box contains a gel seat cover in addition to the bike itself. It does require assembly on the owner’s part and is available in a beautiful combination of black and red.


3. Hero Sprint Next 24T 18

Hero Sprint Next 24T 18Hero cycles have been in India for as long as anyone can remember. And it is not simply about having all of that experience but also about what they choose to do with it. Having constantly reinvented themselves, Hero Cycles have now become one of India’s biggest brands when it comes to motor vehicles and bicycles.

With their oodles of experience, they have always managed to come up with products that don’t just look great but actually function even better.

And carrying the legacy forward is the Hero Sprint Next 24T which happens to be one of their premier models right now. The cycle is usually delivered in a semi assembled condition and all that customer really needs to do is inflate the tires and fine tune the gear assembly.

In order to help with the installation and assembly, an Allen Key & Spanner are provided with the bike itself inside the box. The tire and frame size is 17 inches each while it is ideal for the energetic youth of today.

The minimum rider height specified for the bike is 4.2 feet while the maximum is 4.7 feet. There are caliper brakes installed at the front as well as rear ends while the gear is of the 18 speed variety.

The suspension is rigid while the frame material is steel. Apart from the Allen Key and Spanner, some other included components are mudguard, stand and front/rear reflectors.


4. Montra Helicon Disc Cycle, Adult Large

Montra Helicon Disc Cycle, Adult LargeMontra bikes are great when it comes to riding around the town and zipping through country roads. With smooth controls and a lightweight system, they have managed to never disappoint their loyal customers and have always come up with amazing products.

The cycle is usually delivered in a semi assembled condition and all that customer really needs to do is inflate the tires and fine tune the gear assembly.

The wheel size and the frame size are 27.5 cm and 19 cm respectively. The ideal height range for riders to opt for this bicycle has been specified as anywhere between 5 Feet 8 inches to 6 Feet 5 inches.

The frame is made of an alloy while it comes with a PU saddle and an adjustable seat so that you get to set the height as per your personal convenience. There are also alloy cage pedals which grants them more resistance and durability than ever while there are dual disc brakes at both front and rear ends.

You get to ride at 7X3 speeds with the gear and the contents of the box include the bicycle itself along with front and rear reflectors.


5. Mach City Ibike, 26″ (Matt Black)

Mach City Ibike, 26Mach City is another up and coming brand when it comes to bicycles in India. They have managed to create a niche for themselves in the market with their innovative marketing and great products.

Till now, none of their products have disappointed the customers and almost all of them have been received extremely well in the markets. The reason behind such a response is undoubtedly their amazing customer service which manages to shine through everytime.

The bike comes with Thermoplastic Rubber Grips which lets the handles last for a long time and allows the rider to experience comfortable handling and control. With an strong grip and convenient controls, riding is more of a joy than ever when you are on the Mach City Ibike.

Also, there are situations where you need to apply brakes in a split second to save yourself from an accident. This could happen anywhere from sharp turns to busy intersections.

And in order to make sure that you come out unharmed every single time, the makers have installed high grade alloy V brakes which are used for power braking the bike anytime you want.


6. Hero Next 24T 18 Speed Mountain Cycle (Red/Black)

Hero Next 24T 18 Speed Mountain CycleThe Hero Sprint Next 24T is what you would call a hot property right now. Coming from one of the biggest names in the biking industry, this product has taken over the markets like a storm and rightly so.

It is fast, convenient and stylish, everything that you look for in a dream bicycle. And the fact that it comes from the house of a brand like Hero just makes it even better.

The cycle is usually delivered in a semi assembled condition and all that customer really needs to do is inflate the tires and fine tune the gear assembly. In order to help with the installation and assembly, an Allen Key & Spanner are provided with the bike itself inside the box.

The wheel size is 24 inches while the frame size is 17 inches. Ideal for the energetic youth of today, the minimum rider height specified for the bike is 2.10 feet while the maximum is 3.8 feet.

There are caliper brakes installed at the front as well as rear ends while the gear is of the 18 speed variety. The seat is adjustable with a Rexine saddle while the frame material is steel.

Apart from the Allen Key and Spanner, some other included components are mudguard, carrier, chain cover, training wheels and rear reflectors.


7. Montra Trance Road Bike, Adult Medium

Montra Trance Road Bike, Adult MediumMontra Trance is a brand that specialises in road bikes which are fast and smooth on rough terrains and let the rider have the most pleasant of cycling experiences. This one comes is an 85% assembled state and with a frame size of 18 cm.

The ideal specified height range for the bike is about 5 Feet 1 inches to 5 Feet 8 inches while the frame is made of an alloy for increased toughness.

Additionally, you get to have an adjustable seat and a PU saddle along with alloy cage pedals which are much more strong and durable than the regular ones. You also get V brakes at the front and rear ends along with 7X3 speed with gear.


8. Montra Unplugged 700C Sporty Road Bike/Bicycle

Montra Unplugged 700C Sporty Road BikeAnother Montra product, this one comes with similar features as you would expect from any other of their items but also manages to incorporate some nifty additions of its own. It is fast and smooth and is designed for all terrain travel.

If you are a travel or a fitness junkie, then this bike will suit you good as it is made for riders who are looking forward to cycle as a means to exercise and stay fit.

The pedals are smoother than ever and the look, which happens to be extremely trendy, is sure to impress a lot of people on the roads. This is an out and out sports bike which is available in a beautiful combination of black and blue.

This 700C road bike, while being pretty lightweight so that handling and control is not hindered in the slightest, is also shock and jolt proof due to the addition of an effective suspension system which manages to absorb any jolts or jerks on the road before they hit you.

It is built out of a long lasting material and you will find that it is quite durable and won’t break easily no matter what.


9. Mach City Ibike 7 Speed Cycle

Mach City Ibike 7 Speed CycleMach City is a great brand and that is a fact that we are all familiar with. It only makes sense then, that the bikes they market manage to live upto their standards and are actually high quality products which customers can depend upon.

Similar is the case with the Mach City Ibike 7 which has a body made of aluminium and available in the color white.

This beautiful looking bicycle is available in size 26 TC while the weight of the bike is a balanced 17 kg. Also, while battery support is not provided, it does manage to impress customers with its heavyweight features such as a great shock absorption suspension system and great handling.


10. Hercules Roadeo Hercules A75 26T Cycle

Hercules Roadeo Hercules A75 26T CycleHercules is a brand that we are all familiar with. We have grown up with this brand and the fact that it is quite amazing is almost a given since they have managed to survive and thrive in the markets for so long.

The A76 26T is a bike that manages to imbibe the core principles of Hercules while also being effectively suited to modern sensibilities. It has an alloy frame with a quick release seat clamp.

With a Dual Color TPR grip and a 7sp chain with 112 links, this bike is high on performance and low on maintenance charges. The brake lever is Shimano Integrated Easy Fire EF-41 while the pedeals are steels with firm grips.

There are coloured dual disc brakes for power braking along with a Soft PU XMR Saddle with themed graphics. You also get a 300 mm ED Black Seat Post along with a Chainstay mounted stand and EN Standard Reflectors.



1. Which Cycle Brand Is Best In India?

If you are looking for a definitive answer to the above question, sorry to say but you would be disappointed. And that is because there is no definite answer to that question.

There are hundreds of bicycle brands currently in India. It is almost impossible to choose just one single brand that happens to be the best of all of them.

Each of these brands has some unique characteristics and properties that their customers love and cherish. On the other hand, each of them obviously has some flaws as well.

Now it falls entirely upto you, the customer, to effectively look into and study the different brands you get and zero in on one that you feel is best as per your personal standards and expectations.

Having said all of that, brands like Atlas Cycles, Avon Cycles, Bianchi Cycles, Firefox Bikes, Hercules Cycles, Hero Cycles and Ladybird Cycles are certainly some of the most well known and established brands in the country today.

2. Which Is The Best Gear Bicycle In India?

This one is another question, which like the last one has no definite answer. And that is simply because there is no dearth of great gear bicycles in India today.

Due to the massive popularity gained by these products by virtue of both juniors and youngsters alike, the big and small brands soon realised that if they were to stay alive amongst all the competition, gear bicycles were the way to go.

And before you knew it, gear bicycles were all that were seen in the markets and on the roads. In fact, any retailer will now tell you that these bikes are now just as popular, if not more, than your regular gearless bikes.

And so, it can get really difficult to answer the above question. You can go so far as to say that it has no single unanimous answer, as every critic and customer is bound to have opinions of their own.

Having said that though, what we can do is create a little group of a few products which could easily be among the very best of the best when it comes gear bikes in India.

Some of them include Cosmic Trium 27.5 Inch MTB Bicycle, Hero Octane 26T Dude 21 Speed Cycle, Atlas Torpedo D Shox, Hercules Roadeo A 300 Bicycle and Atlas S-10 FS DDB.

3. Which Type Of Cycle Is Best?

The answer to the above question largely depends on where you want to ride, or more specifically, the kind of terrain you want to ride on.

You need to realise that there are not one or two but a lot more kinds of bikes available in the markets today, and all of them differ in some slight ways from each other.

While it won’t exactly be a crime to use one kind of bike for a terrain suited to another kind, it is always more advisable to follow the norms, in order to ensure smoother rides and the longevity of your bicycle.

To give you a brief idea, here is a little rundown. For pavements, you can choose either road bikes which include racing, endurance, cyclocross, and touring bikes or specialty bikes which include cruiser, cargo, electric, and folding bikes.

If you are going to ride on rugged trails and gravel roads, you might want to choose a mountain bike which includes trail, cross-country, and all-mountain bikes.

Finally, if you are not sure what kind of roads you will be experiencing, or in case you will be experiencing both in moderate amounts, then there can be nothing better for you than to buy a hybrid bike which can work well on both rough and smooth kinds of terrains.

So as you can see, there is no singular best kind of bike there is, but rather it all just depends on the way you want to use it.

4. How Long Should I Bike For A Good Workout?

As it turns out, the answer doesn’t lie in how long you bike, but rather how you do it. When it comes to cycling for weight loss or fitness, it actually is all about how stressed your ride was.

Imagine yourself riding a certain distance for two days. On the first say, you rode on a straight level road for say about 30 minutes. That would definitely give you a good workout. On the second day, you ride for the same amount of time, but this time, you are on a downhill slope for the majority of the time.

Quite obviously, the amount of efforts you must have exerted were drastically reduced in the second day’s exercise. When you were riding downhill, most of the work was done by gravity and not your legs on the pedals.

Consequently, you must have burnt fewer number of calories. You can even check and cross verify that if you have a calorie meter on you. As a result, a good practice is to ride on a level road and doing it for at least 30 minutes.

Then, you need to note down the distance you must have covered in that half an hour. Subsequently, in the coming days of your routine, you need to try and either reach the same amount of distance in a lesser amount of time, or manage to ride a greater distance in the same amount of time.

That way, as you keep improving, your calorie count will keep going down as well. Also, as a recommendation, if you are looking for great weight loss benefits, then we suggest biking for at least 60 minutes a day and 5 days a week.


Cycling is a sport that could potentially never die. Even though we now have cars and motorcycles which are drastically faster and require less effort, the thrill and physical exertion associated with cycling will always keep it a sought after activity.

As a result, if you are planning to buy a bike for yourself, you have got to choose carefully. And in order to help, what better way than to take a look at the options we just laid out above for you?

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