Best Smart TVs In India 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Mi 2. LG 3. Onida
Mi TV 4A PRO LED TV Best Smart TV In India LG HD Ready Smart LED TV Onida HD Ready Smart TV

Are you looking for a TV which has a lot more to offer than those traditional and old TV sets? If yes, then you are at the right place and at the right time.

A smart TV is a brilliant choice for those who are willing to make their purchase more meaningful and give it a perfect edge with and added access to the internet. As the name suggests, a smart TV can offer you a wide range of features that makes it more like a computer system.


Nowadays, the TV is not only used for a single dimension entertainment – instead they can offer you a whole lot of options such as web browsing and the internet. This in turn, is a main source of media such as YouTube, Netflix and other such platforms as a whole. As you can see, smart TVs are more like the young generation’s top priority where you can get all sorts of entertainment and media content on a single platform.

Some new modified versions of smart TV also support Flash, which makes the browsing experience more versatile. Smart TVs should not be confused with traditional television sets or LCD/LED TVs.

So, if you are looking for the best smart tv in India for your home, then without any further ado, let’s learn about some of the most important factors to look for while buying a smart TV and the leading brands as well as top products in the store for you!

Factors To Look For While Buying A Smart TV In India

Smart TVs are in trend because of their added benefits. Specially designed to target a vast number of audience towards it, these are intelligently built to make your purchase more cost effective.

The price difference is not so huge and so a lot of people choose to opt for such types of TVs rather than those which do not have the same performance and capabilities. A smart TV is an improvement and upgrade in general television, which can accelerate your experience to a whole new level.

Buying a television is not an easy purchase. On a usual scale, televisions are replaced every 10-15 years. This makes the decision making more complex and elaborate. Thus, to ease your hunt for the same, here is a complete buying guide covering all crucial factors that you should always keep in mind while purchasing a smart TV.

1. Screen Size And Installation Space

One of the most vital factors to look for is to check for all the available sizes. In addition to this, the place of installation should be decided beforehand as it will decide the screen size of the device you are going to purchase.

You might opt for smaller screen sizes if you wish to install it in an individual bedroom. Bigger screen sizes serve the purpose for those who wish to get their smart TVs installed in the living room and other such huge spaces of your house.

The type of installation can also alter your purchase. This is because you have the option to choose from whether you want your television to be mounted on the wall or put it on a stand. The distance and the height of your TV also contributes in deciding the device you might choose for yourself.

A vast variety of screen sizes are available in the store. Some of these are 24, 32, 43, 49, 55 and 65 inches. So, make sure that you measure the available space properly using a measuring tape before buying a television, to avoid any future problems.

2. Display Type

After spending a fancy amount, you would wish to get a crystal clear view and ultra quality screen display. To offer you with a brilliant range to choose from, there are four types of displays i.e. LED, OLED, QLED and LCD.

1. LCD/LED display

The most common type of smart TV display is LCD and LED display. LCD display stands for liquid crystal display, whereas LED stands for light emitting diodes.

As you can guess, LEDs and LCDs are different in a way that the former makes uses of light emitting diodes for its functioning and the latter makes use of fluorescent lights. To be precise, LCD display TVs use cold cathode fluorescent lamps for their functioning. Both of them provide proper energy efficiency.

Now the question arises, which one out of the two is better? After comparison, it is found that LED displays are better than LCDs as they are better in style, performance, energy efficiency and display. Also, LED screens are safer for eyes than LCD displays.

2. OLED Displays

OLED stands for organic light emitting diodes and makes use of an organic material to offer vibrant and bright picture display to the users.

Known for offering the best black levels, these are one of the most expensive types of television displays. So, you have to be sure about your budget limits, while purchasing a smart TV with an OLED display.

With a huge range of benefits such as fuller wide angles, bright pictures, better display, a wider colour range and lower power consumption, such TVs are more in demand these days.

This simple design does all the justice for the money you spend on it by delivering the best performance in the store, and offering added features such as transparent display, foldability, flexibility and ulta thinness.

3. QLED Display

To generate coloured light, QLED makes use of the most advanced scientific techniques and makes use of quantum dots to perform.

Without a shadow of a doubt, these displays are better than LED and LCD displays, and give a power packed performance by competing with the top quality OLED TV display.

So, if you are looking for the best smart TV in the store, it is advisable to opt for either an OLED display or QLED display. If you are running tight on your budget, you can choose from LCD and LED displays for your smart TV.

3. Display Panel

In smart TVs, there are two different types of display panels. You can wisely choose out of the two, depending on your individual preferences.

IPS and VA are the two types of display panels, out of which you can choose any one for your available space.

1. IPS Display Panel

If you are looking for a smart TV for your living room or other such huge spaces in your house, you can opt for an IPS display panel. IPS or in plane switching type displays offer the best angles and colours.

When it comes to LCD displays, IPS technology proves to be the best in terms of picture quality, brightness, clarity and effectiveness.

2. VA display Panels

VA stands for vertically aligned display panels and are known for its higher refresh rates. With a better colour reproduction, higher maximum brightness and advanced viewing angles, you can make the most out of such display panels.

4. Screen Resolutions

Resolutions in simpler terms, is the number of pixels you see on your TV screen. Higher the pixels, more refined and elaborate will be the picture that you see on your TV screen.

For so many years, 1920×1080 has been the best screen resolution in terms of its brightness and picture quality. But with the advancements in technology, better screen resolutions has replaced these in every way, and has entered the limelight.

TV manufacturers are now shifting to Ultra HD sets and have set the bar high with the all new 4K technology. Televisions with 4K offer four times better pixels than the others. This feature helps you in viewing better quality videos and offers you with improved sharpness and perfect pictures.

To offer a more pronounced and giant leap, 8K televisions are also available in the market. If you are looking for some high-end and best quality display for your smart TV, 8K has a lot to offer at a very heavy price.

Still, if you wish to opt for a good quality and a high standard display in exchange of your hard earned money, 4K or ultra HD sets can seal the deal for you.

5. Operating System

The feature that distinguishes a smart TV from a standard TV is the operating system. If you are looking for an optimum purchase, operating systems are one of the top things that should come to your mind.

You should always look for the best possible operating system, as it will help you in enjoying faster and efficient results.

Some of the leading smart TV operating systems are WebOS, TizenOS, RokuTV, AndroidTV, My Home Screen and Fire TV. Out of these, FireTV is the latest addition to the list.

6. Refresh Rate

Another factor to look for in the buying guide is the refresh rate of the smart TV you are willing to purchase. Refresh rate stands for the number of times the television refreshes the image in a second.

Always opt for a smart TV with a higher refresh rate, as this will ensure that the images on the screen are less blurry and hazy. A higher refresh rate will automatically improve the quality of whatever is viewed on the screen.

It is measured in hertz. For example, if a smart TV has a refresh rate of 60Hz that means that it is capable of refreshing that particular image for 60 times in one second. In this way, your TV can optimize the quality of the picture being displayed.

These days, many manufacturers are turning to 120 Hz, as this provides an all rounder brilliant performance in comparison to the other TVs with lower values. Thus, it is advisable to invest into a television with a higher and stronger refresh rate.

7. HDR

High dynamic range is an effective imaging technique that is used in films and pictures to provide the users with better quality results, than the standard digital imaging and photographic techniques.

HDR is capable of providing wider contrast and a larger group of colours. Therefore, what you get in return of your money is a TV with life like experience and performance. Thus, make sure that you look for a smart TV which is compatible with HDR quality.

8. Contrast Ratio

If you are more into better details and subtle shadows, contrast ratio is surely one of those essential must haves in your smart TV.

To experience the best visuals, the contrast ratio makes it work in between those blacks and whites. The only way you can have information about a product’s contrast ratio is by thoroughly going through the reviews and the type of contrast that its users experience on a usual scale.

It has no standard measure and depends from person to person. But if you manage to find a smart TV with an optimum contrast ratio, then nobody can keep you away from having the best smart TV in your own house.

9. Ports And Connectivity

To conveniently connect other devices with your smart TV, you’ll have to make sure that you have the optimum number of ports for the same.

If you are buying a 4K UltraHD model, you get to experience the support of HDMI 2.0 port, in addition to HDCP 2.2 connection. You can also get HDMI 2.1 connectivity in some of the latest and branded models.

To get the best connectivity, try to opt for a smart TV that supports 2.4 GHz to 5GHz WiFi.

10. Ram, Storage And Processor

For faster browsing, smooth functioning and improved performance, it is always advisable to buy a smart TV with more RAM, high end processor and good capacity storage.

Most smart TVs come with at least 4GB RAM, but if you wish to get more from your device, you can always opt for 6 or 8 GB RAM, just like a PC.

Thinking of a smart TV in terms of a computer or a laptop, it is advisable to opt for top notch processors, because this will allow you to use apps, view videos/ photos and play games on a quicker note, with almost all the features readily available to use. A strong process will eliminate any chances of lags and delays to ensure a smooth performance throughout usage.

The trouble with most of the smart TVs is the space. This means that you have less amount of space to store your media into. Thus, always check for your own requirements and make a purchase accordingly.

11. Navigation Control

One of the most important accessories of a television, irrespective of its type, is a remote controller. It allows you to gain complete control over the device and to use it as per your wish.

Remote controls should be easy to understand with clear instructions and symbols mentioned on its keys. Make sure that the keys are neither too soft nor too hard to press, as this might lead to inconvenience.

With just a few clicks, you can control the whole action by selecting and clicking on various options on the screen. So always look for a remote control that will assist with quick responses in almost no time.

12. Audio Quality

How can one neglect the power of audio quality whenever it is about the purchase of television and other such devices? If you are looking for the best smart TV in India, it is important to take audio into consideration.

Different smart TVs come with different speakers. Be clear with all your room dimensions and spaces which you’d like to cover with that full blast audio to rock your room and give it a feel of a home theatre.

But this is not as easy as it sounds. Smart TVs, and even normal televisions are known for their mediocre quality of sound performance. If your room is a medium in size, then a 10 watt speaker can serve the purpose for you. On the other hand, you can also look for the one with built-in speakers of 15-25 watts to boost your listening experience to a whole new level.

Top 7 Best Smart TVs In India 2020


Mi TV 4A PRO LED TV Best Smart TV In India

Quickly becoming one of the most recognisable and highly sought after brands in the electronics department, Mi is becoming well known for its amazing quality at a very affordable price. This 32 inch LED TV by Mi has almost all of the features to compete with expensive high end smart TVs with little to no complaints,

This device is full HD ready with 1366 x 768 resolution, and a refresh rate of 60 hertz, ensuring flawless and uninterrupted amazing video quality. It has a full LED panel and a special vivid picture engine, which ensures exceptional detail and vivid colours for the best television experience.

It has powerful 20 W speakers with DTS-HD that deliver crystal clear and dynamic sound that fits perfectly with the amazing video quality and delivers great sound to every corner of the room.

Running on the latest Android TV 9.0, it brings the various options and features of Google, making it highly efficient and easy to use for people who want to watch, play games or do whatever they love.

It comes with a powerful 64 bit A53 Quad-core processor with 1 GB RAM and 8 GB of internal storage. It also has a 7th generation imaging engine for crystal clear images, noise reduction, professionally calibrated picture quality and a variety of different colours per frame.

With built in Chromecast technology, you can easily cast your images, videos, movies etc. through your mobile device on to your television. It also has a built in voice activated Google Assistant, with over 500000 different movie options to search from.

The new and improved PatchWall 3.0 allows you to access the content from all apps right on the home screen. This feature will allow you to binge watch and stream from various different streaming apps such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hotstar, YouTube, Zee5 and much more – just by the press of a button.

Powered by Mi’s new data saver technology, this device consumes very low amount of data, allowing you to stream on your smart TV using the hotspot from your mobile phone and access all the amazing features that this product has to offer.

Although initially the users could not access apps not pre-installed in the device, this issue seems to have been fixed in the update and apart from that, this product is definitely one of the best smart TVs in its price range.


2. LG HD Ready Smart LED TV

LG HD Ready Smart LED TV

For years, the name LG has been synonymous with amazing quality electronics. Known all over the country for making some of the best electronic products, especially televisions, LG is a trusted brand among the customers. With this 32 inch LED smart TV, LG gave the customers a product that was worthy of being one of the best smart TVs in its price range.

With great picture quality, it has HD ready 1366 x 768 resolution, with a refresh rate of 50 Hertz and a slim LED backlight module. It has an IPS display panel which ensures crisp and clear image quality with active HDR, making the visual output of this television surreal.

The DTS virtual:X technology allows the speakers to deliver multi dimensional audio from all directions, resulting in dynamic and loud sound. The speakers have a 10 Watts output and with the Dolby Audio, this device delivers theater quality immersive audio quality right at your home.

It has a wide viewing angle, delivering realistic and vivid colour accuracy in all directions, making sure that no matter where you are in the room, you receive amazing picture quality from all angles. The active HDR technology optimizes the quality and delivers crisp detail and colour.

Powered by 1 GB RAM, WebOS operating system and LG graphics quad core processor, it is a highly powerful device, ensuring that you have smooth uninterrupted entertainment.

It has a thin bezel finish, adding to the overall style and visual appeal of the device. The simple and sleek design gives it a unique aesthetic appeal. Allowing cloud storage, this device can access all your images and videos stored in the cloud, making it very easy to relive those memories.

Highly user friendly, this device allows multitasking, which allows the user to surf the internet or do anything else while watching TV simultaneously.

Having almost all the leading smart TV features, this device offers accessibility to features such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and many other streaming platforms. It also gives the user access to WebOS smart TV, quick access, screen sharing, browser, expandable memory etc.

Optimum connectivity is a key feature when it comes to most digital electronic devices. This product faces no problems in that department, as it offers 2HDMI ports which allow connectivity to set top boxes, consoles etc,

It has a one year LG comprehensive warranty and an additional 1 year warranty on the panel/module, which ensures the user about the quality and durability of this product. Apart from some preference issues as this TV is powered by WebOS and not Android, there weren’t many complaints about the quality, making this smart TV definitely one to consider.


3. Onida HD Ready Smart TV

Onida HD Ready Smart TV

One of the top brands out there when it comes to televisions, Onida is well known for its amazing picture quality and dynamic sound at a pocket friendly price. This smart TV by Onida offers brilliant performance and competes with some of the best smart TVs out there.

Powered by the lucent picture engine, this smart TV offers life-like picture quality with deep contrast and vivid colours. With HD ready (1366 x 768 ) resolution and a refresh rate of 60 hertz, this product offers top of the line, premium features at a very affordable price.

It has a 16 watt speaker output, with Dolby and DTS TruSurround sound, which delivers powerful and dynamic surround sound in every corner of the room, enhancing the entertainment experience.

With built in LAN and WiFi connectivity, it is highly convenient to connect to the internet to enjoy the full features of this smart TV. Also, the USB and HDMI ports allow easy plug and play capabilities for various consoles, set top boxes, pen drives etc., allowing you to instantly access endless movies and videos.

With a wide viewing angle, this device delivers consistent high quality pictures in all directions, making sure that the user has the same amazing entertaining experience from all corners of the room.

With access to almost all online streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video, Zee5, Sony LIV and more, stream from limitless different options, so your entertainment never has to stop. It also allows easy screen mirroring capabilities, allowing you to cast the videos and images on your phone directly on your TV.

Powered by Amazon’s Alexa, it offers voice recognition technology. Just press a button on the remote and ask Alexa to play whatever you want to and let her take care of the rest. It also offers smart home technology, allowing Alexa to control the lights and other smart home features if you already have them installed.

It offers a one year warranty by Onida from the date of purchase, ensuring the amazing durability and quality of this product. This device has great customer reviews and should definitely be mentioned as the best Smart TV in India.


4. TCL 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

TCL 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

TCL has always been one of the most well known television brands out there. Known for their innovative and stylish designs, TCL has made some of the best TVs. This 43 inch Smart TV by TCL has been really appreciated by the customers.

Having a 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution and a refresh rate of 60 hertz, it delivers amazing uninterrupted picture quality. It also has an A+ grade LED panel with UHD, HDR PRO and micro dimming technology, which creates crystal clear, dynamic images with unmatched realism.

The TCL UHD upscaling technology converts images to the highest resolution that it can possibly be converted to. This results in unmatched high definition images, transforming the regular picture quality to a theater like experience. The HDR technology creates realistic reproduction of lights and shadows, enhancing the overall quality of the image and the micro dimming technology analyses the picture in 1080 different zones and enhances the brightness and the darkness separately, for unparalleled picture quality.

Powered by Dolby Audio which delivers dynamic and immersive 5.1 surround sound to every corner of the room, it enhances the overall viewing experience and the special Smart Volume technology automatically adjusts the volume of the video to prevent sudden fluctuations in the sound, resulting in a balanced entertaining experience.

Built in with a certified version of Amazon Prime Video, this Smart TV will give you access to all Amazon original shows and movies, giving you thousands of options to choose from, resulting in endless hours of family entertainment or solo binging. It also has Alexa built in, which allows you to just press a button on the remote and tell Alexa to play whatever you want to watch using voice commands, taking simplicity to the next level.

This device also has certified versions of YouTube and Netflix, which allows you to watch your favourite videos and stream your favourite shows – no matter the situation. Giving you a variety of different options to entertain yourself from, this smart TV is the complete package for all things entertainment.

It has 1 GB RAM and a powerful Linux based operating system. For connectivity, it has 2 HDMI ports for consoles, set top box etc and 1 USB port for hard drives and other USB devices. This opens up a large possibility for data sharing and connectivity.

Provided with a 18 month warranty by the manufacturer, the user can be free of any worries regarding the quality and durability of this device. Although there are some preference issues with the customers, due to it having a Linux based operating system rather than an Android OS, it still performs wellfor its price and is definitely a smart TV to keep in mind if you are looking for the best one out there.


5. Sony Bravia HD Ready LED Smart TV

Sony Bravia HD Ready LED Smart TV

Sony has always been one of the pioneers when it comes to electronics and technology. Known for making some of the best TVs, the Sony Bravia series is known for its amazing picture quality and crystal clear sound. This 32 inch HD LED smart TV by Sony is also one of the best when it comes to affordable smart TVs.

With a refresh rate of 50 hertz and an HD ready picture quality with 1366 x 768 resolution, the picture quality delivered by this smart TV is unparalleled. It is powered by the X-Reality Pro technology, which improves the quality of each and every single pixel – which refines the picture clarity to an exceptional level. Each and every frame is refined, and noise reduction methods are used to make sure that you have the most entertaining experience possible.

The High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology enhances even the brightest and darkest of spots individually to make sure that the image quality is much more clear and dynamic than before. This enhances even the slightest of reflections for an overall better experience.

For a full television experience, the sound quality also has to be on par with the image quality. With the built in subwoofer in the TV, experience amazing base quality with theater and concert like realism. It also has the ClearAudio + technology which tunes the audio, allowing you to hear every dialog and sound with exceptional clarity – no matter where you are in the room.

It has an extremely user friendly interface, with the remote being able to control both the set top box and the TV, allowing you to have an easy and carefree experience. The remote also has a button that will lead you directly to YouTube and Netflix, allowing you to stream your favorite movies, shows and videos in the simplest way possible.

Allowing easy internet connectivity options such as USB tethering, you can easily connect your mobile device using the USB cable and stream using the data of your mobile. It also offers 2 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, along with Bluetooth, WiFi etc for connectivity.

It also allows you to switch to various different Indian languages for navigational options, allowing the users to choose whichever language they are comfortable with. This product has a one year warranty provided by the manufacturer and apart from some technical problems, it has many happy customers and is definitely one of the best smart TVs out there.


6. Samsung Full HD LED Smart TV

Samsung Full HD LED Smart TV

Samsung is globally regarded as one of the best electronic brands out there. Known for its exceptional quality products, Samsung’s smart TVs have made a major step in creating some of the best products. Although a little more expensive than some of the other smart TVs mentioned in this list, this giant 49 inch smart TV by Samsung definitely has some features to look out for.

It has an amazing full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution and a refresh rate of 60 hertz. It beats the picture quality of the other devices with ease. Delivering bright pictures, vivid colours, natural skin tones and sharp and crisp details, it has various features such as the HDR, UltraPix and Micro Dimming technology, which ensures unparalleled picture quality.

The HDR settings allow this device to go into much deeper detail in dark and light tones, allowing it to produce sharp and detailed images. The Ultra Clean view technology enhances the image quality and removes the distortion for crystal clear images and the PurColour technology delivers vivid and lifelike colours to add that flair to your television experience. It is also powered by the Micro Dimming technology which ensures deeper blacks and purer whites for greater detail.

With powerful sound output, this TV makes sure that you do not need any external sound system for the best experience. It has a whole array of speakers which deliver outstanding dynamic sound. The beamforming technology and 4ch 40 W surround sound creates a theater-like surreal experience.

A unique and amazing feature in this smart TV allows it to be used like a full fledged computer when you need to get your work done. Work from the cloud, mirror your laptop or remotely access your office computer just by the press of a button.

It also lets you turn it into a complete virtual music system that appears in three different colour tones and plays dynamic and powerful sound with loud bass and crisp tunes. It can also save data in the home cloud, keeping all your important information safe.

With the new live casting feature, broadcast whatever you want no matter where you are, from your phone directly to your TV to enhance your experience. You can also mirror your screen and play the content of your phone on your TV or play the content of your TV on your phone.

It has a special feature called the Smart Hub which bundles all your apps, Live TV and other sources – so you can access it from one place. This allows you to browse content, while watching your favourite shows on TV and check out different thumbnails before actually watching the show.

It also comes with a SmartThings app which may not be available in some regions, but can allow you to remotely control your TV. Various other connectivity options like 2 HDMI ports and 1 USB port also makes it very easy and user friendly to connect different devices.

Having a one year comprehensive warranty plus an additional one year warranty on panel, you can trust the durability and quality of this product, and reading the positive reviews of thousands of customers, this TV can definitely prove to be a wise choice while looking for the best smart TV.


7. Philip 4K LED Smart TV

Philip 4K LED Smart TV

Always in the competition of the best electronic brands, Phillips has always been one of the most trustworthy brands and this smart TV is just another proof of the company’s versatile performance and elegant services.

With 4K UltraHD resolution technology, this smart TV offers you with the best possible picture quality. You can enjoy clear and better images with optimum fineness, brightness and sharpness, in addition to smooth action and improved screen details. To redefine your in-home experience, HDR plus never fails to deliver best results, by allowing you to experience richness, liveliness, greater contrast and a broader range of vibrant colours.

With 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports, you can connect your other devices to your smart TV and get access to a wider range of options. Its 20 watt audio output is sufficient for filling your room with dynamic sound quality. To get more out of it, it comes with SAPHI, that is a fast and intuitive operating system to help you with the TV’s best operations and user friendly mechanism with just one click selection process. So, you can easily navigate various applications such as YouTube, Netflix and much more.

The product also helps to convert your pictures into UHD resolution on your screen. You can also alter the contrast with the micro dimming options. To ensure their customer’s interests and safety, the smart TV comes with a warranty of 2 years, so any machine-related damages or faults within the warranty period will be entertained by the company without any money.

Adding to its amazing contrast ratio, the product is slightly on the dimmer side, with a VA display panel. A few customers found the sound quality average and not fulfilling. It was not the problem that everyone faces, but quite a concern if you love to enjoy loud sounds. While some complained about the connectivity issues, others found the product fascinating and operational.

All inclusive, the product is a perfect combination of a variety of features working together. Almost all users find the purchase worthy and satisfactory. So, if you are looking for a quality smart TV, this can be the deal for you!


FAQs on Smart TVs In India

1. Does A Smart TV Hang And Crash Like A Computer?

Yes, why not? The functioning of a smart TV is similar to that of a computer. The reason behind these lags and hangs is that the smart TV fetches the information from the web or the wireless medium and helps you with the same.

In addition to this, a smart TV also runs all the media-centric applications and games. In easier words, the processor of your smart TV works simultaneously on multiple tasks, including voice based commands and in managing the connected peripherals. This may lead to lags and delay in performance.

If you wish to get rid of these errors, you can do it by software integration or OTA updates might help as well.

2. Apart From Apps, Do Smart TVs Have Other Benefits?

Apart from applications, smart TVs come with a vast variety of benefits. You can use your smart TV to its highest potential by streaming videos, web browsing, playing music, getting wireless connectivity and so much more!

3. Can My Smart TV Get A Virus?

Yes, your smart TV can get a virus. Viruses can attack your device by any unprotected or unsure download from an unauthorised site or a page. If you download any such files from a non designated site, then this can expose your smart TV to some dangerous viruses.

This can alter or hamper your normal experience and harm your device in an undesirable manner. Out of the two, Android televisions are more vulnerable to getting viruses than non Android televisions.

4. Can Smart TV Get Normal Channels?

A smart TV is a modified form of normal televisions. This makes it more clear to inform you that yes, your smart TV will provide you with normal channels that standard television already does.

All you require is a satellite service or a cable service to get connectivity to local channels.

5. Which Apps Can I Get On My Smart TV?

Depending on the brand and company you opt for, you can get a bunch of applications pre installed on your device.

These apps include- Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Hotstar, BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, Skype, etc.

Having an Android TV plays its role here. If you have an Android television, you can add as many applications as you need by Google PlayStore app. In this way, you can get a lot of options to choose from.

Final Words

As the buying guide on some of the best smart TVs in India comes to an end, we hope that you are all set to opt for the best product for yourself and your loved ones.

Buying a smart TV is a huge investment, and the one that requires research and knowledge. You should be well aware of the term and each and every factor to look for, so as to get rid of any future dilemmas or disappointments.

Once you have learnt about smart TVs in detail, it is important to know that there is a huge amount of fake dealers in the store who will pay you quite less but give you faulty products in exchange. To avoid such situations, it is advisable to buy such devices and electronic appliances from trusted sellers and manufacturers.

Buying electronics online can give you an added benefit to take advantage of sales and buyer-friendly offers. So make the most of it whenever you get a chance! Except this, the only thing to be kept in mind is to prepare a priority list and to take correct measurements wherever you decide on installing your smart television.

Hence, opting for the best smart TV in India is surely a smart choice! Get ready to make the purchase and enjoy these features to level up your everyday experience. So let’s not waste any more time, and gear up to spend your money into something more meaningful with these beautiful and useful picks. Till then, good luck and happy shopping to you!

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