Best 32 Inch Smart TVs In India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. LG 2. Sony Bravia 3. Samsung 32H5500
LG HD Ready Best 32 Inch LED TV in India Sony Bravia Full HD LED Smart TV Samsung 32H5500 Full HD LED Smart TV

Any people get confused about the difference between an LED and LCD TV. LED TV is just an update to the prior LED TVs. The manufacturers of LED backlight TV find it cheaper to produce them. Compared to other TVs, LED TVs produce a better quality picture.

As a result, television manufacturers moved to LED production lines due to which, there is no production of LCD TVs being carried out anymore. Currently, the TV marketplace segment is dominated by LED TVs. The first LED TVs were specially designed in the form of large-screen models for home theatre enthusiasts who needed better contrast ratios.


Over the last 5 years, the LED backlighting has enthused to smaller versions. The LED displays are more energy-efficient and last longer over the TV’s service life.

As the market consists of hundreds of models of LED TVs by various brands, it becomes a tough task to choose an LED TV which is suitable as per your requirements.

If you wish to buy an LED TV with a size of 32 inches, then go through the top 9 best 32 inch LED TV in India variant mentioned in this article, which will make it easier and more convenient more you to choose the best 32 inch LED tv.

Advantages Of 32 Inch LED TV In India

Compared to LCD TVs, LED TVs have a better picture quality. Their displays have improved the black levels due to which you can see the blackest colours. The LED (light-emitting diodes) of an LED TV significantly improves the brightness.

The contrast displayed is much better as well. LED TVs are quite energy efficient. For the components to function, an LED TV requires energy like any TV. It specifically needs an electric current to simulate the liquid crystal in its LCD panel and activate it’s LED backlighting.

As LED TVs consume less energy, most of them are qualified for the EPA’s Energy Star energy-efficiency standards.

The best 32 inche LED TV in India mentioned in this article are all Smart TVs too.

Advantages Of Smart TV

Smart TVs can connect to the internet. Endless possibilities have been opened up by the internet connectivity feature. A variety of features and services are offered by Smart TVs. These TVs connect to the internet either via Wi-Fi or via an ethernet cable.

A faster and more stable connection is secured when a Smart TV uses ethernet port. If your Smart TV is situated far from your router, then the Wi-Fi option is more ideal and convenient.

Smart TVs have intuitive and interactive interfaces/operating systems for facilitating ease of use. Due to such interfaces, you can easily switch between streaming services, apps and other options. Some platforms use a horizontal menu bar whole others utilise a grid design.

Also, these platforms can be customised and some operating systems even offer you suggested content on the apps used by you.

As the latest Smart TVs’ software platforms are driven by artificial intelligence systems, it allows you to communicate with your Smart TV and even command it to switch between channels, apps and other options.

The high-end models of Sony even allow you to communicate via Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant. Hence, an ecosystem of interconnected AI devices can be created within your home.

The ability of a Smart TV to stream your favourite videos makes Smart TVs a revolution itself as the conventional TVs were just limited to the programs received via cable or dish. You can watch content on Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, Netflix and other streaming apps on your Smart TV.

Not everyone may consider a TV as an alternative to a music system, but Smart TVs stand as a compelling option. Apps such as Amazon Prime Music and Spotify give you access to millions of songs on a Smart TV.

The latest Smart TVs have powerful audio capabilities, which can be a good reason for turning your Smart TV into a music system whenever you want to enjoy your favourite songs.

Now that you are aware of the advantages of both LED and Smart TVs, it would have clicked you that a LED Smart TV will prove to be the best choice.

The following are the top 9 best 32 inche LED Tvs in India.

Top 9 Best 32 Inch Smart LED TVs In India 2020

1. LG HD Ready LED Smart TV

LG HD Ready Best 32 Inch LED TV in IndiaThe LG IPS Panel of the LG HD Ready LED Smart TV is known as the industry’s best panel. It has a wider viewing angle, along with blur-free images and lifelike colour. The webOS of this Smart TV provides you with ease, convenience and enjoyment.

You will receive notifications for the software updates, social networks, SMS messages, incoming calls, messenger and email by the webOS notify. Such notifications will pop up on the TV screen’s top right corner.

The PMI (Picture Mastering Index) of this Smart TV is defined by 3 factors – Advanced BLU Technology, Digital Image Processor and Advanced LED Panel Technology. PMI stands as the new standard for expressing lifelike and vibrant colour.

The 20W clearer and louder sound settings give you the ultimate sound experience. You can enjoy various genres of music with the Music Player of this Smart TV via the TV speakers, even if the screen is switched off or other apps are being used.

The lyrics embedded in song file are supported too. The colour saturation, luminance and hue can be adjusted by this Smart TV’s unique process. As a result, colours come alive with more depth and intensity.

You can watch TV and surf the internet simultaneously with this Smart TV. Live screens can be enlarged with the Live Zoom feature. To activate the feature, you just need to press the Live Zoom key on the remote control.

Built-in memory won’t be a problem any more, as you can plug in your USB for unlimited memory. Apps & Games, VOD and TV Programs are available at the LG Content Store. You can rotate this Smart TV as per your requirement due to its flexible wall mount brackets.


2. Sony Bravia Full HD LED Smart TV

Sony Bravia Full HD LED Smart TVThe Sony Bravia Full HD LED Smart TV allows you to experience exquisite detail and texture along with amazing clarity. For exceptional clarity, each pixel is upscaled by the X-Reality PRO picture processing.

With the analyzing of frames, each scene is matched with this Smart TV’s special image database. This Smart TV refines content to ensure maximum impact. A much more dynamic look is provided by the HDR (High Dynamic Range) feature.

HDR preserves the detail lost in the brightest and darkest areas of a picture. The in-built subwoofer of this Smart TV delivers soaring vocals, powerful soundtracks and deep bass riffs.

The ClearAudio+ feature fine-tunes TV sound to provide an enriching sound experience. The dialogues and music can be heard with greater clarity and separation due to ClearAudio+. You can enjoy the content in your USB drive and Smartphone in beautiful detail on this large-screen Smart TV.

Photos, music and videos from multiple devices can be easily shared through the Smart Plug and Play feature. You can access and explore the internet in this Smart TV while charging your phone.

Navigate through web contents, and enjoy faster browsing experience, as its remote has dedicated buttons for enjoying Netflix and YouTube instantly.

Being strong and durable, this Smart TV performs in the toughest conditions. Dust cannot affect this TV as it has no ventilation holes on its back. This TV has advanced protection which acts as a shield against lightning.

Short-circuits caused by high moisture are prevented by the anti-humidity coating. For protection against unstable electricity, this TV has a primary capacitor. One can navigate in many regional languages.

The Smart TV will communicate in the selected language. An induced cable holder will help you to hide the cables in the stand and hold them in place.


3. Samsung 32H5500 Full HD LED Smart TV

Samsung 32H5500 Full HD LED Smart TVThe Samsung 32H5500 Full HD LED Smart TV allows you to explore a range of amazing TV programs, apps, video clips as well as social posts with Smart Hub. You can scroll webpages, select volume level or channels, navigate Smart Hub and load apps by just using a finger, due to the enhanced Motion Control which recognises finger movements.

A TV camera is required for Motion Control and is available for purchase separately. The performance of Motion Control depends on the surrounding environment brightness levels. A range of simple finger gestures can be used to control this Smart TV.

You can enjoy all your content on this Smart TV with Samsung’s latest Smart View 2.0 app. You can use your home network for streaming live broadcast TV content to your tablet or smartphone. Your smartphone can also be used as this TV’s remote.

Through Smart Hub’s Multimedia Panel, you can enjoy and access content from your PC or smartphone on this Smart TV. Due to Samsung’s enhanced screen mirroring technology, you can enjoy content from your smartphone on a bigger screen easily and quickly.

You just have to open the notification panel on your smartphone and select the Screen Mirroring icon followed by the TV option.

The Sports Mode available on this TV gives you an enriched and vivid viewing experience. The green grass of the pitch, as well as the other colours of the stadium, are brought out vividly and sharply in Sports Mode.

For a better view, the selected area of the screen can also be zoomed in. A breathtaking viewing experience is delivered by this Smart TV, which gives you an experience of total immersion.

The quality of any image is drastically improved and the hidden details are uncovered by the Samsung’s Wide Colour Enhancer Plus, as it uses an advanced picture quality improvement algorithm.

The Wide Colour Enhancer Plus feature shows you the colours as they were meant to be seen. A wide variety of content can be experienced with this Smart TV. With ConnectShare Movie, enjoy music and movies from your HDD or USB memory drive by simply plugging into this TV.


4. Mi LED TV 4C PRO HD Ready Android TV

Mi LED TV 4C PRO HD Ready Android TVThe Mi LED TV 4C PRO HD Ready Android TV displays lifelike colours with enhanced brightness, along with every detail in brilliant clarity. It has fabulous features such as 1GB RAM + 8GB storage, 64-bit quad-core processor, multiple ports, Bluetooth 4.2 and Wi-Fi connectivity.

You will experience a room-filling sound with this TV, as it comes with customised-for-India stereo speakers which support DTS-HD. The PatchWall offers a revolutionary TV experience with its 700,000+ hours of content.

The remote comes with a 360° free control and a dedicated voice button. Your favourite content can be searched right from the home page. This TV offers thousands of shows, movies and games from Google Play, YouTube and your favourite streaming apps.

Due to in-built Chromecast, you can easily cast photos, shows and movies from your smartphone. This TV also supports wall mounting and table-top.


5. Skyworth HD Ready LED Smart TV

Skyworth HD Ready LED Smart TVThe Skyworth HD Ready LED Smart TV provides you with crisp and detailed pictures with its 2 million pixel screen. The technology of the Skyworth IPS LED Panel provides a , wide-angle and high-speed response.

Rich colours of the widest angles are delivered and it has improved picture clarity. It gives you easy access for connecting devices such as Blu-ray players, video game consoles, handy cams, home theatre systems and storage devices.

You can connect your PC to this Smart TV through the VGA ports. You will get a crystal clear sound by the 20W of sound by two down-firing speakers.

The Quad-Core processor of this Smart TV enables you to multitask. With the SkyShare feature, you can share your smartphone content to this Smart TV’s screen. Your memorable videos and photos shot on your phone can be broadcasted on this Smart TV instantly.

For casting the contents of your smartphone, SkyShare does not require any internet as it works wirelessly. This Smart TV enables you to download your favourite music, games and movies by connecting a USB drive.

The media files from any Android smartphone/ laptop / PC can be shared to this TV even if the device screen is off.


6. Samsung UA32N4310 Series 4 HD Ready LED Smart TV

Samsung UA32N4310 Series 4 HD Ready LED Smart TVThe Samsung UA32N4310 Series 4 HD Ready LED Smart TV can be turned into a full-fledged computer. With this Smart TV, you can work on an unfinished file by remotely accessing your office computer, mirror your laptop for an enlarged view or choose to work from the cloud.

A whole new visual experience to the playlist is offered by this TV. Appearing in 3 different colour tones, it turns into a visual music system. Eventually, the beats will look and sound better. With Home Cloud, your important data can be automatically and wirelessly saved to this Smart TV.

Thus, your data will be kept safe at home. For a big-screen experience, you can play videos and music from your phone to this Smart TV. However, this feature works with only select Samsung smartphones.

Single access to apps, live TV and other sources is provided by the Smart Hub. You can check out the thumbnail previews before diving in any content, and browse content while watching TV.

You don’t need a separate sound system as this Smart TV provides great sound for great entertainment. Beamforming technology and 4Ch 40W sound deliver the dynamism of a concert hall and hence, you will enjoy your favourite movie or show with more immersive audio.

This Smart TV displays HDR content with detailed colour expression and better clarity. However, it supports HDR10 content only but gives more accurate details in dark and bright scenes.

The ultra-clean view provides higher quality images with less distortion by analyzing original content with an advanced algorithm. The PureColour feature delivers details as crisp with natural colours, so that you get to experience more colourful viewing.

The micro dimming pro feature analyzes the picture for purer whites and deeper blacks by dividing the screen into zones. Features such as mirror screen and remote are offered by the SmartThings app.


7. Daiwa HD Ready LED Smart TV

Daiwa HD Ready LED Smart TVA perfect viewing experience in all lighting conditions, along with a rich, incredible plasma-like colour experience is delivered by the Daiwa HD Ready LED Smart TV. It runs on Android 5.1 smart platform. With its easy and quick screen capture feature, this Smart TV lets you capture gripping TV moments on the screen.

The captured image can also be saved on an external storage device connected to this TV. You can relive the moment by viewing the stored image anytime. This Smart TV has a beastly quad-core processor coupled with 8GB internal storage and 1GB DDR3 RAM.

Due to these features, you can browse for content on the internet at a brilliant speed. This Smart TV boots up quickly and hence, you can enjoy your favourite content on it without a glitch.

The remote of this Smart TV is intuitive and simple. It has a light-weight and compact design. Its mouse function lets you run this Smart TV conveniently. It is comfortable and quick navigation with arrow keys.

You can switch between a normal remote and a cursor with one key press. The appearance of this Smart TV is enhanced by its thin bezel with a glossy finish and slender frame. An awe-inspiring theatrical experience is delivered by the DAIWA in-built 10W+10W power speakers that play sound with great bass.

The A+ grade pure prism panel of this Smart TV eliminates ambient light reflection to ensure that the picture’s integrity is always pure and perfect, as well as deep and detailed.

With this Smart TV, a big family can comfortably enjoy the same great view by sitting around it. An extremely wide viewing angle of 178 degrees (both vertical and horizontal) is offered by this Smart TV, which lets you relish your favourite programs even from the screen’s edge.

With Screen Mirroring function, you can view video and photos or play music and games by streaming apps from your tablet or smartphone on this Smart TV.


8. Panasonic HD Ready LED Smart TV

Panasonic HD Ready LED Smart TVThe IPS panel of the Panasonic HD Ready LED Smart TV provides a wide viewing angle and high light transmittance. The brightness is efficiently increased by its LED backlight. A high level of picture quality is achieved with the help of IPS LED technology.

Beautiful and natural colours, along with 6 colour production are provided by the original Panasonic technology called Hexa Chroma drive. By adding CMY (3 complementary colours) to the RGB (primary colour axes), the colours are managed by the Hexa Chroma drive,introducing you to a new level of viewing pleasure.

This Smart TV supports HDR (high dynamic range) content, which enables the TV to deliver excellent images. For producing the level of reality which was previously impossible on a TV, the brighter highlights are combined with deep blacks. This Smart TV has a BMR of 800Hz, which results in a smooth reduction of fast motion.

LCD TVs can lose resolution and judder while displaying motion. This problem is addressed by BMR – as it sequentially turns off sections of the backlight when each image frame is rendered. The home screen of this Smart TV enables you with the ease of customizing your own home UI. For convenient and easy access, add settings and your favourite app at one point.

The Swipe & Share feature allows you to share content from your Smart devices on the TV screen by just swiping fingers along with the portable devices. It’s Easy Mirroring feature allows you to quickly and easily cast the content displayed on the portable device on this TV’s screen so that you can get the enlarged view of the content.

For getting the enlarged view on a portable device, you can cast the content on this TV’s screen with the Easy Mirroring function. This Smart TV can easily connect to a wireless audio speaker via Bluetooth with the help of Panasonic Bluetooth audio link function.

You can also play music content from your tablet or Smartphone on the TV speakers. If your room is not equipped with an audio system, you can enjoy the powerful sound from the TV speakers.

External storage devices and digital cameras can be connected to this Smart TV via its USB ports. Multiple devices such as the latest gaming consoles and BD players can be simultaneously connected to this Smart TV via its HDMI Ports.


9. Sanyo HD Ready LED TV

Sanyo HD Ready LED TVThe Sanyo HD Ready LED TV delivers stunning picture quality with vivid colours and sharp images. Due to its A+ Grade Panel, you can enjoy a delightful picture clarity and the most accurate colour reproduction.

With its 60 Hz refresh rate, you will experience almost no motion blur while playing a video game, or watching an action-packed movie. A crystal clear audio experience and enhanced bass are provided by the 16 W box speakers of this Smart TV.

For a theatre-like experience at home, you can connect an external home theatre system to this Smart TV through the HDMI sound out feature.

This TV can also be turned into a music player, by switching off the video screen. Without disturbing anyone around you, you can get immersed in your favourite movie or music with the headphones via 3.5mm audio output jack.

The 2 HDMI ports allow you to plug your laptop, camera or play your favourite gaming console without having to constantly switch cables. You can enjoy the content of your portable drives by connecting them to this Smart TV at the same time via two USB ports.

By using the PC VGA port, your PC or laptop can be easily connected to this Smart TV.

The wall mount of this TV gives you the choice of mounting the TV on a wall or table mounting it. Optimal motion viewing is ensured by the low response rate and so, you can enjoy the fast-paced action without the distraction of motion blur.

Each Sanyo TV undergoes 24 stringent quality checks to avoid selling any TV which has defects. Thus, in the case of this TV, the failure of the TV panel is nothing to be worried about.


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