Best Inkjet Printers In India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. HP 410 2. Canon E560 3. Epson L380
HP 410 Best Inkjet Printer In India Canon E560 Epson L380

Going down the memory lane and reminiscing about the past is always the most unusual experience which gets us overjoyed. While the virtual world makes the vacation pictures easily accessible, the charm of the printed picture has still not gone.

There are certain things which are better the vintage way and the same goes with pictures of special occasions. Not only pictures, your day to day activity includes a lot of documents, be it college assignments, your resume or even office documents.

In short, you would never find a printer, rather an Ink Tank printer, sitting idle at your home. Easier said than done, finding the best Ink Tank printer can be a challenge.


But let’s face it, we all want a deal that doesn’t break the bank and yet, is a versatile product and at the same time adds sophistication. Depending on your priority and printing needs, you can choose among the options for best Inkjet printer in India 2020 list.

Be it printing photos or extensive document printing, the list is carefully created to help you choose the best fit printer. But before you explore the list, look into the following considerations to be kept in mind before choosing the best Inkjet printer in India.

Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Inkjet Printer In India

1. Image Quality

Image quality is affected by the following factors. Resolution- For high-quality images, a printer with 12000 dots per inch (dpi) is considered to be a suitable option. The dpi range typically varies from 360-2880, so you need to be careful while choosing the resolution which perfectly matches your printing needs.

Color range- Those with extensive printing needs of brochures or flyers will find this feature to be the most important. The newer versions of printers offer a wide arena and ranges of color to print accurately.

Density- Mostly, people consider that higher the ink density, the better the print quality. Depending on your printing needs, you can select the density for images you would obviously need a denser ink. It adds more sharpness to the images making it vibrant.

Ink droplet size- A typical unit measuring droplet size is picoliters which range from 4-12. If it is smaller than that, your images will be sharp and bright.

2. Connectivity

With advancements in technology, people are opting for printers that have wireless connectivity options. With most printers launching their dedicated app and connectivity options like Bluetooth or Wifi, printers are easily accessible.

This facilitates the cloud storage options which can help you scan and fax the documents on the go. It also increases the compatibility as the printer can be paired with numerous smart devices.

3. Ease Of Use

From installation to troubleshooting, everyone wants a printer that is hassle-free and doesn’t need us to call the customer support every now and then. Check if the printer can easily load media and have an automatic document feeder.

Do not ignore the ink tank refilling and ensure that it doesn’t mess up the ink filling in the ink tanks. An ideal printer can have simple buttons that can be used to print in just a single command.

4. After-Sale Services

Make sure that the brand has a strong after-sales services report because if you use the printer randomly, you will need strong support.

Call the customer care helpline numbers to ensure the promptness and availability of installation support and after-sales care support, in your area. Also, check that the product comes with a warranty period.

Best Inkjet Printers In India 2020

1. HP 410 All-in-One

HP 410 Best Inkjet Printer In IndiaBagging the first place in the list of best ink tank printers in 2020, HP 410 is all that you can expect your printer to do. The high capacity ink tank system is designed in a way to take care of your extensive printing needs in the most convenient way.

The printer has two print heads- one for the black and the other for color printing. HP 410 printer offers all this at the most affordable price which is precisely 10 p/page in case of black prints while 18 p/page for colored print outs.

HP 410 is best suited for home and small offices with a printing speed of 7.5 pages/min (black) and 4.5 pages/min (color). An average of 300±10 pages can be printed per month as per the company claims.

The printer has two exemplary features which set standards for best Ink Tank printers. One is the WiFi connectivity which makes scanning, accessibility, and printing hassle-free by connecting with any of the smartphones, tabs, etc.

The other is ink management and refilling which becomes easy with the spill-proof bottles that are re-sealable. HP offers high-quality prints that are much darker and crisp, while guaranteeing to stay for a longer duration as compared to the other.

It has fade-resistance features to keep your pictures alive even after ages. It is a multi-tasking ink tank printer which offers to scan, print, and copy the documents without hurting your pocket.

What Worked

  • Hassle-free printing with easy connectivity over WiFi
  • Simply plug-in the device for action
  • Best-suited for business documents with sharp and crisp prints
  • Transparent ink tanks for visibility
  • Hassle-free no waste refilling

What Didn’t Work

  • Quick scan feature is missing
  • Limited capacity of the input paper tray
  • Does not support drivers for Linux

2. Canon E560

Canon E560Next on the list of the best Ink Tank printers is another versatile printer, which is ideal for home as well as office use. This compact printer is powerful enough to print up to 800 color pages with PG-89 cartridge and 300 pages color pages with CL-99 cartridge.

The costing of per page is approx Re. 1 for black printing while that for color printout is Rs. 3.5. It prints an average of 100-300 pages with speed ranging from 5.7-9.9 pages per minute for color and black & white respectively.

The product comes with a one-year manufacturing warranty and offers both colored as well as black and white printing.

Just like HP 410 ink tank printers, this is a multi-tasking machine that can help you in scanning, printing, and copying. Canon E560 multifunction printer can be connected with various smart devices by pairing it with PIXMA Printing Solutions App available for both IOS and Android.

The printer is brilliantly built with auto power on feature so that it can immediately detect the print command and start functioning. For connectivity options, it has wireless LAN connectivity for on-the-go printing. It has an interesting feature of detecting and automates 2-sided printing for convenience.

What Worked

  • Easy to operate with wireless LAN
  • Dedicated App to connect with smart devices
  • Two-sided printing enabled
  • Auto power on feature

What Didn’t Work

  • Need wifi router to connect via smartphone
  • Printer speed is slow which restricts it for high volume printing usage

3. Epson L380

Epson L380Epson L380 printer is designed to take care of your heavy printing needs with a capacity of printing more than 300 pages per month.

The company offers a 1-year warranty and free installation (can be limited to specific cities) on this product.

The printer has a remarkable speed of printing a whopping 33 pages per minute for black and white printing, and 15 pages for color.

All this is offered at the most affordable price possible with just 7 p per page for black printing while 18 p for color.

The printer has a one-touch button for feasibility in functions like printing, scanning, etc. The scan copies are crystal clear and sharp which takes seconds to complete the draft copy.

It supports both the OS i.e. Windows and Mac and has USB 2.0 for connectivity option. Overall, the product is compact, economical and yet, at the same time, effective for daily printing purposes.

What Worked

  • Efficient for high-volume printing
  • Budget-friendly printing
  • One-touch button for printing, scanning, and copying
  • Free installation offered by the brand

What Didn’t Work

  • Don’t have wifi connectivity option
  • Ink dries up quickly if not used regularly

4. Canon Pixma G2000

Canon Pixma G2000As per the claims by brands, this is the very first refillable ink tank printer by Canon which is specifically designed to meet the high volume printing requirements. The model comes with an integrated built-in tank which gives it its compact shape.

Just like any other printer in the list of ink tank printers 2020, Canon Pixma G2000 also offers functions like scanning, copying, and printing. The printer effortlessly prints out a photo of dimensions 4×6 inch within 60 seconds.

With high-yield ink bottles, it can even print up to 7000 pages, making it affordable.

The ink bottles facilitate visibility to check the remaining ink in the bottle which adds to the convenience of the users. Apart from efficiently printing the A4 sized photos, the Hybrid Ink system of Canon’s Pixma G2000 prints out crisp and dark text documents.

Economical ink usage that produces up to 7000 pages for black & white and colored print is 6000 pages. The advantage of Canon printers is the detachable print heads that are durable enough.

What Worked

  • Compact design and user-friendly handling
  • Offers low-cost printing
  • High-volume ink for printing
  • Superior print quality

What Didn’t Work

  • Wireless printing is not available
  • LAN connectivity not available

5. Epson L130

Epson L130This is yet another product from Epson making its way to the list of best ink tank printers 2020 and offering single function of printing. Epson L130 is ideal for home and small offices with a speed of 27 ppm black & white prints and 15 ppm colored prints.

The printer is easy on your pocket but at the same time, sharp on the print quality. The product claims to print approx 7000 pages on every 70 ml ink bottle (black). It costs around 7 paise for black & white print and 18 paise for the colored printout and comes with a 1-year warranty. The brand claims to win the trust of over 1.8 million customers in the Indian market.

Compatible with Windows and Mac and supporting USB 2.0 connectivity, this printer is simple yet sophisticated. The company offers free installation support on this product as well, just like other products of this brand listed here.

Coming to the print quality, the printer has what is known as the Micro Piezo technology, which releases extremely fine drops. It is compatible with a plethora of paper quality ranging from glossy to a matte finish.

You can experiment with printing birthday cards to even presentation papers. Get sharp and crystal clear images and finely legible texts with Epson L130 ink tank printer.

What Worked

  • Studio quality images
  • Budget-friendly
  • Ideal for home or student usage purpose
  • Mac and Windows compatibility
  • Setup is easy and hassle-free usage

What Didn’t Work

  • Doesn’t support fast and high volume printing
  • Single function product
  • Doesn’t have wifi connectivity

6. HP DeskJet 5075 All-In-One

HP DeskJet 5075 All-in-One Ink Advantage Wireless Colour Printer with Duplex PrintingAnother product from one of the most trusted brands, HP, which offers ease of use and low-cost printing. Page yield is approx 480 with a speed of 10 ppm for black & white; colored printout yield is 150 pages at 7 ppm.

Per page cost is, however, a bit higher compared to the previous model listed and other competitors in the list. It prints an average of 1250 pages per month which is ideal for both home and small office use.

HP Deskjet is an all-rounder which performs multiple functions from printing, copy, scan, and even faxes the files and photos. Enabled with duplex printing that enables automated 2-sided printing, this printer speeds up the regular printing tasks.

The HP Smart App provides ease of accessibility of documents with compatible and paired smart devices. The prints are dark and sharp which can last up to decades without getting faded. Surprisingly, it has an added connectivity option via Bluetooth which further makes things smooth.

The product is smart enough as it has automatic document feeder which can accommodate up to 35 pages in a single run. For ease of use, the printer body has a touch-screen to facilitate printing, copying and scanning easily.

What Worked

  • Plug-in device for easy setup
  • Freedom of use with connectivity options like wifi and Bluetooth
  • Can be used with a dedicated HP app
  • All-rounder printer for print, copy, scan, and fax usage
  • Touch screen
  • Double-sided printing
  • Automatic document feeder

What Didn’t Work

  • Per page cost is high
  • Heavy Ink consumption in printing

7. Canon Pixma G2012

Canon Pixma G2012Canon Pixma G2012 is an all-in-one printer, scanner, and copier that comes with the most stylish design. It has a new panel design which makes handling hassle-free with a clear indication of functions in the buttons. It operates at a speed of 8.8 ppm (black & white) and 5ppm (color) while its cost ranges from 8 paise (black & white) to 22 paise (color).

Suitable for home and office use, this printer comes with a capacity of printing more than 300 pages per month. The printing speed is remarkable with 8-10 seconds for black & white and 10-20 seconds for colored prints.

The printer has a built-in integrated ink tank system which makes it compact without any compromise in print quality. The ink tank is visible which makes ink monitoring easy and pre-planning of refill is hassle-free. With Canon Pixma G2012 printer, get borderless A4 sized photos and crisp, dark document stunning printouts.

It comes with a refillable ink tank and is ideal for regular to heavy usage. For connectivity option, it has USB 2.0 and the printer is compatible with all Windows versions available.

What Worked

  • Economical and user-friendly
  • Cleaning & maintenance is hassle-free
  • High-quality printouts
  • Ink tanks are long-lasting

What Didn’t Work

  • Doesn’t support Mac
  • High-resolution scanning slows down the device

8. Brother DCP-T300

Brother DCP-T300The printer is designed beautifully embedded see-through ink tank which has front-access making the whole printer compact. The ink bottles are cost-effective and prints out almost 5000 pages on every single use. This serves as an all-in-one printer taking care of your print, scan, copy, and fax needs in the most convenient way.

Brother DCP printer can be connected with the USB 2.0 option and produces 27 ppm (black) or 10 ppm (color). As compared to the other printers in the list, the cost is higher with Re1 for black & white and Rs 2 for colored printout.

Ideal for home and office use, the embedded ink tank makes monitoring and refilling the ink easy. The positioning of the ink tank is placed in a way that it avoids spillage during refill which saves up time and printing cost.

When it comes to compatibility, the printer can be used with Linux, Windows, and Mac computers. The printouts are of high-quality be it photos or crisp and sharp texts, and are water-resistant. The paper input tray accommodates 100 pages so as to avoid the hassle of loading paper which is ideal for high volume printing.

What Worked

  • Economical and low-cost printing
  • Visible ink tanks with hassle-free refill
  • High-quality water-resistant printouts
  • Supports all OS
  • LCD on the printer to change copy numbers quickly

What Didn’t Work

  • Connectivity is limited to USB
  • Slow speed at high-quality prints

9. Epson L565

Epson L565Offering a combination of reliability and budget-friendliness, the Epson L565 printer is capable of performing multiple roles. It can take care of the print, scan and copy needs and the connectivity offered is yet an engaging feature.

The device can be easily connected over Wifi, personalized App or Ethernet as well. Print speed is 33 ppm costing 7 paise for black & white, while for colored prints it is 15 ppm costing around 18 paise.

On average, it prints out 300 pages which can be considered to suit home and small office use. Epson is offering 1-year warranty or 30,000 pages, whichever comes earlier, and you can also avail free installation support.

The printer is equipped with automatic document feed which can load up to 30 pages providing speed to the process. Compatible with Windows and Mac, the printer uses Micro Piezo technology which releases very fine drops.

The finest drops can be measured as low as picoliters which mean the finest quality premium prints. Apart from the arena of wireless connectivity, the printer also supports USB 2.0 connectivity. It has varied paper compatibility for photo or document printing glossy or matte paper of different shape and size.

What Worked

  • Sturdy and economical printer
  • Great features and easy wireless connectivity
  • Hassle-free automatic paper feeder
  • Free installation support
  • Automatic document feeder speed up the process

What Didn’t Work

  • Print speed is slow and hangs in multiple print commands
  • Product price is high compared to other products

10. Epson L360

Epson L360Epson undoubtedly knows exactly what the users are demanding and produces the best Ink Tank printers. Again an Epson product in the list, this printer promises to level-up your productivity and is cost-effective at the same time.

The printer can scan, print, and copy and does the work really quick saving a lot of your effort and time. For black and white the cost is around 7 paisa with a printing speed of 33 ppm. On the other hand, colored prints will cost around 18 paisa and prints out 15 ppm. Again, Epson offers one year warranty and free installation on this particular printer as well.

Ideal for home and office usage, this printer gives you the most vibrant pictures and sharp texts. It uses the latest printing technology i.e. Epson’s exclusive Micro Piezo Technology which ensures the highest quality prints.

It perfectly understands different printing needs, from presenting a presentation, to printing out photos and even birthday cards. This printer is compatible with almost all paper quality of any size and shape possible.

What Worked

  • Built-in ink tank for no-mess refill
  • Installation support by the brand
  • No need of frequent cartridge refilling
  • Splendid resolution

What Didn’t Work

  • Lacks wifi connectivity options
  • Pages get stuck frequently

It’s A Wrap

A printer must exactly do what it was bought for and you must carefully choose one so that it doesn’t sit dust-stained at the corner. The list of best ink tank printers 2020 is sure to help you make a decision if you are highly confused by the limitless options available on the market.

So, be sure to go through them and settle on a product that appeals to your exact requirements and taste in order to make the most out of your purchase.

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