Best Wireless Earphones Under ₹5,000 2020: Top Reviews

1. Wings PowerPods 2. Sony Wl-XB400 3. OnePlus
Wings PowerPods Best Wireless Earphones Under 5000 Sony WI-XB400 OnePlus Bullets Wireless

Wired earphones have been the most popular audio device since their inception. However, they come with their set of problems, such as the continuous hassle of detangling the wires, and these are highly unsuitable for workouts or hikes, since you have to hold the phone it is connected to, or at least have it on you.

For those of you who wish to get rid of these problems and have ease of use , the best suggestion is to go wireless. Bluetooth technology has improved and become advanced over the years.

Hence, get yourself the best wireless earphone under 5000 to enjoy a hassle-free musical experience wherever you go.


This article aims at giving you an overview of the best products in the market and the various factors that are important while choosing a product.

Factors To Be Considered Before Buying The Best Wireless Earphones Under 5000

There are a few factors that will guide you in choosing one of the best wireless earphones under 5000. These must be taken into consideration so that you find a product that meets all your needs and provides you with the ultimate musical experience.

1. Sound Quality

This tops the list of important factors to be considered before buying a wireless earphone or for that matter, any audio device.

The sound quality is something that completely defines the product and determines whether or not it will be useful for your purposes.

Bluetooth technology has advanced greatly over the years. However, audio files are more often than not compressed when Bluetooth is used.

This can greatly deteriorate the sound quality, by messing up the original song or musical piece.

The sound quality produced by the Bluetooth is improved by using an audio codec.

These are of different types and they determine the quality of the music that ultimately reaches your years. The most common audio codec is aptX technology, which is basically software for earphones.

This technology also compresses the audio file, but it does so in a different way. The result is that the sound quality is like that of a CD.

However, for this codec to work, both your wireless earphones as well as your smartphone or laptop must have provisions for supporting it.

SBC and AAC are some other types of audio codecs used in earphones. Check the sound quality before purchasing to make sure that the sound produced is crystal clear, crisp and without any kind of distortion.

A premium quality earphone will provide you with the best quality, so that you can enjoy your music for many years to come.

2. Form, Comfort, And Size

These three factors have been clubbed together as they are interdependent. Most people tend to take this trio into account while buying the best wireless earphone under 5000.

Since earphones are something people wear almost all throughout the day, they need to be comfortable and easy to handle.

The style factor is also something you would want to look into. A good-looking, sleek, and stylish earphone will always add to your overall look and enhance it.

When you are working out, hiking, or simply out for a stroll, you want to put on earphones that do not only provide premium sound quality, but also look enigmatic.

Wireless earphones are available in the market in three forms – in-ear, on-ear, and over-ear. In-ear is the most common and oldest form of earphones.

These are earphones that you insert into the ears as the name suggests. However, companies across the globe are making efforts to advance and revolutionize these.

On-ear and over-ear earphones are quite similar, except for two differences. On-ear headphones do not enclose your ears completely while resting on them, whereas over-ear headphones cover up your ears.

The other difference is that the sound quality is better, louder, and clearer with the over-ear headphones.

However, over-ear headphones are not as portable as the two other types. People have also expressed their discomfort while using these. Take all these factors into consideration before making your final purchase.

3. Controls And Pairing

An earphone is not something you just plug in and start listening to the music produced. Some controls are used to manage different functions like volume and receiving incoming calls.

Physical controls are needed while using wired earphones, to manage the volume or play/pause a song.

However, with wireless earphones, the hassle of physical buttons is no longer a necessity or compulsion. The earpieces of the wireless earphones have the controls on them.

These are usually found protruding on the sides. However, modern earphones have touch controls that can be controlled verbally or using certain applications.

You have to first figure out your needs and requirements. While certain controls are convenient for workouts, some are perfect for certain other tasks. The perfect blend of functionality and style must be offered by companies.

Pairing is another factor that must be taken into consideration. Some earphones provide Bluetooth to pair them to a device like a smartphone, tab, or laptop, while others use the NFC technology. There are earphones that provide a combination of both.

4. Battery Life

Wireless earphones run on battery and these tend to be limited. The batteries run out of charge after being used at a stretch and they are required to be charged.

This is probably the only aspect where wired earphones beat the wireless ones, as they do not have to be charged at all.

After using the earphones for a few hours, you must remember to put them on charge so that you can use them the next day.

This is one drawback of a wireless earphone, and you must take it to be a part and parcel of everything that the earphone offers. You must also focus on the charging time required.

This particular section is meant to give you an overview of the range of products that are available in the market.

This list of the best wireless earphones under 5000 is, however, limited to only a few products and if you do adequate research, you will come across many more equally good earphones.

Top 8 Best Wireless Earphones Under ₹5000 2020

1. Wings PowerPods True Wireless

Wings PowerPods Best Wireless Earphones Under

Wings is a brand that provides its customers with lifestyle accessories. It is known for manufacturing some of the best wireless earphones under 5000 using state-of-the-art technology.

The Wings PowerPods in-ear earbuds earphones look stylish and are absolutely perfect for someone who is always on the move.

These wireless earphones come with a digital display case that keeps you informed about the status of the battery.

The power left in the device is displayed on the case all the time so that you are aware of it, and never run out of charge while in the middle of something.

Both the right and left earbuds come with touch controls. You can use these to control functions like the volume, play/pause a song, change songs, and even receive calls. All the features provide for an experience of music that is hassle-free and smooth.

A unique feature of the Wings wireless earphones is the power bank function. The charging case contains a 2500 mah battery that can charge your phone while you are on the move. Thus, this earphone can transform into a power bank when required.

The charging case provides up to 10 charges to both the earbuds, and this charge is able to last for approximately 5 hours.

A total of 50 hours of playtime is offered by these wireless earphones. This ensures that you enjoy your favorite tracks without running out of charge in a few hours.

When it comes to style, these earphones rank the highest. The LED ring light on both the earbuds enhances the style of the device and makes it the ideal earphones to be worn even at parties.

The touch panels on the earbuds can also be used to activate voice assistants like Google Assistant and Siri.

Lastly, these earphones are not only suitable for music-lovers, but also for those who are always receiving important calls. You no longer have to search for your phone to take a call.

The earphones come with a built-in HD mic enabled by the stereo calling feature which allows you to accept calls directly.


2. Sony WI-XB400 Wireless Extra Bass

Sony WI-XB400

Sony brings to you a wide range of electronic devices that have been manufactured using innovative technologies, and long-lasting material that makes them durable.

The Sony WI-XB400 wireless in-ear earphones is one such product that ranks high on performance and provides excellent sound quality.

These lightweight earphones are ideal for gym-goers and runners, since they do not feel like an additional burden.

This particular earphone belongs to the Extra Bass range offered by Sony, which entails superior bass quality and low frequency. However, the clarity of sound is maintained all the way through.

With the Bluetooth function, you can connect the earphones to any device and enjoy music without having to carry the device around with you. Bluetooth permits you to be away from the device for quite a distance.

The battery is of excellent quality which, once charged, can be used for up to 15 hours without recharging. Detangling earphones can be extremely irritating, and a complete waste of time. The Sony earphones have magnets attached on the earbuds to prevent tangling and knots.

Enabled with the Quick Charge feature, the earphones can function for an hour after being charged for only 10 minutes.

This ensures that even when you are in a rush, you can quickly charge the earphones. These also allow you to receive and make easy hands-free calls.

Comfort is another field where Sony earphones rank high. You can wear them all throughout the day without feeling any degree of discomfort, and it is super flexible as well.

The controls are provided in the form of physical buttons, which can be used to change songs, play/pause songs, and control the volume.

This pair of earphones easily fits into your budget and brings with it all the necessary features, including voice assistants like Google Assistant and Siri.


3. OnePlus Bullets Wireless (Black)

OnePlus Bullets Wireless

OnePlus is popular for its range of smartphones, which are of superior quality and performance. However, the earphones manufactured by the brand are no less.

The OnePlus Bullets are wireless in-ear earphones that have been ranked as the best wireless earphone under 5000 after getting excellent feedback from users.

Now experience freedom from wires and the hassle of detangling them every time you want to just listen to some music.

Go for runs, walks, drives, or work out with these extremely convenient to use OnePlus earphones. It not only ranks high on performance and functions, but also on looks.

These lightweight earphones have a sharp and elegant stylish look that is suitable for any attire you wear, be it for the office or for the gym. You are sure to attract some attention with these earphones plugged into your ears.

The earphones have been designed keeping in mind your comfort and convenience. Aluminium alloy has been used to construct these audio devices, which ensure that the earbuds stay put despite a lot of movement.

The cable that connects the two earbuds is stretchable and the battery is fixed in the part of the cable that lies on your neck.

Magnetic control allows you to pause or stop the music. These magnets are fixed on the two earbuds and you can put them together to pause your music whenever you wish. If you separate them, the music will resume where it left off.

The earphones are enabled with Google Assistant, so that you can easily get the directions to any place or set reminders on the calendar using your earphones. Life is made simpler with the OnePlus wireless earphones.


4. Jbl C105TWS True Wireless In-Ear Headphones

Jbl C105TWS

JBL has been a pioneer when it comes to producing high-quality music using advanced technology. Its range of earphones, headphones, and speakers are an inspiration and model for many other brands, and they provide you with the best audio experience.

The JBL C105TWS True wireless in-ear headphones come with some excellent features that make your life easier.

Pure Bass Sound is a unique and special feature that most JBL products, including this one, offers. The music that is emitted is clear and loud without pace for any distortion. Ranked as one of the best wireless earphones under 5000, these earbuds provide you with 17 hours of playtime.

5 hours of charge is provided by the earbuds themselves and once that is over, an additional 12 hours is given by the JBL charging case/power bank.

This dynamic arrangement ensures that you never run out of charge, at least for a long period. You can connect the earbuds to any device with the Bluetooth version 5.0, which is the latest one.

The earpods are facilitated by auto-sync function, using which you only have to pair the right earpod to any device. Soon enough, the left earbud shall also get connected.

These earbuds are not only perfect for listening to music, but also to receive calls without even using your hands. The in-built microphone allows you to speak into it and ensure that every word is crystal clear.

The JBL earbuds are compatible with Google Assistant and Siri, so that you can do a lot of other tasks as well using the earphones.

Their lightweight and comfortable design only adds to the appeal of this product, which makes the entire experience more convenient.


5. Leaf Pods True Wireless Bluetooth 5.0

Leaf Pods True Wireless Bluetooth

Leaf is an international brand established in California, USA in the 1920s. Over the years, this company spread its branches to the rest of the world, including India. The Leaf Pods True wireless earphones are available in black and have a stylish design.

It looks sleek and compact and in fact, is quite lightweight, so that they don’t feel like an extra burden as you exercise or go for a run.

The Leaf pods use Bluetooth version 5.0 to get connected with a device like your smartphone or laptop. This wireless connection is strong and completely reliable, so that you can enjoy seamless music without any breaks.

Enjoy premium sound quality that ensures clarity and loudness. The earphones have ear hooks fixed on them. This helps the earbuds to stay put in your ears despite vehement physical activity.

It ensures that the earphones remain stable even when there is a lot of movement.
It comes with a strong and durable battery that can be fully charged in 1.5 hours, and provide 8 hours of non-stop music – even when the volume is 70% high.

There is a microphone provided on the earpods that allow you to play/pause the music, change songs, instruct Google Assistant to complete a task or to receive calls.

These earpods are resistant to sweat and completely stable, which makes them ideal for those who are into sports.

These will never come off your ears, no matter how vigorous your workout is. The charging case acts as a power bank, which has the power to remain charged for almost 28 hours and charge the earpods when needed.Enjoy hassle-free music with the Leaf Pods earphones which comes with a 1-year warranty.


6. Crossbeats Urban 2020

Crossbeats Urban

Crossbeats Urban wireless in-ear earphones possess an admirable combination of eccentric, modern design and best quality sound that will make you live through every beat of a song.

These earbuds are available in three colors that you can choose from – matte black, baby pink, and turquoise blue.

This is one of the best wireless earphones under 5000 that has a great rating, due to the variety of features it provides and the sheer quality of music it offers.

The Crossbeats earphones have been designed for those whose lives are always in the move. Physical buttons have been kept to the minimum and the earphones are compact, so that you can easily wear them anywhere you go.

The speciality of these earbuds are that they have been built for gaming. You can connect them to your phone or PC using Bluetooth 5.0 and experience gaming like never before with life-like audio in your ears. It enhances the gaming experience to the ultimate level.

The earpods have a 12-hour battery life, which ensures that your earphones never run out of charge. You can keep an eye on the power usage and the status of the battery with the low power consumption technology feature. The audio provided by the earphones are life-like and give you the feeling of being in a concert.

A stable, secure and athletic grip is ensured by the ear tips, made of top-quality silicon. The earphones are able to endure sweat and rapid movement with the help of the strong grip.

The earbuds weigh as less as 8 grams, which makes it almost invisible but still great at the performance it offers.

Now instantly pair the Crossbeats Urban wireless earphones to any device using Bluetooth and experience music like never before.


7. Harp Divine III – TWS

Harp solely focuses on designing audio devices that boast of impeccable build, high-quality acoustic sound, and are crafted by talented people.

What makes people trust the brand is the extensive testing procedures that they carry out before their products are sold in the market. This ensures premium quality audio devices at reasonable prices.

The Harp Divine III is facilitated by the signature Harp sound that is clear, loud, and has crisp notes. Turn those boring, mundane weekday mornings into lively ones with music blaring out of these wireless earphones.

They have been designed to fit into your ears securely and provide an ergonomic grip.
You can engage in active work out sessions or a drive to work wearing these earbuds and never once worrying about them falling off.

The two pods are extremely durable, as they are water as well as dust-proof. Powered by Bluetooth 5.0 version, you can connect the earphones to any device whenever you please.

These earphones are best suited for streaming music, movies and playing games. It comes with an intuitive touch control that activates the various functions on the earphones such as changing tracks, playing/pausing music, taking calls, and so on.

The aluminium charge case is not only strong and sturdy but also stylish, so that you can always travel looking your best.

Once you take the earpods out of the case, they automatically turn on and get paired to the nearest device. Similarly, once you place them back into the case, they turn off on their own and get charged.

You no longer have to worry about running out of charge. Once fully charged, which only takes about 15 minutes, the battery remains active almost throughout an entire day. These earphones will never disappoint you in the least.


8. Boat Rockerz 385 Wireless

Boat Rockerz 385

boAt is yet another brand that is known for manufacturing some of the best earphones, headphones, and speakers.

Customers who have used their products have always praised the brand for its attention to detail, and providing the best audio features one could ask for.

The boAt Rockerz 385 wireless bluetooth earphone is considered to be one of the best wireless earphones under 5000 providing its users with HD sound quality.

This is possible due to the 13 mm drivers that are fixed in the earbuds to deliver high quality sound.

A unique feature of this earphone is the dual pairing function that permits you to pair the earphones simultaneously to two devices.

This automatically increases the utility of the earphone by being able to access the audio communication to two different devices at the same time.

The battery is highly durable and long-lasting. It provides you with music playback of upto 20 hours, so that you can listen to all your favorite tracks without any breaks, disturbance or hassle.

Designed keeping in mind your convenience, the boAt Rockerz 385 has become a favorite of most music lovers.

If you are looking for a rich bass sound that delivers a perfect frequency, these earphones are perfect for you.

The design of the earphones are as appealing as their functionality. It is compact and lightweight, so you can wear it anywhere you please.

The ergonomic grip allows the earphones to be fixed and stable so that you can work out, go for runs and travel without worrying about it falling off. The neckband is highly flexible and elastic, providing maximum comfort.

The voice alerting feature enables you to use Google Assistant and Siri to accomplish various tasks. Powered by the latest Bluetooth version, the earphones are compatible with almost all devices, be it your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC. You can even use them for gaming.

The price at which you get all these features, is what makes this product worth purchasing.


FAQs on Wireless Earphones Under ₹5000

1. Are Wireless Earphones Safe?

Every electronic device is perfectly safe only till it is used within certain limits. Using earphones for long periods of time without any break can cause you harm.

Much of it is caused by the Bluetooth radiation, which is non-ionizing and can lead to serious problems. The most common side effect of using earphones for long duration is that it reduces your hearing ability.

2. Can Wireless Bluetooth Earphones Be Used With A Television?

Any wireless earphone is easily compatible with a television as long as the TV contains the Bluetooth feature.

Most smart TVs nowadays have this feature, and hence you can connect your earphones to it and enjoy listening to music or watching movies.

3. Does A Bluetooth Headphone Easily Drain Battery?

Yes it is true that a Bluetooth headphone can easily drain out all the battery when used for a prolonged period of time at a stretch.

However, if you want to save the charge, you can turn off the video streaming and only access the audio files.


In this fast moving, busy world, where everyone is always preoccupied with one task or the other, you require earphones that will keep you company with music and at times help you escape this world.

Wireless Bluetooth earphones are an advanced and smart solution to this. Listen to music or receive calls while running or training without any hassle.

This article provides you with a guide which will help you to choose the best wireless earphone under 5000.

The 8 products mentioned are only a peak into the wide range of innovative earphones waiting for you at the market. All that required is adequate research to find yourself the suitable earphones.

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