Best DSLR Cameras In India 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. EOS 1500D 2. Nikon D3500 3. Alpha ILCE
Canon EOS 1500D Best DSLR Camera In India

Nikon D3500 DX-Format 

Sony Alpha ILCE-7M3K 


DSLR cameras have taken photography to a whole new level. Being able to shoot crystal clear images and videos just by the press of a button has added a whole new aspect of creativity. It has resulted in people showing some incredible work that was never thought to be possible before.

DSLR cameras have become a necessity if you want to pursue photography. There are many different options available in the market in different price ranges and offering various features. Keeping that in mind, when it comes to DSLR cameras, there are a lot of things to consider before making an actual purchase and singling out the best DSLR camera in India.


Factors To Look For While Buying Best DSLR Camera In India

1. Image Stabilization

Anyone who has ever used a camera knows the need for image stabilization. When we take a picture with a camera with a longer focal length or a slower shutter speed, the camera tends to shake a little bit, causing the image to become blurred and out of focus.

This can be a significant problem for photographers. To solve this problem, image stabilization systems are installed in cameras to ensure the image can be as stable as possible. There are two methods of image stabilization that are highly used today. These methods include installing necessary stabilization systems in the lenses and in-camera image stabilization.

As the name suggests, in-camera image stabilization is beneficial. Any lens attached to the camera can stabilize technology and help in shooting clear pictures. However, image stabilization within particular lenses can be designed to tackle specific problems and maximize it.

2. Sensor And Image Processing

Undoubtedly the most essential parts of any camera are the sensors and processors – responsible for all the fantastic features that DSLR cameras have to offer. The power of the processor determines the image quality of a particular camera. The sensors are responsible to completely utilize the view of the lenses to create the perfect image, and there are two standard sizes of sensors used today.

These include APS-C and full-frame. Both of these sensors have their own merits with regards to image quality and the field of view with the lenses. Sensors and processors work together to help shoot videos, continuous or burst shooting, image quality in different lighting conditions, a wide range of ISO, and much more.

Moreover, instead of using just a single processor, there are some cameras out there that use multiple processors to amplify the performance speed. This makes such cameras ideal for video recording and high-speed shooting and increases overall image quality, resulting in higher resolution images.

3. Autofocus

Although people think autofocus is a feature that is extremely important just for beginners, it is one of the most important elements when it comes to DSLR cameras that the customers should keep a keen eye on. Autofocus features today can provide clear images and usually utilize two different methods to do so.

DSLR cameras usually use a phase-detection method that uses a fixed number of AF points based on the detected objects to obtain a focus. The higher the number of points, the more precise the autofocus will be. There are also other types of points known as cross-type points responsible for determining the focus and are sensitive at certain apertures.

These cross-type points are a type of focusing point that is a cross (+) compared to a standard point that is a vertical line (I). These points split the light into two different dimensions. This allows them to obtain a more accurate focus over a broader range and lighting conditions.

The other focusing method uses contrast detection that was only used in mirrorless and point to shoot cameras. This type of focus is based on sensors, and they utilize an electronic viewfinder rather than an optical viewfinder, allowing touch-based area focus, which is much more precise.

4. Video Recording

As technology is becoming more advanced, full HD video recording has become an essential part of DSLR cameras. Using DSLR cameras in the professional world for video recording has become more frequent, and to maintain quality, many advancements have been made in the video recording department.

They can now utilize the different lenses while recording videos full of HD 1920 x 1080 and an additional HDMI output, allowing you to directly play your HD videos on your TV without any hassle. Besides the video, better microphones to enhance the audio recording experience have also been installed, and headphone jacks are also provided to use external microphones.

Today, DSLR cameras also offer full exposure to different settings that can be used while recording videos to enhance the user’s overall experience and get the desired conditions for the perfect video.

5. Monitors And Viewfinders

All DSLR models come with a rear camera that allows the user to monitor the images and videos live, while also allowing playback for easy access, navigation, and as a viewfinder. These cameras utilize a pentaprism or pentamirror design for viewfinders. Pentaprisms are ideally used to provide a brighter image; however, this increases the overall weight of the camera.

The size of the monitor matters a lot when it comes to DSLR cameras. These monitors are responsible for displaying the image, and the larger the size, the clearer the picture. Ideally, most cameras have around 3 inches to 3.2-inch monitors with resolutions ranging from 230k-dot to over a million pixels. Higher resolution means a more precise and more detailed image on the monitor,

Today, many monitors come with a touch screen panel, making it extremely easy to navigate and access the focus controls from the screen itself. This allows the user to point out areas for critical focus and access various settings without any hassle.

6. Accessory Support

This is another factor that you should keep in mind, as the accessories of a DSLR camera are essential to get the perfect photography experience. Many times, some cameras’ features are so similar that the accessories can be the only distinguishable point. Additional external flash, camera bags, optional battery grips, etc. enhance the overall experience and must always be kept in mind before making any purchase.

Different Grades Of DSLRs

DSLR cameras can be classified based on different grades, making it easy for the user to decide which DSLR suits them.

1. Entry Level

These are the most affordable types of DSLR cameras and tend to be perfect for those who have just started to learn photography using DSLR cameras and also tend to be an ideal backup camera for many professional photographers. The term entry-level refers to having several different features and abilities that make a camera extremely user-friendly and highly functional.

It makes for an advantageous starting point after you have understood the basics of cameras. Although there is no compromise in the image quality of these cameras, they tend to offer more automatic options and preset settings. They do not require complete knowledge to function smoothly.

These usually have APS-C sized sensors and a polycarbonate body to make them extremely lightweight and easy to carry. Although meant to be easy to use, it still maintains its identity as a DSLR camera and gives the same quality results.

Entry-Level DSLRs also come with built-in guide modes, which help the user a lot by teaching them how to access different settings and modes, making the whole photography experience much more comfortable.

2. Intermediate

These cameras are more expensive than the basic entry-level DSLR cameras and contain many different features. These cameras usually use innovative and highly developed technologies, such as redefined autofocus and other technologies that cannot be found in any previous versions of different cameras.

They usually have more extensive full-frame or APS-C sensors. They typically have polycarbonate and alloy bodies to produce a highly durable, compact, and yet lightweight design. These cameras are an excellent upgrade choice for someone who has just been overusing their first camera and deliver powerful features while also being a great backup choice for trained professional photographers.

Combining the ease of automatic and different creative modes with the extensive range of manual settings, these cameras allow the user to personalize the whole experience according to their own needs. This allows the user to click the perfect shot; whether it is your favorite team’s game or just a sunset in the park, these cameras will enable the user to become a complete master with cameras.

The video recording features with these cameras are also excellent, with most of them supporting full HD 1080p recording and allowing the user to manually control the focus, exposure, and audio settings while recording. They also offer connectivity options to use an external camera, lighting, etc.

3. Professional

Known to represent the highest quality cameras that the companies have to offer, professional cameras usually contain flagship models of various brands. They have the highest image quality, resolution, manual control, speed, sensitivity, build etc. Usually, these cameras have full-frame-sized image sensors and premium image processors that can deliver some of the most high quality and amazing shots that any cameras have to offer.

These cameras obtain the most clarity and details in images, whether it comes to skill cameras and videos. Different autofocus and other innovative technologies allow the image to retain its amazing quality, making them perfect for wildlife and sports photography.

When going for professional cameras, photographers usually have all the knowledge needed to control the camera. Thus these cameras always have full manual control with the ability to focus certain points without any problems. They also offer a wide range of different frame rates and burst shooting speeds resulting in a personalizable experience.

Professional cameras also usually have dual memory card slots for much higher storage space, proving to be the perfect companion to take a lot of shots without replacing the memory cards. Additional ports such as flash sync ports, external RAW video recording, and microphone and headphone jacks result in the user being able to record high-level audio when recording videos for best results.

They usually fall into two different categories: speed and low light and high resolution. These typically fit the requirements of different professional photographers and make the recording experience much more detailed. Some of these cameras also allow full HD 18mp continuous shooting with burst mode and produce 16 x 24” prints at 300 dpi directly from the camera.

Top 5 Best DSLR Cameras In India 2020

1. Canon EOS 1500D 24.1MP

Canon EOS 1500D 24.1MP

A leading brand in the DSLR world, Canon has been one of the most trustworthy and appreciated names of all time. With a large variety of exceptional features and attributes, this camera can be one of your ideal choices.

  • Sensor

Its 24.1 Megapixel APS-C size CMOS sensor lets you capture all minor details. You can boldly crop the images and convert them into rectangular or square formats without compromising on their pixels. After clicking photos, you can zoom into them and get unobstructed views without obtaining blurred or hazy images.

With a sensitivity range of 100-6400, its ISO tends to provide grain-free photos even in low light conditions. The DIGIC 4+ with nine autofocus points makes an essential feature, responsible for maintaining the speed and accuracy of the autofocus and burst technology.

  • Connectivity

You can easily connect devices such as smartphones to this Canon camera and click beautiful images by just releasing the shutter button. Its WiFi, NFC, and Bluetooth connectivity provide you with the best possible compatibility with multiple devices. You can remotely control your camera using other devices, import photographs and transfer pictures wirelessly as you shoot.

  • Lenses

Its versatile and compatible lenses allow you to make the most out of this camera. A variety of interchangeable lenses can be used to unleash your creative side as per your individual needs and preferences. The EF- S lens mount finds itself compatible with all EF and EF-S lenses. When used with EF-S lenses, the mount shows exceptional performance versatile and compact.

The EF S-10 18 mm lens can be used for an ultra-wide-angle view. Similarly, EF- S 24 mm as a standard zoom lens, EF-S18-56 mm as a wide-angle fixed focal length lens, EF S 50 mm as a standard fixed focal length lens and EF-S55- 250 mm as a telephoto zoom lens can be used to enhance the variations of photography.

  • Other Specifications

A 16 GB memory card is included in the package. It comes with a built-in flash that allows you to take remarkable photos during the night or in dark spaces. It’s 64 GB internal storage gives plenty of space for the users to store their pictures. The camera has a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

At the time of delivery, you’ll get a camera, EF S18-55 IS II Lens, EF S55-250mm IS II Lens, battery charger, straps, battery pack, AC cable and 16 GB SD card. With a minimum focal length of 18 millimeters, you can get clear and sharp close-ups to enhance your purchase by huge mounds. Its screen size is 3 inches and is sufficient for proper viewing of the images and objects to be clicked.

  • Additional Features

The optical viewfinder, handheld form factor, lightweight feel, brilliant LCD display, and long-lasting lithium battery are some of the leading aspects of this product.

With a significant background blurring capacity, this camera finds itself capable of providing a sufficient amount of focus onto your subject. Its rich photo expressions, vivid colors, high contrasts, and rich exposures make an ideal package for the money you spend on it.

  • Customer Reviews

It’s easy to use buttons and user-friendly interface is convenient for most users. The amazing mechanism and intelligent build allows no lags and delays with the functioning. While some customers have faced issues with ISO and noises, others have found its functioning mind-blowing.

These minor problems can be a cause of some faults which can be entertained by the company within the warranty period. All in all, the product is easy to handle, lets you click good quality pictures and is perfect for users. So, if you are looking for an all-rounder purchase, this Canon camera can prove an efficient pick.


2. Nikon D3500 DX-Format 

Nikon D3500 DX-Format 

Another spectacular brand in this list is Nikon, one of the top brands when it comes to buying a quality DSLR. With this camera, you do not have to be a professional photographer to get good clicks! Its functionality and flexible usage lets you enjoy the benefits of photography, whether you are a novice or pro.

  • Sensors

It comes with APS-C CMOS sensor with 24.2 Megapixel resolution that allows larger prints and easy cropping of photographs. With a sensitive range of 100-25600, its ISO can deliver impactful shots with grain-free effects and help obtain clear images even in dim lighting.

With brilliant 11 autofocus points, it overtakes most of its competitors within the same price range. Expeed 4 with these 11 autofocus points, boosts the purchase by adding speed and accuracy during your photography sessions. This feature also helps with burst photography.

  • Connectivity

It allows more accessible and powerful WiFi, NFC, and Bluetooth connectivity to connect your camera with other devices easily. You can connect your smartphones, tablets, and other devices so as to transfer and share your images and shots with your family, friends and other loved ones.

  • Lenses

This camera comes with a Nikon F camera lens mount. It is available with two travel lenses that will enhance your outdoor photography sessions. Its interchangeable allows flexibility of use and these lenses come with amazing zoom facilities that can help you shoot wide-angle videos or close up shots perfectly.

Being an outstanding option for portraits, landscapes, wide perspective shots and beautiful sceneries, itis AF-P DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR lens makes a handy feature perfect for capturing large scale moments. On the other hand, the AF-P DX NIKKOR 70-300mm f/4.5-6.3G ED telephoto zoom lens is a remarkable choice for sporting events, concerts, nature, and much more!

  • Video Resolution

If you wish to use your DSLR camera to record videos, then this product can make a fruitful purchase in terms of its video and photo quality. With a manual control and selectable frame rate flexibility, you can adjust the settings as per your own requirements. In addition to this, its full HD video quality enhances the user experience in every possible way.

This DSLR is great for delivering high quality and HD videos to its customers. You can instantly capture 1080/60p videos with just a single touch of button, making your video recording as easy as clicking photos.

  • Other Specifications

A 16 GB memory card is included in the package, sufficient for many users who like to capture a lot of memories and photos. It consists of an external flash and a 3-inch standing screen display size. The optical image stabilization improves your photography experience by huge margins.

Coming with an optical zoom of 3x, you can click crisp and sound close-ups without any worry or trouble. You get to experience the best quality functionality with a minimum shutter speed of 1/4000s seconds and a minimum aperture of 36 units. It has a minimum focal length of 18 mm and can give fantastic close-up shots.

  • Additional features

Its image sensors are approximately 15 times larger than your smartphones and other typical devices, helping you get a sense of realism in your shots. The renowned expeed processing system is another added benefit to the whole device, which helps fine-tune the settings for each shot.

By pressing and holding the shutter button, you can capture up to 5 frames per second and get those hard to click shots within a few seconds. Its full-time AF locks onto the subjects and keeps its focus intact so that you get non-blurry and crisp images.

Its lightweight body weighs just 390 grams, which is lighter than most DSLRs in the stores today. This makes it easier to carry it around while traveling. It does not feel heavy on your arms, and the placement of buttons avoids strain on your fingers.

  • Customer Reviews

With a remarkable user satisfaction, this product has helped many of its users to get the true artistic expression of reality with the shots taken by this Nikon camera. It can run for 6-9 hours on a single charge. The grip of this product is similar to that of the professional cameras, which can be felt while holding it.

Its daylight and nighttime photography quality is out of the box. This camera works properly even after months of usage and regular photography sessions. It has sufficient storage to store all your memories and moments inside it. Overall, it is a highly recommended purchase by its users. If you are looking for the best DSLR camera in India, this might be the one to look for!


3. Sony Alpha ILCE-7M3K 

Sony Alpha ILCE-7M3K 

A well-established company with superior quality products and trustable user services, Sony has been one of India’s most effective and efficient manufacturers of electronics. Known for their durable and high-quality products, the company has made its way to this list.

  • Sensors

Packed with newly developed black illuminated, full-frame CMOS sensors, this product gives a worthy and fruitful performance for a long time. With a sensor size of 35 mm, you get a full-frame sensor. It has a standard ISO range of 100 to 51200 that gives out impactful results.

  • Lenses

If you are looking for lenses with hoods, then this camera can benefit you with the facility. Camera hoods act as a sun shield, providing an added benefit to the photographer by preventing glare and lens flare that might not result in best quality photos.

The interchangeable FE mount full-frame lenses deliver a flexible and versatile performance by giving the users a choice of selection as per their requirements. It makes use of a 24-70 mm, f/3.5-5.6 kit lens that can optically stabilize the images and avoid blurs.

  • Connectivity

To ensure an easy transfer of photos and videos to your other devices, you can easily connect this DSLR camera with your smartphone via its smartphone app. You can easily control and click photos from this camera with just a few clicks. Its WiFi, Bluetooth, and NFC connectivity are strong enough and provide hassle-free and seamless connectivity options without any significant issues.

  • Warranty

It comes with a trustworthy 2 years standard warranty. An additional 1-year warranty on registration can add up to 3 years of warranty on the product.

  • Other Specifications

The package includes the camera, a battery charger for the lithium battery, a camera bag, and a 64GB UHS 2 SD card. Its 15 stop dynamic range at low sensitivity settings, 14-bit raw output for natural gradations and 5 axis in-body stabilization makes it a power pack device.

Providing you with a plenty of space, its 138 GB memory space capacity makes a vital feature of the product. The 24.2 MP optical sensor resolution and a minimum focal length of 28 mm allow for fantastic close-up shots and enable the camera’s focusing capabilities.

  • Additional Features

Its mirrorless form factor, SDXC flash memory type, zoom lens type, lightweight build, excellent grain control over focus and wide array of E-mount lenses together gear up the camera to a whole new level. In addition to all these fancy features, the optical viewfinder, eye autofocus and manual focus add a bonus to the overall functionality and the supremacy of the product.

  • Customer Reviews

A lot of customers are satisfied with the purchase. It does not feel heavy on your arms, shoulders, hands or around the neck. That helps in easy handling and an improved photography experience. Connectivity is great, but quite a few users have faced minor problems with the smartphone app.

But this is not the case with every customer. Apart from this, a few users have complained about the missing memory card in the package. Make sure that you check for all the parts and units in the package at the time of delivery. No major issues or any noticeable problems have been faced by any of its buyers. With a large variety of options available in the stores, this Sony product gives an unbeatable and outstanding quality.


4. Canon EOS 77D 24.2MP 

Canon EOS 77D 24.2MP 

Canon’s other product can make an ideal deal to suit your photographer self in every possible way. There are a lot of DSLR cameras by Canon and this is just another gem in the store.

  • Sensor

Its APS-C CMOS sensor with 24.2-megapixel resolution makes it the perfect pick for clearer and sharper image quality. The DIGIC 7 image processor with 45 autofocus points makes an unparalleled deal that can beat all other competitors in the same price range.

With an ISO sensitivity range of 100-25600, you can obtain grain-free and clear images, especially in dim lighting or dark areas.

  • Connectivity

Coming with strong connectivity facilities, you can make use of WiFi, NFC and Bluetooth tethering modes to allow an easy transfer of photos and videos from the camera to other devices.

  • Lenses

The AF compatible EF lenses result in an excellent performance. These lenses can be changed from time to time, and you can set them as per your individual preferences whenever required.

  • Video Resolutions

Its full HD video quality with exceptional resolution can capture moments with extreme colours and a sense of realism. Enabling full HD 50p /60 p, you can get smoother videos with flawless quality handled by the inbuilt autofocus capabilities.

With the AI servo AF II, an enhanced tracking of moving objects helps provide a professional videography level output. For live view shooting, the pixel CMOS AF enables extremely fast and powerful shots to be captured with great ease and comfort.

  • Other Specifications

Its 2 electrical dials give direct access to the camera’s frequently used functions, i.e. the shutter speed and the aperture. The 2 levels of stabilization makes shooting easier for you. One lithium battery is sufficient to operate the camera for long hours on a regular basis.

Its 3 inches touchscreen LCD panel adds another reason for buying this amazing product. This DSLR has a maximum shutter speed of 1/4000, 1/30 being the minimum. With a minimum focal length of 18 mm, you can get quality close shots. It has an optical viewfinder that can enhance your photography skills in the long run.

EOS 77D Body, EF-S 18-55mm 4-5.6 IS STM are the mounting hardware specs that can deliver a power pack performance it weighs just 540 grams, that doesn’t feel much heavy on your arms and allows easy handling during travel.

  • Additional Features

The E-TTL II autoflash, secure digital card, in-body 5-axis image stabilization, backlit LCD panel, AF- ON button, sleek body design, touchscreen operability, and live view shooting are some of the leading aspects of the product. In addition to this range of features, its five creative filters for movie and time-lapse videos aid the video quality offered by this camera.

  • Customer Reviews

The product proves its worth and makes a great value for every penny you spend on it. The package includes EOS 77D Body, EF-S 18-55mm 4-5.6 IS STM, lens cap, battery pack, battery charger, eyecup, camera strap, camera bag and a 16gb SD card for user convenience.

A few customers have faced problems with the late delivery by the company and sellers, but the product quality is worth waiting for! The interface is user friendly and.the buttons are easy to press. The mechanism is quite confusing but once you get used to it, the functions feel smooth and boundless.

Overall, this DSLR camera is a great option for people who are willing to invest into something durable, long term and worth their hard-earned money. So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab this amazing DSLR by Canon now!


5. Nikon D5300 24.2MP 

Nikon D5300 24.2MP 

Highly respected in the market, Nikon has released another great camera in the D5300 DSLR model. With some of the most amazing features that can be found in the DSLR market, this camera is highly loved by the customers because of its stylish, user-friendly design, and unmatched performance.

  • Sensor

It comes with a 24.2 million pixel DX-format CMOS sensor that has no optical low pass filter, resulting in much higher quality and detailed images that some of the other cameras fail to deliver. This sensor captures vivid pictures while recording full HD 1080p dynamic videos – this makes it a very versatile device.

The new EXPEED 4 image-processing engine by Nikon makes sure that the images remain clear and detailed. At the same time, the videos have proper lighting, even in the most difficult lighting environments.

It has an ISO range of 100 to 12800, which allows this camera to capture extremely detailed images as if they were backlit even in low light conditions. It helps maintain natural lighting and color in the image and the background without any loss of detail in the main object of focus.

  • Connectivity

Optimizing connectivity to the fullest, this camera comes with a built-in WiFi connectivity option, making it extremely efficient to transfer images wirelessly to other devices such as cell phones, tablets, laptops etc. with unmatched ease. This makes it easy to keep all your memories stored together, while also saving a lot of space in your camera.

It also has built-in GPS and location services that allow the device to keep a record of all the images’ locations, keeping all your data sorted and organized.

  • Lenses

With a variety of options allowing you to use different lenses, such as ultra-wide, telephoto, and other lenses manually, this device can be used to take personalized shots using the right kind of lens. This makes sure that you never have to stop while taking the pictures of your favorite game or just a casual shot when you are out with family.

  • Video resolutions

Being able to record full HD 1920 x 1080 p movies, this device can record absolutely stunning videos with unmatched detail. Keeping personalization a top priority, it also offers the option to choose from a variety of frame rate settings such as 60p, 50p, 30p, 25p, 24p etc. The 24.2 million pixel DX-format CMOS sensor makes the videos even richer and more dynamic than most of the other DSLR cameras out there.

  • Additional Features

The 39 point autofocus technology locks on and tracks different objects, allowing you to personalize the point of focus in your image completely. It has a special 3d tracking mode that seamlessly maintains focus on the object even if it moves to make sure that you never have to worry about blurry photos ever again.

Making it easy for the user to use different methods to enhance the image, this camera offers 9 different built-inn special effects that maintain depth and realism. Easy to use, the camera has a vari-angle monitor that makes it easy to take pictures from a variety of different angles and positions by just rotating the monitor to where you are, allowing you to take difficult shots with unmatched ease.

Its 3:2 aspect ratio offers a wider full-frame view than other cameras and allows you to view your images with much more clarity than ever before. The intelligent D lighting features proves to be perfect for setting the right exposure for backlit subjects, while keeping the image absolutely natural looking and maintaining the ambience of the background.

  • Customer Reviews

Highly loved by the customers, this camera has some of the best reviews out there and with the additional 16 Gb memory card, users have to little to no complaints with this device and highly suggest it to others. This makes this camera by Nikon undoubtedly one of the best DSLR cameras out there in this price range.


FAQs on DSLR Cameras

1. Which Is The Best DSLR Camera In India?

If you are looking for the best DSLR camera in India, then you must be looking for a product that will fulfill all your needs and requirements. What’s best for others may or may not be the best for you. As every person belongs to a different grade of users, it’s important to know that ‘the best’ varies from person to person.

While many products are available in the market, some of the leading brand names in the DSLR industry include Canon, Nikon and Sony. These brands offer the best possible products with affordable prices and maximum user services. They also provide long term warranties and promising electronics that are durable and efficient in nature.

You can choose your ideal product from these brands and you are sure to not get disappointed, if you opt for any of the mentioned companies.

2. Should I Buy Additional Kit Lens Along With The Camera?

Until and unless you are sure about your photography taste, do not opt for any additional lenses or accessories for the camera. A lot of cameras today come with kit lenses as an inbuilt lens type. Kit lenses, in simple terms, are starter lenses that can be used along with interchangeable lenses to enhance your photography as a beginner.

These are usually inexpensive and aren’t a necessity for most users. Make sure that you are all aware of the benefits and photography type delivered by kit lenses to make your purchase an effective one!

3. Should I Increase My Budget And Get A Very Expensive DSLR Camera?

Based upon the grade or level of photography you want to opt for, you can set a fixed budget and stick to it. Not everyone takes photography as a serious profession, and if you are into photography as a hobby or an interest, you must look for budget-friendly DSLRs as they can cost you thousands or lakhs.

As a professional photographer, you might not mind spending a lot of money on your camera. As a beginner or an intermediate grader, you can opt for a camera somewhere between 20000-70000, depending on your budget.

Final Thoughts

Although it may seem like a hard decision as DSLR cameras are expensive and can be a significant investment, buying a camera is not as hard as it looks. Though there are several things to keep in mind before making such a big purchase, they all depend upon your personal preferences. Different cameras have different pros, and the choice depends upon which features you value more. And with everything you have learned today, we are confident that you have everything you need to make the right decision and buy the best DSLR camera in India. We wish you the best of luck with your next purchase!

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