Best DSLR Cameras Under ₹50,000 in 2020: Top Reviews

1. Nikon D3500 2. Canon Eos 3. Sony Alpha
Nikon D3500 Dx-Format Dslr Two Lens Kit Best Dslr Cameras Under 50000 Canon Eos 200D II 24.1Mp Digital Slr  Sony Alpha Ilces100L 24.3MP Digital Slr

DSLR cameras are the ideal devices for anything related to photography and videography. Replacing professional cameras, these DSLR cameras cost less, and deliver similar, or better quality than them. These cameras can take sharp and detailed images efficiently.

However, there are a lot of things to consider before you invest in the perfect DSLR camera. Although they are amazing at doing what they are designed for, DSLR cameras can be quite expensive, and hence, making a right decision is absolutely essential.

But do not worry, we assure you that when you are done reading this article, you will have all the information you need to choose the perfect DSLR camera for yourself. So, let us start by looking at some things that you must consider before choosing the best DSLR camera under 50000.

Factors To Look For While Buying Best DSLR Camera Under ₹50,000

1. Brands

Usually, the first factor that comes to mind before buying any product is the brand. Although there are a lot of options available in the market, only a few brands have quality products. When it comes to DSLRs these brands include Sony, Nikon, Canon etc.

The best way to pick a brand is to physically go to the store, and test and check which options give you the best results. Moreover, all the features that come along with a branded DSLR, will definitely affect the quality of photography. .

2. Camera Resolution

Denoted by megapixels, the camera resolution plays a major role in determining the quality of the product. The higher the resolution, the sharper and detailed the images will be.

Ideally, a camera with a resolution between 18-24 MP will be a good choice to consider when looking for DSLR cameras in this price range. Moreover, it will make zooming much more clear and less pixelated and will also allow for easy and detailed cropping of images.

3. Video Recording

Looking at a DSLR camera with proper video recording facilities is extremely important. This means looking for the best resolution that you can possibly find in your price range.

For a budget of 50000, you can expect Full HD 1080p video recording capability and a frame rate of 60 fps. A camera with such powerful video recording capabilities can deliver outstanding videography output.

However, a crucial thing to keep in mind when dealing with Full HD videos, is storage. Full HD videos require a lot of space, and if you are planning to record a lot, you need to make sure that you have enough storage space to back that up.

4. Burst Frame Rate

Burst photography has become an important feature in cameras, especially DSLRs. Capturing the perfect shot is easier, and is specially suited for action based photography.

Getting a camera with a higher burst rate will allow you to capture every shot in a burst session with detail and precision, making it easier for you to get the perfect frame for your collection.

5. Lenses

Undoubtedly one of the most essential parts of a camera, the lens is responsible for capturing, focusing and taking the image. Although with a budget of 50000, you can find a basic lens kit, with one more lens that has telephoto range, allowing you to shoot without much hassle.

Almost all brands will give you a two lens option, and it is definitely what you should opt for. Opting for it is beneficial, as these lenses come with an image stabilization feature that ensures your shots are blur-free and stabilized. So making sure that the camera you are choosing has this feature is absolutely necessary.

6. Autofocus

A vital feature of any DSLR camera, the autofocus is important for beginners, as it allows them to focus on the subject without having to manually adjust the focal points of the image. DSLR cameras use either phase detection or contrast detection to provide autofocus features.

In the phase detection method, the camera uses a number of autofocus points dependent on the object to obtain a focus. This means that the higher the number of autofocus points, the easier it will be to focus on the image with precision.

On the other hand, the contrast detection method (which was earlier only used in mirrorless cameras), is based on sensors, and they utilise an electronic viewfinder rather than an optical one. This allows you to focus on a particular area on the basis of touch, which proves to be more precise than standard autofocus methods.

7. Monitors And Viewfinders

A functional and necessary part of DSLR cameras, monitors are responsible for displaying the image directly to the user, which makes it much easier to manage. This monitor also allows the user to easily navigate and access various images and videos in HD quality. Utilising pentaprism designs, they usually provide brighter images and increase the overall weight of the camera.

When it comes to DSLR cameras, the size of the monitor makes a huge difference. As the size increases, the image becomes easier to view – being brighter and larger. Generally, these cameras have a 3 to 3.2 inch screen, with resolution ranging from 2,30,000 dots to over a million pixels. As the resolution increases, the quality of the image does too. .

Another great feature that comes with most of the new DSLRs is the touch screen panel in the viewfinder. This allows the user to navigate the camera with ease and allows even for manual touch autofocus – which helps in obtaining detailed images.

Top 6 Best DSLR Cameras Under ₹50,000 In India 2020

1. Nikon D3500 

Nikon D3500 Best DSLR Camera Under 50000

The first product in this list is by Nikon. Known for its incredible products that outstanding performance and unbeatable built quality, the company captivates a lot of shutterbugs towards its unmatchable cameras.


Coming with APS-C CMOS detectors with 24.2 MP or high-resolution sensors, this camera is a boon for all users who wish to go for huge prints and image cropping. Its image sensor is almost 15 times larger than your standard smartphones, and considerably broader than most of the competing brands falling in the same price range.

This large sensor allows picture quality with higher resolutions, increased dynamic range and with lower diffraction value. In addition to this, the crop factor of the picture will also be lessened and you can create desirable background blur without any nuisance.


As a result of its intelligent ISO range of 100-51200, you get sharper and vivid photos with incredible details, captured with utmost diligence. By allowing the perfect amount of light to enter, you can get the best quality images even in low light conditions.

Image Processing

Equipped with speed 4 and 11 autofocus points, you can get dramatic speed and accuracy of autofocus and burst photography. This factor makes it an optimum choice for fast-moving subjects and sports photography. You can capture intricate moments, which otherwise would not be possible with a basic and common camera.

With a rise in the quality of burst photography, you can reduce the noise and improve the dynamic range of the device. This also helps in diminishing the motion blur that would otherwise come with increasing exposure time.

Video Resolution

This Nikon DSLR has the ability to provide you with full HD videos, exclusive manual control and selectable frame rates.

You just have to flip the live view lever and press the record button. Its ultra-wide and zoom in capabilities can shoot wide videos and tight close-ups as well.


Wifi, NFC and Bluetooth connectivity allow you to easily connect your camera to other devices. The remote control helps regulate your camera and transfer pictures at a stunning rate. You can easily keep obtaining your photos wirelessly as you click.


This camera comes with Nikon F mount type lenses, that consists of two unmatched lenses to get multiple, difficult-to-cover angles. Its AF-P DX NIKKOR 18-55 mm f/3.5-5.6G VR lens is a great choice for clicking portraits, landscapes and shooting videos with wide perspective shots.

On the other hand, the AF-P DX NIKKOR 70-300 mm f/4.5-6.3G ED is a wonderful telephoto lens that provides you with numerous opportunities to click the best action-based shots. Out of these two, you can easily replace and set the lens type to meet your different photography needs.

Additional Features

Its reliable dust-free system helps in keeping dust accumulation problems away from the device. Coming with ample opportunities, you can click extreme close-ups with a macro lens. To enhance your overall output, this camera can offer an out of focus effect, which can skillfully separate the foreground from the background.

The full-time AF locks onto the object and keeps the focus in place, which captures fulfilling after-shots. With an ability to capture up to 5 frames per second, you can experience its full blast performance with track sharp focus and enriched pictures. It is made for everyone – especially novices, as it fine-tunes the settings after each and every shot.

You can also make use of its SnapBridge app to post shots to your favourite sites and social media without any dilemma. The build of this DSLR is durable and is safe to take with you for long journeys. Clearly great for your hands, this Nikon camera provides ultimate comfort and a simple user interface that avoids extra efforts.

Customer Reviews

Its 3x optical zoom, 24.7 max resolution, a minimum shutter speed of 1/4000s seconds and a minimum aperture of 36 units, makes this purchase a complete all in one package for a large number of users.

Some of the striking and user-friendly objectives of buying this camera are its tremendous battery life and durable action for a long time period. You can run this camera for 2-3 hours continuously for about 3 days without any lags or backup problems. The grip on this DSLR camera is no less than that of a professional camera.

The weather-resistant performance, quality display, longevity and easy to use mechanism together make this DSLR a deal sealer for many users. Although, it’s fixed display is a turn off for some users Apart from this, not a single problem has been observed.

Across-the-board, the package validates its complete worth for the money you spend on it. So, wait no more and grab your Nikon DSLR today!


2. Canon Eos 200D II 24.1Mp Digital Slr 

Canon Eos 200D II 24.1Mp Digital Slr 

Known for its top-notch merchandise, Canon has made its way in this list and manages to win against most of the best selling products today, because of its versatility and reliable services.

Sensor Size

The APS-C sensors make a terrific deal for the money you spend on this gadget. Its 24.1 megapixel CMOS sensor seals the deal for many users. Although the APS-C sensors are a bit smaller than the full-frame sensors, they perform well within this price limit.

Image Processing

Its reliable Digic 8 processor gives you the optimal level of shots with utmost clarity and precision. Providing you with authentic colours and comparatively higher contrasts, you can capture detailed and precise images.

Video Recording

Possessing the ability to record and shoot 4K videos, you can experience almost 4 times better quality videos than in full HD mode.

Using the ultra-wide-angle and telephoto lens, you can get amazing background blur with seamless shooting ability in dark conditions. You can also make amazing 4K time-lapse videos, with the closest focusing distance of 25 cm.


The menu has a dedicated function that allows WiFiconnectivity so that you can transfer the photographs from one device to another within a few minutes. Once you install the camera app on your devices, you can make the system convenient to use.


Coming with EF S18-45 IS II Lens, this camera helps capture beautiful, sharp and crisp images without any auxiliary efforts.

Additional Features

Apart from all of its impressive features, its LCD screen with a standing screen display size of 3 inches, the 3 x optical zoom, an aspect ratio of 4:3, maximum resolution of 24.1 MP, an optical sensor resolution of 24.1 MP, shutter speed of 30 to 1/4000 seconds, minimum focal length of 18 millimetres, secure digital card,16 GB memory storage capacity and 4K video capture resolution, all together make a complete package.

The lithium-ion battery cell composition provides long term usage without any problems to the functioning and performance of the device. The DSLR is compatible with EX-series speedlites and improves the overall feel.

With a double zoom lens type, you can capture close up shots without having the need to compromise on the image quality. Its lightweight functioning makes it comfortable for long term usage. The item weighs us 449 grams and thus, makes a great travel companion. If you are looking for a DSLR that allows you to edit RAW images directly, then this is your ideal pick.

Customer Reviews

A lot of its users are satisfied and pleased with the mechanism, interface and overall functionality of this camera. You can get familiar with the menu, which can help you navigate the device with time. Its brilliant image processor is the selling point , and one of the best in class.

The Canon camera bag is made of tough material that helps keep the camera safe and sound at all times, irrespective of how adverse the conditions may get. Its 16 GB SD card is sufficient for most users. You can additionally get a 50 mm 1.8F Canon prime lens for the best possible portrait shots, but you will have to invest into it as an additional expense.

With outstanding touch sensitivity, you can easily check frames while shooting videos. This feature comes in a lot of handy without any interruptions or lags. Its intelligent attributes like eye and face detection keep the camera focus intact, and locked onto a specific area. The strong and durable body helps in keeping the DSLR sturdy to get desirable and premium quality shots.

A vast majority of its owners are impressed by the high-quality performance offered. All of this combined, makes this DSLR a great deal for beginners and amateur photographers.


3. Sony Alpha Ilces100L 24.3MP Digital Slr

Sony Alpha Ilces100L 24.3MP Digital Slr

This Sony Alpha camera is an intelligent choice for both, novice and professional photographers. Equipped with a number of brilliant features and attributes, this camera is a top pick in terms of its improved build quality, performance and user services.


Its exterior 24.3 MP APS-C sensor is suitable for clicking vivid shots within a short time span. The speed and responsiveness of the camera helps to give widened exposure, and ultimately, the perfect shot. .

Image Processing

The BIONZ X is responsible for fast image processing that provides remarkable speeds for time consuming shots. This saves a lot of time and effort, as it reduces the time taken by the camera processor to deliver the output.

In addition to this, the fast hybrid AF captures fast-moving objects and assists in providing exceptional burst photography. You can get perfect control over your shooting techniques. With the lock-on AF, the entire focus is locked on the subject, and avoids the problem of re-adjustments.

Video Resolution

To enhance your video recording experience and shooting quality, this DSLR features smart AF tracking. With 6 fps or frames per second, it allows you to capture all intricate details in full HD mode with 179 phase-detection points.


This DSLR comes with an E- mount 16-50 mm lens.

Additional Features

Its one-touch remote, pop up flash, 180 degrees adjustable LCD screen, Bonz xtn engine for noise reduction, and a maximum load capacity of 3 kilograms, makes this Sony DSLR a quality purchase.

Multi phase-detection points strengthen the efficiency of the DSLR’s use as a whole. The camera also comes with a free case/bag that allows for safe storage and portability.

Customer Reviews

To provide its customers with an all-inclusive offer, this package includes a camera, a tripod to ease up the shooting capabilities, a 16-50 mm lens and a bag for portability. It clicks sharp pictures and has a long-lasting battery life that permits the DSLR to capture a large number of shots for quite some days, on a single charge.

The tripod stand and other accessories are of quality material. The brilliant black color gives it a classy look, and adds to the aesthetic of this camera. All in all, this can be a pocket friendly and efficient purchase!


4. Canon Eos 1500D 24.1 Digital Slr Camera

Canon Eos 1500D 24.1 Digital Slr Camera

As Canon comes up with superior models suitable for various kinds of users, this one brings yet another opportunity to get the best camera for yourself or your loved ones.


Equipped with 24.1 Megapixel APS-C size CMOS sensors, this DSLR can deliver high quality and light-sensitive images with brilliant exposure. The optical viewfinder provides a more pronounced image quality that gives it an extra edge.

Allowing an appropriate amount of light to enter through the sensors, this DSLR can deliver images with brilliant textures, shades, contrast and colours.


Proving to be critical for high-resolution pictures and grain-free shots, this camera comes with a sensitivity range of about 100-6400 units, that aids in taking shots in low light or dim lighting conditions.

Image Processing

For outstanding, fast and accurate results, the DIGIC 4+ image processor comes with 9 autofocus points that makes it suitable for high-end burst photography and other rapid movement events.

You can capture sharp images and sleek shots with the help of its accurate AF and proper gripping equipment so that you get sturdiness in the handling and usage.


The EFS 18-55 mm lens facilitates beginners and other photographers with its not-so-demanding needs and requirements.


It’s built-in WiFiand Bluetooth connectivity enables endless opportunities, and allows you to transfer your photos without any unwanted delays or hassle. Its NFC connectivity provides you with the same benefits, and brings about a strong and reliable medium to serve the purpose.

Additional Features

With a large number of features such as a bubblehead to adjust the horizontal position, multipurpose head for DV camera specifications, maximum operating height of 1700 mm(5.57 fee), the foldable height of 615 m, tube diameter of 26.5 cm maximum and of 20 mm minimum – you can experience a lot in a considerable price range.

In addition to these, its lightweight mechanism and build quality give a weight of 1200 grams with 3 sections, making it a travel-friendly product. It has a lightweight heavy-duty tripod stand that allows you to get the quality shooting without any extra efforts. The convenient quick release, accessories hook, steady rubberized legs, way head with adjustable medium and multi-level locking mechanism, makes this DSLR and its kit a complete package for all the money you invest on it. .

Customer Reviews

A lot of users are happy and satisfied with the purchase. I’s user-friendly interface and settings provide you with a lot of comfort in operability. With a decent battery backup, you can click a considerable amount of pictures and shots on a single charge.

The live mode doesn’t linger, and functions well without any problems. While most users find this DSLR to be an unequalled pick within their budget, some people have faced minor stumbling blocks. The focus feature of the camera can be bothersome while clicking photos. Although, this is not the issue that everyone faces.

Looking on to the brighter side, this DSLR is easy to understand, convenient to handle and thus, is a solid investment if you are a newbie in the photography world. With this DSLR, you can get the premium quality shots in just a few clicks. This makes it suitable for wildlife images, landscapes, nature pictures and a lot more! So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab this Canon masterpiece now!


5. Sony Alpha Ilce5100L 24.3Mp Digital Slr Camera

Sony Alpha Ilce5100L 24.3Mp Digital Slr Camera

Being a Sony product, there were a lot of expectations from the Alpha ILCE 5100L. The trust in Sony’s brand name was definitely upheld by this DSLR’s ability to click crystal clear images with extreme detail. More pocket friendly than some competing cameras, this Sony DSLR has many amazing features, making it one of the most cost effective DSLR cameras out there.


Installed with the APS-C CMOS sensor, the 24.3 megapixel high resolution camera is great at capturing even the finest details within seconds. The high resolution also makes it easy to take larger, detailed images, that can later be easily cropped or zoomed without ruining the quality.


Perfect for low light and normal photography, this camera has an ISO between the 100 – 25600 sensitivity range, which not only allows the camera to take bright and detailed images even in low light, but also makes sure that the image does not look grainy and remains sharp.

Image Processing

Powered by a powerful and efficient processor, the BIONZ X can process images at blazing fast speeds, making the camera extremely convenient to use, while at the same time providing high definition image clarity like never before. The 179 autofocus points of this camera increase the processing speed even more, while making sure that you do not miss even the slightest of details in your images. This powerful processor also comes a lot in handy while taking burst images.


With a variety of different lenses that can be used for different purposes , the user gets to personalise the entire experience for themselves. One can use the macro lens for extremely small objects, while using the telephoto range lenses to take detailed images of objects at a large distance from the user.


Prioritising the video quality to be on the same level as the image quality of this camera, Sony definitely stood up to the expectations with its full HD 1080p video recording features. It allows the user to manually control a variety of different settings to personalise the whole experience, such as selecting the perfect frame rate for your image.

Additional Features

The battery backup of this device has been highly appreciated by the public as being sufficient to use, and the compact and lightweight design makes it a perfect partner to take with you on trips and journeys. The USB charging, along with the image quality, makes this product a definite DSLR that the people really love.

Customer Reviews

Really appreciated by the customers as being a quality DSLR camera, this product by Sony has definitely stood out because of its high value for money. With Sony’s amazing picture quality, customers did not have a lot to complain about, making this camera definitely a must consider if you are looking for the best DSLR camera under 50000.


6. Nikon D5600 Digital Camera 

Nikon D5600 Digital Camera

Another great product by Nikon, some of the features of this DSLR camera make it an well-designed camera that suits the needs of all kinds of users. Providing crystal clear image quality with unmatched details, this product was highly sought out by the customers and definitely proved to be a major success for Nikon.


Capable of capturing extremely detailed and rich images and videos with its DX-format CMOS sensor, it does not have an optical low pass filter – which brings out the full resolving power of its 24.2 megapixels. This high resolution really comes in handy, as it makes sure that even the largest images are detailed and can be easily zoomed and cropped without looking pixelated.


Designed for optimised and smooth performance in a variety of different shooting situations,, the ISO range of the Nikon D5600 between 100 – 25600 allows it to take extremely detailed and grain-free images without any background noise.

Image Processing

Powered by the Expeed 4 image processing engine, this camera is designed to improve the overall speed and performance, while capturing beautiful and vibrant images. This powerful processor can capture each and every detail of the image in no time, making sure you do not feel any inconvenience while capturing your perfect shots.

Moreover, this powerful processor tends to compliment burst photography extremely, well as it can process all the images in no time, making sure you do not miss even the slightest details.


Being extremely versatile, this camera is compatible with a variety of lenses and accessories, which allow it to be personalised according to the situation. The customization allows the user to maintain the high standards of Nikon’s optical quality, which is perfect for any photographer.


Prioritising connectivity, this DSLR camera makes it extremely convenient to move and share files from one location to another. As we all know, without wireless connectivity, sharing files can be extremely tedious. Solving that problem, this camera offers the SnapBridge app. which allows the user to utilise the shoot and share feature, with which the images get instantly transferred wirelessly to the connected compatible smartphone or tablet, for fast, easy and efficient sharing without any hassle.

The app also lets the camera be used wirelessly, using a smartphone as a remote, for taking the perfect image from difficult angles and proper distance.

Nikon also offers free cloud space with this camera, allowing the user to back up their images over the cloud and find them safely and securely on Nikon image space without having to worry about storage.

Additional Features

The number of unique features in this device are more than most competing DSLR cameras. The high speed continuous shooting range of about 5 frames per second, and the 39 point autofocus, allow this device to take extremely detailed images.

It has a touch screen, vari-angle LCD monitor that allows the user to easily navigate between the different settings of the device, and also view the different images captured. Its ability to move 180 degrees makes it extremely convenient, and also allows the user to apply finishing touches directly from the screen, making the device extremely easy to use.

Designed to be portable, this device is lightweight, and made using durable materials, allowing the user to take it with them wherever they go.

With a long battery life, on one full charge, the battery can last for over 970 shots, making sure that the user does not have to keep charging the device and can easily use it for long stretches of time.

The full manual mode allows you to use the device like a pro when you get used to it. Moreover, the HDR feature allows you to capture images with a wide dynamic range. This, along with other personalisable features, make this device extremely useful to use in different ways.

It has a touch screen panel on the display, which allows the user to easily adjust the settings without having to deal with buttons.

Customer Reviews

Being a Nikon product, this camera had a lot of expectations, but ended up beating them and receiving a lot of love from customers. With so many features, this camera is perfect for beginners and even pros, making it extremely versatile, and the high customer satisfaction rates definitely make it one of the best DSLR under 50000.


FAQs on DSLR Cameras Under ₹50,000

1. Should I Buy Additional Kit Lenses Along With The Camera?

Before buying any additional accessories or equipment, you must be confident in your photography style. As DSLRs are quite luxurious, they come with parts and sections which demand money. If you are sure that you have mastered photography on a single type of lens, then only you should jump to learning the next type.

You can not get all types of lenses along with the camera as complementary requisites. This is why, whenever you feel the need to switch to the next or higher level of the lens, you will have to first purchase it and it will cost you a considerable amount of money.

Kit lenses can be used as a telephoto lens, but as their aperture range lies somewhere between 18-55 mm, you can get f/5.6 as the longest focal length. So, if you aim to get that beautiful bokeh (background blur), then it might be not optimal for you to have opted for kit lenses. This makes them somewhat non-preferred for professional photographers, who are more into portraits.

2. Should I Increase My Budget And Get An Even More Expensive Camera?

The factual answer to this question is a straight no. A budget of 50000 is sufficient to get an advanced level camera with high-end capabilities. If you are an amateur or a medium level photographer, you should not opt for products with more hefty price tags.

If you still have superfluous money, you can utilize it in paying for the additional camera accessories such as tripods, gimbals and better lenses, as they can boost your overall experience. Spending more on a camera alone, will not prove to be an intellectual investment in the long run. So, you should spend more on buying profitable commodities that will aid you in the long run.

3. How Does A Camera Sensor Work?

The sensors are made using tiny cavities that trap light, that later gets converted to electronic signals, to form digital images. These tiny cavities are known as photosites, which are the pixels that collect photos when light is allowed to fall on them through the open shutter.

In short, these are photosensitive and capture the light which falls on it, converting them later into electric signals. These signals are then converted into digital images, which are displayed on the screen.

4. What Is the Difference Between Dslr And Slr?

Although both the cameras work on the same principle, SLR stands for single lens reflex and DSLR stands for digital single lens reflex. As the name suggests, the basic difference between the two is that the image gets captured on a film roll in an SLR, which becomes digitally stored on an SD card in a DSLR camera.

Everything else, including the replaceable lenses, is similar in both DSLR and SLR cameras, but the SLR images need to be developed from a film roll.

5. What is Iso?

ISO means the sensitivity of the image sensor to light. When the lighting conditions of a room are adequate, less ISO is required to capture the perfect image. However, for low light shots, high ISO always comes in handy. However, using high amounts of ISO can make an image grainy, based on the photographer’s preference.


DSLR cameras always come in mind when you think about great quality photography. This just shows the impact of these high quality devices. Although buying the perfect DSLR camera for yourself can be tricky, with so many different things to keep in mind. However, we are extremely confident that you have everything you need to make the right decision and buy the best DSLR camera in India under 50000. We wish you the best of luck on your next purchase.

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