Best Cameras Under Rs 10000 In India 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

1. Sony DSC W830 2. SJCam SJ4000 3. Fujifilm
Sony DSC W830 Best Camera Under 10000 SJCam SJ4000 Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 - Ice Blue

These days, people tend to live their lives through a lens more often than they do with their very own eyes.

The norm is that it didn’t happen unless it was captured photographically. High resolution photography is what makes you a celebrity, and the absence of photographs cataloguing every waking moment of your life can have serious consequences on your social ‘coolness’ factor.

Because of all this, the demand for high Megapixel cameras and sophisticated camera equipment has risen dramatically. People always want to look good in their pictures, no matter whether they are just getting out of bed or getting in the shower.

It comes as no surprise to anyone that searches revolving around the best camera under 10000 and the like have also gone up in the last couple of years.


And this rise in the popularity of electronics like cameras is not something that happened overnight because of a sudden change in the mindsets of people. It was a slow and gradual process that took time to arrive but is now finally here to stay.

Perhaps the biggest factor influencing this change was social media. People love to flaunt their lives and their belongings on social media for the world to see. With the rise of the celebrity ‘influencers’, this phenomenon only became stronger and took hold in every section of the society in some way or the other.

With the youngsters getting the most affected, we now have all kinds of bloggers, be it travel, food, lifestyle or marketing. And all of these different kinds of internet personalities depend solely on the photographs they take in order to advance their blogging careers.

As a result, photography equipment and cameras have risen to the top when it comes to trending products and commodities in the market. And perhaps the biggest repository for these photos, and the one platform which brings all kinds of bloggers and influencers together is Instagram.

Now when photographs and photography is so much in demand, it only makes sense that people would want to buy as much high tech and good quality cameras as they could. They would want the best products, and at the best prices as well.

But in order to do that, they must first get to know what really makes a good camera. Because the problem does not lie in the fact that there is a shortage of cameras in the market, it is rather in the fact that there are too many of them.

And with all of these different brands, each of them claiming to be better than the rest, and so many different models, the average customer might feel lost and simply not be able to comprehend which one they should buy.

Fortunately, you won’t have to face a situation like that. In order to help customers navigate this endless maze of camera products and arrive at a decision which tells them which one to ultimately buy, we have compiled this short but informative list of products that you should definitely look into.

We have first gone over some essential features which, if you are buying a camera, must look for. Next up, we have also listed ten of the best products available in the market right now so that it becomes much easier and convenient for you to decide.

Best Camera Under 10000 In India – What To Expect?

1. Pixel Count

The one thing that most people tend to agree on when it comes to cameras is that the more megapixels the camera has, the better will be the picture quality that it can produce. Unfortunately, that is not quite true. A higher number of megapixels does not necessarily mean that the picture will be better in quality and clearer.

Pixels or megapixels is simply referring to the number of dots that make up the picture. For example, a camera which is said to be 5 megapixels will click photographs which are composed of roughly 5 million pixels, or dots. However, if you look at the bigger picture, it doesn’t make that much of a difference really.

While most marketers and brands make the megapixel count the main marketing point of their cameras, it is not something that you should be focusing on.

To tell you the truth, a small difference in the megapixel count, in the range of 2-3 megapixels won’t even make a difference noticeable to the human eye. It is only when this difference reaches somewhere around 10-15 that the effects become clear.

2. LCD Screens

While you may not feel this way, the LCD screen on a camera is actually way more important than you thought it was. You may think to yourself that you can manage even if the screen is slightly smaller or if the contents of the screen are not as clear as they should be, but you underestimate the importance of the information displayed on these screens.

First of all, a good number of the cameras being sold these days do not come with a dedicated viewfinder. The viewfinder is the place where your eye goes in the camera so that you can see what you are shooting and for proper photographic abilities. Optical viewfinders use mirrors to project the image while electronic ones use a screen.

The screen resolution of the LCD screen is important since this is where you will be viewing your photograph before and after the shot is taken. If the resolution is not good enough, even well shot photographs will look dull and inadequate while a screen with a decent resolution and size will make even substandard work seem amazing.

Usually, due to the size of these cameras, 2.5 inches is the upper limit on the size of LCD screens. But there are some touch screen options that span even up to 3.2 inches as the other buttons on the camera are eliminated. A 230k dot display is average, and there are offerings that can go up to 460k or even 921k dot resolutions.

3. Image Stabilization

While this may again seem like a trivial feature, it is actually quite important. Image stabilization is the feature that will help you take photos that are perfectly in focus and do not seem blurred or hazy. The fact is that not all of us are professional photographers.

Most of us are just amateurs who are trying to capture a few precious moments with family or friends. Neither have we received any special training to hone our photography, nor are we supremely skilled at the activity. Which is why, a lot of the photos that we take do not turn up as good as expected.

One major factor behind this is that some of our photos tend to come out shaky because we fail to keep our hands steady while capturing the shot.

This leads to a blurred photograph that is just no fun to look at. In order to help with this problem, camera manufacturers have introduced certain features that will help extract great shots even from amateur photographers. One of these features is Image Stabilization.

If your camera comes with image stabilization, it will reduce the impact caused by shakes and vibrations while taking a photo. As a result, your photographs would come out perfect and in focus.

Top 10 Best Camera Under Rs 10000 In India 2020

1. Sony DSC W830 Cyber-Shot

Sony DSC W830 Best Camera Under 10000Sony is no stranger to common everyday electronics products that make our lives easier. They have been in this game longer than most of their competitors and the reason why they have survived this long is because they are really good at it.

Having a great sense of exactly what the customers want, along with the fact that they market a wide range of products from all categories and price brackets makes them one of the biggest and most successful brands out there.

When it comes to cameras, the Sony DSC W830 Cyber-Shot is truly the best of the best. It comes with Super HAD CCD sensors and a camera power of 20.1 megapixels. There is a 720p MP4 movie mode where the camera shoots 1280 x 720 high definition movies at 30 fps.

You get as much as 8x optical zoom along with the Carl Zeiss Vario Tessar lens which will make your ordinary pictures seem lifelike and much more vivid. The screen size is 6.7cm, type 2.7 with an aspect ratio of 4:3.

Other notable features include 230,400 dots, ClearPhoto, TFT LCD and a Brightness Control setting that ranges from 5 (Bright) to 1 (Dark). The camera is equipped with sweep panorama, intelligent auto and picture effects and a Self-Timer that comes in settings of Off, 10 seconds and 2 seconds respectively.

There are also two different portrait modes for you to choose from. The 2.7-inch (230K dots) clear photo LCD display will help you make complete sense of what you are shooting and will be much helpful while you click photos or record videos.

As per the power consumption, it uses up about 1.2 W of power while plugged in and works with a DC3, 6V supplied battery or a DC5.0V supplied AC adaptor.


2. SJCam SJ4000

SJCam SJ4000The SJCam SJ4000 is an amazing product that really improves tremendously on the shortcomings of the previous models of this series. It is a WiFi based camera which ensures that you stay connected to the network at all times.

When it comes to cameras, the SJCam really does bring in all of the features that you would expect and that too at a competitive price tag. It uses the NTK96650 chip and an AR0330 sensor with a 6G lens so that you could take breathtaking wide angle shots.

The sensors and chip powering it are capable enough to deliver as much power as you would want in order to really ace your photography skills and capture some great shots.

It is even water resistant up to 30 meters due to a water-resistant casing that comes with it and allows you to film fascinating water sports and underwater landscapes.

As mentioned earlier, it supports WiFi and is quite portable due to the small size it comes in. It even comes in different colors if you are interested and includes a high definition screen that displays and replays the videos that you record.

External storage cards are supported up to a maximum of 32 GB, but it would need to be a Micro SD Card Class 6 or above in order to work seamlessly.

While the adapter for charging is not included in the package, the camera can always be charged with a USB cable by connecting it to a desktop or laptop. Finally, there is also a burst mode using which you can take as many as 3, 5 or 10 photos per second.


3. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 – Ice Blue

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 - Ice BlueFujifilm is another brand that is known all around the world for their great products and customer satisfaction. The cameras they manufacture are truly the best in every way you could think of.

They come in such bright aesthetic colors that it seems almost wrong to not buy them. And just as expected, the Instax Mini 9 is no exception. It comes in a super cool Ice Blue color that makes it look amazing and will certainly make you feel like a pro while you take your shots.

But do not be fooled by the beautiful exteriors as the color and looks are not the only things about this camera worth talking about. It has some great features as well that easily make it one of the best digital camera under 10000 in the market right now.

It comes with a new Selfie Mirror and close-up lense attachment that will let you ace your selfies and even has a polaroid mode that instantly produces credit card size photos for you to share or make use of.

The built-in flash and automatic exposure measurement that has been meticulously perfected in this product leads to the camera signaling the perfect recommended aperture setting with a flashing LED every single time.

This helps capture the perfect photo while the camera does most of the work and all you have to do is follow the instructions. There is even a High-Key mode which lets you take brighter pictures with a soft look, perfect for portraits and a Viewfinder-Real image finder with a 0.37x zoom and target spot.

The camera uses specially designed Instax Mini Film with a print size of 54 (w) x 86 (H) mm and an image size of 46 (w) x 62 (H) mm. Some other noteworthy specifications about this product include a Hand Strap, Close-up Lens Attachment, AA Batteries x2, Instruction Manual and a 1 year manufacturer warranty for the camera.


4. Noise Play SE 4K Sports and Action Camera

Noise Play SE 4K Sports and Action CameraThe Noise Play SE 4K Sports and Action Camera, as the name suggests is a device that can be used for all kinds of photography and in diverse terrains as well.

It can be used to record amazing and vivid 4K 30 FPS videos or 120 FPS slow motion videos at 720p with an option to choose among modes such as time lapse, loop recording and slow motion.

You also get to take crisp photos with the best-in-class 16 megapixel sensor from Sony which allows you to capture vivid images with lifelike details and perfect clarity.

As an added feature that has not been introduced before, the wireless remote control helps you to take charge and be free of holding the action camera opening up new photo and video possibilities that are as exciting to explore as you’d expect them to be.

With a super-wide angle 170 lens, you get to explore new horizons and capture never seen before images. As far as the battery backup is concerned, it comes with a power of 1050 mAh and with an extended recording time of 150 minutes at 1080p so that you won’t have to pause your adventures for anything.

The camera supports micro-SD class 10 cards with memory of up-to 64 GB and includes 13 accessories such as cycling camera mount, bike helmet camera mount, an underwater camera housing, a wireless remote control, 2 mounts and much more.

Finally, if all of this wasn’t enough, Noise even provides a 1 year warranty on this action camera in case you happen to run into some damages or the product turns out faulty in any way.


5. Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 – Grape

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 - GrapeAs detailed before, Fujifilm is a great brand with customers all over the world and products that are superior in quality. With a brand like that, you simply can’t go wrong. And since we firmly trust them and their cameras, it makes sense that we introduce you to another one of their amazing products.

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 is another product that charms you with its adorable looks and cool exteriors, and later impresses you with its features that are no less than what you will get with the priciest and best options in the market.

It comes in a much slimmer and aesthetically pleasing body along with also being lightweight enough to carry around anywhere you want.

This increased portability allows you to capture breathtaking shots anytime you want whether you are travelling or at home. It comes with automatic exposure measurement as per which the camera signals the recommended aperture setting with a flashing LED which helps to capture the perfect photo every time.

There is also exposure control which is a manual switching system with an LED indicator in exposure meter. The picture size that you can take using this camera is 62 x 46 mm.

While the New High-Key mode lets you take brighter pictures with a soft look, perfect for portraits and with New improved viewfinder for greater clarity and visibility.


6. Dragon Touch 4K

Dragon Touch 4KThe Dragon Touch 4K 30 FPS is an action camera, as the brand calls it, and comes with 4X zoom and other noteworthy features.

You get to take professional quality photographs and videos with 4K/30 FPS, 2.7K/30 FPS or 1080P/60 FPS while the powerful 16MP photo resolution enables you to capture exciting moments in never seen before clarity and precision.

This action camera also features zoom range from 1.0X to 4.0X while the wireless wrist remote control puts the control right on your wrist while installing the sports camera on your helmet making it extremely convenient to record moments in places you can’t reach.

The wireless range for the remote is up to 10m or 33ft. Please note that the remote is not waterproof and hence must be kept away from water to avoid damage. Additionally, it comes with a 2 inch screen which allows you to preview or playback your videos and photographs.

You also get to save and share your action camera moments on the phone or tablet with App XDV, which is an application developed for this very purpose. The WiFi signals range up to 33 feet and thus won’t let you face connection problems easily.

Since the camera is waterproof up to as much as 100 feet, you get to go diving with it or even take underwater shots. Also, if you want to go further, you can always place your camera into a waterproof case and securely fasten it, in order to be able to safely dive below 30 meters.

This underwater camera is ideal for water sports such as swimming, surfing, diving, etc and also comes with 2 rechargeable 1050mAh batteries, charger and other accessories.


7. Procus Viper

Procus ViperThe Procus Viper is a new age camera device that is probably unlike anything you have seen before. It has unique features and a totally refreshing look as well. It comes in an almost rectangular box like shape and in black color making it look classy and professional.

It uses the latest chipset that helps capture high-quality videos and images and is waterproof up to 30 m. Also, in order to further help you on your aquatic adventures, the makers have included a waterproof case along with the product which will let you take the camera with you to the swimming pool or even in the rain.

That way, you get to shoot amazing underwater portraits or click scenic rainfall pictures. It supports HDMI and Wi-Fi so that you remain connected to the network at all times.

All you need to do is download the XDV app on your smartphone and connect it with the Viper Action camera to view all your files right on your Android and iOS devices.

The Wide Angle lens that has been used in this the Procus Viper action camera boasts a 140° wide angle coverage to ensure maximum field capture and attain diverse photos with a wide field of view.

Finally, the 900 mAh battery happens to be powerful enough to last for long periods of time at a stretch without needing to recharge.


8. Xmate Shot Action Video Camera

Xmate Shot Action Video CameraThe Xmate Shot is just as feature rich as some of the more popular brands and their offerings and even comes with a much nicer price tag than usual. If you are looking for a budget digital camera to help your photography skills, then this is a product certainly worth looking at.

It supports multiple video recording formats such as 1080P, 720P and 480VGA, even supports the Avi recording format, and also supports multiple photo shooting modes such as single shot and snapper.

It comes with a waterproof casing, allowing you to film 30 meters underwater, which could turn out to be quite a useful and exciting feature for underwater enthusiasts.

There is a 2 inch HD screen display for convenient video and image playback while it also supports external mic for better sound recordings. A lot of the cameras that you find in the market these days focus on picture clarity and resolution but fail to account for sound quality as much as they should.

Fortunately, the Xmate Shot does not do that. There is a detachable 900mAh battery, which gives the camera enough power to function without needing to recharge every few hours. It also allows the user to easily replace the battery and help extend the product lifespan.

With the Xmate Shot, you get the flexibility to record videos while charging HD 16 MP wide-angle camera. On a full charge, you can shoot for as long as 120 minutes.

It supports SD card memory expandable up to 32GB maximum, allowing you to not worry about storage as you venture into the wild to shoot breathtaking video and photographs. There is also an ultra-wide angle lens in place that treats you with an unbelievable viewing angle of 120-degrees.

With a 2.4G remote control, it works without holding the action cam allowing you to be flexible with your shots and photography. Finally, there is a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase by the end customer in order to protect against manufacturing defects or faults.


9. Dragon Touch Vision4

Dragon Touch Vision4The Dragon Touch Vision4 4K is one of the brand’s premier products and comes with some unique and noteworthy features.

You get to take professional quality photographs and videos with 4K/30 FPS, 2.7K/30 FPS or 1080P/60 FPS while the powerful 16MP photo resolution enables you to capture exciting moments in never seen before clarity and precision.

With its amazing image stabilization capabilities, or built-in Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS), it delivers spectacularly smooth and steady videos in up to 4K/30fps resolution, ensuring excellent experience in shooting fast-moving objects.

You also get to save and share your action camera moments on the phone or tablet with the mobile app, which is an application developed for this very purpose and lets you establish a connection between your phone and the camera.

Even your television can be easily connected using the HDMI port. Additionally, it comes with a 2-inch screen which allows you to preview or playback your videos and photographs.

The WiFi signals range up to 10 meters and thus won’t let you face connection problems easily. Since the camera is waterproof up to as much as 100 feet, you get to go diving with it or even take underwater shots.

Also, if you want to go further, you can always place your camera into a waterproof case and securely fasten it, in order to be able to safely dive below 30 meters.

This underwater camera is ideal for water sports such as swimming, surfing, diving, etc and also comes with 2 rechargeable 1050mAh batteries, charger and other accessories.


10. Canon IXUS 185

Canon IXUS 185If there is one brand that has been synonymous with cameras for quite some time, it is Canon. The reason their cameras are as popular as they are is because they put a lot of work and time into perfecting them.

They manage to always come up with new features and also excel when it comes to customer services. With crystal clear pictures and professional videography, it comes as no surprise that Canon cameras are some of the highest selling products in the market.

The Canon IXUS 185 is no exception when it comes to quality and overall trustworthiness. It is a 20 megapixel camera which makes it powerful enough to bring images to life and click vivid photographs.

It comes with 8x optical zoom which allows you to click great shots even from great distances while the 16x ZoomPlus, is an added functionality that can be used to click perfect, crystal clear shots from a distance.

If you are an amateur photographer, this camera with an easy mode built just for you and the date stamp feature which will let you know the exact time when a picture was taken.

The flash range is as much as 4.9 ft while the different shooting modes are Auto, P, Digital IS, Portrait, Face Self-timer, Low Light, Fish-eye Effect, Miniature Effect, Toy Camera Effect, Monochrome, Super Vivid, Poster Effect, Snow, Fireworks and Long Shutter.


Best Camera Under 10000 – Conclusion

When it comes to cameras, the choices are practically limitless. While it is true that with the rapid advancement in smartphones and their software, digital hardware cameras have seen a decline in sales.

Mostly because people prefer to shoot with their smartphones which they tend to carry everywhere, but that does not in the slightest mean that cameras have become obsolete.

As long as there are people passionate about photography and capturing the little moments, camera sales will go on.

Moreover, professional photographers swear by DSLRs and the like, and will continue to do so, because their craft depends on it. For more casual users, digital cameras and DSLRs can be segue way into more serious photography.

But the problem does not end here. As mentioned before, the choices are practically limitless. And in order to make an informed decision, an average customer needs a bit of guidance.

And that is exactly what this article aims to provide. Take a look before you hit the buy button, and you might just save yourself some money and/or grab a great deal.

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