Best Action Cameras Under ₹10,000 in 2020: Top Reviews

1. Sjcam Sj6 2. Campark 3. Fitspark
Sjcam Sj6 Legend 16 Mp 4K 24fps 2.0 Best Action Camera Under 10,000 Campark Action Cam Fitspark Eagle i6 Real 

If you are someone who has a passion for capturing adventure sports like hiking, mountaineering, biking, surfing, and so on, sooner or later you will require an action camera. With vlogging becoming more popular than ever, many people are on the lookout for good quality and affordable action cameras in the market.


The demand for such adventure content has also increased on different social media platforms. Thus, under such circumstances, one must buy the best action camera under 10000 to create content in an easy and effortless manner. People often have the misconception that these cameras are extremely expensive, but that is not the case anymore.

This article will act as a guide to help you choose the perfect action camera among the plethora of models available.

Factors To Be Considered Before Buying Best Action Camera Under ₹10,000 In India

It is always wise to have adequate knowledge about any electronic product before purchasing it. This section, thus, offers you with a few factors that you must consider before buying the best action camera under 10000. These will guide you to choose an action camera that meets all your needs and requirements.

1. Build Quality

This is the most crucial factor that you must look into before making a purchase. Since action cameras are required mostly for rough use in difficult conditions, you need to make sure that the camera you buy is sturdy, durable, and resistant to such conditions. Action cameras which have bodies made of polycarbonate material tend to be quite strong.
Your camera must have a waterproof housing if you are planning to capture underwater shots. There is often a limit till which you can carry your camera underwater, and if you go beyond that, the camera might stop functioning because of the way it has been built. The memory card slot and battery bay must be well-protected.

2. Connectivity Features

The availability of different connectivity features makes the photography experience much more effortless and easy. Most action cameras today have features like in-built Wi-Fi and USB ports, that can be used to transfer data directly to your smart devices. You can even connect the camera to an app in order to control it with your phone.

You must also look out for other connectivity features like Bluetooth, face detection, and voice commands in your action camera. While these features might not be very essential, they do make the task easier.

3. Image And Video Quality

All the features and modes in the camera will be of no good use, if the image and video quality are not proper. The quality of an image or video that you capture is understood by its resolution, which is measured with the number of pixels. Action cameras have reached such an advanced stage, that the average ones have 1080p resolution.

You will find 4K resolution image quality in many high-end models. The standard recording speed in most action cameras is 30fps. By investing in a slightly more expensive model, you will be able to record speedy footage, or an extreme sport with 120-240 recording speed.

4. Time-Lapse Capability

The best action camera under 10000 is also likely to have the time-lapse capability. Since action cameras are extremely lightweight, small in size and portable, you can place them anywhere to record footage for hours. You can create time-lapse videos out of this footage.

Most action cameras have the ability to capture every frame within half a second, or every 60 seconds continuously. While high-end cameras edit all this content themselves and give you the final product, with others you need to edit manually.

5. Accessories

Other than the camera itself, you also require various accessories to assist you in photography. Sticky and tripod mounts are essential accessories for action cameras. Depending on what kind of photography or recording you’d like to capture, you must explore different accessory options.

A helmet and handle-bar mount are required for those who record biking experiences. Whereas, for mountain hikers, essential accessories are a chest mount or an arm-mount. While some of these accessories might be provided along with the camera, others you will have to purchase separately.

6. Controls And Touch-Screen

Some cameras need to be controlled using a smartphone. However, if the controls are present on the camera itself, you do not need to do so, as, in many situations, you cannot have your phone – such as when you are underwater. If the camera has a touch-screen, then it makes things even simpler.

7. Brand

You cannot afford to buy an action camera from any random brand and then risk it not working properly. Your local repair shops cannot fix problems related to an action camera. Thus, you require a camera from a trusted and reputed brand with enough service centers in your city. Make sure you make the purchase from a reliable brand that has good after-sales service.

A list of some of the best action cameras under 10000 has been provided in this section. While it is a limited list of products, it is meant to give you an idea about the range of cameras available in the market currently, so that you buy one that suits your budget.

Top 8 Best Action Cameras Under ₹10,000 In India 2020

1. Sjcam Sj6 Legend 16 Mp 4K 24fps 2.0

Sjcam Sj6 Legend 16 Mp 4K 24fps 2.0

SJCAM brings to you its SJ6 action camera that is available in black, and has a compact yet sturdy build. It is made in a way that you can carry the camera around with yourself on hikes, treks, and so on. This camera boasts of a 16 MP Panasonic sensor that is versatile in nature.

You can record videos for long durations with the 4K resolution and high speed of 24fps. This ensures that the images and videos captured are vibrant and crystal clear . A unique feature of this action camera is the Gyro stabilization, that allows the camera to capture steady shots even when the road is bumpy.

This proves to be extremely handy when you record biking or racing shots, as the video turns out to be smooth, without any distortion. The SJCAM action camera is compatible with external mics that can be used to record live shows with good quality sound.

With this camera, you can also capture wide-angle recordings, as well as perfect images with the distortion correction feature. The SJ6 Legend also comes with an in-built software editor that can be used to edit all your images and videos. The camera is water-proof and you can use it up to 10 meters underwater.

The 1050MAH battery is detachable, and lasts for as long as 130 minutes. Lastly, the camera comes along with certain essential accessories like a touch bar, a bicycle stand, a mount-helmet, 2 adhesive tapes, and a few other things as well.


2. Campark Action Cam

Campark Action Cam

Campark offers you one of the most affordable and best action cameras under 10000 that you will come across in the market. With this camera, you can capture high resolution, ultra HD videos. It has a 4K resolution and a super-fast speed of 30fps. The images can be captured with a 16MP resolution.

The Sony image sensor is quite advanced, and has a 170-degree wide-angle lens. This image sensor ensures that you capture every detail in the frame, even those in the background. It comes with a 2.4Ghz wireless remote control that covers a range of 8 meters.

The camera is supported by various connectivity features. You can use an app to connect the remote control to the camera and transfer data and files easily. It has built-in WiFi connectivity, which allows you to control the different features and modes of the camera using your smart devices.

This sports action camera is protected by a waterproof case that is made of IP68 material. You can capture beautiful underwater shots and record sports – as deep as 30 meters. It has a durable and long battery life supported by 2 1050MAH batteries, which can last as long as 90 minutes, even when different connectivity features are turned on.

The camera supports memory cards with 32 GB space. It comes with other accessories like a helmet mount kit, 3 straps, a bicycle mount, and many others.


3. Fitspark Eagle I6 Real 

Fitspark Eagle i6 Real 

The FitSpark Eagle i6 action camera boasts of unique features and technologies that will assist you in capturing versatile shots and record vibrant videos. The natural color of the frame is kept intact with the 4K ultra-HD resolution that guarantees recordings without any distortion or blur.

With the 170 degree wide-angle lens, the camera can capture frames that are even beyond the vision of the human eye and has been built using German micro single technology. It has a large infrared filter and seven layers of special glass. This makes the lens truly great at capturing fast-paced moments without any hassle or disturbance.

This action camera has a waterproof case that is effective even 30 meters underwater. You can thus capture underwater life or various action based recordings with this camera. It allows for up to 128 GB storage – large enough to store many images and video recordings, before you transfer them to another device.

It comes with a long-lasting 1050 mAh battery and 2 inch LCD screen. The power consumed by the camera is limited and hence, it is an environment-friendly option as well. What makes this camera truly beneficial is the connectivity features like WiFi, Bluetooth, and USB ports that can be easily connected to your smartphone or other devices.


4. Akaso Ek7000Pro 4K 

Akaso Ek7000Pro 4K 

Another action camera that has been rated well and liked by many sports and adventure photographers is the Akaso EK7000Pro action camera. This camera boasts of producing superior quality images and recordings that are almost professional in nature. It is available in black, and has a sleek design which makes the camera easy to carry around.

This camera has a 4K resolution for video recording, with a speed of 25 fps that captures every second of every frame. The recordings have an ultra HD resolution of 1080p, which results in frames that are vibrant, with enhanced details, and supreme clarity. The images are as clear and beautiful as well, thanks to the 16 MP resolution.

The Akaso action camera has been built with an intuitive UI design that boasts of many unique features. It has an ultra 2 inch IPS touch screen that helps you to view the frames clearly and with adequate brightness. The settings in the camera can be easily changed, and you can quickly switch to different shooting modes.

The built-in Electronic Image Stabilization ensures that your images and videos are steady, despite the bumps and shakes that might come your way. This makes the camera a great device to capture shots of fast-moving objects. The camera is waterproof and can be used underwater – as deep as 131 feet. This lets you capture all your underwater adventures without any difficulty.

The best feature about this device is that its view angle is adjustable as per your needs and requirements. You can switch between super wide, wide, medium, and narrow to click different kinds of pictures and record videos with versatile angles. All these features come together to make this camera one of the best in class.


5. Procus Rush 2.0 Full Pack 16Mp

Procus Rush 2.0 Full Pack 16Mp

The Procus action camera is the ] ultimate travel buddy, that allows you to turn some of the most memorable moments of your life into permanent images or videos.
Ranked as one of the best action cameras under 10000, this camera comes with an upgraded chipset that captures the most high-quality photographs and recordings. With 16 MP resolution for images and 4K video recordings, the camera produces crystal clear and bright photos.

A 2.5 mm external microphone is provided on the camera to capture the sound of the highest quality, and with every detail intact. The wireless wrist remote can be used to start, pause, and stop recording and control the other features in the camera.

The camera comes well-guarded in a waterproof case that makes it sturdy and allows you to use it 30 meters underwater. You can capture activities like swimming, scuba diving, surfing, and so on with the Procus Rush 2.0 camera. The built-in WiFi and other connectivity features, make it easy to use the device.

You can download the ‘Procus camera’ app on your smartphone and connect the camera to it. This way you can easily control the camera using your phone, be it an Android or an iOS device. There are almost 20+ accessories that can be used with this camera, and it comes with a bag that can fit in all this.


6. Dragon Touch Vision4 4K 16Mp

Dragon Touch Vision4 4K 16Mp

The Dragon Touch Vision4 is a high-resolution action camera that can be used to capture all the adventures of your life. If you are interested in traveling, hiking, trekking, and all those outdoor activities, this camera is the ideal one for you. The outer body of the camera is of superior quality material that provides strength and endurance to the device.

It is compact, and can be easily carried around in a small knapsack or even in just one hand. The video resolution on the camera is 4K, with a speed of 30fps, and images are captured with the 16 MP lenses. These ultra HD videos clicked on the Dragon Touch have a professional touch to them even if you are just a beginner, all thanks to the smart features and design of the camera.

The built-in image stabilization feature guarantees that no matter what the conditions are, or how bad the roads are, your videos and photographs will never turn out to be blurry or distorted. You can shoot fast-moving objects like animals, or humans playing different sports with this action camera.

This action camera is also referred to as a sports camera because it is mostly used by sports photographers. It has an in-built WiFi and HDMI ports to connect the camera to different devices like your smartphone or laptop. You can use the Dragon Touch app to transfer images and videos directly and edit them. The WiFi signal is available for up to 10 meters.

You can take this waterproof camera almost 100 feet underwater to capture photographs. All you have to do is securely fasten the camera in the waterproof case and dive into the water. The 2” IPS screen provides you with a screen to view the video on.

Lastly, the camera is accompanied by a few free accessories that include 2 1050 mAh batteries that are rechargeable and last approximately 9 minutes, a remote control wristband, and 19 more kits. These make the photography experience effortless, fun, and safe.


7. Onreal Action Camera

Onreal Action Camera

OnReal is one of the most popular brands that manufacture some of the best action cameras under 10000. You can capture videos as high-quality as 1080p at 60fps speed, using the Sony IMX078 image sensor. This sensor ensures that all that you capture is of superior quality without any glitch whatsoever. The black, sleek-looking model is quite portable and easy to carry around on trips.

It has a waterproof case that allows the camera to function well up to 30 meters underwater. This camera has been specially designed to capture different adventure sports like swimming and surfing. If you are interested in capturing aquatic creatures, this camera is the perfect one for you.

The wrist controller that comes with the OnReal action camera is quite useful. You can fix the camera using different accessories and then control it with the wrist controller that has three essential buttons – video, photo, and standby. The 2.45 inch LCD touch-screen helps you view, monitor, and control every shot.

You can use the touch screen to change between modes, and it gives maximum space for the viewing screen, as there are no buttons on the camera. High-quality videos are possible with the powerful Novatek 96660 chipset, as it keeps the camera from getting overheated despite being used for a long duration.

You can play around with the different modes and settings that the camera offers, and this can enhance your creativity and also develop new skills in photography. There are features like time-lapse, slow-motion mode, aqua mode, and many others. The 170 degrees wide-view angle lets you capture pictures from ultra-wide angles that are beyond your vision.

The OnReal action camera comes with two powerful batteries, each with a capacity of 1000 mAh. These batteries are able to last for approximately 90 minutes. This action camera is a highly recommended one, because of all the features it offers and the price at which you get it.


8. Sjcam Sj5000x Elite 12.4Mp

Sjcam Sj5000x Elite 12.4Mp

Another action camera from SJCam, the Elite action camera boasts of a unique design that is sophisticated and extremely stylish. It has a superior look that can make all other action cameras look very basic. Not only is the SJCam action camera superior in terms of its design, but also in terms of its outstanding performance, that is impressive to say the least.

It has various connectivity options such as HDMI ports, USB, AV video output – and using all of these, you can connect the camera to projectors, television, smartphones, laptops, tablets, and so on. This camera is most useful for its HD quality digital motion video recording that results in almost professional, clear and vibrant videos.

The camera has a smart design, making it lightweight and slim, and hence easy to carry around. The screen is , however, large enough to view and control the shots that you plan on taking. The camera can be carried 30 meters underwater to facilitate all your underwater explorations.

It has a built-in WiFi, which is a basic necessity that all photographers require, as it makes the transferring of data and files much easier. The camera also comes with many accessories that further facilitate your photography expeditions.


FAQs on Action Cameras Under ₹10,000

1. Can I Use An Action Camera As A Normal Camera?

You can use action cameras as normal cameras, but not the other way round. The reason for this is that normal cameras tend to be heavier than action cameras and most are not as waterproof either. They will not suffice for shooting sports or underwater activities.

2. What Are Action Cameras Best For?

Action cameras are best for capturing moments while on the run or of fast-paced objects. They can shoot images and photographs without any distortion or blur. A regular camera cannot capture such things.

3. What Should I Look For In The Best Action Camera?

The best action camera will have a high-quality resolution; it must be portable and lightweight, waterproof and durable, and must also have a long battery life. Other than this, the action camera must also be adaptable to various accessories that are required while capturing pictures and videos outdoors in difficult conditions.


Action cameras are appealing to a very specific kind of photographers, who are mostly interested in capturing adventure sports and activities, and so on. This article is for such people who have a keen passion, but do not quite know which action camera to purchase.

Here, we offer you with all the factors that you need to know about before buying the best action camera under 10000 and also a list of some highly-ranked products. These will guide you to bring home a device that will suit all your needs, and be your companion in the different adventures that you take on in life.

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