Best Soundbars In India 2020 – Reviews & Buyers Guide

1. F&D T180X 2. JBL Bar  3. Bose Solo 5
F&D T180X Best Soundbar In India JBL Bar Studio Wireless Soundbar with Built-in Dual Bass Port Bose Solo 5 Soundbar Speakers

Good food and good music can instantly charge you up for the daily grind of your life. It’s hard to imagine good food with the right amount of salt in it.

Same goes with the music, for a phenomenal experience, you would need a better surround sound quality. Coming to the sound quality, for those who want to level up the audio of the television, can think of a good home theatre.

Well, think again, burst the bubble as home theatres are undoubtedly unmatchable but take a lot of space and can burn a hole in your pocket. Here we present a cheaper yet practical option for the best soundbar in India.

Soundbars are sleek, stylish, compact, and yet affordable devices. They can easily pair up with TVs or even mobiles to promise the best audio experience.


Put on your party shoes and turn your home into a party hub with the right choice of a soundbar. We present an irresistible list of Top 10 best soundbars in India, which can be matched with your requirements.

Pair it with a set of subwoofers and you are set for an unparalleled sound experience for the movie or music of your choice. Let us turn our homes into a home theatre without even having to own one, but we must dig deeper into the technicalities first.

Soundbars are unobtrusive and the exclusive sound experience is achieved with the amplifiers and multiple speakers which are fitted in a single bar.

The new generation TV gives pristine and crystal clear picture, to match up the video, the audio needs an upgrade. Soundbars can add that perfect touch with enhanced sound clarity, which blends perfectly with the video.

Things To Consider Before Buying Best Soundbar In India

1. Soundbar Or Soundbase

Though identical but not the same; people confuse soundbases with soundbars most of the time. Yes, they are similar in terms of performing the same function. Soundbases, unlike soundbars, cannot be wall mounted. The TV cabinet or a shelf is required to accommodate the same.

Decide where you are planning to keep the speaker and then choose the best-fitting option. Not only that soundbases are thick enough to accommodate more drivers and a built-in amplifier. It can be the best alternative to the subwoofer, which is mostly an add-on product in case of a soundbar.

2. Active And Passive

Now that you know that soundbars and soundbases are different be ready for types of the soundbars. Yes, soundbars are of two different types: Active soundbars and Passive soundbars.

  • Active Soundbars- This is more like a plug-and-play soundbar which doesn’t need you to get into technicalities for an improved sound. These speakers are packed with speakers, amplifiers, and signal processors, etc. Simply connect to the TV via a cable as there’s no need for additional audio/video receiver to do the work.
  • Passive Soundbars- You will have to get more involved in the set-up as you have to look for every single piece of electronics needed. From amplifiers to speakers and even the audio/ video receiver.

Active soundbars could undoubtedly be the choice for the ones who want an instant hassle-free upgrade to the regular TV audio. But, these soundbars will certainly have their limitations and cannot be upgraded.

Whereas, passive soundbars are those who want a customized sound experience as per their choice. Also, active soundbars are more costly than passive; you can choose among the two as per your preferences and budget.

3. Size And Placement

Whether you like it as wall mounted or on the top of the TV cabinet, ensure that the placement doesn’t block the IR sensor of the TV.

Ideally, most of the people consider the speaker to be of the same width as the TV, and it’s perfectly fine as long as you don’t make it the deal breaker. Placement should not hinder the view and must not be obscured by heavy objects around the vicinity. An open space is ideal for the speakers to resonate the sound impeccably.

4. Subwoofer

Subwoofers are known to add that extra oomph to the audio devices or speakers. Mostly soundbars come with multiple options, especially when it comes to subwoofers.

Some of them, mostly the soundbases, have built-in subwoofer. Few brands offer an external subwoofer included in the package while some have extra outputs and wires that can help you to connect with the subwoofer of your own choice.

For heart-thumping sound and to improve the low-end quality sound for a superb cinematic experience, a subwoofer is a must. But if you are not into the action and adventure stuff and simply want to enhance the volume and voice clarity, go for the one without subwoofers.

Also, when you purchase a soundbar with pre-equipped or built-in subwoofer, you are restricting yourself as the chances of an upgrade will be zero.

5. Dolby Atmos And Channel

Puzzled about the numbers in the soundbars and have no clue which one to go for? No, the numbers aren’t reflecting the star or something similar, they are the channels. So, here’s the deal with the numbers; it represents the set of speakers and subwoofers with which the soundbar is equipped. For example, if the soundbars show number 4.1 or 5.0, it means the first number is the number of channels or speakers. The latter number which is followed by a decimal represents the subwoofer; 1 means it has a subwoofer and 0 would mean it doesn’t have any.

  • 2 Channels: There will be two speakers on the right and left
  • 3 Channels: Three speakers: left, right, and center
  • 4 & 5 Channels: These soundbars will have rear speakers

Those who are looking for a surround sound experience can opt for soundbars with channels above three while those who simply want speech and dialogue clarity or increased volume can go with three channels or below.

Some soundbars also have numbers which are followed by these numbers, let’s say 5.0.1; in this case, the last digit will show the presence of Dolby Atmos. It exactly does what it is famous for, to give a surround sound touch to your soundbar for an ultimate cinematic experience.

Such speakers shoot up the sound to the upward direction which reflects off the ceiling and walls and thus creating a 3D sound effect. The minute details from the buzzing bees to the roaring aircraft, can be experienced with a better 3D surround sound.

When choosing a soundbar, you need to prioritize and focus on these features as this will be the ultimate deciding factor. Of course, the higher the number, the better the performance is.

6. Connectivity

This should certainly be the deal breaker as you would not want to spend money on something with compatibility issues. Most of you would not want to miss a great music experience just because the speaker is limited to TV. Hence connectivity is quintessential while choosing the best soundbar in India. Most brands offer a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to connectivity options:

  • HDMI- This one is the most preferred option when it comes to TV; you would just need a cable. When compared with other connecting options, this particular mode will allow you to get higher quality sound.  HDMI interface can accommodate more features as it perfectly supports a larger number of audio formats. Most of the soundbars now offering HDMI audio return channel (ARC) which enables routing video to the TV and audio from TV. All of this with a single connection, also, sometimes can let you control volume and power with the same remote.
  • Digital audio inputs- This one is the super easy yet reliable connecting option that most of the best soundbar in India offers. This is preferred by people as some of the older models might not have the HDMI option. It is capable of establishing a smooth connection between TV and soundbars. Though the bandwidth is limited, it restricts the soundbars to carry with a 5.1 signal. These inputs can be optical or coaxial along with mini-jack inputs. This will enable connections with TV as well as cable boxes, music players or Disc players which are rather obsolete.
  • Bluetooth- This coolest option will facilitate you to connect with a wide range of devices such as tablets, mobiles, and even laptops or any other Bluetooth operated device. This is considered to be a key option as it is not restricting the usage to TV only. The wireless option is feasible enough with some featuring NFC connectivity while some other may have two-way Bluetooth. Most of the manufacturers are involving built-in Bluetooth in the soundbars to keep pace with the changing market and compatibility with smart devices.
  • WiFi & Steaming- Those models that have a built-in WiFi will let you access music via online platforms such as TIDAL or Spotify, etc. Those who prefer streaming music online will find this feature to be useful. Those who like to binge into ultimate browsing and movie watching will also find this to be the favorable connectivity options.
  • USB- Though not crucial, but can act as an add-on feature as USB connectivity will make simple and easy connections with smart devices. Also, those who like to store their playlists in a thumb drive or pen drive will find this helpful.

7. Ease Of Use

You would ideally not want to spend into a deal with complicated settings and pesky wires. Always consider purchasing a soundbar that is hassle-free and can also be accommodated in your budget. While for some; LED options can be a good option while for other this can complicate things. Depending on your preferences and features you would want to use, ask for the speakers that don’t require much of manual efforts.

8. Power Of The Soundbar

Most people never consider this while buying the best soundbar in India, but this will impact the overall sound quality of the product. For those who think the higher power will be a great choice would not want to end up overspending on a product that would rarely be used.

For larger rooms, of course, you would need higher power or you will end up increasing the volume to the full. You can also select among the Active or passive soundbar that has a choice on power amplification. Look for the option that can be accommodated in the budget you have decided and also offers a good sound PMPO in it.

9. Additional Features

For those who are insatiable and don’t want to go with the usual features can look for these additional features. Keep in mind that none of these should be the deal breaker.

  • Voice assistance- “Alexa, turn on the volume” imagine a soundbar with voice assistance that can quickly pick up the command and adjust the voice as per your choice. This can be a substitute for the remote control.
  • Universal remote- Imagine a table full of a variety of remotes that is not only ugly but confusing as well. It is better to go for a soundbar which can be operated with the help of universal remote support.
  • LED panel- A front LED panel display not only looks attractive but also provide visual feedback of the volume or mode that you have opted for.
  • Sound Modes- The soundbars that offer you to choose from an array of sound modes can instantly grab attention. Of course, the same sound or an action scene cannot be matched with soothing music.
  • Dialogue settings- This is again a good option to look for as it can adjust the voice for speech clarity and enhancement. This works perfectly well with the videos that have considerably loud music but unclear dialogues. Forget about the disturbing subtitles with this feature.
  • Multi-room audio- You can make some of the soundbars as a component of a multi-room audio system.
  • EQ- Interestingly, some soundbars come with built-in equalizers that can help you tune the soundbar as per the placement.

Ultimate Checklist To Buy Soundbars

If you are still puzzled with the complicated jargons and features, relax as we have got you covered. We have prepared a checklist of the must-have features in an ideal soundbar.

Soundbars with 3 or more channels will guarantee to deliver a mesmerizing experience. Opt for the Active soundbar instead of passive as it will deliver better sound quality with built-in amplifiers. Go with the soundbar, not the soundbase as the soundbase comes with restrictions.

While choosing the location, be sure that the area is not cramped or else resonating the sound will be difficult. Make sure that your soundbar has Bluetooth or USB connectivity so that the soundbar is not restricted to TV only. For a satisfactory experience, it is recommended to buy a soundbar integrated with Dolby Atmos or DTS.

An idle speaker must have wide listening angles coupled with high maximum volume, of course, that’s the reason you are purchasing a soundbar.

Choose a speaker with different sound modes, or else you will be wasting money in a simple soundbar.
Though optional, a front panel display will be an added benefit for an advanced and hassle-free sound experience.

Look for streaming options as some soundbars provide access to streaming music or movies from Netflix or any other social media platform.

Top 10 Best Soundbars In India 2020

1. F&D T180X

F&D T180X Best Soundbar In IndiaTopping our list is the most affordable yet a striking product which goes well with flat TV. This stylish piece can be wall mounted or can even be placed on the LED TV stand. It can be paired up with your flat screen or simply to any other device.

Enjoy incredible sound quality with crystal clarity, and heart thumping bass and overall, enjoy an ultimate multimedia experience. You can even carry them for the next weekend party to heat up the dance floor as the soundbar is lightweight and compact. For ease of use, it has a remote to control the volume and play with the bass settings.

For connectivity, the speaker has a plethora of options such as Bluetooth, Aux cables, optical cables, and HDMI ARC. The Bluetooth connectivity is ideal for a standard size room as the connectivity range is 10m. The stereo audio input cable is 3.5 mm long and also has a USB reader for plug and play option.

Coming to the quality of sound, it has three speakers with top-notch audio quality and zero distortion even at the highest volume. It has a 3D surround sound for an amazing cinematic experience in the comfort of your home. The soundbar is equipped with built-in class D amplifiers and has 7cm full range drivers with 2.54 cm silk tweeter per channel.

It uses 40 watts of audio wattage, and the speaker comes with one year of warranty. The LED light on the front panel displays options such as standby mode, TV mode, and mute mode of the soundbar.

The sound is as loud as the 4000-peak momentary power output. The product had qualified SIG certification to ensure the safety of the users. The soundbar is capable of performing brilliantly when paired with the right set of woofers.

Technical Description

  • Dimension- 7 x 99 x 9.3 cm
  • Weight- 3.2 Kg
  • Added feature- SD card, Remote control
  • Connectivity- 3.5mm stereo audio input cable, USB
  • Bluetooth- yes, 4.0
  • Power- AC220V~50/60Hz
  • Battery- No
  • Compatibility- All smart devices with Bluetooth


  • Sleek design best fit for a 60 inch flat screen
  • Remote control
  • 3-inch full range driver and 1 inch silk tweeter per channel for HD 3D surround sound
  • USB reader
  • Multiple connectivity options including Bluetooth
  • Affordable price


  • Doesn’t have a battery
  • Needs changing the setting manually after every shut down

2. JBL Bar Studio

JBL Bar Studio Wireless Soundbar with Built-in Dual Bass PortFrom earphones, headphones and even the top-notch speakers, JBL has set parameters for the Indian market. Music has a new definition with JBL as it is the brand which has a huge fan following. Enthrall yourself with the richer sound quality of the built-in subwoofer.

This standalone piece is compact and can be simply operated with multiple connectivity options. It has its own remote but can interestingly be paired with the TV remote, so you don’t have to shuffle between the two every time. At the top of the speaker, there are some basic controls such as controls for power, volume, and source selection, etc.

Binge into an ultimate movie experience with great surround sound quality of JBL speakers. It has two tweeter drivers and a single built-in double bass port for rich and fuller sound quality which is not hard to imagine with JBL-Harman brands.

Enjoy the loud volumes with no distortion, which is perfectly balanced for a small or medium sized living room. JBL bar studio, as with most of the soundbars, has most of the connectivity options.

You can use HDMI ARC port, optical port, and Aux cable for connecting well with your TV. For the other compatible devices, it has a Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity to facilitate the ease of playing your favorite audio. It also has dialogue enhancement for those unclear episodes of the series.

The brand has intelligently built the product to go on standby mode if not in use and uses 30 watts of power. This affordable unit has one year of manufacturer warranty and is durable enough as promised by the brand.

The product comes with the wall brackets and features a USB 2.0 port for reading mass storage devices. It has five varied modes for easy yet richer surround sound, especially for the ultimate cinematic experience with Dolby audio.

Technical Description

  • Dimension- 85.5 x 14.5 x 12.5 cm
  • Weight- 1.4 Kg
  • Added feature- Remote control, built-in dual bass port
  • Connectivity- HDMI output with Audio Return Channel for single-cable connection with TV, USB
  • Bluetooth- yes, 4.2
  • Frequency Response- 60Hz – 20kHz
  • Battery- 1A battery, not included
  • Compatibility- All smart devices with Bluetooth


  • Built-in dual bass port for optimized sound
  • Surround sound technology can replicate 5.1 system sound
  • Can be operated with TV remote
  • Easy connection setup with manifold options including Bluetooth
  • Standby mode for power saving and low electricity consumption
  • Affordable


  • Sound not efficient for larger rooms or halls
  • No display on the soundbar

3. Bose Solo 5 Soundbar Speakers

Bose Solo 5 Soundbar SpeakersBose, the name says it all as the brand never compromises to deliver the best sound quality to its customers. This masterpiece was designed keeping in mind the special needs of delivering clear dialogues out of the TV. This versatile speaker can be easily accommodated wherever you wish to and will add to the sophistication of the room with minimalist efforts.

This affordable product from Bose will let you be immersed in the powerful bass with crisp and clear sound. It comes with a universal remote that can be used for all, i.e., TV, the bass of the speaker, and even the Bluetooth devices.

Coming to the connectivity part, it has everything that you would need to connect the devices. From optical, coaxial and 3.5mm auxiliary connections to even Bluetooth, but surprisingly missed on the HDMI connectivity. The factory settings are something that can be called as next to the perfect for easing down the efforts for good and loud music.

You may level up the game of your action, drama or adventurous movies by increasing the bass with a single touch in the remote. An exciting new feature of the Solo 5 soundbar is that it has an auto wake function that can sense and detect the nearby music source and starts automatically.

The warranty on this product is one year, which is what most of the competitors are offering even at low priced products. The setup here is not rocket science as you just need to connect it to the TV with the available connectivity cables and you are good to go.

There are no chances of confusion as the speaker doesn’t have any buttons on the top, just the universal remote which is uniquely built to support various devices. The power saving mode is intelligent and will activate after 60 minutes of standby time.

Technical Details

  • Dimension- 8.6 x 54.6 x 7.1 cm
  • Weight- 1.68 Kg
  • Added feature- Universal remote
  • Connectivity-Wireless, Optical, auxiliary, and coaxial
  • Bluetooth- yes, 4.2
  • Battery- 2AA battery, not included
  • Compatibility- All smart devices with Bluetooth


  • Universal remote for ease of use
  • Light weighted standalone device
  • Easily accessible with less yet effective modes of the soundbar
  • Can be easily connected with a TV
  • Crystal clear sound with dialogue enhancement feature


  • No HDMI connectivity
  • Bass is not strong
  • Expensive than its competitors

4. Sony HT-CT290 2.1ch

Sony HT-CT290 2.1chBagging the spot as one of the most trusted brands, Sony has set up a strong foot in the Indian market among electronic products. This conveniently priced device is assured to provide a remarkable experience to its buyers. Inside-out this is powerful soundbar, which is performance packed and is a stylish, versatile piece will instantly grab your attention.

The most attractive thing is the wireless subwoofer, which eliminates any chances of ugly looking wires all around. The device can be wall mounted or can be placed on the table as per your preference and works equally well.

Sony will not disappoint you when it comes to the connectivity part as it is packed with as many as you want. The Bluetooth connectivity will allow you to play music from smart devices. Whereas, the HDMI ARC will deliver amazing sound output from the device. It has two channels for the sound output, which is coupled with a subwoofer, as mentioned earlier.

Enjoy an ultimate cinematic exposure with surround sound experience matching a theater style. It has an added advantage of USB connectivity for enhanced connectivity option. The unmatched S-Pro virtual surround sound is something which makes it stand out from its competitors.

The audio wattage is 300W, which quite impressively produces clarity and life to your videos. Sony is providing one year of warranty on the product. This also has a remote which has some pre-set sound choices for your favorite music and movies as well.

The setting is easy though you will have to change the settings of your TV to restrain from the two audio output. Enjoy crystal clear sound experience, and if you are a fan of PlayStation, this soundbar is surely a good one to go with. In short, it can be considered as a complete package in entry-level soundbars with an affordable price.

Technical Description

  • Dimension- 90 x 8.6 x 5.2 cm
  • Weight- 2.3 Kg
  • Added feature- Remote control, wireless subwoofer
  • Connectivity- HDMI output with Audio Return Channel for single-cable connection with TV, USB
  • Bluetooth- yes, one-touch connectivity
  • Audio Wattage- 300 W
  • Battery- 2AAA battery, included
  • Compatibility- All smart devices with Bluetooth


  • Comes with an additional subwoofer with a layout free design
  • High-quality audio streaming with wireless Bluetooth connectivity
  • Multiple connectivity options including USB
  • Dolby Digital surround sound
  • Remote control for easy access


  • The bass level is not satisfactory
  • Front panel display doesn’t show much than the opted input
  • May require to change the sound compatibility manually, each time you change the channel

5. Polk Audio Signa 1

Polk Audio Signa 1This might not be a popular one in your list, but it is a true value for money. Your movies will sound like movies and not a radio show, and it works perfectly well for music as well. It is a universal TV soundbar with a wireless subwoofer.

The sleek design measuring 2” will not obstruct the IR sensors of the TV and will fit perfectly well. It comes handy with a remote for hassle-free accessibility and has some basic buttons at the top of the device. The fabric covering will ensure that the dust doesn’t easily enter the unit.

The soundbar can be connected with the help of optical cable, which is considered to be the easiest mode. For variety in options, it also has Bluetooth connectivity to enable wireless streaming from your tabs or mobiles. Polk Signa is designed to give solid dialogue clarity and does a pretty good job for vocal music as well.

The soundbar has Polk Voice Adjust Technology, which further let you customize the sound levels for a much crisp and clear sound.

The subwoofer does a pretty good job for deep bass effect, and the soundbar has Dolby Atmos, which is quite a rare thing in this price range. This also has Performance Tuned drivers with Dolby Digital decoding plus 5.1 simulated surround sound, which is quite conventional.

The remote is not fussy and have only selective number of buttons which can be easily understood. There’s absolutely no trouble in setting up the soundbar as it comes with keyhole mounts to hang it on the wall. The display is feasible to figure out the input mode and has blinking lights for every remote activity.

The installation is hassle free and gets completed in almost no time, i.e., within 5 minutes. The product offers a one year warranty on the parts and three years on the speakers which are quite impressive in the budget they are offering the unit.

Technical Description

  • Dimension- 8.4 x 90.9 x 5.6 cm
  • Weight- 6.9 Kg
  • Added feature- Remote control, wireless subwoofer
  • Bluetooth- yes, 4.0
  • Audio Wattage- 300 W
  • Battery- 1AAA battery, not included
  • Output Power- 200 W
  • Compatibility- All smart devices with Bluetooth


  • Budget speaker offering an array of features
  • Voice Adjust Technology
  • 5.1 channel and wireless subwoofer for surround sound
  • Built in Dolby Digital decoder
  • Hassle free remote and setup


  • Doesn’t have HDMI connectivity
  • Needs manual sound setting after every turn off

6. Klipsch RSB-3

Klipsch RSB-3The company promises that the model is all-in-one soundbar with a slim design measuring only 2.6” in height. Instantly upgrade your TV sound with simple plug and play setup of this soundbar. Klipsch is famous for its high-quality sound product and has lived up to the brand name.

The metallic grill covers the front of the speakers perfectly, producing a more sophisticated sound than your TV speakers. This unit is feasible for both wall mounting and table top mode. For powerful cinematic experience, the soundbar is equipped with Dolby Audio Decoder.

Klipsch RSB-3 soundbar can be paired easily with the Bluetooth enabled smart devices to let you play music directly from the devices. The integrated 2.5-inch subwoofer gives full range audio from the devices while occupying minimal space. The surround sound experience can be achieved well with the soundbar without the need for additional speakers.

For the action-packed movies or the suspense thrillers, the bass production of the soundbar will entertain you to the core. The soundbar also has Optical output as connectivity option which facilitates the sound information transfer perfectly well. The voice-enhance mode can instantly boost up dialogue clarity.

Klipsch soundbar is compatible with using universal remotes. The design of the product has rubber cushions at the foot and keyhole at the back.

The soundbar has one year of manufacturer warranty just like all the other competitors in the market. The soundbar features for the subwoofer and tweeters. The frequency response is in the range of 55Hz to 18 kHz, which means it is mid range soundbar for producing low and high pitched sound.

Technical Description

  • Dimension- 10.2 x 91.4 x 6.5 cm
  • Weight- 3.2 Kg
  • Added feature- Remote control, wireless subwoofer
  • Bluetooth- yes
  • Battery- 2 AAA, included
  • Connectivity- Optical port, Bluetooth
  • Power- 56 W audio output
  • Compatibility- All smart devices with Bluetooth


  • Attractive looks with metal mesh grille
  • Universal remote compatibility
  • Surround sound experience with the subwoofer
  • Incredible bass production
  • Voice enhance mode for sound clarity


  • Heavily priced
  • Doesn’t have advanced features as compared to the other brands
  • Remote control is ineffective and fussy

7. LG SJ3

LG SJ3Another popular brand in the Indian market for electronics is LG, and the soundbar offered by the company is an entertainer and can create an immersive sound experience. The wireless subwoofer fits perfectly well and looks nothing less than a premium soundbar.

It occupies less space and is a wireless piece which makes it more attractive. It has built-in compatibility for the use of a TV remote and comes with its own remote as well. The advanced sound technology, which includes Dolby sound makes the complete setup a pro product from LG.

Crystal clear sound mixed with the right blend of bass is all we need and LG took really good care of it. When we said it is wireless we meant it as the TV, soundbar and the subwoofer, all the three can be connected wirelessly. The Auto sound Engine offered by LG is bound to optimize the sound quality at any level of the volume.

The Bluetooth connectivity is quite impressive and can wake up the sleeping device right after sending the audio transfer.

Apart from Bluetooth, the arena of connectivity modes like HDMI, Optical port, USB connectivity, is surely going to impress you. The ASC right sound will detect anything that you are playing and will instantly auto adjust the sound output as per the movie, music, or dialogue.

The warranty offered on the product is one year and comes with a remote to facilitate the auto power off/on. The speaker connects directly after the auto power on has various modes for sound outputs. The Cinematic feature will decode all the Dolby Digital sound of the movie or the video for a thrilling experience.

The build-up quality is tough with heave subwoofer and speakers. As a surprise element, it has a dedicated App which can be downloaded from the Google PlayStore. This App will enable viewing the settings of the soundbar, which can be adjusted with the same App.

Technical Description

  • Dimension- 7.1 x 95 x 4.7 cm
  • Weight- 6.7 Kg
  • Added feature- Remote control, wireless subwoofer, Dedicated App available on Google PlayStore
  • Bluetooth- yes
  • Battery- 2 AAA, included
  • Connectivity- Optical port, Bluetooth, HDMI, USB
  • Power- 300 W audio output
  • Compatibility- All smart devices with Bluetooth


  • Availability of every connectivity mode
  • Universal remote compatibility
  • Dedicated App for adjusting the speaker settings
  • Auto sound engine to adjust sound clarity at any volume
  • A good amount of bass with the subwoofer
  • Dolby Digital decoder


  • Higher voice clarity settings is missing

8. Mitashi SB 2575

Mitashi SB 2575So, you thought cheap couldn’t be amazing? Think again; this super cheap soundbar from Mitashi made our top 10 list of best soundbar in India. Add an enchanting look to your home décor with the super sexy black soundbars.

This beautifully crafted product promises a premium sound experience with various advanced technology for connectivity. This floor standing speaker will not occupy a lot of space to be accommodated easily and have a remote for easy controlling.

The soundbar can be easily connected with TV using Aux cable and can also pair up with Bluetooth devices. The 2.1 channel floor standing soundbar with subwoofer is what you need for a surround sound experience. It facilitates USB connectivity, and the bass can be compared with one of the strongest competitors, i.e., Sony.

If you are a fan of EVM or Rock music, this soundbar will not disappoint you. The auxiliary connection is also best when it comes to connections, a huge arena of devices from the latest smartphones, MP33 & MP4 players, SD MMC card, and even the classic disc players.

This powerful soundbar can handle 4000 PMPO for a premium experience of the luxury of the sound output. The remote is not just a piece but gives you full control for changing tracks and adjust volume from a marginally convenient distance.

Mitashi promises to offer assured services to its buyers, and the product is warranted for one year period. The build quality of this product is quite high, and it offers a higher bass experience. An added advantage in this price is the USB connectivity being offered in the product for an easy plug and play experience.

Technical Description

  • Dimension- 36 x 26 x 14.5 cm
  • Weight- 5.1 Kg
  • Added feature- Remote control, wireless subwoofer
  • Bluetooth- yes
  • Battery- No, not required
  • Connectivity- Auxiliary input, USB Port
  • Power- 4000W PMPO
  • Compatibility- All smart devices with Bluetooth


  • Pocket friendly product
  • Sub woofer included for unmatched sound in this range
  • Have major connectivity options such as Aux, Bluetooth, and USB


  • Bluetooth range is low, nearly 1 m
  • Doesn’t have an HDMI port
  • No control on the bass

9. Samsung HW-K450

Samsung HW-K450You cannot miss out on a Samsung product while hunting for the best soundbar in India. The slim and subtle design will occupy minimal space providing the flexibility to place it as per your choice. This model is completely flat as compared to other soundbars from LG, which can be placed in front of the TV without acquiring and blocking much space.

The terrific remote comes with easy accessibility of the soundbar with dedicated sound control buttons. Samsung offers a good product with soundbar and subwoofer combo at the most affordable price ever.

This 2.1 channel soundbar can easily expand the surround sound system without any pesky wires engaging the surroundings. You can connect the soundbar with HDMI, Optical port, and of course, Bluetooth just like most of the popular brands of soundbar in the market.

Unleash the true cinematic experience as with features like Surround Sound expansion, Dolby Digital, and DTS decoder, etc. You can even upgrade it to 4.1 channel by adding a wireless rear speaker kit (Optional, separate buy).

Some of the pre-set sound effect modes are Standard Music, Sports, Movie, Night, and of course, bass. It also has different volume setting options enabling treble and bass adjustments.

Operating the soundbar is fairly easy as it has compatibility with Samsung TV which dominates the Indian TV market. The Bluetooth based remote app will let you adjust most of the settings from any Android devices. The metallic body not only looks ravishing but is sturdy and powerful for producing high-quality sound.

The soundbar gets activated with a Bluetooth activity which can be an added advantage in the price offered. LG has provided a warranty of 1 year on the product.

Technical Description

  • Dimension- 95 x 45.2 x 22.8 cm
  • Weight- 8.6 Kg
  • Added feature- Remote control, wireless subwoofer, Dedicated App
  • Bluetooth- yes
  • Battery- No, not required
  • Connectivity- Optical port, Bluetooth, HDMI, WiFi,
  • Power- 300 W audio output
  • Compatibility- All smart devices with Bluetooth


  • Advanced features with dynamic sound and smart wireless design
  • Dedicated App for control
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Value for money
  • Good depth and loudness without distortion


  • Bluetooth connectivity is unstable
  • Lacks rear sound speakers

10. Yamaha YAS-108

Yamaha YAS-108This luxurious and sleek soundbar from Yamaha will surely add glamour to your room, and that’s what the brand is famous for. It has a built-in subwoofer and comes loaded with an arena of features that will instantly impress you.

It has all the attraction elements which the buyer would look for, the sexy black finish, the compact design, and of course, not to miss out on the sound quality.

It uses DTS technology for producing the virtual surround sound. It even looks more attractive when mounted on the wall and will perfectly complement your flat screen LED.

It produces crystal clear 3D surround sound while it guarantees that the user would not miss even the minute detail or dialogue. It has features such as various voice modes and dialogue stand. The useful connectivity options include HDMI, Bluetooth, and Optical port. The deep bass and surround sound quality is, of course, best as most of the Yamaha speakers are famous for.

It has dual Bluetooth connectivity, which will make it flexible to switch between the two connected devices at the same time. The product can virtualize the 3D surround sound effect to simulate the sound effect, which moves around the user.

The product comes with one year and is a two-channel soundbar at an affordable price. The Yamaha YAS 108 soundbar has 4K HDR passthrough which is rarely seen among its competitors.

For ultimate movie experience, you can try connecting it with Firestick or Android TV box. You can even level up the gaming experience by connecting the soundbar to PS4 or Xbox.

The Yamaha HT app is another exciting feature of this product, which will enable changing the soundbar settings over Bluetooth. This masterpiece from Yamaha can even work well on lower volumes, and full frequency range can be heard. This fits perfectly well for the mid-sized rooms.

Technical Description

  • Dimension- 13 x 94 x 18.5 cm
  • Weight-3.2 Kg
  • Added feature- Wireless subwoofer, Dedicated App
  • Bluetooth- Yes 5.0
  • Battery- No, not required
  • Connectivity- Optical port, Bluetooth, HDMI
  • Power- 600 W audio output
  • Compatibility- All smart devices with Bluetooth


  • Comes with a subwoofer for great deep bass
  • Can be used for gaming devices as well
  • Affordable price for a good range of features
  • 3D surround Sound feature
  • Hassle free installation


  • Even the highest volume are low when compare with other brands


Ditch your idea on spending a hefty amount in bulgy home theatres and give soundbars a chance to enthrall you. Let these soundbars impress you with amazing features at a much affordable range.

For those who never really give a thought of buying a soundbar will not know what they are missing on. Match the pristine picture quality of your latest LED TV with the right soundbar from this buyers guide.

Now that you have a complete list of the best soundbars in India hope you will not be puzzled anymore to purchase a great device.

Note that you must restrain yourself from matching it with the Home theatre as soundbars are just alternatives to the one. So, start making a list of your requirements of a soundbar immediately and grab one for you right away.

Have a great Cinematic Experience!!

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