Use slim line tube lights instead of incandescent bulbs .It will, save 60% in addition to more light.
Switch off Lights & Fans when you are Leaving the room for a short while ,It means saving 15% on your monthly power bill
Use  LED in place of 100w ordinary incandescent lamps, it will save 75-80% energy ..
Replace damaged or partially damaged Plugs, Sockets & other electrical appliances to avoid accidents
Keep Lights and Fixtures clean and dirt free.Dust and dirt reduce lighting level by as much 30%.
Pay your electricity bills in time & help us to serve you better
Always use ISI mark appliances/Equipments E.g. Desert Cooler ,Acs,Water Pumps,Motores and Domestic Appliances
Clean bulbs and tube lights periodically to avoid reduction in illumination.
36 Watt slim tube lights give equivalent light output as that of 40 Watt tube lights.
Use electronic ballasts / electronic choke against conventional electromagnetic ballasts tube lights for they consume less power.
As far as possible, use task lighting which focuses light where it is needed.
Don't Steal Electricity
Don't increase load of your connection without written permission from your SDO to avoid accident to you or your dear one's & also penal action
Don't construct new buildings or extend old buildings under or near Electricity lines
Don't temper with electricity meter or seals on electricity meters in any manner

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