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Notice Inviting Tender -Corrigendum-Addendum



Corrigendum Tender Specification No.HPSEBL/SEGB/DB-7/2015-16-17 02.11.2015 SE(Gen)  Kinnaur
NIT Tender No.CEO/MM/Tender/S/Stn-Dargi(LWSS)/No.9/2015 07.11.2015 CE(OP) South Shimla
Detail Tender Notice Tender No.CEOCZ/MM-112(T.P)/07/2015  ------------- CE(OP) CZ Mandi
Corrigendum of tender for unserviceable/obsolete & scrap...vehicle lying at kumarsain... 05.11.2015 Dy.CE(OP)  Rampur
Corrigendum E-Tendering Mode 04.11.2015 Dy.CE(OP) Circle Una
Corrigendum E-Tendering Mode Tender  No.Tender/SHC-03/2015-16-7705-12 03.11.2015 SE(OP) Circle Shimla
Corrigendum HC-II-DB-E-Tendering/2015-16-11277-86 09.11.2015 SE(OP) Circle Solan
Notification Name of Scheme: (Proposed 132 KV D/C Transmission line from 220/132 KV..)  ------------- CE(ES) Hamirpur
NIT for tender No.KED-45/2015-16  ------------- Addl.SE ED Kangra
NIT for tender No.SEU-12/15-16  ------------- SE Uhl Stage-III BVPCL
Press tender Notice (E-tendering mode ) for various tenders...  ------------- Dy.CE(ES) hamirpur
E-Tendering Mode Tender Specification No.147 e ES Shimla  ------------- SE(ES) Circle Totu
Corrigendum Tender No. HPSEBL/OCH(BSR)-07/2015 29.10.2015 SE(OP)  Hamirpur
E-tendering mode (BID No.SEOP-08/2015-16) 16.10.2015 SE(OP) Circle Kangra
NIT for Completion of Left out Civil, EI and SI work of In-complete Type-III....colony at Thalout.  ------------- Sr(EE) Arb&Mtc Mandi.
E-Tendering Mode for various works 12.10.2015 Dy.CE(OP) circle Una
E-Tendering Mode Tender No.HPSEBL/CEOCZ/MIS(NDN)-01/2015 & ..../(NDN)-02/2015 17.10.2015 CE(OP) CZ Mandi
Corrigendum Tender No.CEO/MM-Tender/line/Manjholi-No.06/2015 26.10.2015 CE(OP) South Shimla
NIT for Various Tenders  ------------- Sr.(EE) ED Nahan
Tender Notice Tender No.CEOCZ/MM-112(T.P)/05/2015../06/2015..../07/2015...08/2015  ------------- CE(OP) CZ Mandi
NIT for Hiring of Diesel driven Taxi *Bolero jeeps or its equivalent type of jeeps.......T&C 29.10.2015 Sr.EE Mtn.Div Shimla
Press Notice for BID No.SEGN/2014-15/2 12.10.2015 SE(Gen) Circle Nahan
E-Tendering Mode NIT No.HC-II/DB -E tendering//2015-16                       26.10.2015 SE(OP) Circle  Solan
E-Tendering Mode NIT No.SHC-04/2015-16 16.10.2015 SE(OP)  Shimla
Corrigendum Tender No. HPSEBL/SEGB/DB-7/2015-16-17 12.10.2015 SE(Gen) Bhabanagar
Office order  for extension of NIT to Hire Agency for inspection, identification of damages... 12.10.2015 Dy.CE(PCA) Shimla
Detail Tender Notice Tender No. CEO/MM-13/2015 & CEO/MM-14/2015 06.10.2015 CE(OP) South Shimla
E-Tendering Mode Tender No.CEO/MM-Tender/S/Stn/Basal(Solan)-No.8/2015 05.10.2015 CE(OP) South Shimla
NIT for different works.  ------------- Addl.SE ES Una
E-tendering mode Tender No.CEO/MM-24/2015 01.10.2015 CE(OP) South Shimla
Corrigendum Tender No.CEO/MM-23/2014 01.10.2015 CE(OP) South Shimla
Detail Tender Notice Tender No. CEOCZ/MM-112(T.P)/01/2015........112(T.P)/04/2015 29.09.2015 CE(OP) CZ Mandi
Office order  for extension of NIT to Hire Agency for inspection, identification of damages... 28.09.2015 CE(PCA) Shimla
Detail Tender Notice Tender No. CEO/MM-13/2015 & CEO/MM-14/2015  22.09.2015 CE(OP) South Shimla
Tender Mode CEO/MM-Tender/Line/Kupvi-No.07/2015  22.09.2015 CE(OP) South Shimla
NIT  for "Geotechnical Investigations for .Proposed Lineman Training ...Offices Building"  21.09.2015 Sr.EE Mtn.Div Shimla
E-Tendering Mode NIT No.SHC-03/2015-16  19.09.2015 SE(OP)  Shimla
Tender Bid No. HPSEBL/SEGB/DB-7/2015-16-17  18.09.2015 SE(Gen) Bhabanagar
E-Tendering Mode Tender No.HPSEBL/OCH(BSR)-07/2015 17.09.2015 SE(OP) Circle  HMR
Corrigendum Tender No.CEO/MM-Tender/Lline/Manjholi-No. 06/2015  14.09.2015 CE(OP) South Shimla
Corrigendum Tender No. CEO/MM/12/2015  14.09.2015 CE(OP) South Shimla
Corrigendum Tender Specification No.HPSEBL/SEGB/DB-7/2015-16-07  10.09.2015 SE(Gen) Bhabanagar
E-Tendering Mode Bid No. SEOP/05/2015-16  08.09.2015 SE(OP) Circle Kangra
Office Order  for "Geotechnical Investigations for.Proposed Lineman Training..... Building" 01.09.2015 Sr.EE Mtn.Div Shimla
(EOI)To Hire Agency for inspection, identification of damages..for Sanjay Vidyut Pariyojna.  01.09.2015 Dy.CE(Contract) SML
E-tendering Mode Tender HPSEBL/OCK/SA-33/ScrapDisposal-1/2015-16&..2/2015-16  ------------- SE(OP) Circle Kullu
E-tendering Tender No.HPSEBL/OCM/DB-4/2015-16 & HPSEBL/OCM/DB-5/2015-16.  01.09.2015 Dy.CE(OP) Mandi
NIT {SOP to ITBP Check Post at  Mormai -Dogri under ESD taboo}  ------------- Dy.CE(OP) Rampur
Corrigendum E-tendering Mode Tender No.SHC-01/2015-16  24.08.2015 SE(OP)  Shimla
Corrigendum Tender Specification No.SSD-357/2015  ------------- SE(Design) ES HMR
Corrigendum Press Tender Notice Tender Specification No.SSD-346/2015  01.09.2015 SE(Design) ES HMR
Tender Specification No. HPSEBL/SEGB/DB-7/2015-16-05  26.08.2015 SE(Gen) Bhabanagar
E-tendering mode Tender No.SEOP-04/2015-16  13.08.2015 CE(OP) South Shimla
E-tendering mode only Tender No.CEO/MM-12/2015  11.08.2015 CE(OP) South Shimla
NIT E-tendering mode Bid No-ESCH-4/2015-16  ------------- Dy.CE (ES) Hamirpur
NIT E-tendering mode Bid No-HPSEBL/SEGB//DB/-07/2015-16-05..........15-16-07  ------------- SE(Gen) Bhabanagar
Press Tender Notice E-tendering mode for various works..  06.08.2015 Dy.CE(OP) Circle Una
Office Order regarding" Sale/Disposal of Condemned/Unserviceable.. HP-07A-0406 car  11.08.2015 Addl.M&T Div. Shimla
Press Tender Notice Tender No.CE(MM)-18/2015  11.08.2015 CE(MM) Shimla
Tender notice  E-Tender Mode {Tender No.CEO/MM-Tender/Line/Manjholi-No.06/2015}  05.08.2015 CE(OP) South Shimla
Corrigendum Tender No.CE(MM)-09/2015 and CE(MM)-15/2015  06.08.2015 CE(MM) Shimla
NIT  E-Tender Mode Only (Construction of 33KV HT Lines.from 220KVA....ESD Barotiwala)  ------------- SE(OP) Circle Solan
E-Tendering Tender No. HPSEBL/SEGB/DB07/2015-17-05 & -06 & -07  05.08.2015 SE(Gen) Bhabanagar
E-Tendering Tender No SE(CCA)/ SVP-Bhaba (Restoration works)/2015 -1 & ../2015-2  31.07.2015 Dy.CE(Contract) SML
Tender Notice E -Tendering Mode Tender No.OCN/DB-NIT No.-52015-16  ------------- Dy.CE(OP) Nahan
Corrigendum E -Tendering Mode Tender No.CE(MM)-17/2015  23.07.2015 CE(MM) Shimla
Corrigendum E -tendering Mode Tender No.CEO(MM)-23/2014  24.07.2015 CE(OP) South Shimla
NIT for Providing Mahindra Bolero diesel model driven on hire basis for use Addl SE.Solan  15.07.2015 Addl..SE ES Solan
NIT Tender No KED/DB-001/2015-16......002/2015-16.......003/2015-16  ------------- Sr.EE ED Kullu
Office Order Tender No SE(CCA)/ SVP-Bhaba (Restoration works)1 2015 -1 & ../2015-2  13.07.2015 Dy.CE(Contract) SML
Corrigendum Tender No.CE(MM)-16/2015(read as11kV &22kV,630 Amp Isolator ..Switch)  10.07.2015 CE(MM) Shimla
Corrigendum Tender No.CE(MM)-09/2015  14.07.2015 CE(MM) Shimla
Notice Inviting Tender NIT No. SHC/CW-1/2015-16  03.07.2015 SE(OP)  Shimla
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