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Important Notice:-HPSEBL is introducing e-tendering/ e-procurement for all the purchases to be made in future. Manual tendering process will be discontinued once the project is commissioned successfully. In case the tenderers/ vendors are already aware about e-tendering process, they are advised to to visit http://www.tenderwizard.com/HPSEB for mock training. The tenderers/ vendors who are not aware of the e-tendering/ e-procurement process, they should request office of Chief Engineer (MM) for training in the e-tendering process through e-mail either at cemm@hpseb.in or ddit@hpseb.in  They will further be intimated about the date and venue for training in the process.

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Tender  (Bid No.- SEOP-09/2013-14) Dy.CE(Op),Kangra Details
Tender (Bid No.- SEOP-10/2013-14) Dy. CE(Op)Kangra Details
Corrigendum for tender CEO/MM-21/2014(E-tendering mode) CE(OP) South Details
Corrigendum CE(OP) South Details
  Tender for Sale of Power on Shot term basis......... CE(SO&P)  Shimla Details
Corrigendum Amendments(Issued vide  office letter No 25077-90) CE(OP) South Details
Corrigendum tender nos.CEO/MM/Tender/CHS-SBI/35/2013-14 CE(OP) South Shimla Details
Corrigendum Tender Nos .CEO/MM/Tender-Jeori-13-14 CE(OP) South Shimla Details
Offer for banking of Power in the month of April -2014 CE (SO&P) Shimla Details
Corrigendum Tender Nos .CEO/MM/Tender-Sunni-36/2013 CE(OP) South Shimla Details
Corrigendum Tender CEO/MM-Tender-R-Peo-31/2013 & 32-2013 CE(OP) South Shimla Details
Corrigendum Tender Nos. RHC/DB-Tender-2 CE(OP) South Shimla Details
E-tendering mode Tender Nos.ESCH-8/2013-14 & ESCH-9/2013-14 SE (ES) HMR Details
NIT (E-tendering Mode) Tender nos.SSD-320/14 SE(Design) ES HMR Details
Corrigendum Tender Nos.CEO/MM/Tender/Theog-VCB-34/2013 CE(OP) South Shimla Details
Corrigendum Tender Nos.CEO/MM/Tender/Sunni-VCB-36/2013 CE(OP) South Shimla Details
"AUCTION NOTICE No. 01/2013-14" Dy.CE(OP) Kangra Details
Addendum for various tenders CE(OP) South Shimla Details
Addendum Tender nos. CEO/MM/Tender/Theog-VCB-34/2013 CE(OP) South Shimla Details
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Valid Till
1. sealed tenders are invited for design,manufacture,supply,erect and commission the hydro turbine pelton runner for Binwa Hydro Electric Project(2X3MW). Apr 22, 2014
2. Sealed tenders are invited from Inter State Trading Licensesees and Power Utility for Sale Of Renewable Power Apr 23, 2014
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