Notification regarding recruitment Rules for the post of junior T/Mate & r-notify the amended R&P Rules..
Notification regarding amendment of rule 56 of the Fundamental Rules
Notification regarding extension in service under rule 56 (d) of the Fundamental Rules
Office order regarding adoption of amendment in House allotment rules 1994
Office Order regarding HP allotment of Govt. residence (general Pool) Rules 1994 notified by Secretary (GAD).
Notification to amend existing R&P regulation of all categories of Field Technical Staff.
Recruitment & promotion regulation for the post of Junior Officer Assistant (Information Technology)
Regarding amendment in Column No.6,8 &9 of the R&P Regulations for the post of Law Officer Grader -I
Notification to amend the provision contained in Column No.10 of R&P Regulations to post of AAO.

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