Reliability indices for 14 RAPDRP Towns (Saifi & Saidi)



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Issue Date Fmt
Corrigendum-I Tender No. IPDS(IT Phase-II)-08/2017/HPSEBL-4073 07/11/2017
Tender Notice ICB : IPDS(IT Phase-II)-0812017/HPSEBL 27/09/2017
Advisory-cum-guidelines to be followed for procuring/ installing meters at Feeder / Sub Station/DTR etc. 22/08/2017
Rewiring of PT Circuit in Sub-Stations feeding town area and DTR wise grouping / binding of consumers in the town area. 18/052017
Non Working Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) system locations in 14 towns - Action required by the Nodal Officers of Towns 06/12/2016
Information under IPDS project 20/09/2016
Monitoring of Information/Notices/Communication regarding R-APDRP Part-A 25/07/2016
Rewiring of PT circuit in 14 towns under R-APDRP Part-A. 15/07/2016
Location for installation of modems in 14 towns under R-APDRP Part-A. 04/06/2016
Town User Acceptance Testing (UAT) templates for R-APDRP Part-A project 26/08/2015
Requirement of power Sockets & earth resistance for installation of equipments in the offices 15/06/2012  
Installation of hardware in the 14-towns under R-APDRP (Part-'A') Scheme. 15/06/2012  
Methodology for Establishing Baseline AT&C Losses. 04/09/2009  
Interaction with TPIEA-EA,Utilites & Meter Manual Manufacturers   ------------  
Guidelines for Re-structured Accelerated Power Development & Reforms Programme during XI Plan.  
HPSEBL Secured DMLS User Manual ------------  
Regarding time gap arrangement under R-APDRP (Part-'A') Scheme for the replacement of 'CALMU' Meters. ------------  
DTR Wise Consumer Grouping of the Shimla Project Area Covered under R-APDRP (Part-'A') 27/07/2011  
PAT&C Methodology by PFC 04/09/2009  
Supply of Modems at respective division stores in the 14-town under.. 14/09/2011  
The AT&C losses of 14-towns as verified by TPIEA and approved by M/s PFC ------------  
R-APDRP (Re-structured Power Development & Reform Programme)System Meter Annexure-'A'&'B' ------------  
Diversion of  hardware item under R-APDRP part-A Project for Computerized Billing.. 30/06/2012  
Protection Guidelines for the system meters under R-APDRP (Part 'A'') Scheme 19/07/2012  
Purchase of Spot Billing Machines (SBMs) for Computerized Billing. 29/04/2014  
Revised LoA-MPLS/VPNoBB connectivity for implementation of IT package. 16/06/2012  

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