Issue Date Fmt
Design,Supply,Installation & Integration of Computer H/w,N/w Equipment,S/w & Periphearls 29.04.2014
ERP Project Steering Committee 19.03.2014
Office Order regarding training of Personnel of HPSEBL on technical Support of ERP Project 26.03.2014
Approved format of ERP Hardware installation certificate for various Location Covered 16.12.2013
Letter No.HPSEB(Sectt.)/CESO/ERP/Hardware/Vol.VI/13-3103-3212 22.11.2013
Letter No.HPSEB(Sectt.)/CESO/ERP/Hardware/Vol.VI/13-2773 to 2837  05.10.2013
Letter No.HPSEB(Sectt.)/CESO/ERP/Hardware/Vol.V/13-2032 to 72  14.08.2013
Letter No.HPSEB(Sectt.)/CESO/ERP/Hardware/Vol.V/13-2006 to 31 14.08.2013
Hardware Diversion Letter No.HPSEB(Sectt.)/CESO/ERP/Hardware/Vol.IV/12-1024-45 30.05.2013
Hardware Diversion Letter No.HPSEB(Sectt.)/CESO/ERP/Hardware/Vol.IV/12-835-86 30.05.2013
Rescheduling & Stopping of data digitization work (Tally-9) under ERP project 25.04.2013
Approval of Power & Lan Cabling layout at various location under ERP Project 18.04.2013
Description of Organization Structure of Finance Wing ---
Description of Organization Structure of  various function of Board and reporting Structure ---
Description of Existing MM Organization Structure of HPSEBL ---
SAP (System Application & Products) Presentation. ---
Extension of Timeline in respect of ERP Package ---
Diversion of material under R-APDRP Part-A Project for Computerized Billing and ERP Package........ ---
Tally Annexure-'A' Annexure-B1(Vendor Master), Annex-B2(BOM Templates), Annex-B3(Service Master...) ---
List of 61Sub-division Under Billing package to which Hardware & s/w diverted from RAPDRP (part 'A' ) ---
Letter of award (LoA)-VPNoBB (512 Kbps) connectivity for implementation of ERP...  02.12.2013

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